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Java Full Stack Developer Resume

Denver, CO


  • Having over 6+ years of experience in Design, Development, Analysis, Testing, Debugging, Integration and maintaining web and distributed multi - tier applications using Java/J2EE technologies.
  • Experience in implementing various client/server, web-based/enterprise applications with Waterfall, Pair Programming, extreme Programming (XP) & Agile (TDD, SCRUM) methodologies.
  • Strong knowledge in developing Client/Server applications utilizing Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, SQL, PL/SQL and Java 8.
  • Experience in designing and developing User Interface (UI) applications and professional web applications using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JSF, JSP, SAAS, LESS, Camel, Servlets, Angular JS, Angular 8, TypeScript with client scripting and server-side scripting languages like JavaScript, JSON, JSF.
  • Strong knowledge on spring modules like Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, Spring DAO, Spring AOP and Spring Batch.
  • Experience in working on version control tools like GIT, SVN.
  • Extensive experience using Maven and ANT as a Build Tool for the building of deployable artifacts (war & ear) from source code andLog4J for application logging
  • Experience in Database optimization and developing stored procedures, Triggers, Joins, Views, Cursors on SQL and MySQL.
  • Experience in front-end application using HTML, JAVA Script, CSS AJAX, Struts Tag libraries, spring and JSP.
  • Extensive experience with design and development of J2EE based applications involving technologies such as Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Messaging Service (JMS), Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC), Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI).
  • Experience in the functional usage and deployment of applications in JBoss, WebLogic, Portlets, IIS, WebSphere and Apache Tomcat Server.
  • Experience on different operating systems like UNIX, Linux and Windows.
  • Extensively worked on developing UI components using Angular JS and JSON to interact Restful web services.
  • Strong expertise in Java, Core Java concepts like Collections, Multithreading, Exception Handling and Java beans.
  • Experience in developing the Two-Phase commit using Spring and Apache Camel.
  • Experience on batch process development using Akka with Camel.
  • Experience in SOA EIP using Apache Camel Spring Integration ServiceMix Mule ESB.
  • Portable deployment of applications as a single object using Docker.
  • Experience in creating test suites using Jasmine, Karma and Protractor, Experience in mobile.
  • Developed Microservices for the delivery of software products across the enterprise.
  • Very Good experience in developing applications using Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Technologies Such as JPA and Hibernate.
  • Designed and developed a RESTful APIs using Spring REST API, SOAP/Rest Web service.
  • Knowledge on project management tools such as JIRA. Knowledge on CI tools like Jenkins.
  • Experience on ISO parser tool with Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and trained on Technical Essentials and Architecture with Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Internet Technologies/Frameworks: Java 1.8, JSF, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Log4j, JSON, Angular JS, Angular 8, Microservices.

Version Control/QA tools: Git, SVN

Middleware: IBM Message Broker

IDE: Eclipse, Net Beans, STS

Language/Test Driven: SQL, JAVA, C#

Databases: MySQL, Oracle 10g/11g/12C, SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008 R2

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX

Tools: Visual Studio Code, SQL Plus, MySQL workbench, Apache camel

Methodologies: Test Driven Deployment (TDD), Behavior Driven Deployment (BDD)

