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Sr. Java Full Stack Developer / Sales Force Developer Resume

San Antonio, TX


  • 8+ years of experience as a Senior Java developer with strong development experience in User Interface applications and integration of highly transactional and scalable enterprise applications.
  • Used the best practices of SDLC as well as Agile/Scrum and TDD methodologies.
  • Experience in building UI technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap3 and scripting languages like JavaScript, and ReactJS.
  • Experience in using JSP, JSTL, Struts Tag Libraries, Tiles, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Developed web applications by implementing Model View Control architecture.
  • Experience in various technologies like Java, spring, Hibernate.
  • Strong experience in using spring models like Spring MVC, IOC, Dependency Injection, JDBC, JTA, Spring Rest, Spring Boot, Spring Microservices, Spring Eureka, and Spring Netflix.
  • Experience in developing Spring JDBC Templates and Spring Rest Templates.
  • Implemented various design patterns like DAO, DTO, Singleton, Prototype, Service Locator, MVC.
  • Experienced in persistence frameworks like Hibernate/JPA, JDBC, iBatis for mapping Java POJO classes/Objects with databases and using Hibernate Query Language.
  • Experience in Amazon Web Services provisioning and knowledge of AWS services like EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, ELB, RDS, VPC, Direct Connect, Route53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, IAM, SNS etc.
  • Good experience in using Amazon Web Services and AWS SNS/SQS for delivering messages.
  • Experience in JUnit framework with Mockito and Easy mock, Spring JUnit Runner.
  • Strong experience in implementing Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services using SOAP and REST.
  • Expertise in XML technologies like DTD/Schemas, DOM, SAX and XSLT.
  • Experience using Service Oriented Architecture which includes Universal Description and Discovery Integration and Web Services Description Language using SOAP protocol.
  • Worked on creation of custom Docker container images, tagging and pushing the images.
  • Experienced in working with multiple databases like Oracle 10g/11g, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, NoSQL DB (Mongo DB, Cassandra).
  • Experience with build tools like Maven, CICD - ANT and logging tools like Log4J.
  • Experience in configuring the application on Tomcat, Web Sphere, and Web Logic and Jboss servers.
  • Experience in various controlling/tracking systems Subversion, CVS, SVN, GIT, and Rational Clear Case.
  • Good experience in unit testing using Karma, Jasmine, Junit and Integration Testing using Continuum, Selenium, Hudson, Jenkins and Apache camel.
  • Experience in SFDC Development implementing the APEX Classes, APEX Triggers, Visualforce pages, S - Controls, Force.com IDE, Eclipse with SOQL, SOSL and Plug-ins.
  • Created customized UI as per the client and application requirements using Visual force.
  • Review/Adjust/Write Apex and Visual force page builds to ensure we keep code coverage at a high percentage as well as meet business needs.
  • Expertise in creating different email templates and inbound emails using Visualforce for the clients and customers.
  • Expertise in customizing standard Objects like Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, Cases, Leads, Campaigns, Reports ( Summary reports, tabular reports, Pie charts )and Dashboards and Report folders for different user profiles as per the requirements.
  • Created lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects and created junction objects and various advanced fields like Pick-list, Field Dependencies, Custom Formula, Sharing rules for automated alerts, field updates and Email generation .
  • Implemented Security and Sharing rules at Object Field and Record levels for different users in the organization.
  • Developed Lightning Component Framework and also built Lightning components using aura framework.


Programming Language: Java 1.7/1.8, SQL, PL/SQL, Apex

Java/J2EE Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, JMS, JNDI, RMI, EJB, Swing, AWT, Applets, Multi-threading, Java Networking

Java Frameworks: Spring 4.x/3.x/2.x, Hibernate 4.0/3.0, Struts 1.x/2.0

Application/Web Servers: Web Logic, IBM WebSphere, Jboss, Tomcat

ORM Frameworks: Hibernate, JSF.

Web Technologies: JSP, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, XML, XSLT, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, HTML, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Ext JS, backbone JS, NodeJS, ReactJS

Spring Framework: Spring IOC, Spring Batch, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Hystrix, Spring Heroku, Spring Zuul, Spring Netflix, Spring Integration, Spring Eureka, Spring Ribbon, Spring Yarn

Database Server: Oracle 10g/11g, DB2, Mongo DB, SQL server, MS Access and MySQL, Cassandra.

