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Devops Engineer Resume


  • Experienced in working with AWS resources like IAM, EC2, EBS, S3, RDS, ELB, Direct Connect, Lambda, Route 53, Auto - Scaling, Cloud Watch, Cloud Front, Cloud Trail, Red Shift, SQS, SNS, CloudFormation and Security Groups.
  • Experienced with designing and configuring secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) through private and public networks in AWS by creating various Subnets, Routing table, Network ACL, NAT gateways and Bastion Hosts.
  • Extensive experience in creating multiple AWS EC2 Instances and configured Elastic Load Balancer and Auto scaling to design cost effective, fault tolerant and highly available Infrastructure.
  • Hands on experience in application modernization, refactoring, and migration approaches to transition applications workloads from On-Premises to cloud-AWS/Amazon Web Services and Azure for multi-cloud strategy.
  • Experienced in designing a 'Server-Less' architecture using API Gateway, Fargate, Glue, Athena, Kinesis, Lambda, and Dynamo DB and deployed AWS Lambda code from Amazon S3 buckets. Also Created a Lambda Deployment function and configured that function to receive events from an S3 bucket. Involved in migration of on-premises applications to AWS Cloud.
  • Expertise in Architecting and Implementing Azure Service Offering, such as Azure cloud services, Azure storage, IIS, Azure Active Directory (AD), Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Azure Storage, Azure, Blob Storage, Azure VMs, Azure SQL, Azure virtual machine, Azure service fabric, Application gateway, Load balancer, Cosmos DB, Azure Key vault, Azure log analytics.
  • Expertise in Azure Scalability and Azure Availability - Build VMs availability sets using the Azure portal to provide resiliency for IaaS based solution and Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS) using Azure Resource Manager (ARM)/Terraform to manage network traffic.
  • Experience in migrating on-premises applications to Azure and configured VNETs and subnets as per the project requirement also performed PowerShell scripting to do Patching, Imaging, and Deployments in Azure.
  • Strong Knowledge on Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup Installed and Configured the Azure Backup agent and virtual machine backup, Enabled Azure Virtual machine backup from the Vault and configured the Azure Site Recovery (ASR).
  • Experience in writing Infrastructure as code (IaC) in Terraform/Azure resource management (ARM), AWS Cloud formation. Created reusable Terraform modules in both Azure and AWS cloud environments.
  • Experience in Configuration management tools such as Chef, Ansible. Developed Chef recipes and cookbooks and ansible playbooks.
  • Expert in Setting up Continuous Integration (CI) by configuring Build, Code, Deploy and test automation Jobs in Jenkins for different applications in creation and deployment. For automating branch & project creation in GIT using (Groovy language) in Jenkins file and automating the configuration using Ansible.
  • Expert in implementing CI/CD pipeline using Azure Pipelines with GIT/GitHub, MS Build/Maven, Docker, Artifactory, AKS.
  • Proficiency in using Docker Hub, Docker Engine, Docker images and Docker Registry and used containerization to make applications platform when moved into different environments.
  • Proficient in creating Docker images using Docker File, worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images, and managing Docker volumes and implemented Docker automation solution for CI/CD model.
  • Experience in Kubernetes to deploy & scale, load balance, and manage Docker containers with multiple names spaced versions using Helm charts.
  • Experience in Deploying and monitoring Microservices on various platforms like Kubernetes. Developed Kubernetes Pod definitions, Deployments and used Helm Charts to version control and complete deployment strategies.
  • Experienced in setting up Kubernetes dashboards with AAF and also using kubeconfig and Implemented Istio on Kubernetes cluster and Configure HA proxy for Istio services.
  • Experience in managed Kubernetes services such as Elastic Kubernetes service (EKS) & Azure Kubernetes (AKS).
  • Experienced working as a Windows/IIS/Cloud Support engineer with installation, Configuring, Deploying, Trouble shooting, Administration and Maintenance of IIS 6.0/7.0/7.5/8.0/8.5.
  • Experience in installation, configuration, deployment and management of enterprise applications using WebSphere Application server 8.x/7.x/6.x/, WebSphere Portal Server 8.0/7.0/, WebSphere Process Server (BPM) 8.5/7.0 and WebSphere MQ 7.x/8.x on various platforms like Linux and Windows.
  • Expert in deploying the code through web application servers like Web Sphere, Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS and Glassfish.
  • Experienced with Python, Bash, PowerShell, Ruby, JSON, YAML, Groovy. Developed Shell/PowerShell and Python Scripts used to automate day to day administrative tasks and automation of the build and release process.
  • Strong knowledge and experience in using application performance monitoring (APM) tools such as Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Nagios, Splunk, Grafana, Prometheus, Dynatrace, Windows PerfMon, SQL profiler, VMStat, AppDynamics, New Relic for logging and monitoring.
  • Experience in Java, .Net, and ASP.Net to manage Software Configurations and builds in a UNIX environment. Experienced in developing web - based applications using Java, Node JS, Spring boot, Angular JS, REACT, JavaScript and jQuery.
  • Experience in Installing, configuring and managing the databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB & Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, MongoDB, Cassandra.
  • Proficient with Atlassian tools like JIRA, ServiceNow, Remedy.
  • Expertise in implementing Agile, Scrum and SDLC software development methodologies.


Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle

Version Tools: Git, GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab

CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, Bamboo

Configuration Management Tools: Ansible, Chef

IaC Tools: Terraform, Cloud Formation

Package Management Tools: Packer

Message Queue: Kafka, RabbitMQ

Scripting: Bash, Python, Groovy, Perl, Ruby

Databases: MySQL, DynamoDB, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Operating Systems: Linux/Unix

Bug Tracking Tools: Jira, Trello, Bugzilla, ServiceNow

Monitoring Tools: Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana, Nagios, Data Dog, Splunk, Logstash, Elastic Search, CloudWatch

SDLC: Agile, Scrum

Cloud Technologies: AWS, Azure

Virtualization: Vagrant, Docker, Elastic Container Service, Kubernetes, EKS, AKS

Web Technologies: HTML5, XML, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSP, Responsive Web Design, DHTML, XHTML, JSON, XML, SASS, SCSS

Web technologies: RESTful, SOAP

Web/Application Servers: Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere, JBoss

Testing frameworks: JUnit, Mockito

Java Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Servlets, JDBC, JSP.

Networking/ Protocols: DNS, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SFTP, SCP, SSL



DevOps Engineer


  • Created roles, users, groups in IAM service on AWS and implemented MFA through Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide additional security to AWS accounts and its resources. Configured IAM roles for EC2 instances and assigns them policies granting specific level access to S3 buckets.
  • Working on integrating AWS DynamoDB using AWS Lambda to store the values of the items and backup the DynamoDB streams. Designed 'Server-Less' architecture using API Kinesis, Glue, Athena, Gateway, Lambda, and Dynamo DB and deployed Lambda code from Amazon S3 buckets.
  • Created Elastic Load Balancer and used Route53 to manage DNS zones and assigned public DNS names to elastic load balancers IP's with failover and latency options for high availability and fault tolerance. Also, Used Amazon Route53 to make sure traffic to route between different regions.
  • Configured and architected secure cloud VPC using private and public networks through subnets in AWS. Established the site-to-site VPN connection between Datacenter and AWS. Configured a VPC and Database Subnet Group for isolation of resources within the Amazon RDS Aurora DB cluster.
  • Created AWS RDS-DynamoDB databases, performed monitoring and restoring of AWS RDS-DynamoDB databases. Performed migration of MySQL to RDS-DynamoDB.
  • Involved in designing and deploying large applications utilizing AWS stack (Including Kinesis, Athena, Insight, Fargate, EC2, Route53, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, IAM, CloudFront, CloudTrail, ELB, Lambda) focusing on high availability, fault tolerance, and auto-scaled environment. Also, managed all private/public cloud infrastructure of AWS stack using Terraform.
  • Written Terraform reusable modules for creating VPC-VPN from on-prem datacenter to AWS Cloud Environment and configured cross account VPC Peering for creating a file sharing network to facilitate data transfer.
  • Worked with solutions architect to configure and maintain an efficient serverless infrastructure in AWS using Terraform templates.
  • Implemented Blue-green deployments, zero downtime deployments in production environments using Terraform.
  • Used Bash/Python scripts included Boto3 to supplement automation provided by Ansible and Terraform for tasks such as encrypting EBS volumes & backing up AMIs.
  • Migrated legacy and monolithic systems to AWS by creating and executing a migration plan, configured security groups & NACL's, attached profiles and roles using Terraform and Ansible Modules.
  • Automated configuration management and deployments using Ansible playbooks and YAML for resource declaration and creating roles and updating Playbooks to provision servers by using Ansible. Used Ansible Tower for scheduling playbooks and used GitHub repository to store our playbooks.
  • Installation of Python and setting up SSH connection on remote nodes for configuring, managing, and deploying software application on the nodes using Ansible. Automated setting up server infrastructure for the DevOps services, using Ansible, Bash/shell and python scripts.
  • Developed and maintained Python/Shell scripts for build and release tasks. Responsible for writing Hooks and Triggers using Perl.
  • Used Jenkins as continuous integration tool creating new jobs, managing required plug-ins, configuring the jobs selecting required source code management tool, build trigger, build system, and post build actions, scheduled automatic builds, notifying the build reports.
  • Responsible for installing Jenkins master and slave nodes. Configured and maintained Jenkins to implement the CI process and integrated Jenkins with Maven to schedule the builds. Built Jenkins jobs to automate AWS infrastructure provisioning from GitHub repos containing Terraform code.
  • Created scripts in DSL-Groovy which integrate with Jenkins for Automation to create seed jobs.
  • Implemented Continuous Delivery pipeline with Terraform, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes. whenever a new GitHub branch gets started in Jenkins, CI server automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it and deploy those containers onto EKS.
  • Extensively worked on creating a Continuous Delivery process to include support building of Docker Images and publish into a private repository- Elastic Container Registry (ECR). Also worked on Container management using Docker by writing Docker files and set up the automated build on Docker HUB.
  • Created Docker images using a Docker file, worked on Docker container snapshots, removing images, and managing Docker volumes. Installed and administered Docker and worked with Docker for convenient environment setup for development and testing.
