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Sr. Java Developer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Experience in full software development life cycle using Object Oriented Methodologies/ Programming.
  • Expertise through all parts of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in developing applications using JAVA, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, IBatis, Web services, SOA, SOAP.
  • Experience in implementing Java, J2EE, MVC Design Patterns and GOF Design Patterns.
  • In - depth knowledge with extensive hands-on experience in Core Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, ibatis, Servlets, JSP, JSTL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular.JS, JQuery, XML, JSON, AJAX, SOAP Web Services, REST Web Services, JDBC, Multithreading, Java Collections Framework, Java Messaging Service, Big Data, Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Agile, Scrum.
  • Expertise in analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance of large scale object oriented applications.
  • Experienced in writing SQL queries, procedures, Triggers and Stored Procedures in PL/SQL.
  • Extensive knowledge and hand-on experience in Spring, Hibernate frameworks, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, JMS, XML, Struts, spring, Hibernate, Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Involved in all phases of Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) using agile development methodology.
  • Application Development and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Analysis and Design.
  • Experience using and deploying enterprise applications in Web Sphere Application Server and Tomcat.
  • Extensive Experience in Core Java with Multithreading techniques in various domains.
  • Used Object-oriented analysis (OOA) for object-modeling techniques to analyze the functional requirements for a system.
  • Strong Analytical, Problem Solving, Debugging and Interpersonal skills with excellent understanding of system development metrics, techniques and tools.
  • Used the coreJavaAPI's like Collections, Multi-Threading and Exception Handling while codingwith Spring Framework in Eclipse IDE.
  • Quick learner, Hard dedicated worker with passion and drive to learn new skills.
  • Used various CoreJavaconcepts such as Multi-Threading, Exception Handling, Collection APIs to implement various features and enhancements.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Java Developer


  • Design and develop new features in website using Java/J2EE and enhance existing features.
  • Working on framework APIs like spring, Hibernate, iBatis.
  • Application development using Java/J2EE Technologies which include Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, Web Services (SOAP and RESTFUL)
  • Integrated Spring with Hibernate and made as Spring been using Hibernate Template and used Apache CXF for developing SOAP & REST web services.
  • Work on FIXProtocol for Futures & Options using QuickFIX Open Source Protocol and Cameron proprietary software.
  • Developed the application using Spring Framework that leverages classical Model View Controller (MVC) architecture.
  • Implemented Business processes such as user authentication, Account Transfer using spring 4 beans in the service layer.
  • Developed complete Web tier of the application with Spring 4 MVC framework.
  • Develop structured, efficient and error free codes for Big Data requirements using my knowledge in Hadoop and its Eco-system.
  • Came up with unique data quality strategy in big data warehouse. Catching up unique values and finding the variation.
  • Actively involved in Big data integration OneView project.
  • Processed unstructured Big data using Hadoop, Pig, Hive and pushed into EDW.
  • Worked in Configuring the Talend Server for Big Data and MDM on Windows and Linux.
  • Extensively used Hibernate 4 framework for Object Relational Mapping.
  • Implemented Algorithms for Recovery and Isolation Exploiting Semantics (ARIES) using C++ individually, to enable logging and recovery of a database system
  • Supported the consistency between DB2 and Sybase for Equity and Fixed Income trading data,
  • UsedJava, multithreading, JDBC,QuickFIX, Sybase, GemFire, MS SQL, Tibco, Financial Fusion and Eclipse to design and implement high volume, low latency and multithreading FIX trading platform. usingFIXProtocol, C++, UNIX shell scripting, Perl, stored procedures, DB2 and Sybase utilities for performance monitoring.
  • Designed and developed a C++ multi-thread library that implements mutex lock, conditional variable, thread and CPU scheduling
  • Prepared strong Unit test cases for defectfixto ensure quality code.
  • Testing the Live defects when reported by Users to supportquickfix.
  • Involved in production support for fixing bugs in the production environment.
  • Worked on building jquery modules and vue.js apps.
  • Custom HTML markup was written in combination with Vue.js to stream-line JavaScript development.
  • Data was bound to the components with MVVM using Kendo and Vue.JS, and was retrieved, created, updated, & deleted using REST.
  • Built web application using Vue.js and Firebase.
  • Develop custom drag and drop tree view, web application to transfer and arrange HL7 data using Angular, html5, Vue.js.
  • Developed UI using Visual C++, MFC and C# windows Form application
  • Used Fix Inventory to collect data about the usage of license metrics other than PVU and RVU MAPC.
  • Developed Java Server Faces portals using J2EE architecture of the portal application.
  • Developed the different components of application such as JSPs, using Web sphere Studio Application Developer and used Git for version control.
  • Developed back-end stored procedures and triggers using Oracle PL/SQL, to communicate with Mongo DB database.
  • Involved in database objects creation, performance tuning of stored procedures, and query plan.
  • Created the set up for running Distributed data storage and computation in windows by using Hadoop
  • Developed website and created graphics for website using JavaScript, React.JS.
  • Implemented a Node.js server to manage authentication.
  • Designed a bootstrap module for the Application startup including Web Tier
  • Writing Java Code for Fetching the data from Cassandra or RDBMS into Cassandra
  • Deployed the applications in formats of WAR, JAR, and EAR inWeblogic.
  • Implemented and created dynamic Web Projects using Maven Script and Angular, Web logic Application Server, Jenkins.
  • Worked on JavaScript frame work for building web pages using Angular JS, Backbone, Bootstrap, Node.JS, and React.JS.
  • Designed and Developed SOA enterprise system using Oracle SOA Suite.
  • Developed automation test cases using Java, Selenium and Junit on Eclipse.
  • Developed UML Use case diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Architected communication between different programming platforms using SOAP, XML-RPC and web services.
  • Design & Development of the User Interfaces using HTML, CSS and JSP
  • Developed XSD for validation of XML request coming in from Web Service
  • Implemented SOA architecture with web services using XML.
  • Worked on agile environment uses incremental approach and also have daily standup meetings.

