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Full-stack Developer Resume

Philadelphia, PA


  • Over 6 years of experience as a Full - Stack Java/J2EE Web Developer , offering strong experience in designing and developing RESTful multi-layered web applications using Spring MVC , Spring Boot , Spring AOP , and Hibernate .
  • In-depth experience with Java EE technologies such as Java Servlets , JSP ,
  • JDBC/Hibernate for developing and deploying enterprise applications.
  • Proficient in developing RESTful Web Service to provide data communication between different applications.
  • Experienced with Spring Core technologies such as Spring MVC , Java Beans , Dependency Injection , Annotations , XML , and Configurations .
  • Expertised in creating Spring Microservices with Spring Cloud and Spring Boot , Spring Data REST API to implement CRUD operations, Feign and Hystrix in an API Gateway . Experienced in implementations of RabbitMQ , Apache Maven , Junit , Postman , Jenkins/CI/CD , Docker , Mockito , etc. to enhance application infrastructure performance and quality.
  • Proficient in developing dynamic and responsive web pages using the HTML5 , CSS3 , JavaScript .
  • Solid experience in developing a Single Page Application (SPA) and Multi-Page Applications .
  • Proficient in Angular , using TypeScript to create Directives , Components , Modules , Services , Observables , Pipes , Reactive/Template-driven forms and Router to enable better user interactions.
  • Expert in React using libraries such as Redux, Action, Reducer , Axios , and React Router and strong experience in React JSX , State , Props .
  • Strong foundation in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) , and extensive knowledge on Java SE including Collections , Threading , and Core Java .
  • Knowledged with Machine Learning Algorithm to enable better application deployment.
  • Familiar with Data Analytical tools such as Google Colab,Octave, Amazon SageMaker, Jupyter, Spark for parallel programming, D3 for custom visualization, SciPy, Pandas, PySpark, TensorFlow.
  • Adept at Data Science Skills including Data wrangling, data modeling and queries in SQL,Spark, clustering and classification, neural networks, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, deep learning for Data Science.
  • Experienced in both relational database technologies like MySQL and non-relational database technologies like MongoDB .
  • Hands-on experience to design and code in various technologies such as Python .
  • Good knowledge of project documentation such as E-R Diagram and UML modeling.
  • Skills in API usage, Command Line Interface and SDKs for writing applications.
  • Designed and deployed dynamically scalable, available, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications on the Cloud .
  • Familiarity with version control tools like Git to ensure timely delivery and code consistency.
  • Excellent communication, planning, time management skills and experience working with cross-functional and global team environments.
  • Good technical abilities and skills to develop clean and well-structured code.
  • Strong and certified skills in Front End tools such as Adobe XD and Adobe Illustrator.


Programming Languages: Java 8, Python, SQL, NoSQLServer-side Technologies Spring MVC, Spring Boot, Microservices,Maven, Hibernate, Spring AOP, J2EE, JDBC, RESTful, API, XML, JSP

Web Development: Angular 7/8, React, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript ES5/ES6, Angular material, TypeScript

Database: MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle

Tools / IDE: Apache Maven, Junit, Mockito, Jacoco, Injection, Jenkins, Docker, Postman, RabbitMQ, Git, GitHub, Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, Eclipse


Confidential - Philadelphia, PA

Full-Stack Developer


  • Developed a Web Application using Spring Boot, Microservices, Spring MVC, Oracle DB, Dependency Injection , RESTful API .
  • Established Microservices with Gateway , Composite Service, Core Services , Service Discovery with Netflix Eureka , Spring Cloud .
  • Implemented and designed Spring Cloud plus Feign and Hystrix to make APIs call easier. Designed and developed Oracle Database to store data and individual information. The database server was created on AWS to share data among teams.
  • Clustered data tables by referencing their relationship like OneToMany , ManyToOne , and OneToOne .
  • Developed various Java objects ( POJO ) as part of persistence classes for ORM with databases.
  • Utilized Transaction Manager and Lazy Fetching to improve resource utilization and efficiency.
  • Setted up a single page application, whose frontend was built with React . Worked on different layers of application including Controller , Service , DTO , and Domain layer.
  • Created backend REST APIs in Spring MVC and DAO and used React Axios to make API calls.
  • Maintained User Authentication based on user role.
  • Implemented latest JavaScript features including let, const, and arrow function to create a reusable complex component such as a drop-down menu, pop-up, Navigation etc. Implemented Google GSON to serialize and deserialize Java Objects to JSON . Bundled React Lifecycle methods to achieve desired behaviors at key moments. Built different forms and wrote customized Form Validation to make sure each input field meets its requirements.
  • Applied Redux to establish the global state for sibling component’s communication and used Redux-Thunk to execute asynchronous code.
  • Created and implemented Reducers that received Actions to modify the store state.
  • Used Axios to send HTTP requests and handle error messages.
  • Performanced Spring AOP to break down project logic into distinct parts for Logging , Transactions , Management , and Security .
  • Utilized Maven as a build tool to manage different versions of dependencies. Integrated XML Configurations and Annotations to ease future changes on project configurations. Applied Git for version control tool for merging branches. Involved in Agile Methodology in the whole Software Development Life Cycle for tracking progress.

