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Mobile Tech Lead Resume


  • iOS professional with 7 years of experience. Experience includes UI design, coding and leading.
  • 5 Mobile apps published. I have additionally published several apps to other platforms.
  • Swift, SwiftUI and Objective - C programming 7 years in iOS app development.
  • Ability to create views using Storyboard, XIB, and through implementing views programmatically and SwiftUI.
  • Strong leadership and mentoring skills. Before college, I managed in sales and technical support.
  • Collaboration among development teams locally and remotely.
  • Experience with many design patterns including delegation, MVVM, MVC, pub/sub, singleton, protocol, adapter and more.
  • Proficient in Agile/SCRUM processes and comfortable as a team member, team lead or SCRUM Master.
  • Skilled at contributing to or leading Sprint Planning meeting, Sprint Retrospective, Sprint Backlog and Daily SCRUMs.
  • Skilled in managing iOS data, caching and data persistence with SQLite, Core Data, Keychain, File System, NSCoding / NSKeyedArchiver, PList, NSUserDefaults in iOS. Online persistent storage including Firebase, etc.
  • Fluent in the integration of RESTful API’s.
  • Experienced in utilizing multithreaded implementations with GCD and NSOperation.
  • Very experienced with version pathing, continual integration/ development, Jenkins, Linux.
  • Experienced in Java, C#, Unity.


  • Swift, SwiftUI, Storyboards
  • JSON
  • Git
  • Localization
  • CocoaPods
  • Core Data
  • Authentication
  • XCTest
  • Key Chain
  • Core Location
  • XIB
  • Notification Center
  • Delegation
  • Agile, Jira
  • Objective - C
  • GCD
  • UIKit, Cocoa Touch
  • Programmatic UI Development
  • User defaults REST, SOAP, API
  • Apple Push Notification
  • Codable
  • Interface Builder
  • Reachability
  • Protocols
  • Generics
  • Size Classes iPadOS, MacOS
  • Result Type (API)



Mobile Tech Lead


  • Web based integration. Backend data via GCP.
  • Worked with the API team on calling services and optimizing network traffic.
  • UI Design, Table Views, Using results from call backs.
  • Programmatic and storyboard design to help with team collaboration.
  • Enforced Solid principles that lead to better code quality
  • Bug troubleshooting via Xcode and Instruments
  • Used Jira and Git to manage codebase and sprints
  • Worked with business to facilitate UI/UX changes


Senior iOS Developer


  • Performed UI/UX design and implemented for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
  • Wrote effective unit tests using XCTest, UITests and automation testing.
  • Improved product quality through code reviews, SOLID principles and pair programming.
  • Developed new features in Swift utilizing bridging headers with the old ObjC codebase.
  • Setup peer review to adhere to the same code standards across the team.
  • A part of the publishing process using Apple connect and Testflight

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