SOA: Web services, Micro services

Cloud technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud foundry

Persistence framework: Hibernate, JPA and JDBC


Confidential, Denver, CO

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in SDLC Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application using Agile Methodology (Scrum).
  • Design and Development of Objects using Object Oriented Design in Java.
  • Implemented Java 8 Lambdas, Streams and Functions.
  • Developed application using Spring MVC, JSP, JSTL and AJAX on the presentation layer, the business layer is built using spring and the persistent layer uses Hibernate.
  • Develop changes using JSTL, jQuery, JCP, JSP, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring JDBC, Web services.
  • Responsible for writing J2EE compliant java code for application development effort which involved working with JSP, JDBC, XML, Hibernate, Spring etc.
  • Developed integration modules for disparate clients using Apache Camel.
  • Developed unit test cases and functional test cases using Karma framework.
  • Developed web presentation layer using HTML5 and CSS3 according to internal standards and guidelines.
  • Created Type Script reusable components and services to consume REST API’S using component-based architecture provided by Angular 8.
  • Involved in preparing Maven builds scripts, deployments and integration and configuration management of the entire application modules.
  • Unit tested all the front-end Angular.JS code using Jasmine, Karma.
  • All the functionality is implemented using Spring Boot and Hibernate ORM . Implemented Java EE components using Spring.
  • Used several spring modules like Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Spring IOC, Spring DAO, Spring AOP, Spring Batch .
  • Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection Spring DI and Spring MVC for REST API, Spring Boot for microservices and Spring Batch for running batch jobs.
  • Extensively used the J2EE design patterns like Session Façade, Business Object (BO), Service Locator, Data Transfer Object (DTO) and Data Access Object (DAO), Singleton, Factory .
  • Used spring, Hibernate module as an Object Relational mapping tool for back end operations over MySQL database .
  • Configured local Maven repositories and multi-component projects and scheduled projects in Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Designed and developed database objects like Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, PL/SQL packages and Cursors for MySQL.
  • Defined XML documents for input and output sources of Web Services. Created schema documents for XML validation and developed XML schemas.
  • Writing services in Spring Boot and running and deploying them in Cloud Foundry.
  • Used EJB (Message Driven Beans) to send the message confirmation to the user. Designed and implemented the server side logic using EJB.
  • Used Log4j for logging info that was helpful in debugging issues including runtime exceptions.
  • Responsible for coding, testing and documenting various packages, procedures, and functions for libraries, also used JUnit for unit testing and Mockito for mock based testing.
  • Used Git for Version Control.
  • Initiated mappings among the relations and written named HQL queries using Hibernate.
  • Involved in writing Spring Configuration XML file that contains declarations and another dependent object declaration.

Environment: Java 8, Spring MVC Framework, Spring Boot, Business delegate, Service locator, Model View Controller, Session facade, DAO, JSP, JSF 2.0, Servlets, Maven, Jenkins, Angular 8/2, Angular.JS, Log4j, HTML, JavaScript, Tomcat, JIRA, Cloud foundry.

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in SDLC Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application using Agile Methodology (TDD, Scrum).
  • Used advanced Java 8 features like Lambda expressions for array operations, collections. Enhanced concurrency methods etc. throughout the application for well-defined programming.
  • Used Java 8 Features including Lambda expressions, Method references, Functional interfaces, Stream API, Default methods, Optional class, Collectors class, Parallel array sorting etc.
  • Design and Development of Objects using Object Oriented Design in Java.
  • Used Spring /MVC framework to enable the interactions between JSP/View layer and implemented different design patterns with J2EE and JSON technology.
  • Did Spring POC on Spring Boot for the application development.
  • Developed a core routing framework for Confidential National Preorder using Apache Camel.
  • Coordinate with all the teams for functional requirements and ensure compliance to all architecture standards.
  • Developed and implemented software models for software systems and analyze all business requirements for processes.
  • Front-end development using HTML5, CSS3, JSP and client-side validations performed using JavaScript.
  • Built Angular 8 components, UI services to consume rest services using Component based architecture provided by Angular 8.
  • Developed powerful Single Page Application and dynamic responsive Web Application with Angular 8.
  • Utilized the features of Angular 8.0 to present effective web design.
  • Implemented functionality like searching, filtering, sorting, validating using Angular JS and JavaScript.
  • Worked with NPM commands and using Package. json for managing dependencies and dev-dependencies of Node.js application
  • Developed a core routing framework for Confidential National Preorder using Apache Camel.
  • Developed security-based module using Bourne Castle Apache Shiro
  • Developed the User Interface using JSP/HTML and used CSS for style setting of the Web Pages
  • Designed and Developed End to End customer self service module using annotation-based Spring MVC, Hibernate.
  • Actively involved in using TypeScript, Bootstrap and HTML5 to enable client-side data to meet specific criteria by applying various validation variables.
  • Developed Single Page applications using Angular 2 using components, directives using Typescript.
  • Implemented code in non-java technologies like .Net to add additional functionality to the existing code base.
  • Designed and developed the application using agile methodology and followed Test Driven Development (TDD), Scrum.
  • Refactored and optimized older code base with modern libraries and frameworks.
  • Good understanding of CI/CD principles and tooling such as Maven, GIT, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Stash.
  • Experience in Jenkins to perform continuous integration and build automation.
  • Worked on ISO parser tool with Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)
  • Develop the changes using JSTL, jQuery, JCP, JSP, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, Spring JDBC, Web services.
  • JavaScript and AngularJS in conjunction with HTML5, CSS3 standards, with front-end UI team. Used JSTL, Custom Tags, HTML/DHTML in JSP’s .
  • Involved in Units integration, bug fixing and User acceptance testing with test cases.
  • Deployment of application in Tomcat server and good experience in resolving issues in the production server.
  • Used JUnit to unit test the modules ; Log4j along with Splunk for logging error/debug messages and managing them.
  • Extensively used Core Java such as Exceptions, I/O, Multi-Threading and Collections .
  • Used Spring, Hibernate module as Object Relational mapping tool for back end operations over SQL database.
  • Worked in Agile TDD environment using SDLC tools like SVN, Jira, Jenkins, Maven for build packaging and deployments of the application components
  • Worked on Deployment Automation of all micro services to pull image from Private Docker registry and deploy to Kubernetes Cluster.
  • Writing services in Spring Boot and running and deploying them in Cloud Foundry.
  • Configured the API to take advantage of the auto scale feature of Cloud Foundry to support 1TB data volume transaction a day peak load.

