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Pega Senior System Architect Resume


  • Around eight years of professional experience in full life cycle system development involving analysis, design development, testing, documentation, implementation, and maintenance of software applications in web - based Client/Server environment.
  • About 8 years of experience in PRPC (Pega RULES Process Commander) Business process management (BPM) and Business Rules Engine (BRE) as a System Architect and PRPC workflow experience.
  • For most assignments worked directly with the end users of the applications like CSRs in health care and supply chain and understand how exactly they are using the system and to capture areas of improvement.
  • Knowledge on finance frameworks. Creating High-level class structure in PRPC.
  • Extensive Knowledge in Design, Development, Migration and Deployment of PRPC Business Rules Engine (BRE) and JAVA/J2EE based applications.
  • Experience in implementing PRPC UI components using Harness, Sections, HTML, Branding wizard, CSS and Java Script.
  • Experience in implementation of various PRPC components like Decision Tables, Decision Maps, Declarative Expressions, Indexes, etc.
  • Extensive Knowledge in creating HTTP, REST, MQ, SQL Connectors and Services.
  • Experienced in RDBMS technologies like Oracle, PL/SQL, and MS-SQL.
  • Proficiency in PEGA implementation cycle, which includes Modeling of Business process, PRPC tool installation and development.
  • Experience with J2EE architecture, EJB, Web services, JMS XML, SOAP, WSDL and CSS technologies.
  • Experience in code deployment across various environments.
  • Worked under various methodologies like waterfall, Scrum as per the guidelines of the project.
  • Experience in testing the application across DEV, QA and Prod.



Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C++, Java

Scripting Languages: JavaScript

Web Technologies: HTML, XML, REST, WSDL, Servlets, JSP, Sencha


Databases: ORACLE, Teradata

Others: HP Quality Center, Rally, JIRA, M.S Visio, Layer 7, Pega Robotic Studio, Amazon Skills Kit, AWS Lambda, NodeJS, Atlassian JIRA



Pega Senior System Architect


  • Involved mainly in Reporting track. Analytical (Data processing) and Operational reports (Pega OOTB). Built in a BIX like architecture to process the incremental data into Reporting layer (external Database).
  • Set up the architecture and data design all the way through reporting team who are the consumers of this data. Assisted them in data modelling and Pega’s implementation of cases and helping them in presentation of data in Tableau (end-users’ portal for reporting)
  • Migrated the legacy SalesForce-uCRM’ reporting module and on boarding the users(managers/leads) into Pega.
  • Involved in performance fixes for reporting track and handled the reports module via independent JVMS, to reduce the impact on existing app nodes. Set up Pega reports to pull in data from alternate data base.
  • Developed E-mail listeners and Services that facilitates case creation via Email-Triage.
  • Developed Language detect and Language translate APIs as Customer Hub portal is used across 8 different languages.
  • Involved in localization of the application.
  • Involve in PI planning, grooming and scrum calls as part of Safe agile.
  • Publish data for reporting systems using Kafka by publishing data to corresponding host and topics.

Environment: PRPC 7.X, PRPC 8.X, CA Rally, Cisco Box, CISCO ART (access request tool) and Cisco ADAM (active directory management)

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Pega Senior System Architect


  • Involve in grooming session and provide dev estimates for each user story. Co-ordinate with other developers and adhering to given estimates by picking up the stories from JIRA.
  • Worked on the PEGA CPMHC framework and leveraged its functionalities like interactions, intent drivers and tasks.
  • Control tasks functionalities and visibilities based on user roles and skills or for a called in by a provider.
  • Designed and developed routing logics and SLAs for the SRs based on the requirements.
  • Worked on building CONNECT-REST to consume data from API services as majority of transactional data is provided through APIs.
  • Worked on Data Pages as all environment variables to connect REST are configured in Data Pages.
  • Build robotic automation (Open Span) by inspecting html elements and creating automation flows in Open Span.
  • Co-ordinate with Pega admin team to facilitate continuous deployment using Atlassian Bamboo (built on DEVOPS) as various teams commit their code at end of the day. Providing SQL scripts and instances if needed.
  • Synchronize with offshore team daily as most of the testing team is from offshore.
  • Maintain coding standards to keep up good compliance score with as warnings as possible.
  • Design and development of Harness rules, Layout and sections by following organization wide UI standards.
  • Worked on Access groups, Workgroups, Workbaskets and SLAs as per the requirements.
  • Worked on BIX Reporting.
  • Work on TDDS after completion of each sprint.
  • Complete unit testing before deployment.
  • Worked on new innovative solutions with Pega & Pega RDA/RPA using Pega Open Span in Sand box environment.
  • Participate in quarterly held Project Implementation planning with stake holders, product owners and preparing training material and demos for CSRs.

Environment: PRPC 7.x, Atlassian JIRA, Atlassian Bamboo (Deployment), Open Span, Share Point, Service Now(ticketing)

Confidential, San Jose, CA



  • As a part of factory model, every sprint is for 2-3 weeks. Gather the requirements from business along with analysts and provide the estimates.
  • Integrated with Teradata and Oracle to get active live deal data.
  • Handling the case created across all the stages and statuses based on business routing logic.
  • Developed reports based on business requirements.
  • Parsing the CSV data uploaded by user to read Sales Orders and append it to the case. Further reports on the attached Sales orders.
  • Creating agents to run batch processes and monitor them on regular intervals to enhance performance and exception handling.
  • Deploying the code across stage and production.
  • Implementing all the database related changes, as we own the DB.
  • Involved in developing UI Screens, activities, and correspondence.
  • Involved in preparing test cases and testing for DEV, QA and Production.
  • Involved in bug fixes and enhancements from Customer support team (WCCS) and end users.
  • Hands on experience with Pega Robotics Studio (Open Span- POC for Pega World 2017)
  • Make open span interrogations and record actions to use them in robotic automation.

Environment: Pega PRPC V7.2, Oracle 11g, 12C, Teradata, Rally, HP Quality Center.

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