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Software Developer Resume



  • Having 7+years of hands - on experience in Design, Development & Deployment of Web applications using Java, J2EE & related Technologies in Insurance, E-Commerce, and Financial Domains.
  • Professional experience in using Core Technologies Java, J2EE, Servlets, JSP, Custom tags, JDBC, JavaBeans, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, Servlets, JSF,
  • Worked on both Agile and Waterfall methodologies
  • Proficient in using J2EEFrameworks Spring, Hibernate Web Services, SOAP, Restful and Spring Boot REST Technologies.
  • Strong experience on Java 8 features like Lambda expressions and Stream API for Bulk data operations, Parallel operations on Collections which would increase the performance of the Application.
  • Experience with Web/ Application servers Web Sphere, Web Logic, and Tomcat Server.
  • Good exposure on using IDE’s like Eclipse and Net beans.
  • Experienced in working with AWS Cloud platform and its services likeEC2, S3, Utilized Java 8 features like Lambda expressions and Stream API for Bulk data operations on Collections which would increase the performance of the Application.
  • Hands-on experience in Spring Modules/Frameworks like Spring BOOT, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring ORM, Spring JDBC, Spring AOP, Spring Security,
  • Good experience on Design Patterns (J2EE) like Singleton, Factory, DAO, Session Facade, Front Controller, and Delegate Pattern.
  • Experience in developing MicroServices using Spring-Boot
  • Experienced in developing Restful Services using JAX-RS specification like Jersey and Rest Easy to implement REST based Application.
  • Experienced in developing front end applications using HTML/5, XHTML, DHTML, CSS2/3(using SASS and LESS), Bootstrap, Angular JS, Angular4,4.X with NGRX and developing dynamic web
  • Experience with and solid understanding of Micro services in implementing client-server business applications to build independent task and flexible application.
  • Expertise in creating Single Page Application (SPA) and reusable components in Angular 2.
  • Strong working experience in the Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) likeMy SQL, Oracle, SQL Server,
  • Working with cloud services like AWS, PCF and NoSQL databases like Cassandra, Mongo DB,DynamoDB, CouchDB, Redis etc.
  • Good knowledge in writing SQL Queries, Stored Procedures, functions, packages, tables, views, triggers and data connectivity and data integration of Oracle, PL/SQL etc.
  • Experience in working with latest Ecma Script 6 features using Babel and Webpack. Strong experience in developing Single Page Application (SPA), using MEAN ( Mongo, Express, Angular and Node ) stack.
  • Extensively used Postman and SOAP UI tools for testing the REST web services.
  • Hands on experience in developing server-side JavaScript frameworks using Node JS (H api JS, Express JS) to build event driven, non-blocking i/o model web application
  • Experience in integration tools like Spring Integration, Apache CXF, Apache Kafka, and Apache Camel to integrate the enterprise application technologies with existing JVM environment.
  • Hands on experience with build tools like ANT, Maven, and logging tools like Log4J.
  • Expertise in unit-testing with tools like JUnit, Mockito, Spock, TestNG and Integration testing tools like Selenium Web Driver, Cucumber.
  • Experience in software configuration management using CVS, SVN and GIT.
  • Extensively used Jenkins tool for Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery (CICD) and Jirafor tracking the development tasks.


Languages: Java, C, SQL, HTML, CSS.

J2EE Technologies and Framework: Core Java, JEE, Servlets, JSP, EJB2.0, JDBC, MVC Architecture, Java Beans, JSTL, JTA, JMS, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Boot, JUnit, MAVEN, MicroServices, REST, JAX-WS, JAX-RS

Web Services: SOAP, RESTFul, Jersey, Apache CXF, UDDI, WSDL, Axis2, AWS

Web Technologies: HTML, XHTML, DHTML, XSLT, JAXB, XML, Java Script, Angular 2, React, NodeJS, CSS, MongoDB, Bootstrap,jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, XSD, JSON, XST, XSTL, SAX/DOM, JAXP

Web/Application Servers: Web Sphere, Web Logic, Tomcat Server, SQL Server 2014, Web Logic 7.1/8.x, JBoss 4.x/5.x

IDE’s and Integration Tools: Eclipse, RAD, Jenkins. SOAP UI, POSTMAN, Swagger, ANT, Maven,LDAP, RUP Methodology, Clear Case/Clear Quest, Red Hat JBOSS Developer Studio

