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Full Stack Java Developer Resume

Irving, TX


  • Having 8+ years of experience in all parts of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including requirement analysis, design specification, code development, code integration, testing and deployment of client - server applications using Object Oriented Analysis Design (OOAD) and methodologies.
  • Experience in working in environments using Waterfall, Agile (SCRUM) and Test Driven (TDD) development methodologies.
  • Expertise in Design, Development of applications using middleware/back-end technologies like Java and J2EE technologies using Core Java, Servlets, JDBC, Spring modules, implementation of Model-View-Controller (MVC) using Spring, Spring boot, Struts frameworks and ORM tools like Hibernate etc.
  • Deployed Azure IaaS virtual machines (VMs) and Cloud services (PaaS role instances) into secure VNets and subnets.
  • Deployed Azure resource manager based resources.
  • Implemented Security in Web Applications using Azure and deployed Web Applications to Azure .
  • Familiar using Dependency Visualization in Azure migrate for deep analysis and identify application dependencies.
  • Experience in AWS platform and its features including IAM, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation AWS Configuration, Autoscaling, Cloud Front, S3, Lambda, API GATEWAY.
  • Implemented a 'server less' architecture using API Gateway, Lambda, and Dynamo DB and deployed AWS Lambda code from Amazon S3 buckets. Created a Lambda Deployment function and configured it to receive events from your S3 bucket.
  • Extensive experience in developing Microservices using Spring Boot, Spring Cloud using Netflix OSS and following domain driven design.
  • Experience in using build/deploy tools such as Jenkins, Docker for Continuous Integration & Deployment for Microservices.
  • Extensive Experience in Java/J2EE programming - Servlets, JSP, JSTL, JMS.
  • Experience in using different servers like Tomcat, WebLogic, JBOSS and WebSphere application servers.
  • Experience in Pair Programming, Test Driven Development, Waterfall model and Agile methodologies like SCRUM.
  • Good knowledge and experience working with latest versions JDK 7 and JDK 8.
  • Proficient and well versed with new features but not limited to Java multiple exception handling, Lambda expressions and annotations.
  • Experience in Designing and building dynamic and user interactive websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular 4/6, Bootstrap, and jQuery.
  • Experience in building web applications using Spring framework features like MVC, AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), IOC (Inversion of Control), DAO (Data Access Object)
  • Experience in using the Web Services such as SOAP (JAX-WS) and REST(JAX-RS) and implemented using Spring technologies.
  • Good knowledge in Unix shell scripting
  • Strong experience with Version Control like GitHub, SVN and Perforce.
  • Expertise in database modeling, administration and development using PL/SQL in Oracle (8i, 9i and 10g,12c), MYSQL and SQL Server environments.
  • Versatile team player with good communication, analytical and inter-personal skills.


Languages: Java, J2EE, C, SQL.

Java Technologies: Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Web Services

Distributed Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), JMS

IDE: WSAD, Eclipse, RAD, Spring STS, NetBeans

Framework: Struts, Spring MVC, Spring, Hibernate

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere, JBoss

Web Technologies: HTML5, AJAX, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Angular 1.5/Angular2, XML, DOM.

