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Java Full-stack Developer Resume



  • Expertise as a Java Full Stack Developer including software design, development, upgrading, implementation, maintenance, testing of Client - Server, Web Application using Java/J2EE Technologies.
  • Experienced in various business domains including Education, E-commerce, Finance, and Banking.
  • Experience in Software Development Life Cycle which includes Requirements Analysis, Design, Testing, Implementation, Maintenance with methodologies like Waterfall Model and Agile Model.
  • Experience in various Java Design Patterns including Singleton, Factory Method, Prototype, Decorator, Proxy, Publisher-Subscriber.
  • Experience on Core Java Technologies like Multithreading, Garbage Collections and Exception Handling mechanisms.
  • Experience in Amazon Web Services(AWS) such as IAM, EC2, S3 and Security Group, Lambda, RDS,, Cloud Watch and API Gateways.
  • Experience in client-side Technologies JSP, JSTL, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap 4, Angular7 and NodeJS for UI development.
  • Experience in persistence frameworks including Spring Data JPA 2.x, Hibernate 5.x, MyBatis, Struts2.x for Database Connection.
  • Experience in implementing the SOAP Web Services, RESTful Web Services using Spring Boot 2.x with Spring Security 5.x for authentication.
  • Strong background building web service based on Microservices architecture utilizing Java8, Spring Web MVC 5.x, Spring AOP 5.x, Spring Security 5.x, Spring Boot 2.x.
  • Strong experience in Spring Security authentication tools including OAuth 2.0, JWT, LDAP, SAML. Experienced in attack prevention against OWASP top 10 risks.
  • Proficient in Spring Cloud 2.x technologies including Netflix Eureka 2.x for Service Discovery, Hystrix for Failovers, Ribbon for Load Balancing, and Zuul for AP1 Proxy.
  • Good knowledge in configuring Messaging services like JMS 2.x with message brokers such as RabbitMQ 3.x, ActiveMQ 5.x and Kafka 2.x to create topic, producers and consumers and achieve Synchronous and Asynchronous communication.
  • Good knowledge on configuring the CI/CD connection with the code repository using technologies like Jenkin 2.x, Git/GitHub, as well as generate and handled Docker deployment pipeline.
  • Strong experience with various relational databases for data query, stored procedure, and transactions such as MySQL 8.x, Oracle 11g, MS SQL Server 12.0 Database.
  • Good understanding of NoSQL Database and hands on experience in developing application with MongoDB 4.x, DynamoDB.
  • Strong experience for Packages Management using Maven 3.x to get automatically Jars.
  • Experience in using various version control systems including SVN and Git.
  • Experience in developing test cases using Junit 4.x, Mockito 2.0.x, and Postman 7.x. Highly experienced in Test Driven Development (TDD) process.
  • Experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Waterfall, Spiral, and Agile.
  • Experience in using JIRA 7.x to track issues and communicate with other teams
  • Having the ability to work in tight schedules and efficient in meeting tight deadlines.
  • Highly motivated and problem-solver. Active, creative, and innovative.


Programming Languages\ Messaging Service\: Java 8, Python3.\ Kafka 2.x, RabbitMQ 3.x, ActiveMQ 5.x\

Spring Cloud Technologies\ Server-Side Technologies \: Netflix Eureka, Ribbon, Zuul, Hystrix, Spring \ Spring MVC, Hibernate, Struts 2, Spring boot, \ Cloud Stream\ Spring Data, Spring Security, Spring Cloud2.x\

J2EE Technologies\ Database \: JSP 2.x, Servlets 3.0, JDBC, JMS 2.0, JPA, \ MySQL 5x/8.x, MongoDB 4.x, Oracle \ JSTL\ Database 11g.\

Software Development Methodologies\ AWS Technologies\: Agile, Spiral, Waterfall\ EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, IAM\

Tools: /IDEs \ Testing Tools\: Eclipse/STS, Visual Studio Code, Java Bean.\ Junit 4/5, Mockito 2.0.x, Postman 7.x\

UI/Web Technologies \ Version Control Systems\: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery2.x, \ SVN, Git\ Angular7, Bootstrap 4, Node.JS, AJAX, JSON, \ XML\

Web/App Servers\ DevOps\: Apache Tomcat 9.x, WebLogic.\ Jenkins 2.x, Docker\


Confidential, NJ

Java Full-Stack Developer


  • Use HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JSP, JavaScript to build the front web page.
  • Used Redis as a Middle layer between Kafka and client-side applications to reduce pressure on Kafka.
  • Developed a visualization web app using ReactJS.
  • Used Kafka as Data Pipeline for message transfer.
  • Created a scalable cloud deployment environment using Docker.
  • Through the SOA framework and Docker to achieve low coupling and border deployment.
  • Used NodeJS to build front-end to display the real-time temperature heat map in a certain area.
  • Developed unit testing using Mockito with Test-Driven Development (TDD) environment.
  • Achieved 200k msg/s while testing.

Environment: /Technologies: Apache Kafka, Apache Hbase, and Apache Spark, Docker, Jenkins 2, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SQL, AJX, JSON, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, RabbitMQ

Confidential, Hoboken, NJ

Java Full-Stack Developer


  • This project framework base on the Spring Boot Framework applications and Spring cloud is selected as the micro-service architecture for distributed deployment of the project.
  • Used Spring Rest API for data flow purposes, before integrating it to the Front end.
  • Built a single-page web with application Node.js and React, for users to browse news
  • Implemented a click event log processor which collects users’ click logs. Then updates a news preference model for each user(NLP).
  • Clustered news using K-means and Word2Vec for recommendation;
  • Used Tensorflow to design and built an offline training pipeline for news text topic modeling;
  • Deployed an online classifying service for news topic modeling using the trained model.
  • Provided a messaging system to communicate between seller and customers by implementing Java Message Service (JMS) to send messages using RabbitMQ.
  • Worked on CI/CD process for automated delivery and Wrote deployment scripts for building jobs in Jenkins tool and Git for source control.

Environment: /Technologies: JavaScript, Python, React, Node.js, Express, Redis, MongoDB, Tensorflow, NLP, MongoDB, Redis, RabitMQ.TF-IDF, Unix / Linux, AWS, Git, Jupyter Notebook, Jenkins

Confidential, Hoboken, NJ

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Implemented a web-based collaborative code editor which supports multiple users editing simultaneously. (Socket.io, Redis);
  • Developed GUI using Jquery, JSON and JavaScript.
  • Use Flask to build user-code executor and graph generation services with Docker;
  • Used Python Matplotlib to complete the drawing function and display it on the front end;
  • Refactored and improved system throughput by decoupling services using RESTful API and loading balancing by Nginx.

Environment: /Technologies: Angular7, Node.js. MongoDB, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SQL, AJX, JSON, JSP, JSTL, JDBC. Nginx

Confidential, Hoboken, NJ

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Understanding the business requirement and functional specification of the client module;
  • Developed several Spring REST web applications which produces both XML and JSON to complete tasks;
  • Developed JSP pages and the view and controller related files using Spring MVC framework;
  • Integrating the view module with Oracle Database using Hibernate.
  • Design and process the JSON requests according to different types of modules, actions, and request data.
  • Written SQL, HQL and named queries.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit test using JUnit Framework 4.x in Test Driven Development (TDD) approach.

Environment: /Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SQL, AJX, JSON, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, Hibernate, JavaScript, Junit 4.x, Jquery, Maven, Spring MVC


Java Front End Developer


  • Use ThymeLeaf templates to design the Front-End Architecture of the store.
  • Use HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JSP, JavaScript to build the front web page.
  • Use DOM, JSON and Ajax technology to import data into the homepage.
  • Designed the login and registration page using JavaScript.
  • Use Array, Local storage and Jquery to dynamically add the product to the shopping cart.
  • Responsible for development of the web application from Scatch.
  • Client-side validations using JavaScript.
  • Involved in connection database with Servlets and JDBC.

Environment: /Technologies: Core Java, Apache Tomcat Server, HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, SQL, AJX, JSON, JSP, JSTL, JDBC, Hibernate, JavaScript, Junit 4.x, Jquery

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