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Software Engineer Resume

Chicago, IL


  • 5 years of Experience as MarkLogic Developer in Pharmacy and Health Information industry with focus on XQuery/SPARQL Query with XML, JSON, Triples data Java/REST on MarkLogic.
  • Expertise in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with Agile methodology.
  • Experienced in Web based Client/Server applications Dev with HTTP/REST and XDBC clients.
  • Exposure to Gradle based deployment with Jenkins Pipeline with GitHub based code.
  • AWS CFT modification for MarkLogic in existing VPC.
  • Exposure to writing SQL, PL/SQL queries to perform back end testing.
  • Maintained MarkLogic cluster with various Admin activities including Backup, mlcp Loads, Merge, Failover, Rebalancing, Adding Nodes/Scaling.
  • Ability to work independently and quickly master new concepts and applications.


Database: MarkLogic

Language: XQuery/XPath, SPARQL, Shell Script, Java, JavaScript

Data: XML, JSON, Embedded Triples/TTL/RDF (Semaphore)

OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7/8, CentOS

Cloud: AWS, MarkLogic DHF/DHS

Misc: Postman, Oxygen, Tableau/PowerBI, WireShark


Software Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Developing Ontology application xquery library for AWS based MarkLogic 9 cluster backend for NodeJS based front end application for allowing internal researchers to research chemical compounds.
  • AWS Cloud Formation Template change/update for different cluster and bastion host
  • Troubleshooting CFT failure troubleshoot through Event Log.
  • Jenkins pipeline to maintain compliance accounting for resource management in AWS.
  • Created multiple PIKM repository and branches for triple flattening feature.
  • Added multiple library module for ontology lib to support new REST service endpoints.
  • Participated in daily scrum meetings to go through with NodeJS Front end and QA team.
  • Followed by biweekly agile sprint for feature JIRA based project development tracking.
  • Participated in LodLive semantic triple graph visualizer demo for internal presentation.
  • MarkLogic DHS Service introduction for existing DHF flow deployment.
  • MarkLogic Support exchange to report unexpected behavior issues.
  • Troubleshooted grardle properties and deployment issue.
  • Achieved multiple internal release and Production deadlines.


Confidential, Melbourne, FL


  • Configured Flexible Replication for DR site in Asia
  • Participated in design meeting for Security Role layout for different regions.
  • Implemented Element level security for specific collection/specific collection.
  • Used Semaphore tool to ingest Triples provided by upstream team.
  • Helped Analytics team configure Tableau, Power BI, and Informatica over ODBC.
  • Configured and used Oxygen over WebDAV for Data visualization for Staging cluster.
  • Wrote multiple documentation on access policy and data movement request.
  • Weekly meeting on Compliance and documentation.
  • Closely worked with Security Audit team to make sure MarkLogic and Apache WebService Severs are up to date with latest patches.
  • MarkLogic Support exchange for openssl vulnerability reporting and mitigation.

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