Methodologies: SDLC, UML, Design Patterns

Version Control Systems: CVS, ClearCase, SVN, GIT

Operating System: All Versions of Microsoft Windows, UNIX and LINUX


Confidential, Irving, TX

Full Stack Java Developer


  • Used Java8 concepts like lambda expressions and streams while loop iterations and functional interfaces with default method implementations.
  • Developed applications using Spring (Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, DI) and the persistent layer uses JPA.
  • Rest architecture-based web services to facilitate communication between client and servers and used Postman to test the web service responses.
  • Produced and consumed centralized Spring Restful Web Services for Enterprise and web applications to consume in JSON format and in trusted client-server environment.
  • Experience in creating request response POJOs for JSON response through Data Transfer Object Layer.
  • Written code using Test Driven Development of writing test cases first and then logic to satisfy the test case requirements.
  • Followed Waterfall, Agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD), SCRUM, and Pair Programming.
  • Created CI/CD pipeline in NetJets and Photon environment who is an implementation partner.
  • Created feature branching strategy for Photon development team.
  • Implemented a complete automated build - release solution using a combination of technologies and tools as GitHub, Webpack, NPM, MsBuild, Maven, Jenkins, Nexus, RunDeck and Power shell scripts.
  • Identify the best DevOps tools that fit Photon and NetJets requirement.
  • Used Docker for setting Azure Container Registry with Docker and Docker-compose and actively involved in deployments on Docker using Kubernetes.
  • Implemented to reprocess the failure messages in Kafka using offset id.
  • Implemented Kafka producer and consumer applications on Kafka cluster setup with help of Zookeeper.
  • Used Spring Kafka API calls to process the messages smoothly on Kafka Cluster setup.
  • Created CI/CD Pipelines in Azure DevOps environments by providing their dependencies and tasks. Also have experience on implementing and managing continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS and created END-END Automation with CI Procedures using Jenkins & automated Maven builds by integrating them with Continuous Integration tools Jenkins
  • Used Azure Kubernetes service to deploy a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure and created an AKS cluster in the Azure portal, with the Azure CLI, also used template driven deployment options such as Resource Manager templates and Terraform.
  • Developed unit test cases using Junit and Mockito get complete unit test coverage.
  • Developed JPA layer using Spring JPA connect with two different databases of Sql Server.
  • Developed Native SQL queries when complex associations are formed to query
  • Worked with AWS services like EC2 and elastic bean stack to create new environments as needed
  • Developed code using AWS SDK to interact with S3 service to store and retrieve documents.
  • Developed applications using Angular 6 using TypeScript, Angular Material with reusable components, input/outputs to various components, routing module etc
  • Used Angular Http clients to make ajax calls and load the data into UI components like tables, grids and models.
  • Used UI components, Angular JS directives, controllers, view and routing, service modules, validations using HTML5, applying styles using CSS, used JQuery to make Ajax calls
  • Worked on Git as version control management and JIRA as Defect management for bug, issue tracking of application. Used Jenkins for CI/CD process.
  • Unix shell scripts for logs and cronjobs.
  • Worked on build/deploy tools such as Jenkins, Docker for Continuous Integration & Deployment for Microservices.
  • Angular JS was used to parse the JSON file using the REST web services.
  • Developed business tier components and services using RESTful web services.
  • Used Spring Rest Controllers, Spring Web MVC and Spring Boot extensively to implement server side business logic.
  • Integrated with Spring Cloud projects to provide distributed tracing and other features.
  • Developed microservices with Spring and tested the application using Spring Boot.
  • Used Spring Core annotations for Spring Dependency Injection, Spring MVC for Rest API’s and Spring Boot for microservices.
  • Experience in developing, deploying, and managing N - tier, server-centric J2EE enterprise class projects using Eclipse IDE 3.x/4.x, My Eclipse 6.5, J2SE1.4/1.5/1.6 (Java 2, Applets, Swing, JDBC 3.0, RMI), J2EE 1.5 Web application technologies (Servlets 2.x, JSP 1.x/2.x, JSTL 1.2, JSF 1.x, JNDI), Enterprise application technologies (EJB 2.x/3.0, JMS).
  • Hands on experience in writing unit test cases using Junit and Mockito framework.

Environment: Core Java, Java 1.8, Kafka,TDD,Pair Programming,Azure devops, Azure Kubernetes, Azure Jenkins, J2EE, Spring, Rest, JPA, Spring MVC, Servlets, Spring Core, Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, Oracle, CRUD, Eclipse, Jenkins, Maven, GIT, Tomcat, STS, JSON, Unix Script, Microservices, Spring Cloud, Kibana, Docker.

Confidential, Colorado Springs, Colarado

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in SDLC requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, and testing of application, developed using AGILE/Scrum methodology.
  • Designed application modules, base classes and utility classes using Core Java.
  • Analyzed the Maven dependency management in base code to annotate the dependencies on to Spring Boot application for Micro Services.
  • Performed server migration using cloud services like AWS from physical to cloud environment
  • Involved in writing Java API for Amazon Lambda to manage some of the AWS services.
  • Used the AWS-CLI to suspend an AWS Lambda function.
  • Used Amazon Cloud Watch to monitor AWS services and Amazon Cloud Watch logs to monitor application.
  • Used NOSQL database like Amazon dynamo DB to store data of reporting Application.
  • Amazon IAM was used to maintain the user credentials and also involved in creating custom IAM policies to various groups defined within the organization.
  • Object storage service Amazon S3 is used to store and retrieve media files such as images.
  • Building Packages using MAVEN and JENKINS build tools.
  • Designed and developed JUnit test cases during the development phase.
  • Used Rest API client POSTMAN for testing web services request and response.
  • Developed backend logic using core java including Collections and multi-threading.
  • Developed a Single Page Application using Angular 6 to onboard the developed IPM modules to the clients.
  • Consumed the developed Web services in Angular application.
  • Developed front-end components using Angular 6, TypeScript, Angular Material and NgRx-bootstrap and Node.
  • Used advanced level of HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and pure CSS layouts and Angular 2.0
  • Enhanced user experience by designing new web features using MVC Framework like Express JS and Node JS.
  • Worked on the modernization of a legacy and outsourced UI technologies used were Angular JS 2, CSS, Node JS, Express JS and AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Used Per Force for version controlling and maintain source code and commits.
  • Worked under AGILE Program and attended daily based scrum calls.

