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Software Engineer Resume


  • Looking for exciting opportunities in computer science field to leverage my professional IT experience and continue to learn and grow.
  • Five years of experience in Java application development, which includes Analysis, Designing, Programming, Testing and Deployment.
  • Experienced writing Spring, Spring boot frameworks, Object Oriented Concepts, Analysis & Design Patterns
  • Developed and consumed Restful Web Services using Spring.
  • Used JUnit and mockito for testing the application.
  • Exposure to AWS and cloud technologies.
  • Exposure to microservice architecture in Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
  • Extensive experience in all phases of SDLC & Agile Methodology and Test - driven development.

Technical Skills

Languages/Scripts: Java, C#, J2EE, JSP, JDBC, Servlets, Python, JavaScript, Big data technologies - hadoop, hive, Cloud - AWS.

Framework/Library: JQuery, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring JDBC, Spring MVC, Junit, JPA.

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, REST, SOAP, JavaScript, AJAX

Operating System: UNIX, Linux, all variants of Window, MacOS.

Database Technologies: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, CosmosDB, NoSQL

IDE/ Text Editors: Eclipse, IntelliJ, XCode, Sublime, Notepad++, VisualStudio, PowerBI

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, WildFly(JBOSS), Microsoft Exchange Mailbox server

Miscellaneous: Office 365, Maven, Jenkins, Git, subversion, Putty, mobaxterm, FileZilla, Agile Project Management, Scrum



Software Engineer


  • Migrated from legacy system to create a new indexing pipeline which processes outlook item types - emails, meeting invites and deployed it in environments, using flighting and thereby reduced p99 latency from 2000ms to less than 300ms.
  • Saved millions of dollars by decommissioning/deprecating legacy services(noderunner.exe) on the Microsoft Exchange Server 2012/2016.
  • Reclaimed 1.3 GB of space per server on 130k+ Backend Microsoft Exchange Servers and reduced CPU consumption as well.
  • Worked in Rapid Agile model of development.
  • Gave multiple demos to our internal partners and management showing our progress and accomplishments along the way.
  • Followed high quality software practices - Design reviews/discussions, 95%+ code coverage, Functional/Integration tests.
  • Wrote and fixed functional tests/integration tests to make sure that the new written code pass the smoke/regression job before getting saturated on the backend machines, thereby improving the overall quality of the codebase.
  • Handled Big Data by creating ETL (extract, transform, load) job in Azure Data Factory to create structured streams from raw logs in cosmos.
  • Created LAM, Geneva monitors, Jarvis, PowerBI dashboards to detect and mitigate live site issue while being oncall engineer.
  • Build various dashboard in PowerBI and Jarvis dashboard showing latency, availability, reliability and accuracy of our systems which helped keep track of the progress that we were making and facilitated management in decision making by taking a look at the optics.
  • Learned deployment and execution of emergency patches in the instances of failures and stop the error propagation.
  • Meticulously rolled out features from internal deploy rings to world wide (dev to prod environments) and rolled back the features when accuracy in the system dropped below the SLAs.
  • Wrote powershell scripts to disable and uninstall legacy services.
  • Driven and managed user stories (small projects) independently from inception to completion by diligently working with partner teams.
  • Participated in Diversity and Inclusion events and assisted in managing the Annual Microsoft Give campaign.


Software Contributor


  • Involved in understanding the requirements (SRS), creation of Business Requirements documents and functional specifications.
  • Coordinated with the multiple teams in Italy and USA and led the development effort for completion of java module - Inventory Specified Controls
  • Worked as a part of Operations Research (OR) Consulting team with several clients from Airline industry and Hotels team.
  • Developed a module for data exchange (XML, CSV) using java and IBM Websphere MQ (Messaging Queue).
  • Built a module using JavaMail API coupled with JSOUP libraries to parse emails for extracting crucial information.
  • Excelled in implementation of a Java module - Inventory Specified Control by interacting with client and understanding SRS.
  • Assisted in data retrieval and analysis using Big data technologies -Hadoop, HIVE, SQL, extracting data from AWS RDS.
  • Assisted in developing web services in java (Spring Core, MVC, JDBC), web UI ( Confidential Spark framework, javascript)
  • Developed automated UNIX shell scripts to perform patching activity based on the health check scripts.
  • Making use of JUnit and Mockito frameworks for testing. Maintaining code quality and security by using SonarQube, Veracode.
  • Developing products by using maven, GIT/subversion, Jenkins for continuous integration / delivery, project management - agile, (SCRUM), TDD (Test Driven Development). Assisted manual testing & automated testing using SOAPUI.
  • Developed a Job in java using quartz framework to sync data between Oracle DB and Teradata data warehouse.
  • Implemented various CR (Change Requests) whenever they were needed by our clients or to propagate changes to the existing systems.
  • Used Spring framework to handle user requests and to delegate the request flow to the back-end.
  • Used a combination of SOAP and REST using Spring and HTTP.
  • Used Spring JDBC, JPA and POJO (Normal Classes) and DAO in the persistence layer.

Environment: Java, Spring, Spring MVC, Spring JDBC, JSTL, Maven, REST, JIRA, Eclipse, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX and SQL Server, UNIX.


Software Contributor intern


  • Assisted in formulating complex, nested SQL queries and developed a “DBPE inventory Portal” in HTML, JavaScript.
  • Build a system in Ruby for data parsing and data extraction from emails, files and automatically logging defects into “Rally” (agile framework), using Rally’s REST APIs.
  • Participated in ICC (Case Competition) to do analysis on the Confidential Dev Studio website and provide feedback, suggestions, improvements and created a mock to present it to the management.

Environment: UNIX, Java, ruby, HTML, JSP.

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