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Lead Java Full-stack Developer Resume


  • Experience in working in environments using Agile (SCRUM) and Test Driven Development (TDD) development methodologies.
  • Proficient in UI design, developed Front End using JSP,HTML5,CSS3,JavaScript,Ajax, JQuery,AngularJS,Angular 2.0,NodeJs,ReactJs and have knowledge on BackboneJs.
  • Hands on experiences with Core Java with Multithreading,Concurrency,File Handling I/O,Generics,Data Structures and Collections, Garbage Collection.
  • Experience in java8 features like Parallel Streams, Lambdas, functional interfaces and filters.
  • Experience in developing, deploying, and managing N - tier, server-centric J2EE enterprise class projects using Eclipse IDE 3.x/4.x, My Eclipse 6.5, J2SE1.4/1.5/1.6 (Java 2, Applets, Swing, JDBC 3.0, RMI), J2EE 1.5 Web application technologies (Servlets 2.x, JSP 1.x/2.x, JSTL 1.2, JSF 1.x, JNDI), Enterprise application technologies (EJB 2.x/3.0, JMS).
  • Good experience on Design Patterns (J2EE) like Singleton, Factory, DAO, Session Facade, Front Controller, and Delegate Pattern.
  • Experienced in developing messaging module by using Spring JMS, Apache Camel and Rabbit MQ.
  • Experience in Spring framework(MVC/IOC/ORM/JDBC/AOP/BATCH/WEBFLOW/Context) and Struts (MVC,architecture, interceptors, actionmappings and resource bundles).
  • Experience in developing Microservices using Spring-Boot.
  • Experience in development and deployment of applications using JBoss, Web LogicApplication Server, IBM WebSphere Application and Apache Tomcat.
  • Experience in developing SOAP based Web Services using Apache CXF and JAX-WS.
  • Experienced in developing Restful Services using JAX-RS specification like Jersey and Rest Easy to implement REST based Application.
  • Experience in using Socket Programming.
  • Experience in using bug/issue tracking, project Tracking and Management tool JIRA.
  • Experience working on Web Services SOAP & REST, JAX-WS, JAXB, WSDL and UDDI registry.
  • Expertise in implementing Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) using XML based Web Service such as SOAP, UDDI and WSDL.
  • Experience with Cloud Computing Service environment like (AWS) Amazon Web Services (EC2,
  • Involved in designed fully distributed system with the use of Restful API and Micro Services.
  • Complete understanding of the DevOps process with continuous integration using Jenkins, JIRA, GIT, CHEF.
  • Expertise in developing model components using ORM technologies like MyBatis, Hibernate
  • (Caching, Hibernate Template, DAO) to write Database independent persistence logic and to maintain portable relationships between the databases.
  • Have developed the micro services framework prototype with guidelines, the developers have followed as skeleton model and developed their interfaces on top of the baseline prototype.
  • Good experience in J2EE Testing in developing test cases with JUnit, MOCKITO for Unit testing, and logging using Log4j.
  • Good Experience in Mock Testing.
  • Experienced with RDBMS implementation and development using Oracle, My SQL, MSSQL and DB2.
  • Expertise in database modeling and development using No SQL Database such as MongoDB and Cassandra.
  • Experience in using version control and configuration management tools like GIT, SVN and CVS.
  • Experience in using the tools like Ant and Maven for build automation.
  • Extensive experience in testing on multiple operating systems including Linux, Unix, Sun Solaris, and Windows.


Programming Languages: Java, SQL, PLSQL,Socket Programming,JavaScript, Node.JS, HTML5, CSS3, \ SOAP (JAX-WS) & Restful (JAX-RS, Jersey) \ XML, JSP

ScriptingLanguages: XML,XHTML,HTML,CSS,JavaScript,AJAX,jQuery,JSONAngular2.0,Bootstrap,NodesJS,backboneJS,reactJS.

Tools: Junit, Selenium web Driver, TestNG, Protractor, Mockito

Frame Works: Struts, Spring, JSF, JPA,EJB and Hibernate,iBatis,JMS.

Web Services: SOAP, UDDI,WSDL, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, RESTful Web services, AWS,Microservices.

Databases: Oracle 11g, MySQL, PostGreSQL, DB2, MongoDB, Cassandra

Debugging Tools& CI/CD: JIRA, Jenkins, CHEFF.

Version Control: Git, Tortoise SVN, CVS, Bamboo.

IDE Tools: Eclipse, Net beans, IntelliJ, IBM RAD, ANT, Maven, STS

Web/App/DB Servers: IBM WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, JBoss.


