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Java Developer Resume

Richardson, TX


  • Over 6+ years of professional experience as aJava/J2EEDeveloperin Object Oriented development, implementation and maintenance of web and distributed Enterprise applications usingJava/J2EE technologies.
  • Implementedthe integration workflows usingMuleSoftESB 3.7.3 framework and implemented Data weave and content - based routing using Mule ESB.
  • Working Experience with Mule ESB and MMC.
  • Extensive experience in development using Spring framework (MVC, IoC, AOP, Security, DI, JDBC), Servlets, ORM tools (JavaPersistence API, Hibernate), along with otherjava technologies like EJB, Apache Struts 2, Apache Axis and JSTL.
  • Experience in developing applications using CoreJava, J2EE, Spring 3.2, Spring 4.0, Web Services (SOAP, REST), JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JMS, JDBC, XML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular JS, XSLT, JSON, Ajax and jQuery.
  • Extensive experience developing applications using agile methodologies like Test Driven Development (TDD), SCRUM and KANBAN along with sound knowledge on integration tools like Jenkins, Quick Build, Bamboo
  • Experience in working with MQ, Active MQ, IBM MQ, IBM WebSphere, Portal/Application Server, BE WebLogic, and Apache Tomcat application servers.
  • Expertise in Back-end/server-sidejavatechnologies such as: Web services,Javapersistence API (JPA),Java Messaging Service (JMS),JavaDatabase Connectivity (JDBC),JavaNaming and Directory Interface (JND).
  • Expertise in XML related technologies using JAXB, STAX, SAX, DOM API, XSL (XSLT) and XPath.
  • Experience in Web Services Technologies like SOAP with WSDL and RESTful with JAX RS, Jersey, Spring, Apache CXF and implemented SOA architecture with web services.
  • Experience in Enterprise Integration Development using Apache Camel Framework.
  • Good understanding of NoSQL Databases and hands on work experience in writing application on No SQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB.
  • Experience in working with EC2 Container Service plug-in in JENKINS which automates the Jenkins master-slave configuration by creating temporary slaves.
  • Worked on SOA based technology using Web Services.
  • Experience developing on the Mule ESB platform to deliver SOAP & REST based APIs.
  • Worked on writing build scripts using Ant 1.5 and Maven as a build tool.
  • Used IBM Rational Team Concert, GitHub, Microsoft Visual Source safe and WinCvs as code versioning tools.
  • Involved in writing JUnit Test cases, doing smoke test as testing framework.
  • Experienced in SOAP UI for testing the web services and Load UI in load testing.
  • Experienced in JDBC, PL/SQL, SQL, writing stored procedures, triggers, functions, packages and exposed to various databases
  • Knowledge in building Micro Services.
  • Good Knowledge on using JUnit for Unit Testing along with Spring Mock and Mockito framework.


Languages: Java 1.5/6, C++, C, SQL

Technologies: HTML5, JMS, JNDI, JQuery, Ajax, Angular JS, JSF

Frameworks: Struts 2, Spring 2.5/3.0, Spring MVC, EJB 3.0, Hibernate 3.0

Application Servers: Web Logic 10, IBM Web Sphere 4.x/5.x, Tomcat 6.x, JBoss

DBMS: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, DB2 and MySQL

Operating systems: Windows, Unix and Linux, MAC

IDE Tools: Eclipse, Net Beans, RAD

Version Control Systems: Subversion, CVS, Clear Case, GIT

Unit testing: Junit4

Build Management: Maven, Gradle, Ant


Other Tools and Libraries: Microsoft Visio, Log4j, IBM Rational Rose

Defect tracking tools: HP Quality Center, Rational Clear Quest


Confidential, Richardson, TX

Java Developer


  • Involved in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle including Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance.
  • Involved in Daily Scrum (Agile) meetings, Sprint planning and estimation of the tasks for the user stories, participated in retrospective and presenting Demo at end of the sprint.
  • Experience in Client-side web development utilizing HTML 5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS (2.0) Typescript to develop Single Page Application (SPA) and for the interactive user interface.
  • Implemented Angular 2 Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as agent performs application tasks.
  • Involved in working on various Mule connectors/adapters, developing API and developing services on Cloud Hub.
  • Experienced in creating http inbound & outbound flows and orchestration using XPath using Mule ESB.
  • Integration of Mule ESB system while utilizing MQ Series, Http, File System and SFTP transports.
  • Designed and developed features for Java/J2ee and Mule based integration applications for interface team.
  • Used AMQP endpoints to connect RabbitMQ which is a messaging queue.
  • Strong experience in application integration using Web Services - JAXB, JAX-WS, SOAP, WSDL, JAX-RS, Restful.
  • Used Spring Beans to encapsulate business logic and Implemented Application MVC Architecture using Spring MVC framework.
  • Utilize Camel to integrate microservices with other microservices and RabbitMQ messaging exchanges
  • Implemented Hibernate (ORM Mapping tool) framework to interact with the database to update, retrieve, insert and delete values effectively.
  • Involved in passing messages like payload to track different statuses and milestones using EJB, JMS.
  • To generate reports for the batch services used the Spring Batch, created test cases of Junit for testing the DAO layer.
  • Jira was used for project tracking and bug fixing and Jenkins for continuous Integration.