Version control Tools: SVN, GIT, CVC

Data bases: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows XP


Confidential, NJ

Software Developer


  • Developed the User Interface using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and enhanced response using Bootstrap and Angular JS.
  • Designed, developed a custom, single-page, responsive web application on front end using AngularJS.
  • Implemented Micro-Services based Cloud Architecture using Spring Boot.
  • Created and Configure Micro services architecture for CDT Directory project and integrated with AngularJS application.
  • Build Restful API web services using Node JS and Express JS and used a full complement of Express, Angular JS, NodeJS, and Mongo DB to store and present assessments.
  • Worked on Proof of Concept for developing application using Node JS and Mongo DB
  • Developed RESTful web Services with JAX-RS using Spring Boot and Micro Services Architecture.
  • Spring Batch is used for Batch processing with which notifications are sent in timely manner.
  • Designed and implemented application using Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring Batch, Spring Annotations, Spring AOP, Spring Transactions, Spring JDBC.
  • Implemented Batch jobs using Spring Batch created various item readers, item writers and item processors.
  • Used Java8 features in developing the code like Lambda expressions, creating resource classes , fetching documents from database.
  • Used Spring Coreannotations for Spring Dependency Injection, SpringMVC for Rest API’s, and Spring Boot for microservices.
  • Development of cloud hosted web applications and REST APIs using Spring Boot with embedded Tomcat.
  • Used design patterns like Singleton, Data Access Objects, Factory and MVC patterns .
  • Implemented the authentication and authorization of the application using Spring Security and OAuth.
  • Developed JAX RS and Jersey Container for http REST Calls and web services using all formats of data for Transmission like JSON, XML, TEXT, and others.
  • Developed Restful Web services for transmission of data in JSON format.
  • Exposed APIs both as REST Apigee Platform.
  • Used JAVA 8 features like Lambda Expressions, Parallel Streams, and functional interfaces.
  • Implemented Core Java concepts like Multithreading, Concurrency, Exception Handling and Collections wherever necessary in the application.
  • Converted JAVA files to Groovy.
  • Developed and executed software systems utilizing JavaScript and Groovy.
  • Spring beans were used for controlling the flow between UI and Hibernate.
  • Developing scripts for build, deployment, maintenance, and related tasks using Jenkins, Docker.
  • Developed AWS S3 to copy project artifact into S3 bucket.
  • Deployed the application on Amazon Web services (AWS) and used it to provide a large computing capacity for scalable solutions.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation using Jenkins along with UNIX Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Created and configured the continuous delivery pipelines for deploying micro services and lambda functions using Jenkins CI server. Achieved Dependency injection by creating spring services, Spring Dynamic Modules (OSGI), spring controllers and DAOs to wire objects of business classes.
  • Used MongoDB as data storage and utilized aspects like replica sets, sharing and clever document design to make service extensible scale and feature wise.
  • Used Eclipse as IDE to develop the application and followed the standard features for debugging and running.
  • Maintained code version controlling using Azure DevOps.
  • Used JIRA tool for Issue/bug tracking, monitoring of work assignment in the system
  • Log4J was used to monitor the error logs and used GIT as version control tool
  • Followed the Maven build life cycle to build the application and deployed into WebSphere application server.
  • Followed Agile Methodology ( Scrum ) to meet customer expectation, timelines with quality deliverables.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUnit

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, JQuery, AngularJS, NodeJS , Azure, Micro Services, Mongo DB, Spring, Spring boot, Hibernate, MVC, Web Services, APIGEE, MAVEN, WebSphere, RAD, JUnit, JMS, log4j, Mongo DB, REST Client, Jenkins, UNIX, JIRA, Git.

Confidential, Raleigh NC

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in Requirements gathering (RGE), Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application using AGILE methodology (SCRUM).
  • Coordinated designs and implementation of application, collaborated with project managers
  • Involved in injecting dependencies into code using Spring IOC, spring core module.
  • Deployed web components, presentation components and business components in Web Logic Application Server.
  • Involved in Agile Scrum methodology, Agile meeting, Sprint and Release Planning meetings
  • Performed client-side validations using JavaScript.
  • Using Angular.js, providing custom services and using custom filter validating credentials in User Interface.
  • Developed programs for accessing the database using JDBC thin driver to execute queries, prepared statements, Stored Procedures and to manipulate the data in the DB2 database.
  • Developed web services SOAP, WSDL and web services clients using JAXB and XML, implemented SOAP architecture.
  • Implemented MVC design pattern using Struts Framework .
  • Implemented Spring Boot and Spring Security features.
  • Used Spring Injection/Inversion of Control, Hibernate ORM to get data as objects and for backend Queries writing easily.
  • Developed Informant service layer by using Spring MVC.
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management.
  • Designed and developed various modules of the application with Spring MVC architecture and Spring Bean Factory using IOC, AOP concepts.
  • Experience in creating and Deployment of REST API and MicroServices in Java J2EEE using Spring Boot.
  • Implementation of authentication for RESTFul web services using Spring Boot Security Starter.
  • Implemented design Patterns like Singleton, Factory,