Lead Java Full-stack Developer



  • The application was developed in Java/EE based on Spring Web MVC framework.
  • Utilized Spring RESTful API to create RESTful Web Services, set JSON data type between front-end and the middle-tier controller, and handled CORS.
  • Created and consumed SOAP Web Service, for securely retrieving and consumption of consumer data through WSDL.
  • Implemented Authentication and Authorization with Spring Security.
  • Participated in coding Spring AOP components for the Logging, Exception handling and Transactional Model to handle many requests.
  • Generated Excel and PDF report by Apache POI.
  • Used Spring Data JPA as Persistence framework to interact with Oracle 12c database.
  • Developed a single page application using HTML5, JavaScript and Angular2 and customized the web features by CSS3 and Bootstrap3.
  • Used Angular2 Http service for making requests to backend services.
  • Launched and configure the AWS EC2 service, wrote Docker File and deployed the module in Docker Containers.
  • Lead a 5-member Full stack Technical Development team with development tasks, follow-up and monitoring.
  • Working as a Lead and involved in translating technical requirements into technical design documents, establish specific solutions, and leading the efforts including programming and testing.
  • Ensuring that technical software development process is followed on the project, familiar with industry best practices for agile software development.
  • Responsible for working with that team to design, create and improve new and existing products, platforms and transactions.
  • Development of the module for Evaluation of the performance of a reservoir by measuring flow rates and pressures under a range of flow conditions, and the subsequent application of the data to a mathematical Model.
  • Conduct code reviews. Provides guidance to software developers for continuous improvement.
  • Ensure development artifacts are in alignment with patterns/ frameworks designed by software engineering teams.
  • Develop innovative features that are highly performant, compatible and responsive.
  • Developed Front-end of the Project using JSF, JavaScript (Various Frameworks), HTML, Bootstrap and JQuery.
  • Apache My Faces (JSF) to map the business objects to Oracle Database using XML configuration file.
  • Working in an Agile/Scrum Development environment with frequently changing requirements and actively participating in daily scrum meetings and reviews with biweekly sprint deliveries.

Environment: Spring Web MVC, Spring Data JPA, Oracle 12c database, RSETful web services, SOAP web service, WSDL, Spring Security, Spring AOP, Apache POI, HTML5, CSS3,JavaScript, Angular2, Bootstrap3, AWS EC2, Docker, Mule ESB, Junit, Jenkins, GIT, Maven, JIRA, Agile/Scrum

Lead Java Full Stack Developer

Confidential, Pennsylvania


  • Developed the functionalities using Agile Scrum Methodology.
  • Extensive experience in various Agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD) .
  • Involved in developing UI using Spring MVC framework, JSP, JSTL, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, JQuery,AJAX and AngularJS.
  • Created Reusable Modules and Custom Directives in Angular2.0 which got used in various places of application.
  • Implemented AngularJS Controllers to maintain each view data. Implemented Angular Service calls using Angular Factory tested all application controllers extensively with AngularJS built-in testing facilities.
  • Extensively used core java concepts like Multithreading, Collections Framework, File I/o and concurrency.
  • Experience in Core Java concepts such as OOP Concepts, Collections Framework, and Exception Handling, I/O System, Multi-Threading, JDBC, Generics.
  • Used Java8 features in developing the code like Lambda expressions, creating resource classes, fetching documents from database.
  • Google Go and Node.js
  • Designed the front-end applications using web technologies like React, Angular 2 /4 and used Twitter Bootstrap for creating grid layout, responsive screen sizes and devices.
  • Developed reusable UI Components in React and Angular 2.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by angular 2.
  • Converted the codebase to use modern ECMAScript (ES6 / ES7) used Babel, Typescript to transpile and Web pack as a module loader and used Reactive extensions.
  • Worked in using React.js components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Redux concept.
  • Developing highly scalable API’s using Node.js and Google Go.
  • Used Apache Kafka as a messaging system in migrating the micro services to the cloud.
  • Worked with various databases like MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, Elastic Search and Postgres.
  • Extensively used Splunk to log regular debug and exception statements.
  • Developed the persistence layer using Hibernate Framework by configuring the 1:1/1:M/M:M mappings in hibernate files and created DAO and POJO.
  • Experience in NoSQL database like MongoDB installation, configuration and in designing MongoDB multi-shared cluster and monitoring with MMS.
  • Installed the WebSphere MQ and involved in configuring MDB listeners, JMS resources, and queues and integrating with the WebSphere Application Server.
  • Configuring WebSphere Application Server on multiple platforms for both horizontal and vertical scaling for Work Load Management.
  • Experience in working with NoSQL Database like MongoDB to manage extremely large data sets.
  • Used log4j to print the logging, debugging, warning, info statements.
  • Implemented Selenium Web Drivers and Protractor For testing the UI componenets.
  • Involved in setting up Test automation and developed cucumber feature files and used Selenium for automated testing with TestNG.
  • Used JIRA tool for Issue/bug tracking, monitoring of work assignment in the system.
  • Experience on implementation of version control software GIT repositories.

Environment: Agile,HTML, CSS, JavaScript,JQuery,AJAX and Angular 2,XML,DAO,POJO, JPA,JAVA,Java8, Springs(IOC,AOP, JDBC) Frameworks, Spring Boot,Microservices,JSP, Hibernate Framework,AWS,, RESTful Web services,SOAP, Maven, WebSphere Application Server, Mongo DB,NoSql,Log4j,Jenkins,JIRA, Selenium Web Drivers, Protractor, GIT,Socket Programming.

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