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Mulesoft Lead Developer Resume


  • Over 13 years’ experience in Designing, and developing enterprise application integration solutions.
  • 4 Years of experience in B2B using EDIFACT, EDI X12, HL7, HIPPA with TIBCO BC
  • 3 Years’ experience in TIBCO Business Events for complex event processing BE Ontology objects for use cases, Simple Events, Complex Events, Events, DB Concept Rules creation and backing store
  • 2+ years on Mule Soft 3.x,4.x suite Mule ESB, Any Point Studio, Any Point Platform, Mule API Design and Cloud Hub
  • Specialized in Design & implementing Mule Soft, TIBCO Middleware and CEP, and Kafka& DevOps, Java,API
  • Implemented SOA by designing and building reusable components by using SOAP, WSDL & REST Services
  • Expertise in SOA, API and enterprise integration patterns
  • Experienced in WSDL, JDBC, JNDI, SQL, XSD, XSLT, JMS and XPATH usage and best practices, design patterns
  • Expertise in designing developing, deploy and supporting of high - performance, high-availability, highly-scalable, enterprise grade applications using architectural best practices and the latest industry standards.
  • Experience at technical analysis, design and developing the technical & functional documents
  • Experienced in designing, developing business process Ontology objects and use cases for Simple Events, Complex Events, Time Events, DB Concepts and Rule and Rule Function creation
  • Use of DM table concepts, Query concepts and associative Rule functions to them
  • Experienced in installation, administration and maintenance of TIBCO BW, BC Interior and Gateway Servers, EMS Servers in FT and LB configurations
  • TIBCO BC set up with all domain data and into DB tables to Partner Protocol setup from EDI SIM guidelines
  • Experienced in using Lexicom, GHX, GXS administration and maintenance of reports all P O and life cycle Transactions
  • Proficient in Linux and scripts for Operations support
  • Domain creation, GIT, Jenkins and DevOps tools for CI CD methodology and practices
  • Team work, client-facing, effective communication for development and support aspects of complex business deliveries with resolution skills; a highly motivated self-starter and team-player with a positive can-do attitude.
  • Able to plan, organize and prioritize my work and to meet on time the deadlines
  • Full lifecycle implementations of analysis, design, coding, testing, build, deploy, installations, documenting, performance tuning and maintenance
  • Good experience in Oracle Database, SQL and PL/SQL
  • Trained and practitioner in agile methodology.


Languages: C, C++, Java, C#

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server


Methodology: DevOps, Agile



MuleSoft Lead Developer


  • Designing the Mule messaging infrastructure for the enterprise application integrations.
  • Setting up the EDI X12 flows in Mule for transforming EDI to XML and FLAT files to EDI and vice versa
  • Onshore Offshore model with agile methodological working
  • Designing new flows for new trading partners using X12 Transaction sets using Any Point Studio 4.x while using the Transform message component
  • Migrating existing TIBCO module to MuleSoft integration with existing EDI platform artifacts
  • RAML specification APIs which connect and use the EDI HUBs enabling seamless flow and conversion of EDI data
  • Responsible for working with application teams and identifying the right integration pattern for enterprise.
  • Configuring the Mule Connector for EDI X12 and Transform message component to transform EDI to Flat file or XML
  • Configuring the Mule Connector for EDIFACT and Transform message component to transform EDIFACT to Flat file or XML
  • Developing the RAML components and integrating the CloudHub to seamless REST APIs
  • GHX and GXS portal maintenance for the P O, POA & Invoices
  • Provide direction and guidance to onsite and offshore application development teams. Participate in the formulation of application architecture & design artifacts and mentors the teams in the deployment and use of enterprise-wide common services, frameworks, and tools.
  • Code and EDI flow enhancement for business flow
  • Works with System owners to resolve source data issues and refine transformation rules
  • Works with Business Analysts, Technical Analysts, and Integration Testing teams to ensure quality code that meets the functional requirements.
  • Performs and/or leads design, coding, testing, implementation and documentation of the solution
  • Integration solution designer for key EDI channel initiatives such and EDI HUB, Inventory Hub and Post purchase communications.
  • Integration solution designer for key Store and RMS initiatives such as Sales Audit, PISL and enterprise PO
  • Integration with Salesforce with Connectors, Cache and watermarking for Cache use
  • Integrating custom banners, business feeds to Zimmer portal using Anypoint Community Manager with internal and external APIs
  • Deploying the components into Run Time Fabric, AWS EC2
  • Deploying non-API Mule components to On Premise and standalone deployments
  • Implementing the API Gateway with policy and security management for deployed components in Any Point Management Respond to problem with effective resolutions. Ensure functional and technical integrity of application designs. Lead predictive, proactive root cause analysis.

