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Sr. Java Full Stack Developer Resume


  • Around 7+ years of experience in Object Oriented Designing, Developing, Implementation and testing in Business and Web applications using Java & J2EE Technologies.
  • Good exposure to all phases of SDLC process, including system use case, functional & technical specification documentation based on business requirements.
  • Excellent design and programming skills in Java and J2EE technology, including Core Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Spring Boot, MVC, Batch etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of XML - based standards and protocols such as WSDL and REST, SOA, development of XSD schemas and implementing both SOAP and REST web services.
  • Excellent Knowledge of Object-Oriented Analysis & Design using UML.
  • Good experience with Waterfall, Agile development methodologies.
  • Experience designing and developing SOA Webservice applications, implemented Micro services and Spring Boot applications.
  • Strong Experience in developing the application using frameworks like Struts, Java Server Faces (JSF) and Spring Frameworks Worked on maintaining the persistence using Hibernate, JPA ORM.
  • Experience in Java Framework Integration with Apache Camel.
  • Experience working with Front-end technologies HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, DOM, Custom Tag Libraries, jQuery, Bootstrap, XML, XSLT, Angular2/4/5/7/9, React JS, Vue JS.
  • Strong work experience in Oracle Database (10g/9i/8i). SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures, Functions, Ref Cursors, Constraints, Triggers, Indexes, Views, Inline Views, Export/Import Utilities.
  • Good Knowledge and Hands-on experience in building Enterprise Applications and Distributed Systems using technologies such as Core Java, Servlets, Mule ESB, JDBC, JSP, XML Spring JDBC, DAO, Spring Security (OAuth2, JWT) and Spring Web framework.
  • Proficiency in developing Queue based applications using JMS, IBM MQ and Apache ActiveMQ.
  • Experience in using XML based technologies and parsers DOM, SAX, JAXP and JAXB.
  • Scaling-up processes using Java libraries like Multithreading, Collections, Exception Handling, File Handling, IO and Spring Batch.
  • Experienced in performing CRUD operations using Java, MongoDB, Cassandra and writing complex quires with SQL and Stored procedures.
  • Experience in creating REST APIs by using spring, exposed them from my existing system so that it is consumed by other application.
  • Experience in several agile frameworks like Scrum, XP, and Using TDD and ATDD approach.
  • Hands on experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) provisioning and good knowledge on AWS services like Lambda, Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Route53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, RDS, SNS and EBS.
  • Experience in writing test-cases in Java environment using Junit, Mockito, Power mock and JIRA.
  • Experience of working with Application servers, Web servers like IBM WebSphere, WebLogic, JBOSS, Apache Tomcat and Nginx.
  • Experience with Software designing and modeling using UML on Rational Rose and Enterprise Architect.
  • Good knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, IBM cloud, API connect, GraphQL, ReactJS.
  • Experience in deploying Spring Boot based Microservices to Redhat OpenShift using Jenkins CICD pipeline.
  • Good experience maintaining the project in IBM Rational Clear Case, SVN, CVS, StarTeam, Git version control repositories.
  • Experience in using logging frameworks like Log4J and SLF4J and metrics monitoring using Splunk, Zipkins and Grafana.
  • Hands on experience using Selenium and Cucumber for Automating Test Suites and deriving functional and acceptance tests.
  • Hands on experience using Active MQ, Rabbit MQ and Kafka to implement messaging and queuing requirements.
  • Intense Knowledge with Continuous integration and hands-on experience on tools like Hudson, Sonar, Jenkins, Apache Ant, Maven, Bamboo, MS Build.
  • Strong problem solving, interpersonal skills, ability to interact with people at all levels. Good communication and presentation skills.


Platforms: Windows 7/10/ XP and RedHat Linux, UNIX

Programming: Core Java, Java 1.x to 1.8, Groovy, SQL, PL/SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Shell Script

Server Scripting: JSP 1.2,2.1, JSP-EL, JSTL, Custom Tags

Client Scripting: JQuery 1.8,1.9, JQueryUI, Dojo, ExtJs, AngularJS, Angular JS 2/4/5/7/9, JavaScript, CSS2, CSS3, HTML4, HTML5, React JS, NodeJS

Frameworks: Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Angular Framework, Struts Framework, Mockito, Junit, Spring JPA, Spring Web, Spring REST, Spring WebFlux, Spring WebFlow, Spring Security, Hibernate.

Database Tools: Toad for Oracle, Toad for MySQL, Toad for DB2, MySQL Workbench, Flyway Database. SQL Developer.

Databases: Oracle 12 /11g, SQL Server 2016, Mongo DB, MySQL, IBM DB2 and PL/SQL procedures,Cassandra, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS

Middleware: JMS, IBM DataPower ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

Messaging Services: IBM MQ, Apache ActiveMQ

Version Control: SVN, Clear Case, CVS, BitBucket and GitHub

IDEs: Eclipse 3.0, 3.1, My Eclipse 4.1, IntelliJ, Net beans, RedHat CodeReady

Build Tools: ANT 1.7,1.8,1.9, Maven, Gradle

Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Hudson

Mark-up/ XML Technologies: HTML, HTML5, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, AppML, XML, XSD, XSL/XSLT, SAX/DOM, AJAX, JQuery, JSON, Xpath and XLink

Webservice Tools: SoapUI 4.0,5.1, TcpMon, PostMan

Webservice Implementations: Axis 1.0,2.1, JWSDP2.1, Sun Metro, Sun Jersey, Apache XFire, Apache

White box Testing: Junit 3, Junit 4, DB Unit, JUnitPerf, Load Test, Timed Test, Selenium, Cucumber, Mockito, PowerMockito

Black box Testing: JMeter, LoadUI, Load Runner, HP Quality Center, Win Runner

Application Servers: Web logic 12x, Web sphere 6.1, JBoss 4.0, Glassfish 4.0

Web Servers: Tomcat 8, Apache Web Server

UML Tools: Altova UML Model, Rational Enterprise, MS Visio

Defect Tracking: JIRA, Bugzilla, Rational Clear Quest

Templating: Velocity, Free marker

Methodologies: Agile (XP, Scrum), Waterfall, Kanban

Logging & Monitoring: Log4J, SLF4J, Splunk, Zipkins, Grafana

Cloud Technologies: AWS (Lambda, EC2, S3, SNS, CloudWatch, RDS, VPC, IAM)



