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Tech Lead Resume

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  • 16+ years of software development experience on Tibco Designer, Tibco BusinessWorks, Tibco Administrator, Middleware application development, Tibco EMS, Java, J2EE, WSAD, Weblogic, Design Patterns, Object Oriented Concepts, Servlets, JSP, JMS, JDBC, XML, SOA, SOAP, Build Scripts, Ant, RAD7, UML, Rational Rose, Clear Case, Struts, n - tier application design, Curam 3.5, Curam 4.6, Curam 5.2, Curam 6.0, Oracle, SQL on UNIX/Linux/Solaris/AIX, and Windows Operating Systems and Web Services.
  • Middleware technologies like TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Administrator for Development and Maintenance projects.
  • Deployment of projects using TIBCO Administrator and support testing with other enterprise systems.
  • Designed and developed the Director of Workers Compensation (DIR) application for State of California using Curam 4.6 framework, Oakland, California.
  • Exposure to all phases of SDLC, project audit, peer-review, and project tracking tools.
  • Designed and developed the n-tier application software using java, J2EE and Databases technologies on Windows, Linux platforms, and tools like Clear Case, Clear Quest, Rational tools.
  • Expertise in building Object Oriented Architecture based distributed enterprise systems using J2EE technologies.
  • Exposure to various IDEs like, WSAD, RAD, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Jboss.
  • Can learn and adapt quickly to the emerging new technologies/software. Proven record in learning new technologies.
  • Very good working knowledge of various version control systems, like, CVS/WINCVS, Clear Case, MKS and perforce.
  • Self-Starter and Team Player with excellent communication, organizational and interpersonal skills.
  • Primary objectives are to provide custom software development, quality assurance, production support, or related services preferably with exposure to new skills.
  • Feature enhancement and bug fixing support for Alcatel’s Network Management Software.
  • Designed and developed the SNMP based element management systems for storage area networking devices (Fibre alliance MIB supported devices and brocade switches).
  • Developed the user interface on frame-buffer mode of Linux for storage and backup solution product.
  • Feature enhancement and bug fixing support for Cisco’s MPLS based Virtual Private Network solution center.


Operating Systems: UNIX, Win2k Server/professional, WinNT Server/Workstation, Linux 8.0 (Frame Buffer mode of Linux), AIX, Solaris and HP-UX-11.0.

High-level languages: Java, C, C++

Java Technologies: Servlets, JSP’s, EJB, JMS, CORBA, RMI, XML, JNI, Swing, TopLink (object based storage for java).

Scripting languages: Perl, shell script and SQL.

Database: Oracle 9.i and MSSQL, LDAP.

Debuggers: Workshop for C++ and Eclipse, NetBeans for Java, WSAD.

Frameworks/Platform: TIBCO BW, TIBCO Administrator, Middleware Technologies, Tibco EMS, Curam-3.5, Curam-4.6, Curam-5.2, Curam-6.0, JUnit (regression test frameworks for Java), itext APIs.

Networking protocols: SNMP, MPLS, CIM.

Web-servers: Tomcat, Apache.

Application Servers: Weblogic, WebSphere (WAS).

Services: Web Services, WSDL, SOAP, HTTP.

Process: Project lifecycle, Configuration management, CVS, Clear Case, TKCVS, pear review, project audit, and review logs, Feature Risk Analysis.

Tools: UML, Rational Rose, Merlin Tools, IPLAN, AdventNet tools, Gtk toolkit, AdventNet Web-NMS.


Confidential, California

Tech Lead


  • Work with IBM for transition of the project tasks to HPE
  • Implemented the middleware logic to load the data from the various legacy systems to the Master Data Management and Curam using Tibco Business Works and EMS messaging.
  • Created a web services to create a user task from the middle ware infrastructure to the Curam application.
  • Design and develop the referral management functionality using the provider management functionality and alerts and task management.
  • Enhanced the customer search functionality from the searching for the customer record thru MDM APIs
  • Worked on batch processes to load the provider data from the source provider system to Curam application systems.
  • Worked on the release build and release process for the application and participated in supplemental and production deployments.
  • Worked on the Reporting single sign on logic.
  • Coordinating with team defining the support and development process
  • Deployment, Issues analysis, task assignment, issue fixing and co-ordinate with client one various product issues.
  • Helping the state in UAT criteria and business analysis.

Software Environment: Curam 6.x, Tibco BusinessWorks 5.6, Tibco Administrator, Java 1.7, Weblogic App Server, Eclipse,UML,IBM-RSA Data Modeler, HP Service Center,GIT, IBM MDM(Master Data Management)


Tech Lead


  • Changes implementation of ACA Medicaid rules (CER) and citizens load logic.
  • Changes on required non-rules functionality.
  • Worked on middleware integration infrastructure to connect the data load process and business rules/logic for legacy data load using Tibco Business Works and Tibco EMS.
  • Case data transfer and from the various source systems to Member Management system thru the Middleware technologies.
  • Data analysis and fine tuning the Middleware application.
  • Calling the services on Curam application to create the tasks on that application.

Software Environment: Curam 6.x,Tibco BusinessWorks 5.6, Tibco Administrator, Tibco EMS, Curam 6.x, Java 1.6, WebSphere App Server, Eclipse,UML,IBM-RSA Data Modeler, JIRA, Fish-eye, SVN.


Tech Lead


  • Developing the detailed design for integrating CASS application with various other state applications data load and event processing.
  • Worked on developing and testing of modules Provider Management and Eligibility Rules development for various family care Medicaid products.
  • Worked on developing and testing non rules functionality of the Medicaid Products.
  • Case data transformation thru legacy systems to new system thru Tibco Middleware.
  • Integrated the CASS application with federal Medicaid application.


Software Environment: Tibco BusinessWorks 5.6, Tibco Administrator, EMS, Curam 5.2, Curam 6.0, Java 1.4, Websphere App Server, Eclipse,UML, IEG, Evidences, Rational Rose Proff. Data Modeler, PVCS, SharePoint.

Confidential, Albany NY

Tech Lead


  • Designed and developed the web services for employer information, schedule hearing, hearing cases, appeal cases, document import and export.
  • Implemented the model for developing the web services, and developed the required business logic, for appeal and hearing case functionalities with the help of axis generated client server source files.
  • Worked on fixes for appeal cases, hearing cases documents using Java I-text APIs, XML templates and SQL, PL/SQL procedures.
  • Redesigned and developed the hearing case special instructions functionality.
  • Worked on the BCIQ (Mainframe-MQ) to ABS data transfer issues, and redesigned some of the functionality. .
  • Analyzed the case representatives’ functionality and the corresponding data model for redesigning the representatives’ functionality.
  • Worked on various production issues related to the appeal board system.
  • Implementation of web services/servlet based communication with e-forms/content manager.
  • Redesigned the checklist functionality for the case management system.

Software Environment: UML, Rational Rose, Merlin tools, Java, J2EE, JSPs, Curam 3.5, WSAD, RAD Web Sphere (WAS), SOA, WSRR, Cognos Web services, WSDL, AXIS, Oracle, Oracle Developer, Ant, I-text, Windows, AIX.

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