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Java Development Program Resume


  • Admitted to Confidential 's Java program, an intensive 21 - week learning program, following a rigorous assessment of technical acumen, interpersonal skills, and professional aptitude.
  • Completed hands-on Full Stack Development coursework with pair programming assignments and a group project focused on Java (including Data Structures & Algorithms as well as Design Patterns), Spring Framework, Spring Boot, SQL, Web Design, React, and modern web development practices such as Agile, 12 Factor Apps, Git, CI/CD, and AWS Deployment.



Java Development Program


  • Facilitated correlation of marketing materials while representing different brands via official social media pages
  • Crafted marketing advertisements for new beers across several breweries
  • Participated in the process of small scale screen-printing via use of stencil and fabric screen
  • Used Procreate to design commissioned logo for small business
  • Provided expedient service tending from taps of up 130 draft beers and skillfully crafting 30+house cocktails
  • Retained and communicated a wealth of knowledge in alcohol styles, flavors, and aromas to customers and associates
  • Provided a welcoming and positive culture through inclusive attitudes and fast but friendly service to generate repeat business
  • Clearly and concisely reported status of daily operations to upper
  • Received inventory through distribution partners while tracking active inventory levels
  • Maintained labor percentages through task delegation and time management
  • Utilized S.A.P. ERP to monitor inventory levels and process purchase orders

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