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Principal/ Lead System Architect Resume


  • Over 15+ Years of experience in all phases of SDLC providing technology solutions catering for business needs.
  • Excellent Experience in providing BPM and Integration solutions using Pega PRPC 5.5, PRPC 6.3, PRPC 7.x .x, 8.x and Oracle BPM/SOA stack
  • Experience in PRPC frameworks such as CPM, CPM HC, Pega Call, CTI, Pega Marketing
  • Successfully implemented smartBPM, AGILE/SCRUM methodology.
  • Designing PRPC Applications following Pega Guardrails and Methodology.
  • Design the application using Pega design patterns such as DCR, GRS, Model driven, and Data Pages etc. with Center Out and Customer centric approach.
  • In - depth knowledge of work flow standards, concepts, practices like P4 process p atterns (Basic, Branch and Join, Structural, Multiple instances, State-based, etc.,).
  • Excellent Business and Technical Communication skills.
  • Hands on Experience in configuring Pega Class structure, End to End case Type’s and processes, Queues (Agents), Job Scheduler, Authentication, Authorization, SLA’s, Integration with 3rd party software’s, services/connector interfaces, Declarative rules, Report definitions, Pega Cosmos UI design Patterns, Skins.
  • Proven experience in working independently as well as in a team environment


J2EE: UML, SOA UML, Java, JSP, Servlets, EJB, JDBC, JNDI.

Web Languages: HTML, JSF, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Struts, Tiles, Ajax

Databases: ORACLE10g, DB2, SQL Server

IDEs: ALES, ALSB/OSB, ALDSP, Oracle SOA Suite, J Developer RAD7.0, Weblogic Workshop 8.1 sp5, WLI sp5

Op. Systems: Windows 7/NT/2000/XP, Unix, AIX, Solaris



Principal/ Lead System Architect


  • Understand the customer’s as is business process and white board various Options of Optimization.
  • Provided technical expertise in identifying, evaluating, and developing effective and efficient solutions that meet business requirements.
  • Architect and Design end to end Solution of the Optimized Option chosen during our DCO sessions.
  • Created architecture diagrams and design documents and keep it UpToDate to support development efforts.
  • Partnered with business to present the application road map
  • Collaborated and guided analysts in documenting and capturing software requirements in the form of epics, features, user stories, process models and use cases in an agile development environment.
  • Break down the Req’s into User Stories and work with Product Owner and Scrum Master to define in Sprints.
  • Estimate the development efforts and validate the points given by the team.
  • Collaborated with internal team to manage scope, issues and risks
  • Design and establish ongoing process improvement.
  • Mentor the client resources and bring them up to speed.


Principal/ Lead System Architect


  • Convert Flow Actions, Upgrade CSS and pyActionArea and Fix Portals, Custom and Freeform layouts,
  • Identify the flows and refactor to Pega 7.
  • Run Validate and save and fix the issues found.
  • Created the circumstanced rules to display some sections based on the roles.
  • Creating the agents to trigger the process in future date.
  • Creating the services to create the cases based on the document types.
  • Updated the validation rules to validate the data entered by end user.
  • Created customized work list and work baskets based on the user requirements.
  • Create the products and packages to move the code into QA region.
  • Created SOAP connectors to get the DATA from external web services and sending the DATA back.
  • Lead the team of 5 CSSA’s to fix the issues found in upgrade and maintain guardrail score.
  • Maintain Guardrails score.
  • Inspect and review all new code to ensure best practices are followed.
  • Maintain a singular point of contact for all SR’s raised with GCS.
  • Run PAL and DB Trace on new flows.
  • Check development environment for dead code.
  • Clipboard cleanup.
  • Work with DBA for back up and restore to get the upgrade in various environments.

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