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Architect/lead Senior Software Engineer Resume

Woodbridge, VA


  • Results oriented software engineer/architect with over twenty eight years of experience in analysis, design, and coding of object oriented, distributed multi - tier client server and web services, and internet applications on UNIX and MS-Windows.
  • With extensive hands on experience in architecture, development, testing, and implementing secure online applications using Java and C/C++.
  • A perpetual learner with proven technical leadership and a proactive detail-oriented full cycle development experience.


Languages: Java, JSP, C/C++, PERL, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, ColdFusion, Pascal, Object Pascal, Lisp, Prolog, FORTRAN, XML, XSLT, XPATH, DHTML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Modeling: Rational Rose.

Servers: WebSphere (1.0-9.0), IBM Liberty, Weblogic(3.0-12.2), JBoss(2.0-10.0), Sun ONE/iPlanet, Tomcat, Apache, ColdFusion, Windchill, Retrivalware.

Frameworks: JEE, JSE, Struts, Spring, Spring Batch, Java Batch (JSR-352), Maven, Ant, JUnit, JIRA, AJAX Cactus, CORBA, XWindows/Motif.

Database: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.

IDE: Eclipse, Rational Application Developer, IBM WebSphere Studio, IBM Visual Age, JBuilder, Sun ONE Studio/Forte, Borland C++ Builder.

SCM/CL: Git, Bitbucket, MKS, SVN, CVS, Sonar, Jenkins, CruiseControl, Harvest, StarTeam, ClearCase, maven, Ant, Make, OpenMake.


OS & Network: UNIX, LINUX, Sun OS, Solaris, AIX, XWindow, Windows XP/2000/NT, Mac OS, Novell Netware, TCP/IP.


Confidential, Woodbridge, VA

Architect/Lead Senior Software Engineer


  • Designed the overall architecture of a Multimedia content management portal, with plug-in and extension components to manage documents, the JEE application is a data-driven product management and content delivery web application. The main components are; document management which includes multiform documents, videos, Webcast and shared blackboard, and stream management, complete end user and group management, preferences management, secure Communication Center and support, watch list and wish list management, intelligent search and smart rule-based suggestions and recommendations management, multi format media streamer and player, and analytics manager and tracking reports.
  • Designed the application database schema and profiled every single database access query for performance, and redesigned tables and created needed views for the best performance and efficiency.
  • Provided high and low level implementation plan, as well as testing and integration plans.
  • Wrote the key interfaces and abstract class (blue prints) that govern and connect all component of the application.
  • Participated in the development process as a developer.
  • Implanted the end user, group and preference manager.
  • Implemented a shared session manager.
  • Implemented a supervised Machine Learning (ML) document classifier that can handle bulk, drip, and scheduled contents.
  • Implemented a secure stream delivery component that protects content from an unauthorized access.
  • Served as a technical product manager for the project.

tools and technologies used: java, jee, spring, ajax, MySQL, jdbc, soap, java batch, JSR-352, eclipse, sonar, jenkins, subversion, git, junit, agile, scrum, uml jsp, rest, restful(jax-rs), json, xml, jstl, apache, tomcat, javascript, css, dhtml, HTML5, linux, bash, C/C++


Architect/Lead Senior Software Engineer


  • Implemented a bridge to link legacy ColdFusion and new eWork Java Web Application, the bridge components allow the two distinct application to work in a synchronized fashion, each providing services to the end user seamlessly. This component is a crucial element to allow migrating legacy ColdFusion to Java Web Application, gradually and incrementally.
  • Designed and developed all infrastructure components for eWork Java Web Application. Performed task included design, development, test, and user interfaces/applications. In addition unit testing to ensure high quality bug free code, and create technical documentation for eWork application.
  • Participated in the full life cycle of project, design, development and test user interfaces/applications, unit testing to ensure high quality bug free code, and create technical documentation for NICS application.
  • Designed and developed a plug-in for JEE application to compress and manage application Cache Management Policy of JavaScript and CSS files dynamically.
  • Created a standardization document to be used as a guideline for handling exception and errors properly. The guideline includes the use of several techniques/strategies, and framework to handle errors and exceptions and to display appropriate error message to the end user, as well as providing a standardized logging of detailed errors messages pinpointing the exact location and cause of error and suggestions for remedy.
  • Created a batch framework based on JSR-352, that can be used independent of Batch implementation. Using the framework allows the deployment of a batch job in either Spring Batch or IBM Liberty using the exact business logic code.
  • Created a standardization document to be used as a guideline for effective coding, the guideline suggests several techniques to produce clear, readable, and easy to understand and follow code, it adds a significant value in terms of maintainability, usability (usage/utilization), inheritability (extending the code), and an overall longevity to the code.
  • Created a standardization document to be used as a guideline for configuring projects within Sonarqube, and effectively manage warning/error generated by Sonarqube and how to remedy the warnings/errors.
  • Created a framework with full documentation to automate creating SOAP Clients, the framework includes common code, utilities to both execute and unit-test SOAP clients.
  • Analyzed existing code and identified several issues concerning security, data integrity, scalability, modularity, usability, and maintainability, and provided possible solutions to correct the issues.
  • Created project skeletons/template utilizing Maven, GIT, Sonar, and Jenkins.
  • Designed and implemented scalable and robust approaches to caching, security, and databases.
  • Participated in planning business problem statement, user stories, technical constraints, and retrospectives, demos and daily stand-ups.

tools and technologies used: java, jee, struts, ajax, javascript, db2, oracle, pl/sql, jdbc, restful(jax-rs), soap, java btch, jsr-352, spring batch, resteasy, rad, eclipse, websphere, ibm libirty, git, sonar, jenkins, bitbucket, subversion, junit, agile, uml jsp, xml, jstl, ejb, apache, css, dhtml,linux, solaris

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