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Senior Java Developer Resume

Jersey, CitY


  • Over 8 years of experience in development and Implementation of large - scale, Object oriented, high performance Web-based client-server applications using java, J2ee Technologies.
  • Experienced in Application Development, Strategic Planning, Team Building, Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving, debugging skills and highly motivated towards learning new technologies.
  • Experienced in developing and enhancing robust applications using Core Java, J2EE (Servlets, JDBC), Spring core, Spring AOP, Spring DAO, Spring JDBC, Spring MVC, Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection of Spring Application Framework. RESTful Web Services, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Microservices, JSON, XML, HTML, using backend as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Apache Tomcat.
  • Experience in implementing SOA and Web Services using SOAP, RESTFUL, JAX-WS and AXIS.
  • Knowledge in messaging queue services like JMS, IBM MQ, Rabbit MQ, Active MQ and Apache Kafka.
  • Experienced with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process and Agile methodology.
  • Knowledge in Web development using HTML, CSS, Java Script, NodeJs.
  • Extensive experience in working IDE tools like Eclipse, and Spring Tool Suite (STS).
  • Experience Maven building tools and application logging using the Log4J.
  • Knowledge in deploying the applications in AWS as Lambda, EC2 instances and create snapshots for the data to be stored in AWS S3.
  • Developed the application using industry standard design patterns like Service Locator, Singleton, Business Delegate, MVC, and Factory Pattern for re-usability.
  • Good understanding on NoSQL databases like Mongo DB.
  • Worked with Relational Database Management Systems including Oracle, SQL Server and PL/SQL.
  • Worked Extensively on JDBC to connect to and access various remote database including Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server.
  • Experienced in performing unit testing using JUnit, Mockito, integration and deployment of applications using tools such as ANT, Maven, Gradle and Drools
  • Pro cient with Version Control Tools: Git, SVN, CVS, GitHub.
  • Developed story/task by following TDD/BDD and Pair programming concepts.


Programming Languages: Java, J2EE, SQL

JAVA Technologies: J2EE, Servlets, JDBC, REST and MicroServices.

Web Technologies: HTML/HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, node.js, REST, SOAP web services

Frameworks: Spring (MVC, Boot, Core, Security, AOP etc.), Hibernate

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic.

Messaging Services: JMS, Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, Kafka

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ, SQL Developer, MySQL Studio, Spring Tool Suite (STS), PgAdmin4 for PostgreSQL

Version Control Tools: GIT, SVN, Bitbucket

Build tools: Maven, Jenkins

Cloud Technologies: AWS- EC2, S3, ELB, EBS, IAM, VPC, DynamoDB, Cloud Friend, Cloud Watch.

Agile Methodologies: Agile, waterfall, CA Rally, Jira

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, UNIX, Linux

Other tools: Postman, JUnit, Jira, Splunk, Rational Rose.


Confidential, Jersey City

Senior Java Developer


  • Responsible for design, development and coordinating software development activities throughout the project.
  • Participated in architectural meetings and analyse all technical requirements for application
  • Used Microservice architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers and leveraging AWS to build, test and deploy micro services.
  • Experience with messaging systems like Kafka, Kafka event sourcing.
  • Worked on Lambda Expressions, Functional interfaces Stream API's, Time API, and Improvements on Collection, Concurrency, and IO improvements by using Java 8.
  • Designed Data Model for Host discovery and service discovery modules.
  • Implementing Request/Response model for marshalling/unmarshalling JSON with Jackson libraries.
  • Implementing Service/Business layer for common business logic.
  • Wrote JUNIT test case’s extensively for negative & Positive scenarios by using mockito framework
  • Setup the environments for WebLogic, Jboss, Tomcat and IIS services for local testing.
  • Parsing all services configuration files (XML) and then gathering the service information
  • Involved in writing the database integration code using JPA.
  • Worked on Code Optimization & Performance Tuning of various applications.
  • Configure alerts in AWS Cloud Watch to monitor events and generate reports
  • Used Kafka for implementation of multithreaded synchronization processes and its stream topology for consumption requests.
  • Developed creative solutions and contributed to technical design documents


Java Back End Developer


  • Involved in Requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, testing and Maintenance phases with Agile.
  • Working with Java 8 features
  • Developed Microservices with Spring Eureka to retrieve API routes for the entire cluster. Using this strategy each Microservice in a cluster can be load balanced and exposed through one API gateway.
  • Used MicroServices architecture with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST services and JCBC templates.
  • Developed several RESTful API web services which parses XML to load literature assets metadata along with binary pdf documents.
  • Developer controllers and services to perform search for assets with filters and tag metadata.
  • Used Java Mail API to mail noti cations upon the success or failure when the backend processes are completed and to send mail noti cations regarding any system related problems.
  • Designed and developed Wishlist services to allow users to save the interested products to purchase later.
  • Implemented Spring Security OAuth2.0 and JWT Token mechanism for authentication and authorization
  • Used Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implemented using Jenkins along with UNIX Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Developed Aspects using Spring AOP to implement logging, auditing, and error handling.
  • Written test cases and done Unit testing execution with Junit
  • As the workflow was Agile, JIRA was the tool used in this scenario to keep track of the user stories and user tasks with appropriate days required to finish a certain task.
  • Using GIT for Source Control and Version Management and using log4j for logging.


Java Developer


  • Involved in complete life cycle of software development including designing, developing, testing, and deployment of application.
  • Involve in Sprint Planning and Retrospective meetings
  • Analyzing the Items identified in Product backlog and Burndown chart.
  • Involved in preparing of Technical document.
  • Developed service layer controllers using Struts actions, JSP including Java Script.
  • Implemented presentation layer in Java Server Pages (JSP) with Portlets, HTML along with CSS style sheet and JavaScript.
  • Implemented Hibernate ORM to Map relational data directly to java objects
  • Developed Restful web services and SOAP Web services.
  • Installed and configured the Tomcat Server in Eclipse IDE
  • Actively involved in different levels of development, configuration of the environment
  • Customized the core struts framework configurations to meet the specific requirements.
  • Involved in Code walkthrough and reviewing.
  • Understanding the Core framework internals fixing the defects accordingly.
  • Preparing Release Notes and sent it to QA for each release.
  • Handled configuration of database changes to the related feeds.
  • Providing the support for team members with code reviews and technical designs.


Java Developer


  • Developed use cases & requirements analysis and preparations of high level design documents.
  • Participated in implementation of Struts 2.0 framework for backend development which is flexible and extendable framework to build Java EE application.
  • Built various struts Action classes and Action forms for all the modules
  • Integrating the research website into the other sites with Single Sign-on (SSO).
  • Implemented Session Management in DBAB Application.
  • As a part of UI Team, formulated JSTL forms and AJAX based Web pages as per requirements.
  • Carried out analysis, preparing use cases and sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Version Control and Configuration Management of the projects handled.
  • Handled deploying and configuring operations of Application in Weblogic.
  • Provided support for production incidents

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