  • Created pipelines for deploying code from GitHub to Kubernetes (K8s) cluster in the form of Docker containers using Spinnaker platform.
  • Used Jenkins pipelines to drive all micro services which builds out to the Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes by Creating Pods and managed using Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).
  • Managed Kubernetes charts using Helm, created reproducible builds of the Kubernetes applications, templatize Kubernetes manifests, provide a set of configuration parameters to customize the deployment and Managed releases of Helm packages.
  • Worked on container orchestration with Kubernetes container storage, automation to enhance container platform multi-tenancy also worked on with Kubernetes architecture and design troubleshooting issues and multi-regional deployment models and patterns for large-scale applications.
  • Worked with containerization tools, can implement transition to Docker and develop distributed cloud system using Kubernetes and used Helm package manager for Kubernetes.
  • Established Kubernetes Cluster using Helm Charts. Enhanced reproducible builds of the Kubernetes applications, enhanced Kubernetes manifest files and performed releases of Helm packages.
  • Developed and Implemented Kubernetes manifests, helm charts for deployment of microservices into Kubernetes(k8s) clusters.
  • Created K8s Clusters using Helm Charts and worked on creating multiple pods, replication controllers, replica sets, services, deployments, labels, health checks and ingress/egress by writing YAML files.
  • Contributed to python library that deploys k8s clusters using helm charts, in-house tool (SSDT) for service deployments into the k8s clusters.
  • Developed Kubernetes Pod definitions, Deployments and used Helm Charts to version control complete deployment strategies. Written Helm Charts, Kubernetes YAML files for deployment of microservices into Kubernetes clusters.
  • Deep knowledge and hands-on experience of Kubernetes including setting up a Kubernetes cluster, managing clusters, and managing pods, deployments, application management, rolling updates, exposing using services & routes, persistent volumes, and persistent volume claims.
  • Building Docker image with Packer and provisioning with Kubernetes by using Docker Packer Builder.
  • Setup CI/CD pipelines for Microservices and integrated tools such as SonarQube, Jfrog, Docker, Slack for providing immediate feedback to DEV teams after code check-in.
  • Written Bash/Python scripts to deploy java-based packages like EAR and WAR on Tomcat Application server. Worked on integrating Unit Tests and Code Quality Analysis Tools like JUnit, SonarQube.
  • Worked on coordinating with DevOps team in instrumenting various Dashboards & Reports for Performance statistics in New Relic diagnosing the identified Performance issues using New Relic.
  • Created custom business transactions, data collectors, info points for java application in New Relic to monitor the performance of image search and retrieva.ls. Involved in setting up and customizing New Relic for Servers. Created Health rules, Policies and Actions configurations for Alert’s notifications on New Relic.
  • Installed and administered Jfrog artifact repository to deploy artifacts generated by maven and to store dependent Jar's which are used during build. Used Jenkins to create CI/CD pipeline for Artifactory using plugin provided by Jfrog.
  • Worked on Apache Hadoop and used Kafka for messaging system and spark for processing large sets of data. Also, Used Kafka to collect Website activity and Stream processing.
  • Implemented Elastic stack composed of (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, APM-Server) on a Kubernetes environment using Helm to monitor and perform a Log Analysis on production environment.
  • Built Elastic search, Log stash and Kibana (ELK) for centralized logging and then store logs and metrics into S3 bucket using Lambda function.
  • Used Ansible to Setup/teardown of ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Log stash, Kibana) and troubleshooted the build issues with ELK and work towards the solution.
  • Configuring and managing an ELK stack, setup the Elastic search ELK Stack to collect, search and analyze log files across the servers. Evaluated system logs using ELK Stack.
  • Established infrastructure and service monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana. Performed installation and managed Grafana Dashboards to visualize metrics collected by Prometheus Logs. Responsible to set up & configure monitoring and metric gathering system around Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Worked on writing Golang code to pull data from Kinesis and load data to Prometheus which will be used by Grafana for reporting and visualize.
  • Creating Grafana, Prometheus, Alert manger and Blackbox exporter deployments for the Kubernetes cluster, which helps to, actively monitor and alerts based on the rules configured. Wrote scripts on Python and Bash for Prometheus custom checks.
  • Installed Prometheus and Grafana using Helm to monitor the application performance in the Kubernetes cluster.
  • Designed, built and managed ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) cluster for centralized logging and search functionalities for an App.
  • Involved in as defect tracking system and configure various workflows, customizations, and plugins for Jira bug/issue tracker integrated Jenkins with Jira and GitHub.
  • Configured ServiceNow to integrate with AWS to Create Resource Profiles, configure governance, Populate the Cloud Service Catalog using Blueprints & Hands-on experience with trouble shooting several issues of ServiceNow integration with Cloud Management.

