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Lead Engineer Resume


  • Seasoned engineer having experience in designing & developing enterprise applications. Experience in implementing all phases of the software life cycle and worked with users at various levels, in a variety of project environments ranging from small to highly complex projects.
  • Very Strong Object - oriented concepts with complete software development life cycle (SDLC) experience - Requirements gathering, Conceptual Design, Analysis, Detail design, Development, Mentoring, System and User Acceptance Testing and documentation.
  • Extensive hands-on experience in Big Data technologies - Hadoop, Spark, pySpark, Kafka, HDFS, Hive, Impala, Kudu, SQOOP, Cassandra, DynamoDB, HBase.
  • End to end designed and architecture various real time analytics solutions using Big Data technologies, including Spark, Kafka.
  • Hands-on experience in implementing Micro Services & REST API’s using Spring Boot.
  • Hands-on experience with Continuous Integration & Continuous deployment using the tools Jenkins, Git, Maven and Docker & Kubernetes.
  • Hands-on experience in AWS, ECS, S3, Fargate, Dynamo DB.
  • Experience in tuning Hive, Spark and Java applications
  • Extensive experience in JVM memory profiling, garbage collection tuning and object referencing.
  • Good exposure in SQL, Confidential PL/SQL and accomplished in Testing Frame works using JUnit.
  • Application development using Agile/Scrum and Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodologies
  • Developed enterprise applications using Java EE, Spring Technologies - Integration, XD, Data, Gemfire, Hibernate, JMS, MQ Series, Ajax, JQuery, AngularJS, Java Script, JSF, Struts, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JBoss, Weblogic, Confidential App Server, Confidential WebSphere App Server
  • Have over 6 years in Financial Domain with hands on experience working with Middle & Back Office Operations, Compliance, Legal, Product Control, and Finance groups.
  • Experience in design and implementation scalable solutions using caching technologies like Gemfire, Confidential Coherence
  • Good at performance tuning and developing high throughput backend applications using messaging
  • Excellent client handling and team co-ordination skills, leading teams with Agile Development practices using Scrum, TDD, BDD and Extreme Programming.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to coordinate and motivate team members.
  • Have fair understanding in Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Bricks and GCP.


Cloud Platform: AWS, Azure

Messaging: Kafka, MQ Series

DevOps Tools: Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, SonarQube

Language: Java, Python, Spark, Scala, Spring, Spring Boot

File Formats: Parquet, Avro, Protobuf, XM, JSON, Csv

Database: Confidential, PostgreSQL, SQL, Impala, Hive, HDFS, Elastic Search, Influx DB

NoSQL: Gemfire, DynamoDB, MongoDB

Domain: Finance - Back Office, Health care and Engineering



Lead Engineer


  • Designed & Implemented pipeline to ingest data from ERP source systems using Kafka
  • Ingested has been curated using Spark to bring into common data layer from multiple source systems
  • Demonstrated product and delivery experience across all tiers in solutioning of information management solutions - from data sourcing to end state delivery / consumption
  • Designed & Implemented Micro Services to deliver/publish data to consumers
  • Implemented Spring Boot Micro Services to process the messages to and from the Kafka cluster.
  • Implemented HA availability solution across various micro services using Zookeeper.
  • DaaS - Data is made available to consumers through API Gateway (REST API’s) using Spring Boot & AWS API Gateway
  • Integrating with OAuth for providing secured access to API’s.
  • Responsible to create various Cloud Watch alarms that sends an Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) message when the alarm triggers
  • Created S3 bucket for backups using versioning enable and moved objects to Amazon Glacier for archiving purpose and using Amazon S3 for database backup regularly and save snapshots of data.
  • Designed Dynamo DB and event processing using Lambda function

Environment: Hadoop, Hive, Impala, pySpark, Parquet, Java, Spring Boot, Spring REST, XML/JSON, Maven, Bit Bucket, Kafka, SonarQube, Cucumber, Jenkins, Junit, SAP, Salesforce, OAuth, AWS, S3, Fargate, ECS, API Gateway, DynamoDB