Environment: Java1.8, Mule MMC, Anypoint Studio, Mule ESB, Eclipse IDE, Hibernate 3, Spring 3, Spring Boot, ActiveMQ, Maven, Express, HTML5, microservices, CSS3, Angular 2, React JS, AJAX, JavaScript, JSON, REST, MongoDB, GIT, XML, Cucumber.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Java / J2EE Developer


  • Responsible for gathering requirements from the client business unit by participating in design discussions and implementation feasibility analysis with business analysts at all levels.
  • Followed iterative application development specified by Agile Scrum methodology consisting of weekly Sprints and stand up meetings and built the application with Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Used Apache camel for integrating the legacy system with new one and provided loose coupling, which doesn't affect much of the existing systems.
  • Designed and developed RESTFUL web services using Spring Boot and Jersey framework.
  • Designed the system based on Spring MVC Model architecture. Developed a business logic layer using Spring Dependency Injection and client-sideJava-beans for DAO Design Patterns.
  • Developed the spring AOP programming to configure logging for the application and also to track CRUD operations on the database.
  • Involved in design and development of UI component, which includes layered and Carousels using frameworks AngularJS, JavaScript and Jquery in conjunction with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and LESS.
  • Implemented core features of AngularJS framework such as dependency Injection, Data-binding, Filters, Directives, Templates, Services and Deep Linking.
  • Responsible in developing Spring Boot Microservices from scratch.
  • Involved in development of web services for business operations using SOAP, WSDL, JAX-WS, JDOM, XML, XSL and Apache CXF.
  • Implemented various design patterns: Singleton, Data Access Object (DAO), Command Design Pattern, Abstract Factory, Factory Method Design Pattern.
  • Performed CRUD operations like Update, Insert and Delete data in MongoDB and Oracle database management system and handled database access and data transmission based on RESTful web service.
  • Used Spring ORM Support for Hibernate to manage efficiently Hibernate Resources and consistent exception Hierarchy.
  • Implemented persistence layer using various features like XML configuration file for Database connectivity, connections to database using Hibernate Session Factory, using Hibernate APIs to retrieve and store data to the database with Hibernate transaction control using ORM tool Hibernate 3.0 framework like HQL queries etc.
  • Consumed REST based Microservices with Rest template based on RESTful APIs.
  • UsedJavaMessage Service (JMS) for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information, such as order status report, delivery report. Wrote JMS class to transfer the orders between agents and policy holders.
  • Performed configuration, deployment and support of cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS). Launch various AWS EC2 instance to deploy the application.
  • Extensively used the Log4j for Logging Errors, debugging and tracking and Exception statements.
  • Worked in an Agile environment delivering output in sprints. Used Apache Tomcat 7 as the server to host the application.
  • Generated UML artifacts such as use cases, sequence diagrams, class diagrams using Rational ApplicationDeveloper
  • Wrote Junit test cases with Mockito, Mock MVC test framework, resolved bugs and Eclipse's debugging tool.
  • Involved in various internal releases of the application and supported the application modules during testing and pre-production phases.