Environment: AWS, Terraform, Ansible, Maven, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, Packer, GIT, Cloud Watch, DynamoDB, AWS, Python, Shell Scripting, Ruby, Grafana, Prometheus, Dynatrace, SonarQube, Jfrog, Kafka.


DevOps Engineer


  • Configured Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a part of Azure AD Premium to securely authenticate users and worked on creating custom Azure templates for quick deployments and advanced PowerShell scripting.
  • Worked on Serverless services, created and configured HTTP Triggers in the Azure Functions with application insights for monitoring and performing load testing on applications using Azure DevOps.
  • Created Azure Automation Assets, Graphical runbook, PowerShell runbook that will automate specific tasks, deployed Azure AD Connect, configuring Active Directory Federation Service (AD FS) authentication flow, ADFS installation using Azure AD Connect.
  • Worked with Azure ExpressRoute to create private connections between Azure datacenters and infrastructure for on premises data center environment.
  • Managed Azure Infrastructure Azure Web Roles, Worker Roles, VM Role, Azure SQL, Azure Storage, Azure AD Licenses, Virtual Machine Backup and Recover from a Recovery Services Vault using Azure PowerShell and Azure Portal/console.
  • Created recommendations on how to duplicate a subset of on-premises machines to the Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) offering which will be used for Disaster Recovery (DR).
  • Written Templates for Azure Infrastructure as code using Terraform to build staging and production environments.
  • Integrated Azure Log Analytics with Azure VMs for monitoring the log files, store them and track metrics
  • Used Terraform and Managed different infrastructure resources Cloud, VMware, and Docker containers.
  • Implemented Blue-green deployments/Zero downtime deployments in production environments using Terraform.
  • Installation of Python and setting up SSH connection on remote nodes for configuring, managing and deploying software application on the nodes, using Ansible.
  • Developed automation scripting in Python (core) using ansible to deploy and manage Java applications across Windows servers. Automated most of the daily task using python scripting.
  • Configure Continuous Integration from source control, setting up build definition within GitHub and configure continuous delivery to automate the deployment of applications to Azure web apps and managed Azure Active Direct ory, Office 365 and applied upgrades on a regular basis
  • Implemented a CI/CD pipeline with Docker in Azure Pipelines, GitHub and Azure Container Service, whenever a new GitHub branch is created and pushed the code Azure Pipeline gets started and Continuous Integration (CI) server, automatically attempts to build a new Docker container from it.
  • Used Docker for deploying and maintaining Micro services in Dev & QA environment. Implemented docker-maven-plugin in maven pom to build docker images for all microservices and later used Docker file to build the docker images from the java jar files.
  • Worked with Scheduling, deploying, managing container replicas onto a node using Kubernetes and created Kubernetes clusters with Helm charts running on same cluster resources
  • Managed Kubernetes charts using Helm, Created reproducible builds of the Kubernetes applications, managed Kubernetes manifest files and Managed releases of Helm packages.
  • Worked on Jenkin pipelines which helped us drive all microservice builds to Docker registry and then deployed to Kubernetes and then Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for runtime environment of CI/CD system to build, test & deploy.
  • Used Kubernetes to deploy, scale, load balance and manage Docker containers with multiple namespace ids and Created Pods to manage using Kubernetes.
  • Worked on OpenShift for container orchestration with Kubernetes container storage, automation to enhance container platform multi-tenancy also worked on with Kubernetes architecture and design troubleshooting issues and multi-regional deployment models and patterns for large-scale applications.