  • Built an enterprise-wide data platform ingesting and aggregating data from various data sources using Spark, HDFS
  • Designed and implemented Micro Services - adjustment, reconciliation and validation services.
  • Implemented REST Micro Services using Spring Boot. Generated Metrics with method level granularity and Persistence using Spring Actuator.
  • Using Spark stream consumed messages from Source systems and ingested into Data Hub.
  • DaaS - Data is made available to consumers through Apigee Gateway.
  • Implemented HA availability solution across various micro services using Zookeeper.
  • Implemented CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins, Git, Docker

Environment: Hadoop, HDFS, Spark Streams, Java, Spring, Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Kafka, Zookeeper, Mongo DB, Elastic Search, Docker, Ansible, Fluentd, Mirus Replicator, Maven, Jenkins, Git, SonarQube


Sr. Java Developer


  • Managed cross-border teams to deliver solution globally
  • Acted as a liaison with leadership, project teams, QA and compliance to support integrations.
  • Worked as a technical Architect - Enterprise Data Grid for integrations with consuming applications.
  • Ingested master data and transactional data from various ERP systems.
  • Harmonize/curate data from 20 ERP systems (SAP, JD Edwards and BPICS) into one standard enterprise model.
  • DaaS - Data is made available to consumers through Apigee Gateway.
  • Using statistical forecast models to do demand, production planning - sent results to ERP’s.
  • Implemented CI/CD pipeline.

Environment: Java, Spring, Spring XD, Spring REST, Gemfire, Kafka, Maven, Bit Bucket, JIRA, JDE, SAP, Azure, Apigee, XML/JSON, Jenkins, Git, SonarQube, Cucumber, Jenkins, Junit


Sr. Java Developer


  • Designed ETL process to get trade, position, finance, account, balances and journals.
  • Designed/Developed the server db model using Spring Gemfire.
  • Loading batch data into Gemfire through Spring XD and updates from UI through Spring Data
  • Developed a Web service using JSON Restful Web services for sending/consuming relationship information from Confidential CRM systems.
  • Stress on Continuous Integration with tools using SVN, Jenkins, Maven, Shell Script, Auto Deployment to Serves using post release, Image Preparation using Docker, nexus repository, Monitoring tools like Nagios & ELK stack
  • End to End testing of new trading products - Commercial Papers and MBS trading.
  • Designed & Developed service layer for users/process to access data/applications
  • Designed and developed web API’s.
  • Built centralized logging system with Log stash/ElasticSearch/Kibana.
  • Authorizations are cached based on user using Spring Gemfire
  • Participated in all phases of the development life cycle, functional & technical design, development, unit testing, technical documentation, usage documentation and maintenance.
  • Led "Continuous Delivery" project, streamlining Dev workflow, integrating automated QE validation, and delivering standardized releases (based on Docker) to Operations for deployment.
  • Designed & Developed process for creating accounts in external systems like BPS, ICI, Gloss & Internal Systems through JMS & MQ using Enterprise Integration patterns
  • Designed workflow process for creating counterparty & trading accounts information starting from Sales to accounting opening and notifying all groups/applications/integrating all systems.
  • Process for maintenance of Counterparty KYC, Legal Entity Information & eligibility documents & to keep them upto date.
  • Developed User Interactive Dashboard using Angular JS which is tightly integrated to the Application Server model.
  • Integration with Confidential Alert system for global SSI’s using XML and event processing for Alert changes.

Environment: Spring, Spring Boot, Restful API, JQuery, JBoss 7, K2, Spring Data, Apache POI, Jenkins, Git, Docker, Maven, MQ, JMS, Eclipse, Perl Confidential, SQL, PL/SQL, Confidential warehouse Builder and SSIS.

Confidential, NY

Sr. Java Developer


  • Liaised and coordinated in organization with key business owners, executives, and subject matter experts to explore and redesign key business processes
  • ADF pages are developed to do real time posting of selective vacancies to various job sites using MQ.
  • Defined and executed business workflows using JBoss - Business Process Management (JBPM).
  • Involved in the Workflow development and Customization including escalation of notifications using workflow, redirection of Approvals using AME and workflow.
  • Analyzing the Reporting requirements and drawing specifications requirement for the same.

Environment: JDeveloper, Java, Confidential ADF, JBPM, MQ Messaging, Workflow, AME, HR, AP, GL, Confidential 9i, SQL, PL/SQL, Toad, SQL Loader

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