Environment: Apache Camel, Spring Boot, MongoDB, AngularJS, Spring Framework, microservices, RESTful Web Services, JSON, Apache CXF, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JMS, RabitMQ, Hibernate 4.3, Oracle database, Spring Tool Suite, Windows 7, JUnit, Git, Maven, Jenkins and Tomcat.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in the creation and maintenance of web applications as well as performing afull spectrum of web related tasks including design and layout, optimization of source code, server-side and front-end programming, unit and automated testing.
  • Designed the user interface of the application using HTML5, CSS3,JavaServer Faces, JSP, JSTL, JavaScript, AngularJS, and AJAX. Coded in AngularJS MVC Framework to make single page app (spa) and complex price configurations pages.
  • Used Google analytics reports, optimized the page load time for the pages that had heavy traffic and improvised those pages using CSS.
  • Extensively used jQuery, AJAX and DOM manipulation to create interactive web applications like message posting and auto complete form validations.
  • All the functionality is implemented using Spring IO / Spring Boot,MicroServicesand Hibernate ORM.
  • Designing and implementing system for Batch, Real-time and Predictive Analytics, determining which stream storage should be used, what data store should be used, Data Structure Fixed Schema, JSON, Key-Value, Access Patterns, Data access characteristics, right cost, Interactive Analytics - Self Service Dashboards, Batch Analytics - generating daily, weekly, or monthly reports, Real-Time Analytics - Billing Alerts
  • Build REST web service by building Node.js Server in the back-end to handle requests sent from the front-end jQuery Ajax calls.
  • Integrated the Mission system with Inventory Management SOAP Service to send Inventory details to the downstream applications.
  • Designed and developedMicroservicesbusiness components using Spring Boot. Consumed REST basedMicroserviceswith Rest template based on RESTful APIs.
  • Created Restful web services using JAX-RS for mobile applications using desktop application classes for Product Catalog Searches, Checkout Processing, for generating country list during registration and guest checkout process, etc.
  • Took the responsibility in configuring the essential third-party libraries and necessary dependencies on WebSphere Application Server and documented the process for future .
  • Developed SQL queries, Joins, PL/SQL subprograms like stored procedures, triggers and functions.
  • Assisted Business teams in developing Test scenarios in Cucumber "features" for User acceptance testing of the web interface.

Environment: JDK 1.6/1.7, Spring 3.1, Hibernate 3.0, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Ext JS, XML, DB2, JSON, SOAP Web services, JAX-WS, Cucumber, microservices, Restful Web services, Ruby, WebSphere and Maven


Software Engineer


  • Understanding overall business requirements and develop technical design
  • Implemented MVC 2 architecture using Apache Struts Framework.
  • Designed and developed front end using JSP and Servlets.
  • Create XML file, DTD file, and XML Schema files using enterprise tool
  • Used Rational Application Developer to have integrated development environment.
  • Prepare and review the technical design for the system that adheres to the MVC architecture using Front Controller, Business Delegate and DAO patterns.
  • Developing and Publishing Web Services
  • Involved in writing Web Services using Axis2 framework to expose some Bill pay services to Banks.
  • Involved in configuring and deploying the application with JBoss Application server
  • Involved in integrating the business layer with DAO layer using ORM tool Hibernate.
  • Transaction Management using the Hibernate configurations
  • Involved in Writing and reviewing unit test cases using JUnit.
  • Writing complex business logic using PL/SQL Packages, stored procedures and SQL queries in TOAD to improve dB performance.
  • Configured Web Sphere MQ6.0 on Linux machine and Wrote Client script to test the message using SOAPUI.
  • Involved in writing shell scripts for deploying application on ALL UNIX Flavors.
  • Review source code and generate peer review reports.
  • Involved in testing, bug fixing and documentation of the system
  • Writing scripts for automating the build process and release.
  • Provide mentoring for junior team members.

Environment: J2SE1.5, JDBC, JPA, EJB, Oracle, PL/SQL, Custom tags, Struts Frame work, Java Script, Ajax, JBOSS5.1, XML, XSLT, SAX, SOAP, Ant, Axis2, Quality Center, Perforce, Soap UI, JMS, Web Sphere MQ 6.0, IBM Rational Application Developer.


Java Developer


  • Involved in Requirements Analysis, planning and Use case study.
  • Created detailed design documents (UML diagrams like Use case, Class, Sequence, and Component diagrams) using Visio.
  • Involved in designing JSP pages for the user interface of different modules.
  • Understanding stored procedures to process data for the presentation layer.
  • Prepare the technical design for the system that adheres to the MVC architecture using Front Controller, Business Delegate and DAO patterns.
  • Designed and implemented the logging mechanism using Log4j API.
  • Involved in configuring and deploying the application with Oracle Application server
  • Involved in Creating and Deploying Session Beans, to map the fields in the database.
  • Involved in Writing and reviewing unit test cases using JUnit.
  • Used Microsoft Visual SourceSafe as version control system to check in and checkout the data
  • Write and modify database stored procedures and SQL queries in SQL Developer to improve dB performance.

Environment: JDK1.4, Servlets 2.4, Session Beans, OC4J, Oracle Application Server, UML, Visio, Unix, Oracle 10g, CSS, JavaScript, Ant, PL/SQL.

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