  • Used Azure Kubernetes Service to deploy a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure and created an AKS cluster in the Azure portal, with the Azure CLI, also used template driven deployment using such as Azure Resource Manager templates (ARM) and Terraform.
  • Building Docker image with Packer and provisioning with Kubernetes by using Docker Packer Builder.
  • Data was sent from On-Premises SQL Database servers to Azure SQL Database servers by designing the Azure Data Factory Pipelines using the Azure Data Factory Copy tool and Self-Hosted Runtimes
  • Created the models, views and controllers in ASP.NET. Configured multiple ASP.NET websites in IIS 8.0/8.5 using Virtual IPs. Configured Authentication methods in IIS to control access to the applications. Maintained scripts to ensure a secure IIS administration. Installed Confidential certificates in IIS and configured security ports.
  • Integrated SonarQube with Azure pipelines for continuous inspection of code quality and analysis with SonarQube scanner.
  • Maintained Artifacts in binary repositories using Nexus Artifactory and pushed new Artifacts by configuring Azure Pipeline - Azure Artifact.
  • Worked on Splunk for Azure Active Directory LDAP and data consolidation for LDAP users and monitored system performance, maintained Splunk servers and added new services & servers
  • Closely worked with Kafka Admin team to setup Kafka cluster setup on the QA and Production environments and have knowledge on partition of Kafka messages and setting up the replication factors in Kafka Cluster.
  • Configured Beats for monitoring a Kafka cluster, collecting and parsing Kafka logs by using File beat Ingest Node. Building Splunk dashboards for visualizing the data after indexing the Kafka logs into Splunk.
  • Experience in coordinating with DevOps team in instrumenting various Dashboards & Reports for Performance statistics in AppDynamics & Splunk and diagnosing the identified Performance issues using AppDynamics. Involved in setting up and customizing AppDynamics for Servers.
  • Created custom business transactions, data collectors, info points for java application in AppDynamics to monitor the performance of image search and retrievals.
  • Creating alarms in Splunk service for monitoring the server's performance, CPU Utilization and disk usage by creating New Splunk Dashboards.
  • Troubleshooting and resolve the Splunk - Performance, Log Monitoring Issues; Role Mapping, Dashboard creation and integrated incident response management tool PagerDuty and involved in the On-call PagerDuty support to resolve critical issues on priority basis.
  • Performed installation and configuration of Dynatrace monitoring tool and created email alerts and threshold values using Dynatrace for an environment, performed root cause analysis and quickly drill down to correct error fault path and hot spots.
  • Worked on real time monitoring using Dynatrace, enabling app owners to visualize real time performance trends for core functions, providing insights into log4net data such as conversation IDs, user session IDs, end to end response time lifecycle indicating exact root cause, in the event of a degrading performance incident in Production, thereby significantly reducing time between reporting of an issue and turn-around time for a fix.
  • Created Dynatrace dashboards for business defined KPI’s (Key Performance Indicator) and performance dashboards for applications performance monitoring using application insights and Dynatrace SAAS.
  • Developed solutions using JavaScript, Ajax, Web Services, SOAP and other web technologies to integrate ServiceNow with internal/ external systems and tools & Worked on Cloud connections and credentials management through ServiceNow.
  • Setup Azure boards that align to the Infrastructure portfolio of work for diverse teams, including creating queries, setting up filters, creating new Jira projects, creating Jira workflows, and team dashboards to support the work of the Kanban teams.

