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Advanced Application Developer Lead/ios Resume

Jersey City New, JerseY


  • Strong problem solving skills and research & development capabilities.
  • Strong programming skills, algorithm design and implementation skills
  • Strong mobile development skills (sole developer for 2 apps in Apple app store, and leading developer for 2 enterprise distributed apps).
  • Familiar with app store submission and enterprise distribution process.
  • Developed software products on multiple software platforms (Windows, iOS, Linux) with extensive working experience with C/C++, Objective - C, C#, JAVA, SQL, MATLAB, Perl and database related programming
  • Extensive experience with open source libraries and software version control systems.
  • Good team player, quick learner as well as an independent contributor.


Programming Languages: Objective-C, C/C++, C#, JAVA, SQL, Javascript, jQuery, MATLAB, Perl, HTML, CSS

Operating Systems: Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, UNIX

Software Development: XCode, MS Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC, VC++ 6.0, MS SQL Server, Oracle, ADO.NET, JDBC, Eclipse, Win32 API, Winsock, NetBeans, VersionOne, JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, PVCS, Maven, DirectX, Git, CMake, Ant, Visual Source Safe, Subversion, Intel’s Math Kernel Library, OpenGL, Telerik, CocoaPod, WordPress

Open Source Libraries: CocoaLumberJack, PLCrasherReporter, Stripe.net, jQuery Mobile, Bootstrap, GDataXML, SBJSON, Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (ITK), Visualization Toolkit (VTK), FSL, LAPACK, BLAS


Confidential, Jersey City, New Jersey

Advanced Application Developer Lead/iOS


  • Served as the lead developer for an educational/internal training app in an Agile development environment (JIRA, Jenkins, Confluence).
  • Developed an enterprise-level iPhone/iPad app, "Learning@JPMC" (iOS, Objective-C, XCode, CoreData)
  • Developed rating and commenting functionalities where a user can provide feedback for courses taken (Objective-C, XCode, JAVA REST web services)
  • Developed notification mechanism to warn users courses assigned and overdue (Push notification, SQL Server Stored Procedure)
  • Developed the functionality to allow a user to take downloaded course in offline mode
  • Developed web services on both the front end (mobile app, Objective-C) and the server end (Java, Maven, SQL Server stored procedure)
  • Coordinated development progress with BA, PM and offshore QA team.

Confidential, Baltimore, Maryland

Senior Software Engineer/iOS Developer


  • Served as the lead engineer for iOS product development. (was the the only iOS developer for last two years)
  • Developed an enterprise-level iPad app, "SylvanSync" (iOS, Objective-C, XCode, Javascript, jQuery)
  • Developed large portion of UI components and animations for the app (Objective-C, XCode)
  • Integrated a set of HTML 5 based games in the app
  • Developed a customized dictionary with more accurate word selection than the default iOS built-in dictionary (Objective-C, Javascript, jQuery mobile)
  • Designed the logging mechanism for the app (CocoaLumberJack, PLCrasherReporter)
  • Developed FTP functionality on iOS
  • Developed data persistence mechanism for the app (NSUserDefault, CoreData)
  • Maintained Apple development portal and distributed SylvanSync iPad app through enterprise distribution (enterprise level certificate, provisioning profile)
  • Developed RESTful web services on both the client (iOS, JSON) and the server (C#, SQL server stored procedures)
  • Web development on a student enrollment portal (C#, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, jQuery, MS SQL Server)




  • Served as the sole developer for the Confidential iPhone app for customers of www. Confidential .com to call a cell phone or landline using WI-FI. (XCode, Objective-C, VoIP)
  • Developed the entire website and database of www. Confidential .com (C#, ASP.NET MVC, HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server, Entity Framework)
  • Developed RESTful transaction services interfaces (C#, WCF)
  • Integrated payment gateway API for the website (Stripe.Net)
  • Configured SIP proxy server to handle incoming/out coming phone calls.
  • Hosted the website and the SIP proxy server in the cloud (Amazon Web Service EC2, Simple Email Service)
  • Maintained source code using Git (BitBucket)

Confidential, Columbia, Maryland

Senior Software Engineer


  • Guided and supervised junior level engineers. Provided technical support and coordinated projects with program managers
  • Developed software architecture for a database export/import system, and developed exports/imports for major customers like CRWW, Starbucks, Five Guys, Burger King and so on (JAVA)
  • Developed web transaction services interfaces (iCare to Simphony 2, Konami Casino Management System and so on) (C#)
  • Developed TCP/IP interface and offline functionality to the Blackboard system (C++/Winsock/SQL Lite)
  • General database related programming (SQL, JAVA, C#, Perl)

Confidential, Rockville, Maryland

Software Engineer


  • Implemented numerical algorithms (C++) for the control software on the server side of an optical imaging device under Visual Studio 2005 and integrated the system to 3rd party software (COM, DLL)
  • Designed the software interface to migrate unmanaged code (C++) to .Net platform (C#)
  • Graphic user interface design, multithreaded programming, client/server and TCP/IP programming
  • Maintained the source control system (Subversion)
  • Provided training to application engineers and performed demos in customers’ facilities

Confidential, Horsham, Pennsylvania

Software Engineer


  • Designed the graphic user interface for the control panel of an imaging device using DirectX, Win32 API, C#, and VTK
  • Designed and implemented an image processing algorithms (C++) for an award-winning ( Confidential amp;D 100) human body scanner under Visual Studio 2003. The algorithm significantly improved the scanner’s accuracy.
  • Developed the prototype code using script language (MATLAB) for simulation and converted to a C++ library using Intel’s Math Kernel Library.
  • Developed visualization algorithm to display 3D mesh surface and point cloud acquired from the scanner (DirectX, GDI)
  • Provided training to technicians for factory and field installation

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