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Onshore Lead Consultant Columbus, OH


  • Proficient in technologies with total 14 years of experience (Banking & Insurance domain) in the areas of Java / J2EE, Web services, XML, Oracle and 9 years of experience in Guidewire products; which includes in Claim Center 8.0.3, Billing Center 7 and Policy Center 9 as a Configuration, Integration Lead Developer role.
  • Received training certificates form Guidewire trainers on Claim Center 5.0, Billing Center 3.0 and certified in SCJP.
  • Experience in working with multiple major Insurance clients from US and Canada to implement the Guidewire products and integrate with external systems.
  • Extensive work experience under agile methodology and scrum.
  • Experience in training around 50 java resources on Guidewire products to work with different clients.
  • Have a good understanding and hands on experience working in various Guidewire application implementations.
  • Handled technical ownership of migrating 23 web Services from RPC to WSI, as Claim Center 9.0 doesn’t support RPC web services.
  • Experience involves requirements gathering from BA’s, designing and Configuration development and maintaining best practices in various projects.
  • Has worked on Contact Manager 8.0 to sync up the contact info with different versions of Claims, Billing & Policy Center versions.
  • Has 5 plus years of onshore (client location) experience with multiple insurance companies in implementing Guidewire products and contributed in Claim Center upgrade from version 6 to 8.0.3 for personal auto in Confidential .


Langages: Pro C, C, C++, Core Java and Gosu

Technologies: Web Services, XML, Guidewire Messaging, ANT Scripts, Junit, JSP, Servlets, JDBC

Databases: Oracle 12c, SQL Server 2008

Development Tools: IBM Blueworks, Eclipse 3.2, Toad, SOAP UI, IBM RTC, SVN and Microsoft TFS

Application Servers: IBM WAS 8.5, WebLogic 10 & Tomcat 5.0

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux


Confidential, Columbus, OH

Onshore Lead Consultant


  • Technical responsibility for multiple projects in Claims system like migrate Claims System from version 7.0.3 to 9.0, Integrating the Claims System with Mitchell for Loss Estimation, Updating New requirement with Existing CCC Integration for Auto Appraisal process (Method of Investigation), Configuration porjects with change in business for Segmentation and Assignment of Claims and Exposures, Managing the Note Templates and UI related updates (PCF changes).

Environment: Java. J2EE, GOSU, Confidential 7.0.3 & Contact Manager 7.0

Confidential, Pocatello, ID

Onshore Lead Consultant


  • Migration of products from Legacy Policy Administrative System to Guidewire Policy Center 8.0.4. Used Guidewire Policy
  • Designer for creating Product, adding Lines (personal Liability, Crime, Inland Marine), adding multiple CoveragesCoverage terms & term limits.

Environment: Java, GOSU, DB2, IBM RAD 8.5, SVN, SOAP UI

Confidential, Portsmouth, NH

Onshore Lead Developer


  • Outbound assessment assignments to shops are triggered through Exposure Pre - Update rules, which trigger custom events indicating the estimating platform.
  • Then the mediation layer consumes the messages from vendor and transforms to send to Claim Center via web services.
  • The web services, in turn, update the system of record with the assessment information.
  • These system updates and run a variety of business rules which inform users, including appraisers and claim service representatives, of actions to take regarding customer/claimant contact, repair facility engagement, and automatic as well as payment creation.

Environment: Java, GOSU, Oracle 12c, BM RAD 8.5, IBM RTC 4.0, SOAP UI, SQL developer


Onshore Lead Developer

Environment: Java, J2EE, GOSU, Oracle 12c, IBM RAD 8.5, IBM RTC 4.0, SOAP UI, SQL developer, putty