Environment: Azure, Terraform, Ansible, Maven, Kubernetes, Helm, Docker, GIT, Azure Python, Shell Scripting, Ruby, Splunk, Dynatrace, Nexus, Kafka, Java, .Net


Cloud Engineer/ Site Reliability Engineer


  • Setup and built AWS infrastructure in various resources EC2, S3, IAM, EBS, Security Group, Auto Scaling, RDS in Cloud Formation JSON templates. Also, Designed Cloud Formation Templates to create custom sized VPC, subnets, NAT instances to ensure successful deployment of web applications and database templates.
  • Created Elastic Block Store volumes of type General Purpose SSD and Provisioned IOPS SSD (IO1), attached/mounted the same to running instances on production when additional storages required.
  • Used AWS Lambda in running code (Node.JS and Python) in response to events Changes in S3 and DynamoDB, HTTP requests using API Gateway on high availability infrastructure
  • Migrated on-premises MySQL database to Multi Availability Zone RDS instances and Configured Elastic Load Balancers (ELB) with EC2 Auto scaling for high availability and fault-tolerance.
  • Problem detection and resolution of various database issues on MS SQL 2000 and 2005 database servers. Developed the SQL Server Integration Services SSIS packages to transform data from SQL 2005 to MS SQL 2008 as well as created interface stored procedures used in SSIS to load/transform data to the database.
  • Used AWS Beanstalk for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby and Docker on Nginx application server.
  • Developed and maintained UNIX/Perl/Maven scripts for build and release tasks. Maintained the Shell and Perl scripts for the automation purposes.
  • Have working with solutions architect to modify the AWS architecture to build terraform templates along with autoscaling, so that it works as failover.
  • Implemented Blue-green deployments, zero downtime deployments in production environments using Terraform/ Cloud Formation.
  • Created Chef Cookbooks using recipes to automate system operations. Used Chef Recipes to automate our build/deployment process and do an overall process improvement to any manual processes.
  • Worked on Chef Cookbooks and Chef recipes to automate infrastructure as a code. Configured Chef Nodes, Chef Client, Chef Server, Chef Workstation, Bootstrapped Nodes. Also Wrote Chef Recipes and Cookbooks and uploaded them to Chef-server, Managed On-site OS/Applications/Services/ Packages using Chef.
  • Improving the performance of Jenkins by implementing the setup of Master-slave architecture. Managing and Creating a pipeline for custom application images in the cloud using Jenkins.
  • Created Jenkins pipeline jobs using Jenkins file (DSL Groovy). Jenkins file Pipeline provides Build as a code option to perform end to end process of source code, building and deployment onto different environments. used Docker tool to build docker images from docker files where code and dependencies are placed, and we created Docker containers by running these images which helps in managing storage issues. Docker Hub is used later to store our images which acts as a repository
  • Extensively worked on building and performing continuous integration using Jenkins and deploying the build artifacts into the JBoss application server. Setting up the jobs for Continuous integration process, also to execute test cases using Jenkins.
  • Created alarms and trigger points in CloudWatch based on thresholds and monitored the server's performance, CPU Utilization, disk usage and Utilized AWS CloudWatch services to monitor environment for operational & performance metrics during load testing.
  • Performed troubleshooting and monitoring of the Linux server on AWS using Nagios and Splunk. Responsible for monitoring the AWS resources using Cloud Watch and also application resources using Nagios.