Tools: & Technologies: Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Ibatis, Oracle, PL/ SQL, C++, QuickFix, FIX, XML, Cassandra, Database, Hadoop, REST, Soap, Web Services, Angular.js, React.JS, Node.js, Bootstrap.js, Backbone.js, JavaScript, Eclipse, Weblogic, Git, GitHub, Junit, Agile, UML, JSP, Xml, SOA

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Java Developer


  • Developed and configured the Java beans using Spring, Hibernate and Struts MVC.
  • Designed, coded and configured server side J2EE components like Spring, Hibernate, JSP, Ibatis, XML.
  • Involved in multi-tiered J2EE design utilizing MVC architecture (Struts Framework), Hibernate and EJB deployed on Websphere Application Server connecting to an Oracle, PL/SQL database.
  • Used Profiling tool JVM monitor to detect andfixissues in the code
  • Working on testing FIX messages like heartbeat, logon, logout, resend request, reject, sequence, pre-trade, trade and post-trade messages using Exchange simulatorQuickFix (Fix Engine) and FIX message Parser.
  • Developing new features for PTC/UTCS module using C++/ STL/Boost APIs as per FRA guidelines.
  • Done Exchange connectivity Integration with Lynx usingQuickFIX/J is a full featured messaging engine for the FIX protocol.
  • Provided support for production issues and helpedfixthem.
  • Worked closely with the testers to test the application thoroughly in clone andfixany defects.
  • Worked on analyzing Hadoop cluster using different big data analytic tools including Pig, Hive, and MapReduce.
  • Developing structured, efficient and error free codes for Big Data requirements using my knowledge in Hadoop and its Eco-system.
  • Expert in Big data technologies like Apache Spark, H20, Elastic Search, Cassandra, YARN, Hive, Storm and Kibana.
  • Architected, Designed and Developed Big Data solutions for various implementations.
  • Enhancing and writing new tools and utilities in C++ to be used by deployment team.
  • Installation, Configuration and Administration of Confidential WebSphere Application Server versions, Fixand Confidential License Metric Tool on Windows Environments.
  • Multi-Threaded Fix Sessions were managed usingFixEngine.
  • Providedengine for connection to real-time pricing using FIX.
  • C++ and Shell Scripting development for SUMMIT accounting driver and generating reports.
  • Involved in designing, developing and testing of J2EE components like Java Beans, Java, XML, Collection Framework, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, DB2, CRUD
  • Implemented Spring JDBC Templates for database calls. Used Possess application Server experience with Bea Web logic, Java Web Server and Web Sphere Application Server.
  • Built servers and web services in Node.js, interacting with MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra.
  • Creation of REST Web Services for the management of data using Apache CXF
  • Designing of application involve Use case diagrams, Class diagrams, Sequence diagrams.
  • Designed extensive additions to existing Web Application utilizing SOA.
  • Developed User Interfaces using JSP, and HTML.
  • Developed Contract List to pull all the contracts which returned a JSON
  • Application is deployed on WebSphere Application server. Maven is used as a build tool.
  • Used XML Web Services using SOAP to transfer the amount to transfer application
  • Developed JSP pages and Servlets for customer maintenance
  • Developed the application using agile methodology and followed TDD, Scrum.
  • Developed the UML Use Cases, Sequence and Class diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Designed asynchronous messaging using Java Message Service (JMS).
  • Usage of version control repository SVN.
  • Implemented Web Services in JAXP based on SOAP protocols using XML and XSLT.
  • Developed JUnit test cases for all the developed modules.
  • Develop End User web pages using PHP in a laravel framework on wamp.
  • Designed the UML diagrams based on the OOAD principles and Agile/Scrum development methodology and test cases and performed unit test using JUnit Framework.

Tools: & Technologies: Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, Hadoop, BigData, PL/ SQL, JDBC, MongoDB, C++, QuickFix, FIX APACHE CXF, Soap, Web Services, Eclipse, Websphere Portal, Subversion, Junit, Scrum, Database, UML, Class diagram, Angular.js, JavaScript, CSS, Html5, Node.js, Bootstrap.js, Backbone.js, JQuery, JSP, JSTL, SERVLET, MAVEN, Xml, SOA, JMS, Apache Tomcat, Linux, PHP

Confidential, Boston, MA

Software Developer


  • Implemented application level persistence using Spring, Hibernate.
  • Configured Struts, Hibernate framework with Spring MVC.
  • Implemented ORM mapping and Dependency Injection in a Spring, Hibernate framework.
  • Used Spring for cross cutting concerns and IOC for dependency injection.
  • Developed reusable and interoperable Web service modules based on SOA architecture using SOAP and RESTFUL
  • Developed the service layer, a layer that acts a bridge between the presentation layer and data access layer, with Spring framework.
  • Expertise with NoSQL databases like HBase, Cassandra, Dynamo DB (AWS) and MongoDB.
  • Worked on developing the web services classes, WSDL using Apache Axis. Developed Web Services to retrieve data from legacy systems.
  • Involved in the analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of benefit shift Project.
  • Development of the Service classes to interact with the database using iBatis XML file.
  • Used IBatis extensively to allow object-to-relational persistence framework.
  • Implemented Data Access Layer using JDBC Connections and IBATIS.
  • Developed web services components using XML, SOAP and Axis.
  • Developed the view-controller components using Servlets/JSPs, JavaScript, CSS, Web services, and DHTML
  • Creation of database objects like tables, views, stored procedures, materialized views and packages using oracle tools like PL/SQL developer.
  • Worked in agile andwaterfallmethodologies with high quality deliverables delivered on-time.
  • Developed user-friendly interface to seamlessly combine the new module with existing login system by using AngularJS
  • Developed the JSON structure for the data transfer in between the Goggle Web Toolkit (UI) and business tier

Tools: & Technologies: Java, Hibernate, Spring, XML, Tortoise SVN, JSP, DB2, MVC, J2EE, Agile, JUnit, Maven, UML, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Log4J, Oracle, Vaadin, Agile methodology, JavaScript, AngularJS, Eclipse, PL/SQL, JBoss.

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