Sr. Java Full Stack Developer


  • Collaborate with distributed team’s application architecture design and decision-making.
  • Used Scrum as a development methodology, participated in Daily Scrum meetings, Sprint planning and Sprint Planning, Retrospective and other Agile meetings.
  • Design and develop Single Page Applications and intuitive user interactions on web pages using Angular 9/8/7, React, HTML5, CSS/CSS3/SCSS, TypeScript, JSON, Node, Webpack, Grunt.
  • Developed user interface by using the React JS, Redux for Single Page Application (SPA) development.
  • Designed and developed enterprise-level applications using Java, Spring MVC, Spring Boot,Spring Security, Spring JDBC, Apache camel, ActiveMQ, SQL Server Management Studio, Microservices, Webservices.
  • Integrating React's Redux framework to scale and maintain the application better while handling large amounts of data.
  • Extensively used Hibernate in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Developed Queue based microservice applications to validate the data from different source Queues and transform to required format before sending them to destination Queues.
  • Enhanced application performance by Angular 8 Component based development in view of future Angular framework transitions.
  • Implemented Angular Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as customer performs application tasks.
  • Created various routes between source and destinations using Apache Camel.
  • Developed REST API’s to establish and maintain connection between IBM MQ and Apache ActiveMQ.
  • Developed Unit test cases using JUNIT, Mockito and PowerMockito.
  • Used latest Spring Boot, which is radically faster in building cloud based Micro services with very less configuration.
  • Using Java 8 features such as Streams, Method References, Date/Time API and Lambda expressions.
  • Developed enterprise services using RAML and REST based APIs and used various transformers in Mule ESB based on use case and had implemented the custom transformations.
  • Created a Continuous Delivery process to include support building of Docker Images and publish into a Nexus repository
  • Integrated Spring DAO for data access using Hibernate.
  • Used PL/SQL Developer as an editor for oracle database interaction.
  • Handled modifications in stored procedures, functions, packages, tables, views at the backend and also in PL/SQL coding both at backend and front end.
  • Used Jenkins Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment (CI/CD) to build the images and deploy into OpenShift.
  • Used DAO and JDBC for database access and performed CRUD operations as per business requirements.
  • Mapped the objects with the Database using Hibernate Query Language (HQL) as the Persistence Framework.
  • Deployed microservices on cloud platform AWS using an automated process through services like Lambda, EC2, S3, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, Cloud Formation, VPCs, Subnets and Security Groups.
  • Created deployment models for cloud foundry, explaining the underlying VM, Container, and application layout across multiple PCF foundations spread across the globe
  • Solutions involved logging with ELK and Splunk, custom buildpacks, service-to-service security, and other common issues faced when PCF is involved in a large-scale digital transformation.
  • Deployed, Scaled, Configured, wrote manifest file for various Microservices in PCF.
  • Developed XML Schemas - XSD, DTD for the validation of XML documents.
  • Involved in writing of test cases using Junit and Mockito framework and maintained a branch coverage above 85% which is a mandatory requirement.
  • Used JMS for the asynchronous exchange of critical business data and events among J2EE components and legacy system. Configured Kafka message source with Spring XD.
  • Experiences in using build/deploy tools such as Jenkins, Docker and Kubernetes for Continuous Integration & Deployment for Microservices.
  • Design and Implement logging in backend applications using Log4J and SLF4J to capture runtime errors and for log traces.
  • Used Splunk, Grafana to setup charts, graphs, and alerts for the web applications.
  • Generated swagger documentation for rest services and exposed it external teams by using spring fox swagger library.
  • Create Confluence documents, JIRA tickets for all issues raised during development,testing and productions.
  • Perform daily health checks of the application, job schedules and infrastructure supporting the application.
  • Performed code reviews and provided guidelines for best practices of software management, Coding Standards and Code Commenting for better understandability.
  • Analyze, manage, and coordinate new technology releases with the team, working closely with business partners to ensure timely complete of releases.

Environment: Java 11, J2EE, Spring, Spring Boot 2.x, Angular 7/9, React, Node JS, Typescript, JMS, Log4J, SLF4J, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Web Services (SOAP and WSDL), HTML5, Vue JS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Kafka, Eclipse, AnyPoint Studio Jenkins, Mockito, Junit, Active MQ, Apache Camel, SQL PL/SQL, XML, XSD, DOM, REST, Junit, Mockito, PowerMockito,Cucumber, Hibernate 4.0, Microservices, OpenShift, JDBC, Oracle DB, MS SQL Server 2012, GitHub, BitBucket, AWS Services, Splunk, Grafana.