  • Used microservices that were developed using Spring Boot and deployed on Amazon EC2 container services using AWS admin console.
  • Wrote REST APIs in Java7 to support internalization, and apps to help our buyer team visualize and set portfolio performance targets.
  • Performed CRUD operations like Update, Insert and Delete data in MongoDB and Oracle database management system and handled database access and data transmission based on RESTful web service.
  • Used Micro service architecture with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers and also worked with Kafka Cluster using Zookeeper.
  • Developed SQL and PL/SQL stored procedures and prepared statements for updating and accessing data from Oracle database.
  • Configured Web Sphere Server for deploying web and business components.
  • Wrote database queries using SQL and PL/SQL for accessing, manipulating and updating Oracle database.
  • Worked on running integrated testing using Mockito/JUnit for building the data structures required for the Web Service.
  • Coordinate/assist developers with establishing and applying appropriate branching, labeling /naming conventions using GIT/GitLab.
  • Involved in complete SDLC life cycle - Designing, Coding, Testing, Debugging and Production Support.

Environment : AWS, Terraform, Cloud Formation, Chef, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Packer, GIT, Cloud Watch, DynamoDB, AWS, Python, Shell Scripting, Ruby, Nagios, Splunk, Kafka, Java.


Full Stack Developer


  • Managed application state using server and client-based State Management options.
  • Used Microservices architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through a combination of REST and Spring Boot.
  • Strong knowledge of application development with Spring framework using technologies like IOC Inversion of Control, AOP Aspect Oriented Programming, MVC Model View Controller, DAO Data Access Object, Hibernate and JDBC
  • Designed and developed Microservices based business components and RESTful service endpoints using Spring boot.
  • Involved in Documenting (analysis, specification, design), implementing and testing phases of Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Task scheduling using UiPath Orchestrator like Schedule Manager, Task Editor. Used UiPath Orchestrator for deployment, monitoring and management of UiPath Robot automation activity
  • Used and implemented the application using Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring AOP modules.
  • Developed Microservices using Spring MVC, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud.
  • Used Microservices architecture, with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST and SpringBoot.
  • Implemented MVC architecture using Spring framework, Action Form bean and configured the Spring-config.xml file.
  • Spring Controllers were used with Angular JS to route the control to desired Java services.
  • Implemented the application using Spring Boot Framework and handled the security using Spring Security.
  • Used Angular JS as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Designed dynamic and browser compatible pages using HTML, DHTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript.
  • Used Angular JS as frameworks to create single page applications (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server using Node.js, Bootstrap, Angular JS.
  • Manage and Monitor large production MongoDB shared cluster environments having terabytes of the data.
  • Used Hibernate mappings, relationships between tables and entity classes to access and update information in the database.
  • Worked on SQL queries with Oracle SQL developer to select, insert, update, joins etc. for testing and development purpose in local environment.

Environment: HTML, CSS, Node.js, Bootstrap, Angular.js, Mongo DB, Hibernate, SQ, REST and Spring Boot.

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