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Sr. Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Austin, TX


  • 8+ Years of experience in software design and development of Object Oriented Software application development using Java and J2EE technologies. Experience on J2EE technologies including Core Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JNDI, JPA, JAX - WS, Struts, EJB, and spring, Hibernate, JMS, XML and JUnit.
  • Experience in Developing Application using frameworks Spring Dependency Injection (DI), IOC, Aspectoriented Programming (AOP), Instrumentation, Integration, Security, Boot, Struts, IBatis and Hibernate.
  • Expert level knowledge in using spring modules like Spring Core,Spring DAO, Spring ORM and Spring AOP.
  • Experience in developing User Interface (UI) Applications and professional web applications using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, J-Query, AJAX, RWD, JSON, XHTML and XML.
  • Experience in building flexible, reliable, efficient and secured Enterprise and Web based applications using Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow frameworks and spring boot.
  • Experienced in working with Node.js and NPM modules like http-server, mongo DB, Micro Services, Request, Elastic Search, spark and templating engines.
  • Strong in using the Node.js, backbone.js and MVC Frameworks in the development of the web application.
  • Involved in writing application level code to interact with APIs, RESTful Web Services using AJAX, JSON.
  • Experience in Node environment using Node.js, NPM, Yarn, Grunt, Gulp, and Groovy Bower.
  • Experienced in MEAN (MongoDb, Angular.js, Node.js) stack development.
  • Extensively experienced in using various design patterns such as MVC (Model-View-Controller), such as Multi-Threading, Singleton, Session Facade, Service Locator, Factory and Business Delegate in the development of Multi-Tier distributed Enterprise Applications.
  • Good understanding on latest approaches in HTML5/CSS3 development, JavaScript Frameworks jQuery.
  • Good Experience with JavaScript, MVC Framework Angular JS and knowledge on other frameworks like Backbone.js, Node.js.
  • Experience with working in java script framework like J-Query, AngularJS and Node.js.
  • Expertise in unit-testing with tools like JUnit, Mockito, Spock, TestNg and Integration testing tools like Selenium Web Driver, Cucumber (Behavior Driven Development testing).
  • Good Experience in working with the Document Object Model (DOM) and DOM Functions.
  • Experience in developing Web applications using RWD, Bootstrap, J-Queryand Knockout-JS.
  • Experience in installing and configuring MySQL, ORACLE and MongoDB servers.
  • Deployed this framework for the traditional mobile development which includes HTML,CSS, JavaScript.
  • Experience in built web services using spring and CXF operating within ESB, offering REST, AWS and SOAP interfaces.
  • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes, Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker, on GCP. Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  • Good work experience of Web/Application Servers like Tomcat, Web Sphere, J-Boss and WebLogic.
  • Implemented Docker container service, build pipe line like Jenkins, Bamboo andGoCD for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment that can run on the cloud or on-premises
  • Proficient in using RDBMS concepts with Oracle 9i/10g, DB2, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Proficient in programming by using the IDE’s such as Eclipse, My Eclipse, RAD, Net Beans.
  • Hands on experience with Multi-Threading and Collections Frameworks.
  • Experience in Oracle 10g/11g/12c, PL/SQL Developer, SQL and UNIX Shell Scripting.
  • Upgraded Tomcat versions through puppet by editing yaml files under here data in the blueprint.
  • Experience in all facets of full CM process with tools such as SVN, GIT, PVCS, ClearCase, ClearQuest, Perforce, Cruise Control, Jenkins, Bamboo, Chef and Puppet.


Languages: Java, J2EE, C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL.

Java Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JMS, EJB, RMI, Web Services, SOAP, Log4j

Distributed Technologies: Web Services, JMS, WebSphere MQ

IDE: WSAD, Eclipse, RAD, Spring STS, NetBeans

Framework: Struts, Spring MVC, Spring(Boot, Cloud, Integration and Security)., Hibernate, Apache axis for Web Services, Data Binding, MVVM.

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss, web pack, NPM

Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, AJAX, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS2/4, XML, DOM, GWT, XPath, DOM, DTD and ReactJS

Methodologies: SDLC, UML, Design Patterns, SOA

Version Control Systems: CVS, Clear Case, SVN, GIT, BIT Bucket

Operating System: All Versions of Microsoft Windows, UNIX and LINUX

Database: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g/12C, MySQL,DB2, SQL Server

Application Testing: Jasmine, Protractor, Gulp.