Environment: Java 1.8, Python, Spring Boot, Microservice, React-Redux, Node.js, HTML 5, CSS 3, AWS, Hadoop, JavaScript, Hibernate, Oracle, RESTful, Web Service, Maven, React, Postman, Git, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio IDE.

Confidential - Wayne, PA

Full-Stack Developer


  • Built web applications by using Spring Boot, Dependency Injection, AOP, REST API , etc. Implemented the middle tier with the Spring framework and integrated that with the Hibernate framework.
  • Mapped Objects in the DAO layer and columns in database tables by Hibernate. Used Spring Security for implementing user authentications, authorizations, and role-based security.
  • Inherited from JPA Repository to execute CRUD operations.
  • Utilized Controller to handle exceptions from different layers and return appropriate error message and error code.
  • Applied Advanced Core Java concepts of Collections , Multithreading , and Synchronization .
  • Used Spring Security for implementing user authentications, authorizations, and role based security.
  • Developed different POJO classes to map corresponding tables in MySQL and implemented table relationships by using OneToMany annotation.
  • Designed and developed complex reusable components in Angular 5 using JavaScript and for Dynamic web pages, such as Navigation bar, Dropdown Menu, Pop-up , etc. Created services Angular 5 @Injectable annotation, as to make the service available for dependency injection.
  • Consistently implemented @Input , @Output and @ViewChild decorators for communications between parent and child components.
  • Wrote Directives such as NgFor and NgIf to display dynamic web pages. Created reused UI components from scratch and central services for communications between components and services.
  • Implemented AuthGuard such as CanActivate and CanDeactivate to protect certain routes for different user authentication statuses.
  • Fully exploited RxJS Observable for streaming synchronous data over Angular components and services.
  • Developed customized reactive form validation that depends on other form controls. Bundled software dependencies by using Apache Maven to better manage the project. Tested connections between Front-end and Back-end with RESTful APIs by Postman . Performed Git for version control tool for merging branches.

Environment: Java 8, Spring boot, Hibernate 4, REST, Web Services, JUnit, Maven, Angular 5, Postman, Git, and IntelliJ and Visual Studio IDE.

Confidential - Philadelphia, PA

Full-Stack Developer


  • Developed the application using JSP, Spring MVC and Hibernate frameworks with Mongo Database .
  • Integrated an application on Spring framework by utilizing its features like Spring Dependency injection, Spring Beans, Spring Security, Spring JPA, Spring AOP, Spring IOC, Spring Web using MVC .
  • Designed and initialized multiple containers in Spring MVC .
  • Worked on multiple layers in the application, such as Controller, Service, DAO, and Domain layers.
  • Implemented N-tier architecture in various projects to keep UI, Business Logic, and Data Access layers separate and allow for easier testing.
  • Worked with Java EE technologies such as Servlet and JDBC .
  • Applied Java Collections such as HashMap , List to store data and passed along with JSP efficiently.
  • Integrated Spring Security to validate the users.
  • Developed stored procedures and triggers using MongoDB on the Hibernate template to access and maintain the application database.
  • Collaborated Angular Components , Services , and Data Binding to build the front end. Designed and developed dynamic web pages using JSP, CSS, JavaScript , and jQuery . Displayed the records using the GRID framework with functions of pagination. Implemented feature extraction by checkbox and input fields to retrieve time and categories information.
  • Used Tomcat as the application server for deploying applications in local development environments.
  • Fully exploited Slack to communicate with team members and utilized Git for version control.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring MVC, Hibernate 4.0, Junit, Maven 3.0, MongoDB, Apache Tomcat 8, JSP, HTML5, CSS3, IntelliJ, Git, Postman, jQuery, JavaScript

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