Environment: Java, REST API, DynamoDB, Html5, Java Script, CSS, Angular 2.0, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, S3 Bucket, AWS IAM, Angular 6, SASS, Agile, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven, Perforce, Spring Boot.

Confidential, Houston

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in SDLC requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, and testing of application, developed using AGILE/Scrum methodology.
  • Designed and developed the application using agile methodology and followed Test Driven Development (TDD), Scrum.
  • Effectively interacted with team members and business users from different regions for requirements capture and analysis.
  • Develop the post-processor script in PERL for American Funds ingestion process to move the pdf files to the NAS mounted directory structure based on the config file format
  • Develop the pre-processor and post-processor scripts in PERL for the Mercer Funds files to create the index files for the incoming zip files and to update corresponding DB2 tables during the post ingestion process
  • Involved in creating the wireframes using Balsamiq and transforming design mock-ups into functional Single Page Application, cross-browser compatible HTML/CSS layouts and implementing dynamic elements and reusable libraries with Angular 4.
  • Following FSA Design System as the design guide for the application and implementing the designs and building 508 compliant code for accessibility.
  • Used Angular-CLI to generate components, services, directives, filters, Angular 4 Reactive forms to implement complex forms and performed the validations using Form Builder.
  • Created SQL queries, stored procedures and triggers to manipulate data, control access to data and to maintain data integrity.
  • Developed REST Web Services using spring and then consumed the webservices in Angular.
  • Used REST Client and POSTMAN to test the services.
  • Used Maven for dependency management and build purposes and Jenkins for continuous builds and deployments.
  • Deployed the application on Amazon Web services (AWS) and used it to provide a large computing capacity for scalable solutions.
  • Deployed applications into Continuous integration environments like Jenkins to integrate and deploy code on CI environments for development testing.
  • Developed test cases using JUNIT, Mockito frameworks for back-end testing and used Karma and Jasmine for angular testing.
  • Implemented MVC architecture using Spring framework.
  • Used Spring framework for the business layer using Spring Core, DAO, Spring ORM, and Spring Web MVC.
  • Automated build and deploy using Jenkins in JBoss application server.
  • Used Log4J for logging and tracing the messages.
  • Used JIRA for user story tracking and defects tracking.
  • Used SVN for version control.

Environment: Java 1.7, Spring MVC, Perl,AWS, Jenkins, Spring Core, RESTful Web Services, Hibernate, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JMS, JBoss, Agile, Eclipse, JUnit, Maven, SQL Server 2014, Angular 4, Angular CLI, SASS.

Confidential, Framingham, MA

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in requirement analysis, functional specifications and over-all component design.
  • Used Agile-Scrum software development methodology to develop web application.
  • Involved in designing UML Use case diagrams, Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams.
  • Developed Struts framework to implement MVC architecture.
  • Created User interfaces using JSP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developed Custom Tags and JSTL to support custom user interfaces.
  • Used CSS style sheets for presenting data from XML documents and data from databases to render on HTML web pages.
  • Developed the client classes for the Web Service implementing SOA.
  • Used JavaScript and Struts validation framework for front end as well as server-side validations.
  • Developed and deployed EJB's (Session) to implement the business logic and to handle various interactions with the database.
  • Used Spring Framework for integrating Hibernate and Struts and for dependency injection. Extensively used Hibernate ORM tool in data access layer to map the object view of data into database and to provide access and update information in database.
  • Developed Data Access Object (DAO) persistence layer using Hibernate. and SOAP for getting credit card information from third party and used SAX and DOM XML parsers for data retrieval.
  • Supported the development of database schema and creation of database tables in DB2.
  • Worked with JavaBean and other J2EE components using concepts like Externalization, property files to develop business and data process.
  • Extensively used Eclipse for writing code.
  • Used ANT scripts to build the application and deployed on BEA WebLogic application server 9.0.
  • Involved in Unit Testing of the components using JUnit.

Environment: JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, UML Use case diagrams, DB2, SAX, SOAP, Hibernate, Struts, Ant, Log4J, WebLogic 10, J2EE, Java 1.6.

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