Environment: Java, Servlets, JSP, Spring IOC, Spring boot, MicroServices, Spring Core, APIGEE, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, JPA, Web Logic, JDBC, DB2, CI/CD, Spring IOC, Hibernate, SVN, Rabbit, XML, XSL, XSLT, XSD, SAX, JAX-WS (SOAP) web services, Bit Bucket, ANT, Spring Boot, SOA, Eclipse

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed the web interface using Angular-JS, Bootstrap , HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Designed the application using UML, Class Diagrams, Sequence diagrams and State diagrams.
  • Developed dynamic and responsive Web pages from scratch using HTML5, CSS 3(using SASS) and JavaScript.
  • Developed UI application initially using Angular 2.0 and made use of customized components.
  • Implemented customer side validations using Angular and created services on UI for storing and retrieving data from UI to the backend.
  • Heavily used Core java (Collection API, Exception Handling, Generics, and Annotation) to manipulate and transfer data in the back end.
  • Used Spring Injection/Inversion of Control, Hibernate ORM to get data as objects and for backend Queries writing easily.
  • Designed Java Servlets and Objects using J2EE standards.
  • Creating custom, general use modules and components which extend the elements and modules of core AngularJS.
  • Used Web services such as HTML, CSS for scripting and Tomcat as web servers for the application to get online.
  • Developed Informant service layer by using Spring MVC.
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management.
  • Used GIT as source control management giving a huge speed advantage on centralized systems that must communicate with a server and hands Spring Framework open source application framework that aims to make J2EE development easier.
  • Configured Log4j Mechanism for complete project using xml files
  • Create Maven pom.xml files and integrated with Jenkins CI worked closely with build engineers
  • Designed & Developed user interface layer using combination of JSPs, HTML, JavaScript / jQuery for front end.
  • Web Logic Server to deploy J2EE application components.

Environment: Java, JDBC, Struts, JavaScript, Html, CSS, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, Oracle, Eclipse IDE, CVS, ANT, Log4J, Web Logic Server, ReactJS, Angular, Node.Js, Spring, Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, Jenkins, JQuery, GIT, AWS, Angular, REST Web services, SOAP UI


Java Developer


  • Created and implemented MicroServices using Spring Boot.
  • Designed and developed the application using AGILE-SCRUM methodology.
  • Extensive experience in developing the UI screens in the application to single page UI using React JS, HTML5, AJAX, JavaScript and CSS3 .
  • Developed the application using Java 8 and implemented its features like lambdas Expressions, Time API, Streams , functional interfaces, collections, default methods, type interfaces, for each.
  • Strong experience with Axios AJAX to pull the data from the REST API and issued HTTP requests to interact with REST endpoints. for the application.
  • Implemented JMS for notifications and testing with JUnit, Mock cases.
  • Extensive used Maven to build the application and deploy on Embedded Tomcat Server
  • Involved in writing Java API for Amazon Lambda to manage some of the AWS services.
  • Involved in creating and Deployment of REST API and MicroServices in Java J2EE using Spring Boot.
  • Configured session timeout with Spring Boot in server side and implemented auto logout Functionality.
  • Involved in creating and Deployment of REST API and Micro Services in Java J2EEE using Spring Boot.
  • Extensively used XML and Java Architecture for XML Binding ( JAXB ), to map java classes to XML representation.
  • Extensively used Eclipse IDE for developing, debugging, integrating, and deploying the application.
  • Worked extensively on spring boot for building REST API’s.
  • Reviewed the code for ensuring adherence to Java coding standards.
  • Utilized HTML5 and React JS in implementing some of the front-end components.
  • Extensive used STS for developing, debugging, integrating, and deploying the application.
  • Maintained source code in GIT Repository.
  • Used Amazon Web Services (AWS) like EC2, S3, RDS, cloud watch and Cloud Front for promoting code in various environments.
  • Designed various tables required for the project in Oracle database .
  • Prepared JUnit and Integration test cases and integrated with Jenkins.

