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Dita Architect Resume


  • Strong understanding of content strategy and content globalization issues.
  • Application of information typing (source) and information mapping (output) methodologies.
  • Application of minimalist writing.
  • Knowledge of accessibility compliance requirements.
  • Experience with content migration as architect and developer.
  • Experience with the latest XML taxonomies, applications and development tools for content creation, manipulation and migration.
  • Strong development experience using XML/XSLT/zQuery.
  • Experience with publishing metadata and business rules.
  • Strong organizational skills and conceptualization skills.
  • Experience with localization.
  • Fluency in French, English and Spanish.


Programming: Java, VBA, VB.Net, COM, API, JavaScript, Jscript, ActionScript, RegEx, CambridgeDocs, COBOL, Eclipse

Website development: CSS, ASP, DOM, HTML5, SAX, UTF - 8, i18n, l10n, Ant, PHP, JSON

XML: SGML, XML, XSLT, XSL:FO, XPATH, xQuery, XML Schemas (XSD), DTD, RelaxNG, Schematron, xPath

XML Standards: XML W3C and OASIS Standards, RDF, SVG, MathML, ATA, S1000D, XBRL, DITA, DocBook, e-Book/ePub, HL7

Authoring Tools: Homesite, DreamWeaver, XML Spy, Oxygen, XMetaL, Arbortext, Framemaker

Database: Access, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, SQL2000, Transact-SQL (T-SQL)

CMS: SharePoint, PTC Windchill, SDL Idiom WorldServer, SDL TriSoft, Infotrust TechSight

Multimedia Tools: 3D animation (3D Studio MAX), graphic design (PhotoShop), Director, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere, Flash MX

Modelling Tools: UML, Altova MissionKit for Architects, Rational Software Architect (RSA)

Version/bug Control: Product Studio (Perforce),Tortoise SVN, Subversion (SVN), Visual Source Safe (VSS), RAID,TeamSite

Other Products: HTMLHelp Workshop, SDL TRADOS translation suite (TMX, TBX), LocStudio, Text/Term Miner 2.2, Course Builder, DITA-OT, DITAC, XMLmind DITAC



DITA Architect


  • Analyzed and tested conversion methods and output formats available from FrameMaker.
  • Established the conversion processes, created the scripts and configured the conversion tools.
  • Documented the conversion process.
  • Created mapping documents from the legacy content to the DITA components.
  • Directed the writing team as to the correct usage of DITA, tools and scripts for the conversion process .
  • Provided DITA training for the trainers .


DITA Conversion Engineer


  • Defined a learning content strategy.
  • Established criteria selection for the eLearning output formats and tools.
  • Created DITA 1.3 XSD structural and domain specializations for the DITA 1.3 .
  • Provided DITA 1.3 XSD templates and learning samples using the customer's existing content.
  • Created mapping documents from the legacy content to the DITA components.
  • Directed the development team as to the correct usage of DITA-OT publishing engine and packaged publishing plugins used in the industry.
  • Assisted the development team with the integration of the DITA 1.3 publishing processes into their current workflow (ANT build, etc.) and provided DITA training.
  • Developed Oxygen publishing scenarios (including XSLT customization for specific outputs) for export.

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