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Java Developer Resume


  • Java Developer with 3+ years of experience in Analysis, Design and Development of various multi - tiered client-server applications using Java and J2EE technologies.
  • Experience in all the phase of software development life cycle in Agile/Scrum methodology.
  • Experienced in Designing & Development of UI screens using JSP, HTML, Java Script, CSS, and AJAX.
  • Experience in Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) using UML (Use Cases, Activity, Sequence, Class Diagrams etc.).
  • Extensive experience in developing enterprise applications using open source Technologies such as J2SE, Multithreading, J2EE, Servlets, JSF, JSP, Java Beans 3.0/2.0, Struts 2.0/2.1, Spring 3.0/2.5, Hibernate 3.5/3.
  • Well experienced with IDE tools like Eclipse 3.5/3.4/3.3, Web sphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) 5.x, RAD 7.
  • Experience in deploying enterprise applications in Apache-Tomcat 6, WebLogic 11/10/9, and Web Sphere 8/7/6.
  • Extensive experience using Spring Framework in business layer for Dependency Injection, AOP, transaction management and using Hibernate as a persistence layer.
  • Experience in developing Java Beans and Custom Tag Libraries, providing client side validations in JavaScript and providing interactive front end GUI using AJAX.
  • Experience in using CVS and Rational Clear Case for version control.





Java Beans

Struts 2.0/2.1Spring 3.0/2.5Hibernate 3.5/3.




TomcatEclipse 3.5/3.4/3.3RAD 7, IBM WSAD.

WebLogic 11/10/9WebSphere 8/7/6, JBoss 7ANT, MavenJUnit, Log4J, SoapUITOAD, SQLDeveloper


Oracle 10g/9i/8iSQL Server, MySQL

UNIX, Windows, Linux



Java Developer


  • Discussed and finalized the requirements with Business Analyst.
  • Involved in entire life cycle development of the application.
  • Involved in developing data access and business logic layer for encapsulating data and providing core business logic using J2EE Technologies.
  • Developed web pages using HTML, JSP, JSTL, JQuery & AJAX for the front-end functionality which includes Form Data collection, Validation of input data.
  • Involved in writing the client side scripts using JavaScript.
  • Extensive use of Spring MVC Framework for Controller components and view components.
  • Involved in writing the exception and validation classes using core java, JPA validation rules.
  • Involved in writing the validation rules classes for general server side validations for implementing validation rules as part observer J2EE design pattern.
  • Extensive use of DTO’s to communicate in between the layers.
  • Developed various java objects (POJO) as part of persistence classes for OR mapping.
  • Implemented the DAO layer using Spring Hibernate JPA Framework.
  • Developed the DAO’s using JDBC, SQL and Data Source Object.
  • Used Spring Source Tool IDE for developing, debugging and testing the applications.
  • Developed and executed JUnit test cases for Unit and Integration testing.
  • Used log4j for application & error logging.
  • Developed the ANT scripts for preparing WAR files used to deploy J2EE components.
  • Participated in Daily Scrums.
  • Deployed the application on TOMCAT Application Server.

Environment: Java1.6, Spring MVC, Spring Hibernate JPA, Tomcat 7.0, Spring Source Tool IDE 3.2, SQL, DB2, JSP, XML, CSS, HTML, JUNIT, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Eclipse,JBoss


Java Developer


  • Involved in Analysis, Design, Development, UAT and Production support of the Application.
  • Discussed and finalized the requirements with Operations/Sales People.
  • Developed the Trade Information Data Service, Sales Information Data Service, Account Information Data Service.
  • Developed the views using JSP, JSTL, Custom Tags, Struts, HTML, DHTML and JavaScript.
  • Involved in the Development and Deployment of Java beans.
  • Used Struts framework to implement MVC Architecture.
  • Implemented Struts Validation framework for carrying out client side as well as server side validations.
  • Wrote various server side classes to extend struts action base class for handling user requests.
  • Used JMS Queue communication in to send messages across various applications.
  • Used Eclipse to develop the Applications.
  • Developed JDBC Connection pooling to optimize database connections
  • Developed SQL queries and Stored procedures for data retrieval and updates.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for unit testing.
  • Developed Ant scripts for building and deploying application.
  • Configured various Service layer classes using Spring Inversion of Control.

Environment: Java 1.7, JMS, JSP, JSTL, Servlets, Struts 1.2, XML, HTML, JavaScript, JUnit, Eclipse, Web logic 9.2, Oracle 9i, TOAD

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