Confidential, Austin, TX

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in Analysis, Design, and Development Production phases of the application. Involved in the development using Java/J2EE Technologies, Web Services and Hibernate ORM Framework.
  • Involved in J2EE patterns MVC, Dependency Injection (DI), Inversion of Control (IOC), Data Access Object(DAO), Business Delegate, Service Locator and Singleton for the enterprise application
  • Functionalities include writing code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, JSON, AngularJS and Bootstrap with MySQL Database as the backend.
  • Developed responsive web application for backend system using AngularJS with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Currently redesigning site with everything from contact page to landing page all using ReactJS
  • Built reporting module for analytic services using custom AngularJS MVC Framework Components.
  • Utilized Cassandra, NOSQL database management system for keeping user generated data.
  • Migrating data from Oracle database using Spring JDBC to Apache Cassandra NoSQL Database.
  • Build Spring based Java Microservices to support web application.
  • Developed JSF application with Spring Boot.
  • Experience in developing Applications using React JS, Redux, Angular 2/4, Typescript, ECMA Script 2015/ES6
  • Experience in java8 features like Parallel Streams, functional interfaces and filters.
  • Used Spring framework including Spring core/IoC, Spring Web, Spring Security and implement the authentication, authorization, and access-control features by using Spring Security.
  • Worked on OAuth2.0 security implementation for Restful web Services.
  • Used Python and Django to interface with the jQuery UI and manage the storage and deletion of content.
  • Carried Deployments and builds on various environments using CI/CD tool Jenkins
  • Used various spring modules like Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, Spring DAO, Spring AOP&batch.
  • Developed Microservices using REST framework and Spring Boot.
  • Designed and developed Microservices based on the card accounts using Spring Boot.
  • Experience on AWS Deploying, managing and operating scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems and managed continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS.
  • AWS S3 is used to store customer's monthly credit statements.
  • Apache Camel's AWS component is used to upload documents to S3.
  • Used Micro service architecture with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Developed data transformer for converting legacy data from Source tables to avro format and fed into Kafka using Camel.
  • Designed Prototype and project layout skeletons using React-JS, J-Query, CSS and HTML5.
  • Constructed web pages for application using MVC, Java Script, J-Query, React-JSand Node.js.
  • Developed user interface using JSP with JavaBeans, JSTL and Custom Tag Libraries, JS, CSS, jQuery, Node.js, HTML, SASS and Ajax to speed the application.
  • Used React JS to create multiple components of the dashboards and redux JS to maintain application state
  • Implemented the application using SpringBoot Framework and handled the security using Spring Security.
  • Integrated the JavaCode (API) in JSP pages and responsible for setting up AngularJS framework for UI development. Developed HTML views with HTML5, CSS3/SASS, Bootstrap, Node.js and AngularJS..
  • Build SOAP Web Services based on AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Developed JUnit Test Cases for Unit testing & for Continuous Integration we used Jenkins.
  • Used Jenkins which is an open source continuous integration tool written in java which provides Integration services for software development.
  • Followed Agile Scrum methodology and used TDD for writing test cases.
  • Wrote JAVA Servlets that generates dynamic VXML.
  • Developed MVC Controllers and deployed flow of Execution in the Servlet Environment using Spring MVC.
  • Extensively used Core Spring Framework for Dependency Injection of components.
  • Implemented Web Services using Spring RESTful.
  • Developed Hibernate with Spring Integration as the data abstraction to interact with the database.
  • Used ANT Scripts to fetch, build and deploy the application to development environment.
  • Developed model objects using Hibernate.
  • Application developed using RAD.
  • Used Cucumber and Selenium for Behavioral and Integration testing respectively.
  • Used CI/CD technologies such Git, Chef, Jenkins are used for developing and deploy web services.
  • Maintained version control using GIT.
  • Built backend REST API with Node.js, Express.js.
  • Used Log4j utility to log error, info and debug messages.
  • Worked extensively on AngularJS in creating Controllers.
  • Implemented backend process for sending the data through FTP.
  • Developed JSF application with Spring Boot.
  • Synchronize data with server using SASS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and Angular.js.
  • Worked with Maven to web design and implement application using Spring Integrations /Spring Security.
  • Created Jenkins jobs and pipelines and integrated python scripts to communicate to AWS resources.
  • Worked with JMS as messaging service and JTA for Transaction management and having knowledge with JPA for Java persistence.
  • Deployed application using WebSphere Application Server.
  • Used Cucumber and Selenium for Behavioral and Integration testing respectively.
  • Implemented client-side Java-beans for DAO Pattern.
  • Evaluated Prototype JavaScript Framework.