Java Full Stack Developer


  • Designed and Developed standalone application by following agile methodology and involved in daily SCRUM meetings, Sprint planning, showcase with the team.
  • Designed and Developed Single Page Applications and interactive web pages using Angular, HTML5, JSTL, XHTML, CSS, DOJO, JavaScript, AJAX and JSON.
  • Designed the UI screens using Angular 5, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Developed dynamic responsive Web Application by integrating Angular with Bootstrap which is further integrated with Web Services and Vue.js.
  • Implemented Hibernate, Spring JPA as ORM framework for mapping object-oriented domain model to Database Used SVN for version control.
  • Developed REST exception handling controller advice to respond to bad requests and server-side exceptions.
  • Built Single Page Applications with loading multiple views using route services using Angular and Node.js.
  • Involved a full complement of Express.js, Angular 2, Node.js and MongoDB to store and present assessments.
  • Involved in making of efficient and fast application running using Node.js Non-blocking I/O.
  • Created Mule Flow using End Point, Connector and Component bean using Mule ESB to communicate client/server systems.
  • Configured the Mule process for fetching the data from topic and makes web service calls to the middle tier Mule ESB for the processing.
  • Designed and developed Service layer using Struts framework.
  • Involved in data modeling the tables in Cassandra.
  • Used Javascript and struts validation framework for performing front end validations.
  • Used Spring Security to control the Authentication and Authorization to access the resources within the application. Implement OAuth2.0 and JWT Tokens.
  • Worked with the Linux admin team to set up, configure, initialize and troubleshoot a Cassandra cluster.
  • Used Microservice architecture with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers and worked with Kafka Cluster using ZooKeeper.
  • Created React JS components using JSX, Followed Redux Architecture for unidirectional data flow and manage your data in React and Make HTTP requests in React & Redux.
  • Developed React JS pages, Web services calls, and AJAX calls for the application.
  • Developed client - side Interface using React JS.
  • Build React components and stand-alone functions to be added to any future page.
  • Used JPA and Hibernate with entity beans for interacting persistence layer for CRUD operations.
  • Use Java 7/8 features like Streams, Lambda expressions, Concurrency API, Multi-Threading, Exception Handling, Collections.
  • Having good knowledge on creation and scheduling of T-SQL jobs to run daily.
  • Developed database triggers and stored procedures using T-SQL cursors and tables.
  • Used MongoDB internal tools like Mongo Compass, Mongo Atlas Manager & Ops Manager, Cloud Manager etc.
  • Worked on MongoDB database concepts such as locking, transactions, indexes, sharding, replication and schema design.
  • Managing the OpenShift cluster that includes scaling up and down the AWS app nodes.
  • Use Selenium and Cucumber for creating the web-based test automation suite and perform functional testing.
  • Created Containers in Docker and deployed them into AWS cloud using Jenkins.
  • Use Maven and Gradle for dependency management and automated build management.
  • Design and develop unit testing scenario for APIs using JUnit, Mockito and for TypeScript components using Karma, Protractor and TestNG.
  • Experience in using build/deploy tools such as Jenkins, Docker, and OpenShift for Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD) for Microservices.
  • Used Rabbit MQ to implement messaging and queuing mechanism between applications.
  • Used Splunk to setup dashboards and alerts for applications.
  • Used Maven scripts for build creation and to push onto various environments.
  • Used Spring Batch for job processing management in an extremely high-volume and high performance batch jobs through optimization and partitioning techniques.
  • Use Cucumber, the behavior-driven development (BDD) tool for deriving the acceptance tests by forming cross-functional collaboration in a Microservices architecture.
  • Use Selenium for creating the web-based test automation suite and perform functional testing.
  • Developed a fully automated continuous integration system using Git, Jenkins, MySQL and custom tools developed in Python.
  • Tested components using JUNIT, Mockito during development.
  • Use Swagger for creating API usage documentation.

Environment: Java 1.8, J2EE, Angular JS 5, HTML5, JSTL, XHTML, CSS, DOJO, JavaScript, AJAX, JMS, Rabiit MQ, JNDI, XML, DOM, SOAP, Junit, Mockito, Selenium, Cucumber, Apache Camel, Sprin WebFlux, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Hibernate, Docker, Jenkins, OpenShift, Microservices, AWS Services,JDBC, Kafka, Oracle DB, MS SQL Server 2012, JESS, Restful Web service, JBoss Drools, SOA Design Patterns, Cassandra, MongoDB, Splunk.