Environment: Java, Spring MVC Framework, Spring Bot, Business delegate, Service locator, MVC, Session facade, DAO, JSP, Gradle, Jenkins Web Services (REST, SOAP, WSDL, JAXB, JAX-WS, AWS, Apache CXF), JMS, MDB, MQ Series, POJOs, Log4j, JavaScript, Angular 8, Angular.JS, jQuery, XML/XSLT, AJAX, JIRA CSS, Tomcat, TILES, JNDI, Jasper, JIRA, SVN.

Confidential, CO

Java Developer


  • Involved in Developer Sessions, gathering requirements and developing web application using agile methodology.
  • Was part of a team, which was migrating from RUP methodology to Extreme Programming
  • Involved in Core Java coding such as Collections, Exception Handling, Generics, Enumeration and Java I/O to fulfill the implementation of business logic.
  • Worked on development of Hibernate, including mapping files, configuration file and classes to interact with the database.
  • Used Typescript and its features such as static typing, classes and interfaces. Created TypeScript.
  • Contributed to typescript in java development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • Eclipse was used as Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and Apache Tomcat as the Webserver.
  • Used Spring Boot 1.x for creating RESTful Web Services to retrieve data from client side using Micro Services Architecture.
  • Extensively worked in Test Driven Development (TDD) framework using JUnit.
  • Implemented transaction management using Spring transaction management with Spring AOP concepts.
  • Developed annotated POJO classes which contain business logic to map database tables with Java objects.
  • Worked on creating web service on JMS port with Apache CXF as part of batch process.
  • Configured Hibernate 4.2 integrated with Oracle 11g database to access and perform database operations.
  • Involved in designed and development of web interface using Servlets and JDBC for administering and managing users and clients.
  • Implemented changes by taking advantage of latest version of java features like annotations, generic collections.
  • Involved in 8 weeks iteration strategy with Pair-Programming.
  • Wrote builds and deployment scripts using ANT and was also responsible in maintaining them.
  • Designed dynamic client-side JavaScript, codes to build web forms and simulate process for web application, page navigation and form validation.
  • Worked on MySQL like interacting with Database, writing Stored Procedures and debug and fix the issues as well.
  • Used Git for Versioning and concurrent access to the project files.
  • Created Class Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams using Rational Rose, prepared application design document.
  • Worked on ISO parser tool with Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) and trained on Technical Essentials and Architecture with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Environment: Java, HTML, CSS, Java Script, JSP, Servlets, MySQL, Eclipse, Oracle, Hibernate Apache Tomcat server.


Java Developer


  • Developed, debugged, tested and fixed bugs that are raised in the process right from the requirement
  • Gathering to Implementation of the project involving in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Developed the multi-user application using Java and J2EE Technologies like JSP, Servlets, Restful Web Services .
  • Developing UI using JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS and HTML .
  • Created Classes, Methods for different functionalities and error handling, exception management features in the application.
  • Extensively used SOAP based Web Services (JAX-WS, JAXP-RPC, and JAXB) to communicate between Systems (Credit Card and address verification).
  • Worked with ticketing tool JIRA to track the issues and give the updates.
  • Involved in testing, debugging, bugs fixing and documentation of the products.
  • Implemented the concepts of Object Orient Programming (OOPs) to ease code maintainability and readability.
  • Used AS400 to connect to the database and performed CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete) Operations on the data.
  • Interacted with Database using SQL Queries and created PL-SQL Triggers, Functions, Procedures for maintaining the database.

Environment: ­ Java, J2EE1.4, SDLC, Eclipse, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, EJB, Struts MVC, XML, HTML, JavaScript, JSP, UML, SQL Server, SAX, DOM, Git, SAX, DOM parser, SQL, PL/SQL

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