Technology: TIBCO BW, Mule4, Any Point Studio 7.x, API Management, Cloud Hub, EDI X12, EDIFACT, ACM API, Git, Jenkins, SAP, Mainframe, SalesForce, EDI Connectors, AWS EC2, ANSIBLE,Dockers




  • Providing the Architectural, Implementation, use case patterns in the HLE
  • Worked in Onshore & Offshore model with agile methodology
  • Developing Business process implementation, documentation for approval
  • Creating Channel and destinations for JMS and HTTP
  • Designing Simple Events, Complex Events and Time Events for OOOI flight Events
  • Events, Rule, RuleFucntions for real time flight events as per flight updates
  • DM table and concepts design for all the countries for UNITED operates
  • Real time Seat maps and Seat swapping in real time for change of flight and respective Events reorganizations
  • Developing the BW scenarios for Crew Seats in domestic and Intln’ flight operations
  • Supporting the Event and Event changes and issues arising from the real time flight operations
  • Setting up Cache and Cache objects and Inference engine
  • Setting and managing the Inference objects and clusters for multiple processing units with FT mode
  • Developing triggers and trigger event for calling all real-time flight events and sending updates based on occurrence of the event for no of days for the event incident to happen

Technology/Tools: TIBCO BE 5.1, 5.3, TIBCO BW 5.13,BW CE, TIBCO AS 2.x, TIBCO Admin Kibana, Kubenetes. AWS EKS, EC2, Cloudfront


Mule Soft Developer


  • Design and developing Mule Soft, EDI interfaces of B2B flows
  • Providing the Architectural, Implementation, use case patterns in the HLE
  • Connectors flows with in Mule for EDIX12, HLE
  • Data transformation from EDI to XML to Flat files and vice versa
  • Developing Business process for the Medicaid 835 and other Medicare processes
  • Workflow, mapping changes for EDI files in Foresight Translator
  • Flow set up for existing or new workflow in FS Instream
  • Reviewing of FS Instream, Foresight mappings with EDI Core team
  • Involved in setting up of EDISS, BC sync security of Trading partners with x509 security certificates
  • Developed SOAP web services for all the Inbound claims and application level WS security
  • Designed and developed Medicare, Medicaid transactions for claim processing and other EDI HIPAA sets as EDI X12 837,835, 834,820,270/271RT/FB,276/277

Technology: Mule 3.x, Any Point Studio 3.5, HIPAA EDI X12, HLE, Any Point Manager, Cloud Hub Foresight, Foresight Studio 8.2, Foresight Instream, Foresight Translator




  • Providing high level estimates Visio diagrammatic flow.
  • Providing the Architectural, Implementation, use case patterns in the HLE,
  • Gathered, analyzed and documented templates for the project requirement specifications
  • Preparing MD 50, MD70 documents
  • Design, Develop BW processes based on the design doc
  • Involved in Designing and Standard Business works template to be leveraged for all modules
  • Provide high level design and get approval for work hours
  • Vision representation of work flow design and preparing development packages
  • Mapping the flow using the loops, conditions, iterations
  • Design and developed Global audit log and Generic error log while implementing framework process
  • Responsible for writing hawk rule bases for monitoring the health of all TIBCO applications across.
  • Debugging the interface using BW for link test
  • DB Scripts preparation, execution and production support
  • Deploying Services in Production TIBCO Admin during the Activity timeframe
  • Design, develop schemas, xsds for different service request using WSDL
  • Designing and Developing RESTful WSDL services and configuring their security
  • Design and develop Restful web services to connect to Black baud and for specific service
  • Making certificates using key tool for link test Env and supporting Application, Ops team for deployments
  • Developing the Framework process for the Generic Audit Logger and Generic Exception Logger
  • Software, patch upgrade of TIBCO on Linux machines.
  • Assigning and providing technical support for team on Incidents, CR deployment using AppManage, Hudson ANT tool
  • Changes in code as per new requirement, one-page document preparations and reviewed before heading to deployment

Technology: TIBCO BW 5.9, AMX BW 6.x, TIBCO EMS 7.1, TIBCO Admin 5.7, GAL, GEH, Linux, SQL Server 2012, Oracle 11g, MFT, Linux, Spotfire 6.x,7.x

Senior Consultant



  • Enhancements, Design and Development of Code in BW AMX Designer.
  • Code design, development of HIPPA 837, 834,835,820, 276/277, 278, HIPPA999.
  • Responsible for writing hawk rule bases for monitoring the health of all TIBCO applications across.
  • Database queries, procedures for Oracle related tasks
  • Preparing a SDLC for the code changes and team review of the developed code.
  • Unit testing and UAT test in TEST environment and then move to PROD.
  • Configuring the Business Participants, Business agreement and xsd, ecs files in TIBCO Business connect Admin.
  • Preparing the MD70 and MD 50 documents for the developed and designed code
  • Preparing a separate Mapping document for the segments or fields mapped for future reference in case of issues.
  • Root cause analysis and debugging for Production Support
  • Managing Human workflow components, Services, Task Service Properties and Service Engine.
  • Field Validations, Form creations, defining work flows

Technology: TIBCO BW AMX 5.X, TIBCO Business Connect 5.X, ADB 5.x, TIBCO EMS 4.5,

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