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Senior Software Engineer Resume


  • Diversified application developer with over 7 years of hands - on experience designing and developing multi-tier, enterprise-level web-based and mobile applications, as a key contributor to the full breadth of the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • History of successful implementation and deployment of complex software solutions such as internet banking applications and mobile games.
  • Expertise in modern technologies including Java, JSP, JSF, EJB, AngularJS, REST, Hibernate, Spring, Play Framework, Gradle, Jenkins, Docker, Android, and iOS.Web & Mobile Development SDLC Design Patterns Requirement Analysis Architecture Design
  • User Interface Back-End Logic Database Optimization Multithreading API Integration CI/CD
  • OOPS Build Automation Docker Containers Cross-Device Compatibility Enterprise Applications


Languages: Java, Python, Scala, Swift, C#

Web: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JWT, Thymeleaf, ReactJS, AngularJS, Bootstrap

Mobile: Android Native, Android Studio, iOS Swift, Xcode, NgCore SDK, Android SDK, Cocos2d

Web Services: RESTful, SOAP, JSON

Web/App Servers: Tomcat, Apache, Glassfish, WebLogic, WebSphere

Frameworks: Spring (MVC, Boot, Security, Session, REST), Hibernate/JPA, Play Framework, EclipseLink, Django, Google App Engine

Databases: Redis, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MongoDB

Design Patterns: Factory, Singleton, Builder, Strategy, State, CoR, Façade, Proxy, Command, Observer

SDLC: Waterfall, Iterative, V-Model, Agile/Scrum

Tools: JMX, Logback, JUnit, Gradle, Maven, Ant, Flyway, Liquibase, Jasper Reports, Jenkins, Docker, Spring Tool Suite, Eclipse, Git, SVN, TFS, GitLab, JConsole, JIRA, JMeter, Soap UI, Postman

Platforms: Linux, Windows, Mac OS



Senior Software Engineer


  • Developed and digitized secure financial features from scratch, including inventory management, loan processing, shrove evaluation, and settlements.
  • Implemented Spring RESTful web services for both web application and Android app.
  • Integrated LDAP active authentication and core banking system.
  • Developed cross-browser, mobile compatible GUI using Reach-Ant Design, with simulated data for testing through JSON. Included dashboard graphs and Jasper Reports.
  • Created, configured, and administered DevOps and Information Technology automation solutions.
  • Implemented application CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins.
  • Facilitated daily Scrum, sprint planning, sprint demo, and retrospective meetings.
  • Ensured timely delivery of all sprint production releases.
  • Applied Scrum approach to development, ensuring proper architecture and design.
  • Completed and deployed Collateral Management System which monitors and tracks customer collateral for loan security.

Technologies Used: Java, Spring Boot, JSON, REST, MySQL, Hibernate, React-Ant, Postman, Jenkins, GitHub, JavaScript, Eclipse, Gradle, Docker, JIRA


Senior Software Engineer


  • Analyzed and developed client-side, server-side, web, Android, and iOS modules, including biometric login, scheduled jobs, and push notifications.
  • Developed RESTful and SOAP web services, and integrated with Oracle Service Bus (OSB).
  • Created web security layers using Spring, Active Directory, JWT, and Redis.
  • Implemented server deployment, continuous integration, build automation, and version control.
  • Automated database schema evolution using Flyway. Implemented LDAP active authentication.
  • Included role/user management functionality for multiple departments, controlling access and views.
  • Developed dashboard graphs and integrated Jasper Reports for back-office reporting.
  • Performed unit testing and troubleshooting, improving application performance and reducing errors.

Technologies Used: Java, Spring Boot, Scala, JSON, REST, Oracle, MySQL, JMS, Hibernate, Postman, Jenkins, Git, GitHub, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Thymeleaf, Eclipse, Android Studio, Xcode, Gradle, Docker, JIRA, Toad, PuTTY, JIRA, Wireshark, Spring Tool Suite, Firebase, Play Framework, Soap UI, HP-UX, RHEL OS, CentOS, Android, iOS


Senior Software Engineer


  • Analyzed, designed, and developed both client-side and server-side functionality for mobile games.
  • Implemented scripts and features for reporting, asset migration, push notifications, and live chat.
  • Developed custom collision detection and particle systems, as well as custom animations.
  • Used web sockets to implement server-client communication.
  • Integrated Facebook API. Performed debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Coordinated with offshore team and graphic designers.

Technologies Used: Java, Python, Scala, Play Framework, Google App Engine, Cocos2d, Django, Postman, Jenkins, SVN, HTML, JavaScript, Eclipse, Gradle, JIRA, PyCharm, Android, Mobage

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