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Full Stack Developer Resume

Phoenix, AZ


  • 8 years’ experience involved as Java/J2EE /UI Developer in Object Oriented Development, implementation and maintenance of web and distributed Enterprises applications using JAVA/J2EE and UI technologies.
  • Experience in designing and developing web - based applications using Java/J2EE, SOAP/WSDL and RESTful Web services.
  • Experience in developing MVC frameworks using Spring MVC, Struts 1.x/2.X, EJB.
  • Experience in Core Java concepts Collections, Multi-Threading, Strings, Generics, Exceptional Handling.
  • Proficient in XML and its parsing technologies like XSL/XSLT, SAX, DOM, X path, SOAP, WSDL, DTD, XSD, XMI, SOA, JAXB, JAXP, Apache Axis.
  • Experience in working with SOA architecture by producing/consuming SOAP based web services using Apace Axis, CXF engines. Experience in producing and consuming Rest-full based web services.
  • Experience in Hibernate and in using Hibernate Connection Pooling, HQL, Collections, Hibernate Caching, Hibernate Transactions, and Optimistic.
  • Experience in building up Spring Application Context with dependency injection by utilizing various versions of Sprig Framework 3.X/4.X JSF 2.x these enable to import and work of supporting from external JDBC/Hibernate/Web Services/ Struts /JNDI API frameworks.
  • Created various spring boot and spring batch applications to connect them to various databases and created queries to retrieve data and modify the tables for the databases.
  • Efficiently handled periodic exporting of SQL data into Elasticsearch.
  • Experience in developing JAR, WAR, EAR files using building tools ANT, Maven.
  • Knowledge of Financial Information exchange (FIX) protocol messaging standard developed specifically for the real-time electronic exchange of securities transactions and real-time trading, historical market data, analysis of this data, and routing of an order to the best trading entity for a transaction.
  • Worked with Elastic Search and utilized NOSQL for non relation data storage and retrieval.
  • Experience with Web Sphere Application Server of 6.0/6.1 with RAD IDM and other popular servers Apache Tomcat web server 5.0/7.0/8.0 and JBOSS 4.x/6.x/7.x and BEA Web logic 8/9/11
  • Experience in RDBMS technologies like Oracle, MySQL, and Postgres using Functions, Triggers, And Stored Procedures and involved immensely in the activity of writing of complex queries, by using My SQL, DB2, Oracle 9i/9 g/10g.
  • Experience in using Subversion, GitHub and SVN as version controlling tools.
  • Experience in software development Life Cycle(SDLC) in developing and designing user friendly, cross browser complaint web sites and User Interface(UI) applications using JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, HTML4/5, CSS2/3, DOM, AJAX, XML, Solid Professions with IA/UX.
  • Experience in Applying the latest development approaches including MVC, event-driven applications using AJAX, object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, and XML
  • Experience in CMS tools Like Word Press and Drupal while worked on PHP and MYSQL as part of development.
  • Extensively utilized the AJAX for database connection, Object Oriented (OO) JavaScript, JSON, and XML, in-Depth Knowledge/Experience of Web 2.0, JavaScript, JQuery, W3C standards.
  • Experienced in Bootstrap (responsive design), Backbone, and AngularJS, React.JS frameworks.
  • Good Knowledge in Unified Modeling Language (UML), Flow Charts, Class Diagrams, User Diagrams, Activity and Sequence Diagrams.
  • Strong Knowledge in Agile Development (Scrum) and Waterfall Methodologies.
  • Experience in creating Templates, Mockups and Prototypes, Web Interfaces, Layouts and Flow of future pages Using Web Standards.
  • Experience in using of Jenkins Continuous integration and continuous deployment having good knowledge on it tools.
  • Used the various annotation from Netflix frameworks and Spring boot, Spring cloud for load balancing, for enabling circuit breaker pattern.
  • Competent at building a single page application website using AngularJS, Angular 2, Angular 4, and MVC.
  • Experience in Linux, Red Hat, UNIX, and Windows Operating system administration tools and methods.
  • Experience on Amazon Web Services (AWS) like EC2 instances, Amazon Simple DB, and Amazon Cloud Watch.
  • Experience in developing the applications using Python and Ruby programming.
  • Experienced in Payment Systems (Gate Ways) of its security standards and protocol procedure.
  • Provided support and executed automated testing, System integration testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing on various platforms like SIT, UAT and production.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to new environments and learn new technologies.
  • Excellent analytical capabilities with strong communication skills.
  • Have worked on project estimate technologies like Work Breakdown Structure, Use case Points and Function Point Analysis.


Design Skills and Testing tools: Design patterns (Singleton, Business Delegate, IOC, DAO, SDLC, Active MQ etc.), MVC Design patterns, GOF Design patterns, J2EE Design patterns, EJB Design patterns, J Unit, Testing, Scala Test, AN, DB Unit.

Methodologies: UML, OOPS, V Lifecycle Model, Agile and scrum, OSGI, Information Systems Development Methodology (ISDM)

Open Source Frameworks: Struts 1.x/2, x Spring Framework 3.X/ 4.x, Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring Context, Spring DAO, Spring ORM, Spring JMS, GO4, Spring Web Services, Spring Batch, Spring boot, Spring Integration, Node.js, JSP, JSTL, JNDI, Hibernate

Web/Application Servers: Web Logic 8.1/9.1/10.3 , IBMDB2, Web Sphere 7.0/8.0, JBOSS 4.0/5.0, Apache Tomcat 6.0/7.0.


Database & tools: SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, MySQL, No SQL, Mongo DB, Cassandra, HIPPA, Sybase, IBMDB2, GWT, Tibco.

IDE’s: Eclipse, RAD6.x/7.x, JBuilder, Net Beans, IntelliJ.

Languages: Core Java, C, C++, Ruby, Python, Scala, Java script, Shell scripting I/O.

J2EE: J2EE (JSP, Servlets, JSTL, Custom Tags, EJB, JMS, JDBC, Web Services JAX-WS, JAX-RS, XML Parsing, XSLT), Servlet, JTA, JNDI, LDAP, Struts, JSF.

Core Java: Collection, Multithreading, concurrency, RMI, Sockets, Reflection, Java Beans.

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, Perl Script, Shell Script, Power shell, Ajax, JQuery, Angular Js, Angular 2, Node.js Bootstrap. Js, React. Js, Angular 4

Protocols and UML Tools: SOAP, LDAP, Restful, SOA, Node.JS, Backbone.JS, Ext.JS, HTTP, HTTPS/SSL, TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet, Rational Rose 2002, Microsoft Visio, Jasper/I report

Source Control: CVS, SVN, GitHub

Project Management: Jira1.4, Microsoft Project, TestDirector7.0.

Other Tools: Maven3.x Ant1.x, Log4J, Apache Tomcat, Apache Camel

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS


Confidential - Phoenix, AZ

Full Stack Developer


  • Designed and coded application components in an Agile Environment utilizing a Test-Driven development approach.
  • Worked on the design and development of multithreaded n-tier application in a distributed environment to support new CMS System.
  • Writing the PL/SQL procedure according to the rule configurations.
  • Implemented J2EE Design Patterns like MVC, Service Locator and Session Façade.
  • Extensively used JavaCollection framework and Exception handling.
  • