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Android Developer Resume


  • Professional IT experience in Android application development, testing and deployment in consumer and Enterprise Applications.
  • Proficient with Android application development lifecycle from application creation to deployment in Google Play.
  • Expertise in Android Studio IDE for developingAndroid applications.
  • Experience in using Fragments, Activity workflow, UI layout designs and using Restful services.
  • Experienced in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)such as Requirements Gathering, Project Design, Development, Support and maintenance phases to meet requirement of project and familiar with agile software development methodologies as well.
  • Experience in using SQLite Databasefor mobile data management
  • Experience on Android UI components such as Menus, Dialogs and Action bars for various layouts in Application development.
  • Good understanding of Restful Web Services, XML Parsing and JSON.
  • Used Circle CI for Continuous integration
  • Collaborated with web services team to implement the backend support.
  • Used android Lint for code formatting and better code.
  • Integrated Crashlytics for logging the crash reports.
  • Experience with GIT, JIRA tools
  • Knowledge on Rxjava2, Dagger2
  • Used Leak Canary for detecting the memory leaks
  • Experienced with using the Source Tree tool for GIT version control
  • Experience in working with Third - party libraries and API’s
  • Experienced with Agile software development processes with focus on Design and Development methodologies.
  • Implementation of performance methodologies
  • Strong knowledge on Android components such as intents, services, broadcast receivers, providers, activities, 9patch images, fragments etc.
  • Experience as an Analyst interacting with the clients and application users for the Requirements, Specifications and enhancements of applications.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills


Programming Languages: Java, C, C++

Scripting Languages: JavaScript

Web technologies: Web Services (SOAP, Restful)

GUI: HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and jQuery

IDE’s: Android Studio, Eclipse

Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite

Version Control: GIT, SVN, Stash (Bit Bucket) and Source Tree

Operating Systems: Windows 10, Mac OS

Debugging and Testing Tools: JUnit, Logcat, Git



Android Developer


  • Participated in complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for proper analysis, development, testing, deployment and enhancement of the code.
  • Excellent debugging and problem-solving skills with Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Android Studio.
  • Develop Code usingAndroid SDK
  • Maintaining a clean architecture using the MVVM design pattern and popular libraries Retrofit 2, Dagger 2 and Butter Knife.
  • Experience on Android UI components such as Recycler View, List View, Customized List View, Menus, Dialogs, Action bars for various layouts in Application development.
  • Implemented JSON and RESTful API Web Service calls for data validation, data parsing and server interactions.
  • Utilizing AsyncTask, Thread, Handler, Services to provide smooth UI Experience.
  • Jenkins for Continuous Integration.
  • Developing rich UI for most of the modules in the applications Using Navigation Drawer.
  • Good understanding of Restful Web Services, XML Parsing and JSON.
  • Tested the app across different versions ofAndroid and differentAndroid phones to assure quality and performance.
  • Experience with GIT, JIRA, Maven, Jenkins tools
  • Used Recycler View for displaying the results.
  • Designing and implementing UI pages and components like views, Controllers, tab views, custom table, view cells etc.
  • Included Dagger2 for dependency injection for mocking JSON with Mockito into REST API web service.
  • Used Agile process programming with 2-week sprint cycles.
  • Implemented Broadcast Receivers for Android
  • Used Shared preferences to store data.
  • Participated in daily stand-up meetings and involved with Scrum project estimation meeting on bi-weekly basis
  • Designed the Custom Dialog using the Fragment Activity.
  • Created test cases and test data for testing the application.

Environment: Android SDK, Shared preferences, Retrofit, Restful web services, JUnit, Dagger, Recycler View, Butter Knife, Espresso, Jenkins.


Android Developer


  • Involved in Requirement gathering, writing design specification document and identified the appropriate design pattern to develop the application.
  • Used RxJava2 and Dagger for creating and getting user credentials for login Screen.
  • Implemented Controller and Presenter pattern
  • Coordinated with UI team members to get the desired screen layouts.
  • Developed the activities and UI components
  • Developed user-friendly user-interfaces using Card Views, Dialogs, Different Layouts, Buttons visibility, Edit texts, as per requirements.
  • Identified Content Provider component to share the login response to other CVS applications.
  • Used Retrofit and OkHttp for web services and Gson parsers with secured data interchange.
  • Used JUnit test cases for TDD
  • Roboelectric
  • Used Jenkins for Continuous Integration.
  • I am the only Android developer while developing this application.
  • Involved in the full life cycle of this project including planning, design, development and testing
  • Collaborated with web services team to implement the backend support.
  • Provided assistance and feedback on login design and implementation.
  • Created test cases and test data for testing the application.
  • Created new UI screens for the native application, worked with the UI team to display the appropriate icon and tested the functionality of the screens.

Environment: Android SDK, SQLite Database, Retrofit, Restful web services, JUnit, Espresso, Jenkins.

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