IDE: Eclipse, Net Beans, IntelliJ

Web Services: REST, SOAP, JAX-WS, JAX-RPC, JAX-RS, WSDL, Axis2, Apache CXF

Version Control: GIT, CVS, SVN, JIRABuild Tools: Maven, Jenkins, Log4j

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Water-Fall, TDD

Testing: JUnit, Jasmine, Karma, Protractor, Selenium, Cucumber

CRM TOOLS: salesforce.com

SALESFORCE TECHNOLOGIES: Apex Classes, Test Classes, SOQL, SOSL, Visual Force, Lightning pages (Pages, Component & Controllers), ETL, S-Controls, Triggers, Custom Objects, Web services, Validation Rules, Work Flows, Dashboards, Reports, Sandbox development and Testing.


Confidential - San Antonio, TX

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer / Sales force Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development. Followed agile methodology.
  • Designed and Developed the UI using spring view component HTML5, CSS 3, Bootstrap and React Js.
  • SFDC development and implementation using Apex programming, Visual force, SFDC configuration.
  • Configuring standard objects and modules including validation rules, formulas, record types and page layouts.
  • Demonstrated Strong Sales force Design, Implementation and configuration knowledge including - APEX
  • Designed CSS templates for use in all pages on the website working with CSS Background, positioning, text, border, margin, padding, and table.
  • Worked on React JS Virtual Dom and React views, rendering using components which contains additional components called custom HTML tags.
  • Worked in using React JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, and Animations.
  • Maintained states in the stores and dispatched the actions using redux.
  • Components for UX-Library consisted of Button, Checkbox, Input, Icons, Toggle Button, Dropdown, Multi-Level Dropdown and many more.
  • Worked on designing and developing Kafka which is used to send message objects to client queues and topics.
  • Involved in developing Kafka against sandbox clusters and migrating to the secured Test cluster which mirrors production.
  • Involved in designing and developing the Apache Nifi data flow tool that integrates with Apache Kafka.
  • Used Microservice architecture, with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Involved in batch processing using JSR -352 Batch frameworks to extract data from database and load into corresponding target database.
  • Worked on designing and developing the JSR-352 Batch jobs by following the Confidential owned implementation of the JSR-352 Batch implementation.
  • Worked on Data Stage 11.7 version to extract data from source database and load into the target database.
  • Worked on configuring the Control-M tool to schedule the DataStage and JSR-352 batch jobs.
  • Design and implementation of accessibility features and collaborating with customers up to date.
  • Worked on Oracle database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, sharing, replication, schema design.

Environment: JAVA 8, Apex, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React Js, Rest web services, Spring MVC, Java 1.7/1.8,, Spring Boot, Spring 4.x, Hibernate 4.x, Spring Batch, Kafka, Docker, Spring Security, Apache Maven, Oracle SQL, Squirrel.