  • As an Onshore Lead Developer and Point of Contact to Client manager, assigning the project work to Offshore team and updating the status to client.
  • Educating the Offshore with Business and Technical challenges from Onshore by reaching BA’s and SME’s.
  • Claim Center 9.0 Pre-Upgrade changes related tasks like Data model, Configuration & Integration changes.
  • Creating the technical design document for integrating the Claims Center with Mitchell to calculate Fault % estimation.
  • Attending the Scrum calls with Offshore, Onshore and allocate tasks in TFS to track the Project Progress.
  • Multiple Pre-Upgrade technical tasks like Database consistency issues, Updating Multiple Unsupported Changes, Configuration & Integration changes related to Claim Center version 9.0.
  • Technical Code Review of Offshore team and Individual Contribution in Coding.
  • Helping Onshore client development team in Gosu Best Practices.
  • Communicating the Business requirement from BA’s & SME’s to my team.
  • As a Lead Developer, developed the major components such as Question set Uploader, Adding the parent dependency Question Utility classes.
  • Creating UW (Under Writer) issues and screen level Validations while Quick/Full QUOTE Policy.
  • Creation of Brand New Wizard for CPP submission, assigning the PCF creation to the team.
  • Creation of Custom Data Model entities, that are required for new LOB.
  • Participating in Sprint planning & Scrum meetings with BA’s & QA team.
  • Customized Submission, Renewal, Policy Change, Rewrite
  • Helping development team in writing GUnits test cases.
  • Guidewire Configuration/Integration
  • Creation of multiple web services Publishing and Consuming
  • Walk through the existing core Policy Administrative System to understand the functional knowledge.
  • Meeting with Database Administrators to understand existing database tables & relation between the tables to create the entities in Guidewire Policy Center.
  • Helping team in Product Designer 9 to create Coverages, Conditions, Exclusions, Availability & Validations
  • As a Lead Developer, created a tool which can load Coverage term limits into Policy Designer 9.
  • Customized the Policy Center OOB (Out of Box) functionalities as per client requirement.
  • Developed multiple Custom Batch Jobs in Policy Center 9
  • Developed the GUnit test cases and performed the testing
  • Creation of new PCF's and modifying the existing UI as per business requirement.
  • Writing new Business Rules Assignment, Preupdate, Validation rule and so on.
  • To update the current Web service as per the business requirement.
  • Creation of Gosu utility classes that can be used across multiple classes.
  • Adding GUnits for new and modified code changes.
  • Update the UI as per new business requirement.
  • Creation of Business flow diagrams using IBM Blueworks.
  • Modifying the Data model & coordinating with Data architects.
  • To merge the code form version 6 to 8, remove compilation errors
  • Upgrade the internal tools to version 8(Claim Clone, Data update)
  • As a Lead Developer, developed the major components such as
  • Updating the necessary changes on the existing integration with external systems from claims center.
  • Updating the UI as per new version change and fix version change issues.
  • Fix defects that are raised due to upgrade in JDK and Oracle versions.
  • Update GUnit test classes and its process to accommodate new CC8 version.
  • Creating Guidewire tickets and follow-up on critical defects.
  • To meet the SME (subject matter expert) to understand business requirement
  • As a Lead Developer, developed the major components such as
  • Creation of new web services that can be used by the vendor integration
  • Creation of New Activities, loading activity-patterns, task patterns.
  • Configuring the Services screen for Rental, Appraisal, and Repair Status.
  • Developed the GUnits test cases and performed the testing for the custom Gosu classes
  • Analysis of the business requirement
  • As a Lead Developer, developed the major components such as
  • Worked on the PC Rating Engine based on the external legacy rating system.
  • Customizing multiple payment wizard, trouble tickets, search screens, delinquency and invoice screen (Billing Center)
  • Creation of custom History events for different Activities(Billing Center)
  • Developed Custom Batch Jobs for Producer(Billing Center)
  • Configuration and creation of Coverage’s (Policy Center)
  • Developed new Quick Quote screens for both Property and Personal Auto LOB.
  • Customized the policy center OOB (Out of Box) functionalities as per client.
  • Customized Submission, Renewal, Policy Change, Rewrite (Policy Center)
  • Developed the GUnits test cases and performed the testing for the custom Gosu classes
  • Analysis of the business requirement
  • Prepare low level design document by mentioning the business rules implementation, class level information, exception handling mechanism and logging approach
  • Lead a team of 5 members. Provide guidance from a technical standpoint.
  • Gather requirements from Business Analysts to understand the system functionality.
  • Analyze the system data model to understand the business configuration requirement
  • Participate in business user meetings to understand the dependency with other teams
  • Participate in daily standup meetings. Estimate the Sprint tasks.
  • Write custom batch jobs in Gosu for certain critical functionalities
  • Involved in customizing Plug-ins for Billing Center
  • Wrote GUnits test cases to test the upgraded components
  • He was the primary person involved in fixing defects during QA Execution.
  • Participated in comprehensive Product training on Confidential 5.0, Billing Center 3.0 training which was conducted by product experts from Guidewire Inc. Training included the major areas of Configuration.
  • Gathering requirements for each ‘User Story’ from Business Analysts.
  • Coding, Unit testing and Fixing QA issues
  • Data Model, Business Configuration
  • Billing Center Administration
  • GScript functions, rules and libraries
  • Involved in internal training on Guidewire Configuration
  • Can connect to different relational databases like Oracle, SQL SERVER and DB2 through ANSI standard SQLS
  • Can put the messages in to MQ Series.
  • Scheduled batch reporting (via Job Framework). It can be scheduled with CRON using time expressions specific to the UNIX CRON scheduler.
  • Report delivery via Email or Browser based on business requirement and formats in PDF, EXCEL, TXT, HTML etc.
  • Involved in end-to-end development of reports.
  • Lead a team of 3 members for technical guidance.
  • Designed and developed reusable generic classes across all modules.
  • Responsible for delivering modules and communicating status to the client, fixing QA & UAT issues and involved in production promotes every month.
  • Administration front-end
  • Participant front-end
  • Processes and interfaces to backend and market data
  • Calculation module.
  • The functionalities include:
  • Ability to handle multiple firms
  • Firm specific “Look and Feel” of the front ends
  • The complete communication of SOP with the backend works via file transfer.
  • New languages will be added without any programming requirements.
  • Understanding User requirements.
  • Preparation of UML through Rational Rose.
  • Design and construction Web Applications.
  • Code development.
  • Development of different modules like: Customer Verification, SDN Check, Stop Payment, APIN Request, Statement Request, Account Maintenance Queries.
  • Responsible for delivering modules and communicating status to the client, fixing QA & UAT issues and involved in creation of build.
  • Drag and drop graphical environment
  • Remote and secure administration from the LAN or predefined locations on the internet
  • Administration of multiple firewalls from the same client
  • Monitoring, Alerts, High Availability, user administration.
  • As a team member developed the UI in SWING.
  • Updating the review comments from lead, deliver the code to QA environment.
  • Test the Functionality before submitting to QA.
  • Fixing the defects from QA team and updating defect list.

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