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Mulesoft Developer/system Analyst Resume

Sacramento, CA


  • MuleSoft developer with more than 15 years of experience in requirement gathering, analysis, design, development, implementation and deployment of various legacy and integration projects
  • More than 4 years of experience in Integration solutions using Mule ESB integration
  • Implemented Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) using Mule Server 3.x. and Mule 4
  • Developed an Integration Component with third party applications using Mule ESB and experience in integrating on premise and Cloud applications such as SAP, Salesforce (SFDC), Workday and Intact using Mule ESB
  • Worked with both Enterprise and Community edition of Mule ESB and configured Mule API manager and RAML. Created various RAML resources to implement REST based APIs as a part of project implementation
  • Used Data Weave to do complex data transformations and used customized functions in Data weave to achieve complex data mapping requirements involving multiple files
  • Implemented schema validations in Mule flows, validated XSD against XML files and JSON schema against JSON files
  • Thorough knowledge of API led connectivity, cloud hub, API designer, API Manager
  • Worked closely with customer and technical teams, third party system teams and functional consultants to perform end to end integration design, development and testing
  • Hands on experience using Mule connectors such as HTTP, Database, SMTP, FTP, JMS, File and knowledge on Salesforce, SAP and VM connectors
  • Experience in implementing MuleSoft Batch Processing and Scatter - Gather
  • Experienced in designing and testing custom API using RAML
  • Worked on Cloud hub, On-Prem and hybrid deployment topologies Runtime Fabric
  • Knowledge of SOA Design patterns for building middleware systems from the ground up using Message Routing, Message Filtering, Message Transformation, Batch message processing and error handling


API tools/techniques: SOAP/REST, Mule ESB, Anypoint Studio, Mule Server 3.x & 4.x, Runtime Fabric, SOA, RAML, Data Weave, Connectors, Message ProcessorsScheduling, MUnit, JSON, XML, XSD

Programming languages: VS COBOL II, MF Cobol, Java and JCL

Business Modelling Tools: MS Visio, MS Office and MS Projects

Databases: MS Access, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g

Other Tools: File Aid, ENDEVOR, ChangeMan, File Manager, SPUFI, QMF, CA7Informatica, TWS (Tivoli Work Scheduler), Autosys, Git HUB, JIRA and TOAD

Testing tools: SOAP UI, Postman, Advanced REST Client (ARC)


MuleSoft Developer/System Analyst

Confidential, Sacramento, CA


  • Analyzed the business functionality and technical design of the application
  • Used Agile methodology with daily Scrum meetings
  • Worked on various Mule connectors such HTTP, Mule Requester, Database, JMS, Web Service consumer and FTP
  • Worked on various Mule components such as DataWeave, API kit router, Splitter, Scatter Gather, Filters, Expressions, Message Enricher, Scopes and various exception strategies
  • Implemented reliable messaging patterns using transactional scopes with JMS, VM and databases
  • Utilized MuleSoft AnyPoint platform features such as API designer, API Manager, Run Time Manager and Exchange
  • Secured REST Web services using HTTPS, OAuth 2.0, IP whitelisting and Client ID enforcement
  • Created and consumed the MuleSoft queues
  • Wrote the MUnit test cases to validate the Mule flows
  • Designed and exposed the applications using RAML
  • Worked on support, defect/bug-fix, unit testing
  • Worked on enhancements and customization as per customer's requirements
  • Created/updated documentation for the newly added functionalities and presented Webinars for the end users, illustrating the new features and functionalities
  • Worked on deployment, cut-over and go-live activities for the new customers which include liaising with various cross-functional teams
  • Created and scheduled the jobs for various routine activities in various tools
  • Created Domain projects and deployed on to On-Prem Mule runtime
  • Used GitHub as the source version control tool for code operations such as check-in, check-outs, merge, compare, clone, etc.

Environment: Mule Enterprise Runtimes 3.9.0/3.9.1/4.0 , Anypoint Studio 5.4/6.2.1/7.3.4 , Java JDK 1.8, Git HUB, JIRA, Confluence, SOAP UI 5.3.0, Postman 6.1.2

MuleSoft Developer

Confidential, El Dorado Hills, CA


  • Deployed the application in the Cloud and fixed the issues in the QA environment. Applied OAuth, transaction policies to the API in the Cloud environment using APM
  • Configured the Mule process for fetching the data from the topic and made Web service calls to the middle tier Mule ESB (3.8) for processing
  • Used basic and OAuth authentication mechanisms to consume REST API and Orchestration
  • Deployed applications on Mule ESB server and created Mule ESB Flows, performed payload transformation
  • Used Mule ESB created HTTP inbound and outbound flows to test the functionality
  • Orchestrated multiple applications using Mule to automate the process
  • Designed RAML using API designer and exposed those services using API portal in APM
  • Designed integrations using MuleSoft ESB environments for both on premises and Cloud Hub environments
  • Utilized MuleSoft features such as Data Weave, API designer and various connectors to ensure robust and loosely coupled integration layer every time
  • Implemented MVC Architecture using Spring Framework and used Spring modules such as Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring ORM and Spring AOP in the project
  • Created a reusable component using React JS for DOM manipulation. Utilized custom logging Framework for Mule ESB

Environment: Mule Enterprise Runtimes 3.9.0/3.9.1/4.0 , Anypoint Studio 5.4/6.2.1/7.3.4 , Java JDK 1.8, Git HUB, React JS, MySQL, PHP, JIRA, SOAP UI 5.3.0, Postman 6.1.2

MuleSoft Developer



  • Prepared technical specification documents for all the services to be implemented
  • Worked with both On Premises and Cloud-based integrations
  • Integrated multiple interfaces with Hybris and SAP ECC, 3PL
  • Developed interfaces to process the SAP Sales Orders, SAP Accounts, Shipping acknowledgments, and ASN confirmation
  • Fine-Tuned and processed 300k records in the span of two hours
  • Used Thread Profiling, Performance Tuning, Scatter Gather and VM usage
  • Implemented microservices Architecture by implementing system API and process API
  • Employed Anypoint MQ for retry mechanism
  • Followed the guidelines of Agile methodologies of SDLC for project management
  • Implemented effective and efficient solutions using Groovy, SQL, Web API and Mule components to support the business requirements
  • Altered the contents and formats of message properties, variables, and payload using Mule Transformers
  • Created MUNIT test cases and ran the Test Suite
  • Implemented version control using Git and Bitbucket
  • Worked on the different OS for different environments (UNIX, Windows and MuleSoft cloud)
  • Mavenized applications to automate the project’s build process and monitored the Errors log using Log4J
  • Developed applications using Mule ESB and deployed, managed applications in multiple environments
  • Developed OAuth service as a security layer to access the API
  • Configured the API portal and API versioning. Configured policies created and tagged the client APPS to the API

Environment: Mule Enterprise Runtimes 3.8.5/3.9.0 , Active MQ 5.13.2/5.15.3 , Anypoint Studio 5.4/ 6.2.1, Java JDK 1.8, Git HUB, JIRA, Confluence, SOAP UI 5.3.0, Postman 6.1.2, Notepad++, Jenkins, Maven 3.3.1, SAP, Win SCP, Super Putty

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