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Senior Java Developer Resume

Vinings, GA


  • To obtain a full time position as a Java Applications Developer.


Hardware: IBM PC and Compatibles, Macintosh, NCD X - Terminals

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, Windows, Sun OS, UNIX and all Unix Based Platforms

Relevant Software: JBuilder, JUnit, QUnit, JQuery, Eclipse, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Rational Rose, ANT, BEA Weblogic, Ariba, Apache Tomcat, VI editor, MS Access, CVS, Subversion, Maven, Git, ClearQuest, VMware, StarUML, Adobe Photoshop, MS Project and DBASE III+, Hibernate

Preferred Languages, Frameworks and Proficiencies: SCALA, UML, Test Driven Development(TDD), Object Oriented Design, Java, Apache Wicket Framework, Swing, Jakarta Struts, ASP, VXML, EJB, SQL, JDBC, JSP, J2EE, Java Beans, RMI, Perl, JMS, PHP, SQL, CQL, Corba, OAuth(Open Authorization), UNIX shell scripting, Javascript, JQuery, and Spring.

Other Languages: C/C++, Pascal, ASP, Visual Basic 5.0, VBA, Turbo Pascal, FORTRAN, Assembly, HTML, and CSS.


Confidential, Vinings, GA

Senior Java Developer


  • Creating various tools that are being used by the Customer Order Management (COM) support team in order to streamline the process of performing production and QA support.
  • Leveraged Test Driven Development principles to increase the Quality and Extensibility of various programming modules.
  • Implemented a JQUery based tool used by the Confidential (HD) operations team to schedule and manage the availability of items that can be purchased remotely.
  • Implemented a Dashboard that the COM support team uses to monitor the availability of resources and inventory for HD Stores.
  • This dashboard interacts with various databases including an Informix, DB2, MYSQL, and Oracle database.
  • Implemented various new Web Services components for the HD delivery management system.
  • Added various enhancements to previously developed Confidential Web Services.
  • Implemented a JQuery based tool used for synchronizing IBM's STERLING order management system with information in Confidential stores.
  • Supporting issues that arise in all environments.
  • Implementing and modifying various Unix shell scripts that are used for db backups and data validation.
  • Assisting team members with coding difficulties.

Environment: Junit, Cassandra, Putty, Eclipse, Tomcat, Microsoft Visio, JMS, MQMon, Jenkins, Restful Web services, JMS, and DBCommons

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior Java Developer


  • Designed, developed, and delivered calculation modules including required documentation and test procedures.
  • Implementing both the front and back end of various calculation modules using the Wicket Framework, Hibernate, and Spring DI.
  • Voluntarily created various Unix Shell scripts that are being used to increase the productivity of the development team.
  • Assisting team members with coding difficulties.
  • Contributed to all phases of the development lifecycle.

Environment: Perforce, DBArtisan, TOAD, Putty, Eclipse, Tomcat, Microsoft Visio(required for UML documents)

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior Systems Analyst


  • Hibernate data layer and BPM workflow developer.
  • Implemented Base Hibernate Logic for Data Access layer.
  • Implemented logic for persisting data via Hibernate.
  • Implemented various BPM workflows in an IBM Websphere Process Server environment
  • Implemented various SOAP base WebServices
  • Implemented various utilities to be used as Common Framework tools that will were leveraged by applications within ATT. Those utilities include but are not limited to WPS utilities and Hibernate utilities.
  • Administered Subversion repository.
  • Assisted subordinates and other team members with coding difficulties.
  • Development Team lead for a J2EE application implemented using JSPs, the Spring Framework, Hibernate, a Sun one application server and an Oracle Database.
  • Lead a Team of three developers.
  • Assisted subordinates and other team members with coding difficulties.
  • Supported efforts to resolve production problems within the application.
  • Implemented various defect fixes and enhancements to the existing application.
  • Effectively communicated design enhancements and issues via detailed design documents.
  • Worked with customers to gather requirements before creating requirements documents and detailed design documents for new enhancements that were integrated into our application.
  • Made enhancements to various WebServices used in the application.
  • Supported two System Test teams for an Integration project between a Ariba e-procurement application and the State of Florida’s Peoplesoft financial system.
  • Customized various aspects of the Ariba application using Java and XML configuration .
  • Resolved all issues that arose during the testing of the application .
  • Implemented various new customizations to the Ariba application.

Environment: VI, Tibco, Unix OS, SQL Loader.


Lead Developer


  • Created various applications to perform data corrections between our client's databases and LDAP provisioning Systems and wrote a number of Shell scripts, PL/SQL, and Transact/SQL scripts.
  • Leveraged EJBs to perform task that are not available via existing applications.
  • Responsible for all phases of the development life cycle which included but was not limited to requirements gathering and testing.
  • Proactively planned and coordinated meetings with internal and external resources when necessary.

Environment: Eclipse, TOAD, Javascript, ANT, VI.


Maintenance Application


  • Performed defect fixes, developed new screens and enhancements leveraging extreme programming principles(XP) in an agile J2EE environment.
  • Worked in an Oracle DB environment, using various tools including Oracle TopLink, JUnit and and the TOAD oracle client.
  • Used Confidential ’s proprietary MVC framework which resembles the STRUTS framework.

Environment: JUnit, JBuilder, CVS, Javascript, VIM.

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Participated in an on going project as the Lead Java developer for a two tier global route planning
  • System that was developed using a Java SWING GUI, Corba, C++, Orbixweb, Power Tier Persistence and Sybase.
  • Contributed to all phases of the development lifecycle.
  • Assisted team members with coding difficulties and design issues.
  • Assisted users with resolving production problems in a timely manner.
  • Maintained and refactored code previously developed by other developers.
  • Implemented various enhancements and new functions into the system.

Environment: Sybase, VIM, JBuilder, Java Webstart, ANT, Hummingbird Exceed, UNIX OS, Shell Scripts.

Confidential, New York, NY

Systems Development Intern


  • Designed, documented, and implemented a web based library catalogue system using Microsoft Access 97, HTML, SQL, and Back Stage Internet Studio 2.
  • Developed a system to analyze financial data that will be delivered to clients via pager networks; Using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications.

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