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Application Architect Resume

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Madison, WI


  • Over 20 years’ experience as a Programmer, Software Engineer and currently as a JAVA/J2EE Architect/Mentor, working in a variety of business environments including Government, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail and Shipping industries.
  • 20+ years of JAVA/J2EE experience on Windows, Mac OSX and UNIX/Linux/QNX RTOS.
  • 13+ years of C++ experience on Windows, OS/2 and UNIX/Linux/QNX RTOS.
  • Experienced in OO Analysis/Design and OO Development methodologies based on UML and RUP.
  • Strong Experience in Spring Microservice/Spring Cloud including but not limited to - Configuration, Cloud Stream, Eureka, Ribbon, Sleuth, Hystrix, Event Stream, Zuul, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Kuberntes (CoreOS Tectonic and RedHat Openshift), fabric8
  • Extensive experience in Full Life Cycle Development with multiple tools and with multiple verticals and clients
  • Strong experience in Enterprise Application Integration/Integration Frameworks like Apache Camel/JBoss Fuse, Mulesoft
  • Expert in OSGi (Apache Karaf, Apache Aries, Apache Camel)
  • Expert “Rescue Architect” in turning around failing and wanting projects within short duration with proven Track Records
  • Highly experienced in JBoss, IBM WebSphere Apache Karaf/Service Mix/JBoss Fuse, Eclipse/MyEclipse IDE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, OpenJPA
  • Experienced in JavaScript frameworks like Sencha ExtJS 5.x, ExtJS6.x (expert level), DOJO (Light), Angular.JS, Node.JS, Express.JS, NPM, JSON, REST


  • Java (JDK1.8+)
  • JavaScript (ExtJS
  • DOJO and AngularJS)
  • .NET/C# C++/C
  • Adobe Flex (3.0)
  • Action Script
  • XML
  • PHP (light)
  • IBM Websphere/JBOSS/Tomcat
  • Apache Karaf(JBoss Fuse/Apache ServiceMix)
  • Node.JS/Express
  • Servlets/JSP
  • RMI
  • JSP
  • JMX
  • JDBC
  • JNI
  • JMS
  • Apache STRUTS (MVC)
  • Spring MVC
  • Spring Data
  • Spring Boot
  • RMI
  • JMS/ActiveMQ
  • CXF (WebServices)
  • Apache ServiceMix
  • JBoss Fuse
  • Apache Camel. Mulesoft
  • Spring Integration


Confidential, Madison, WI

Application Architect


  • The base architecture was used in the development of many applications.
  • The main application APN system involved matching insurance companies with Body shops across the country.
  • Took lead in creating the Cloud/Spring Microservices based Architecture.
  • AWS was the Iaas tool, Kubenetes(CoreOS-Tectonic/Redhat OPenshift/fabric8) was the Container (Docker) Orchestrator, Jenkins/Jenkins Build Pipeline with Maven was the build/deploy tool.

Technical Environment: JAVA8, Spring Cloud Computing, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud/Spring Microservice (Boot, Cloud, Eureka, Ribbon, Sleuth, Zipkin, Hystrix), Spring Data, Apache Camel/JBoss Fuse, Docker, Kubernetes, REST Assured, Wire Mock, AngularJS JJMS(ActiveMQ), Apache Maven, REST

Confidential, Ft Lauderdale, FL.

Software Engineer

Technical Environment: Java/JEE, Adobe Flex, Linux, Apache XFire (WebServices), MySQL, Eclipse/Spring Framework, JBossß/JBoss Seam, ACEGI Security for Spring, JSP/Servlets, JavaScript, Apache ANT/Maven, Subversion, JUNIT, Apache Tomcat and Linux OS.


  • Created a SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) based enterprise architecture using WebServices to integrate various legacy systems and new systems running on various platforms and technology.
  • Created a robust platform to send and receive high-volume interactive cell phone messaging including text and multimedia messaging.
  • Created a robust user interface micro-architecture using Adobe Flex/Cairngorm and WebServices. This micro-architecture is the foundation for all the systems for Rich User Interface.
  • Built applications with JBoss Seam.
  • Created a robust application security using Spring/Acegi security and CAS single signon (SSO).
  • Implemented a robust external notification system using WebServices and SMPP protocol. This system is the foundation for all applications interacting with major cell phone carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint etc.
  • Mentored junior programmers in various technologies.


Senior Consultant

Technical Environment: Java, J2EE, Apache Axis (web services), BEA WebLogic, Spring Framework, JBOSS, JINI, RMI, ACEGI Security for Spring, JSP/Servlets, JavaScript, Jakarta Struts, Cascading Style Sheet. (CSS), Hibernate, MySQL, Eclipse/MyEclipse, Intellij IDEA, Apache ANT/Maven, CVS JUNIT/DBUnit, Apache Tomcat and Linux OS.


  • Created additional services to the existing SOA and ported some services to web services from legacy JNI based architecture.
  • Used Spring framework to replace an existing legacy framework for bootstrapping the various distributed applications and for controlling the life cycle of the various components.
  • Helped replace an existing custom security model by using the ACEGI Security for spring.
  • Used JUNIT and mock objects for unit testing.
  • Created a prototype to show how web services can be used for distributed computing instead of JINI.
  • Helped to capture various business requirements by introducing the Use Cases.
  • Introduced a lightweight version of RUP help smooth the requirements gathering and development process.

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