Sr. Java Developer


  • Used Scrum as a development methodology, participated in Daily Scrum meetings, Sprint planning and Sprint Planning, Retrospective and other Agile meetings.
  • Participated in Stand-up meetings, Sprint Planning and Retrospective meetings.
  • Used Spring Boot 1.x, which is radically faster in building cloud based Micro services with very less configuration.
  • Supported our legacy portal which was implemented with Spring MVC architecture.
  • Implemented the project as MVC design pattern, worked on DAO Layer.
  • Worked on the Front-end part like JavaScript validations.
  • Configured Docker setup locally to have unique environment across different layers of testing.
  • Building/Maintaining Docker container clusters managed by Kubernetes, Linux, Bash, GIT, Docker, on GCP .
  • Utilized Kubernetes and Docker for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  • As part of securing the Restful webservices we used spring security filters along with bearer token authentication mechanism using JWT token.
  • Implemented Spring JPA & ORM framework to interact with the database to perform all the crud operations based on business use cases.
  • Implemented responsive UI rich web applications with HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Bootstrap and Angular frameworks and used reactive & template driven forms to associate HTML elements to model & provide dynamic user validations on client side.
  • Mapped the objects with the Database using Hibernate Query Language (HQL) as the Persistence Framework. Developed MySQL Queries based on requirement.Integrating Log4j generation for this application.
  • Monitored and fixed issues Build’s for QA, DEV, integration and production are monitored by integrations tool Jenkins.
  • Involved in Unit testing for the module.
  • Experience working with testing tools like Jest, Firebug, Protractor, Chrome/safari web inspectors and IE Developer Toolbar.
  • Implemented Angular Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as customer performs application tasks.
  • Experience with creating custom directives, decorators, and services to interface with both Restful and SOA services.
  • Used struts tag libraries like html, bean, and logic in the JSP pages. Used html form tag for auto-populating of related Action Form as specified in the action mappin
  • Developed internationalized JSP pages using resource bundles, Struts framework for the presentation tier and flow control.
  • Used EJB, Struts and Hibernate to developed the application
  • Created several reusable typescript components and directives, used angular http client module to consume the restful services.
  • Involved in writing of multiple batch jobs using Spring Batch framework where both annotation & xml-based configuration is done to support various business functionalities.
  • Guided testing team and helped them in develop cucumber-based automation test cases (ATDD) framework which we used to test our restful services.
  • Involved in bug fixing during the System testing, Joint System testing and User acceptance testing.
  • Configured WebSphere to produce and gather garbage collector logs, JVM performance metrics, and the use of profiling data to leverage from Session and State beans for different aspects of the application
  • Deployed applications on WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment in QA, Staging and Production environments on a daily basis and troubleshot various configuration and application issues.
  • Followed Acceptance Test Driven Development (TDD) with the help of Cucumber framework where we automated the test execution of each feature we developed.
  • Hands on experience in configuring Jenkins build jobs for various services to facilitate continuous integration.
  • Performed code reviews and provided guidelines for best practices of software management, Coding Standards and Code Commenting for better understandability.
  • Used GitHub/Jira/Confluence tool for daily routines.
  • Involved in configuration setting for Development, Test, and Production Environment
  • Generated swagger documentation for rest services and exposed it external teams by using spring fox swagger library.

Environment: JDK 1.8, Spring 4.1,MVC, Tran Management, Integration, Angular JS 4, JavaScript, Docker, JDBC, AOP, Restful Webservices, SOAP, PL/SQL, Hibernate 4.0, JAX-RS Web services, JSON, Apache CXF, JQuery, JQueryUI, AJAX, UML, MS Visio, JSTL, Oracle 11g, Web sphere 7.1, Eclipse 4.2, Apigee, Junit, XMLSPY, SOAP UI 5.1, Log4j, Maven 3.1, GIT, AWS, NodeJS, Bootstrap,, HTML5, CSS3, Toad, Maven, Jenkins, TcpMon, Sun Jersey, Swagger, Junit 4.1, Selenium, JIRA, Rally, Free marker, Apache POI, Quartz Scheduler, Groovy, TcpMon, Mockito, DB Unit, Dynatrace, Cucumber, JAAS.

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