Environment: java8,Spring MVC, RESTful Web Service, Hibernate, JMS, AJAX, JSP, MySQL, Servlets, Web Sphere Application Server, AngularJS,JavaScript, HTML 5, ANT, RAD, GIT,XML, JavaScript, Struts Framework, Spring Frame work, JavaBeans, TDD,Node.js, JSTL, Bootstrap, ReactJS,Jenkins.

Confidential, Fremont, CA

Java FullStack Developer


  • Followed Scrum concepts of the Agile Methodology to produce high Quality Software.
  • Client Side code were written in React-JS,J-Query and Server Side Code were developed using MVC4.
  • Developed messaging module using Spring JMS, Apache Camel and ActiveMQ.
  • Integrated Hibernate with spring for Handling Transactions.
  • Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection Spring DI, Spring MVC for REST API and Spring Boot for micro services.
  • Developed the application using Java 1.8 and implemented its features like Lambdas Expressions, Streams, functional interfaces, collectors, default methods, type interfaces for each.
  • Build scripts on AWS cloud for scheduling EC2 auto scaling load balancer with python SDK.
  • Worked on building & deploying Java code through Jenkins, used Jenkins Amazon Web Services (AWS) Code Deploy plugin to deploy to AWS and worked AWS Cloud management.
  • Used Spring boot to create new module and to deploy the application in tomcat.
  • Used Spring Core Annotations for DependencyInjection and Spring MVC for REST API,Spring
  • Implement the application MVC, ReactJS.
  • Maintaining separate build in Maven for the module for easy integration to the portal build and configure with Jenkins.
  • Experienced with NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Couch DB and Cassandra on large data platforms.
  • Worked on NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra where data storage was scaled rapidly.
  • Used spring integration for integrating the application with Microservices using spring integration workflow files.
  • Used ReactJS, AngularJS for building web-apps and is highly efficient in integrating with Restful services.
  • Developed Spring Restful/Microservices and implemented Spring Restful/Micro Services
  • Used Jenkins to build and deploy the application.
  • Ran Log aggregations, website Activity tracking and commit log for distributed system using Apache Kafka.
  • Created plugins to extract data from multiple sources like Apache Kafka, Database and Messaging Queues.
  • Developed camel routes to transfer data to Kafka.
  • Developed web UI screens using Spring MVC, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and CSS.
  • Conducted gap analysis and developed data migration and integration plans.
  • Developed RESTful Web Service using REST Jersey API.
  • Used AWS to build Java applications that work with Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon Simple-DB.
  • Developed Spring Services,DAO’s and defined routes using Apache Camel.
  • Developed applications with SQL Server.
  • Developed restful web services using Jersey and spring and developed rest services using Node.js
  • Worked on implementing current Rest web services to one of cloud computing services AWS.
  • Developed stored procedures, Triggers and functions to process the data using SQL and mapped it to Hibernate Configuration File and also established data integrity among all tables.
  • Consumed RESTful WebServices.
  • Implemented Hibernates’ Lazy default fetch plans for generating proxies and collection wrappers and also created fetching strategies for minimizing the number of SQL Statements.
  • Involved in unit testing, integration testing, SIT and UAT phases. Performed defect tracking, bug fixing.
  • Created quality working J2EE code to design, schedule, and cost to implement use cases. Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) SNS to send messages to email and http endpoint.
  • Used Hibernate annotations for mapping objects to the relational database and Implemented persistence using Hibernate, managed Hibernate.cfg.xml file.
  • Used XML to transfer the application data between client and server.
  • Experienced in build tools like Ant, Maven, Gradle and using them with continuous integration tools like Jenkins to
  • Deployed application using Tomcat application Server.
  • Used Maven for dependency and build management.
  • Used SVN as version control.
  • Testing the java services by using JUnit.

Environment: Java 8, Spring MVC, Angular,HTML,CSS, JavaScript, JSP,, XML, Hibernate, RESTful Web Service, Tomcat, JUnit, AWS, ActiveMQ, Node.js, Maven, continuous integration, JMS, ReactJS, Maven, Jenkins

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