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Consultant/technicallead Resume


Languages: Java(Swing and regular java programming), Java Enterprise Development (Maven, Spring 5, RESTful - WS and MVC), C/C++, VB, C# (.Net), PHP, and Python, including Django

Business Rules Management: JBoss Drools Expert

Scripting Languages: Perl, CGI, HTML, UNIX bash shell scripting, SQL, WS-Scripting, XML, and JavaScript

Content Management (CMS): WordPress, Drupal, and E-learning Moodle Developer and Administrator

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and embedded Derby Database

Reports Tools: Crystal Reports and Jasper Reports

Linux Administration: CentOS 6/7/8 and Ubuntu 16/18 Server

Development Tools: Eclipse, Net Beans, and Oracle JDeveloper

Application Servers: Tomcat and Apache Web Server.

Version Control: Git and SVN.



Consultant /Technical Lead


  • Work on the continuing development of the CARS (Computerized and Referral System) Tool, including translating the Assessment from English to Spanish
  • Worked on MYSQL Database for importing and extracting CARS DE-identified data
  • Convert CARS back end Database from MYSQL to Derby database
  • Worked as technical support when there is a problem with the CARS Tool
  • Created Web services in spring for transferring CARS data from the CARS tool to the division on addiction for research purposes
  • Create rules with JBoss Drools in expert mode
  • Create PDF reports after the CARS assessment is using Jasper Reports
  • Worked with end-users from all over the continental United States resolving issues, and training end-user how to install and use CARS
  • Database and Linux Server administrator


Data Analyst/Programmer


  • Worked on developing CARS (Computerize Assessment Referral System) an open-sourced Tool to determine if repeated DUI offender has other underline Physiological issues
  • Analyze research data collected from various sources, cleaning and formatting unstructured data
  • MySQL Database Administrator (administered backups, restores, and user access)
  • Linux system administrator for servers and network
  • Troubleshoot, maintain and upgrade windows PC and Macintosh Desktop
  • Did website maintenance using Drupal, WordPress, PHP, and HTML
  • Secure and preserve research data (including safely encrypting and transferring research data from CARS application)
  • Set up secure FTP, and SVN servers
  • Did all IT purchasing, including servers, desktop, and printer


Consultant/Application Development


  • Worked on developing and implementing a medical questionnaire application to integrate into the clients Medical Billing System
  • Worked on VB.NET DLL and program to print questionnaire, and reports from the clients' existing application
  • Created Crystal Report using version 9.2 to pull the medical questionnaire, questions and answers from Oracle 10g database, and print reports
  • Worked on SQL scripts to create Oracle 10g tables and to insert initial queries and business logic into the back end database
  • Troubleshoot any problems associated with the medical questionnaire, and the backend Oracle database

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