Environment: Java 1.8, JSP, JQuery, JSON, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Spring AOP, Spring Batch, Spring ORM, Spring-Data, React JS, Node.JS, MicroServices, AWS, STS, XML, RESTful Web Services, JMS, Agile, Maven, GIT, Oracle, SQL, Apache Embedded Tomcat, Log4j, JIRA, Oracle 10g, Windows, JSON.


Java Developer


  • Developed java scripts for all client-side validation and developed User Interface (GUI) using JSP, CSS, JSTL, and XSL.
  • Responsible for analysis, design, development, and integration of UI components with backend using J2EE technologies such as MVC framework, Servlets, JSP and JDBC for database connectivity.
  • Worked on Agile Methodology to meet timelines with quality deliverables.
  • Implemented the presentation layer using Struts MVC framework.
  • Creating HTML Web pages utilizing JavaScript and CSS.
  • Involved in High Level Design and prepared Logical view of the Application.
  • Involved in designing and developing of Object-Oriented methodologies using UML and created Use Case, Class, Sequence diagrams and in complete development, testing & maintenance process of application.
  • Involved in developing JSP pages and Actions and using Taglibs for the web tier and validating the client data using the Java Script.
  • Involved in development of Web Services using Axis Framework
  • Created Data Source and deployed web application in the WebSphere application Server.
  • Developed client user interface using JSPs and Servlets.
  • Used Version Control Tool SVN to perform Checking-out and Checking-in of codes from the repository.
  • Developed user interface using JSP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to simplify the complexities of the application and worked on XML parser and XML beans as well.
  • While using spring as Application Level Framework, hibernate is used as persistence Framework.
  • Design and implementing Model view controller (MVC) architecture using spring framework.
  • Wrote Hibernate classes, DAO's to retrieve & store data, configured Hibernate files.
  • Used Jenkins Jobs for build automation to compile and generate EAR and WAR files.
  • Involved in raising questions for business, getting answers from them, bug fixing, and tracking is done by JIRA.
  • Developed RESTful web services using JAX-RS, Apache CXF and spring frameworks and persistence using Hibernate and JPA ORM frameworks.
  • Jersey implementation of JAX-RS is utilized to develop RESTful Web services.
  • Consumed RESTful Web services (JAX-RS) provided by different vendor to use for Address verification and validation.
  • Involved in creating and extracting data from database using SQL Queries, PL/SQL Stored procedures, triggers, and packages on Oracle database.
  • Assisted Oracle DB development team in developing stored procedures and designing the database.
  • Used Maven for build, cruise control is used continuous building.
  • Used SVN as version control system for source code and project documents.

Environment: JDK, Java, Struts, Hibernate, Web Services, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, XML, JavaScript, Core Java, ANT, MAVEN, AJAX, CSS, Oracle, Web Logic, UNIX, PL/SQL Developer, JUnit, Agile, Eclipse IDE


Software Engineer


  • Followed Agile methodologies to execute project. Build the application using TDD (Test Driven Development) approach.
  • Created web application prototype using JQuery and Angular JS.
  • Developed user interfaces using JSP, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS.
  • Developed business logic using Java /J2EE, Spring MVC, Hibernate and various OOPS concepts.
  • Worked in an Enterprise Application where we had to implement MicroServices in order to separate the tasks and not to have dependency on other Parallel on-going tasks of same Application.
  • Implemented business logics using Servlets and actively participated in deploying the application in ApacheTomcat.
  • Developed DAO layer communicated with the Oracle database with help of Hibernate framework.
  • Developed Oracle SQL Queriesand Stored Procedures.
  • Designing and Developing MicroServices which enhance reusability and reduces the failure rate.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUNIT Test cases.
  • Performed code build and deployment using MAVEN.
  • Provided the design, installation, and coding support for the integration of NoSQL solution to the enterprise and the migration of business data from Oracle to ApacheCassandra.
  • Involved in the defect fixes. Configured and created application log files using Log4j required to trace application.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Spring MVC, Rest, JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, JSP, Angular JS, Servlet, DB2, Eclipse, Log4j, JUnit, Maven, AWS, Bootstrap.

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