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Java Developer Resume


  • IT Professional with 10+ years in object - oriented analysis and development, database design, algorithms, coding systems and applications for Internet/Intranet, legacy data and systems integration, service oriented architecture and excellent communication skills, knowledge of financial industry instruments such as derivatives, equities, fixed income.


Server: Java 5,6,7,8( Core & J2EE), Java Messaging, Spring 5+(Core, MVC, JMS,JDBC, RESTful Services), JPA/Hibernate, SQL( Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server), MongoDB, Hadoop, Apache, Apache Camel, JBoss, Tomcat, Maven, Java Security, EJB3.1, Akka, Docker

WEB & Mobile: Struts 1& 2, Servlets, JSP

Web Services: Restlet Framework,JAX-RS, Jackson, JAX-B, Apache CXF, Apache Axis2, Spring Boot, Spring REST, Spring WS

Search: Lucene & Solr, Elastic Search

Scripting: Unix/Linux, Perl

Object Oriented Design: Design Patterns



Java Developer


  • Setup, analyzed and configured the High Availability environment of Investools Education Platform
  • Worked on multiple legacy projects streamlining and refactoring codebase to Java 8 and Test Driven Environment standards and to improve latency and throughput
  • Developed ETL process utilizing Apache Camel and Spring Batch for handling multiple nightly process of processing batch feeds, market data information from various sources and daily user and feed data from multiple sources .
  • Utilized Git for source code control
  • Developed Spring Boot applications, full understanding of Spring Boot utilizing Gradle and Maven configuration and thorough understanding of Spring configuration from XML to annotation based configuration
  • Followed Agile development standards of daily scrum meetings, weekly development iterations and deployments


Java Engineer


  • Gathered requirements and technical specifications for SOA project
  • Spring 3 was used for transaction processing, Aspect Oriented processing, Dependency Injection. Annotation configuration
  • EJB3 was used for creating Stateful & Stateless session beans and Message Driven beans, with use of AOP interceptors, transaction wrapped beans
  • EJB3 Java Persistence API and Annotations with Hibernate was used as a Object Relational Mapping solution for accessing Oracle database entities.
  • Utilized Java Security API for Authentication and Authorization access to services and resources at page, class and method level.
  • JAX-RS was used for implementing Restful services
  • JAXB was used for marshaling/unmarshaling JSON/XML objects into java objects
  • Implemented JUnit test driven unit testing and development
  • Maven was utilized as the application repository and used to build and manage the project
  • Apache Camel was used for integration tasks routing and converting data
  • Hadoop was used to gather usage statistic data
  • Linux used as development and production environment
  • Oracle12 relational database used as database
  • Ehcache used as 2nd level Hibernate cache


Sr. Consultant / Analyst


  • Gathered requirements and developed technical specifications and project plan for project.
  • Flex 4 was used for development of web interface, Blaze DS was used for interfacing with server layer
  • Pure MVC framework for Flex was used to modularize application separating business logic, controller functionality, and data access
  • Java was used for integration with data server and processing business of information
  • Spring framework was utilized for dependency injection, and aspect oriented processing and transaction procession,
  • Core Java was used for server processing, multithreading, annotations, java collections
  • JMS was used to access message server to retrieve consumer message information to be sent to web layer
  • Oracle was utilized as the relational database

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