Confidential - Minneapolis, MN

Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed applications using Java7 and new features of Java 8 (lambda expressions).
  • Designed and Developed the UI using spring view component HTML5, CSS 3, Bootstrap and Angular4.
  • Created Angular4 Controller which isolate scopes perform operations in UI.
  • Followed the strict patterns of implementing model-view-controller MVC architecture using Angular Framework. Design and implementation of accessibility features and collaborating with customer up to date.
  • Worked on Oracle database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, sharing, replication, schema design.
  • Web application backend REST API utilizing Angular4and Oracle.
  • Analyzed the Node.JS server structure in legacy project, then mimicked the REST service by using java JAX-WS API and did the corresponding configurations.
  • Developed the Spring Features like Spring MVC, Spring DAO, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, Spring Security.
  • Spring MVC Framework IOC design pattern is used to have relationships between application components.
  • Involved in developing components on Reporting Dashboard with Spring MVC, Spring Framework and Hibernate and created Microservices using Spring Boot.
  • Worked on spring boot, Spring Restful template to develop Application Level Microservices.
  • Implemented Spring OAUTH2 security for application access and authorization.
  • Used Micro service architecture, with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST And Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Apache Kafka is used to send message objects to client queues and topics.
  • Used slick to query and store in databases in a Scala fashion using the powerful Scala collection framework.
  • Implemented a circuit-breaker pattern which automatically stops all requests to an external service.
  • Implemented Spring Hystrix to enable real-time monitoring, alerting, and operational control.
  • Developed Restful service interface using Spring MVC to the underlying Agent Services API and Implemented RESTful web services.
  • Designed spring boot mechanism without configuration XML and replaced it with Java classes.
  • Involved in requirements gathering and Capacity planning used Oracle DB for Database related activities.
  • Migration of Existing Application to AWS cloud. Used Amazon Web Services like EC2, S3, RDS, cloud watch and CloudFront for promoting code in various environments.
  • Worked on creation of custom Docker container images, tagging and pushing the images.
  • Worked with the Node package manager along with Grunt and Bower for the build.
  • Used Apache Maven as the software build tool and Log4J for logging errors and messages.
  • Deployed the application in Apache Tomcat.
  • Develop unit test using Jasmine. Followed strict patterns of RA team for unit test cases with Jasmine.
  • Used Drools Decision table using excel sheets with a Spring MVC project.
  • Used Jenkins for continuous integration and continuous deployment.

Environment: JAVA 8, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Node JS, Rest web services, Spring MVC, Java 1.7/1.8,Scala, Spring Boot, Spring 4.x, Hibernate 4.x, Spring Batch, Rabbit MQ, JMS, AWS, Docker, Grunt, Bower, Spring Security, Jasmine, Jenkins, Spark, Apache Maven, Kafka, Oracle 10g/11g.


Java Full Stack Developer


  • Worked with core java and Drool rule engine and participated in all aspects of software life cycle including analysis, design, development, production deployment and support.
  • Built Rich Prototypes and Applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, JSON, Ruby and rails, Bootstrap with MySQL database.
  • Developed source code to consume JSON response received through XHR/AJAX calls using JQuery.
  • Participated in development of business application for the layout using Grid orientation model Bootstrap.
  • Built responsive site using Bootstrap that fits devices of different visual sizes.
  • Coding, styling, testing of reusable JavaScript, CSS, HTML widgets / libraries for complex UI controls.
  • Responsible for JavaScript / AJAX UI upgrades and improvements.
  • Designed and Implemented the DAO layer using Spring, hibernate.
  • Implemented RPC integration style using Restful web services.
  • Used Spring Core for concept Inversion of control implemented using dependency injection.
  • Implement the authentication, authorization, and access-control features by using Spring Security.
  • Tested cross browser functionality and fixed major layout bugs for supported browsers including IE6.
  • Facilitated User Testing sessions to solicit feedback on prototypes.
  • Developed application using Spring MVC, JSP and AJAX on the presentation layer, the business layer is built using spring and the persistent layer uses Hibernate.
  • Created and maintained complex triggers for logon and some R/I.
  • Developed test scripts in Selenium Web Driver using Java Language. Developed unit testing using JUnit.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Spring, Drool rule engine, Hibernate, REST web services, Spring MVC, selenium, JUnit, Apache Tomcat, MySQL.


Java Developer


  • Developed HTML and JSP to present Client-side GUI.
  • Involved in development of JavaScript code for Client-Side Validations.
  • Involved in development of presentation components using Swings.
  • Extensively used XML documents with XSLT and CSS to translate the content HTML to present to GUI.
  • Developed dynamic content of presentation layer using JSP.
  • Develop user-defined tags using XML.
  • Used Struts Framework to implement J2EE design patterns (MVC).
  • Developed, Tested and Debugged the Java, JSP and EJB components using Eclipse RCP.
  • Developed Enterprise Java Beans like Entity Beans, Session Beans.
  • Developed JSP as the view, Servlets as Controller and EJB as model in the Struts Framework.
  • Worked on Web Logic application server to deploy JSP and EJB applications.
  • Created and implemented PL/SQL stored procedures, triggers.

Environment: Core Java, J2EE, Swing, EJB 2.1, JSP 2.0, Servlets 2.4, Struts, HTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, Java Script, Eclipse RCP, PL/SQL, Weblogic8.1.

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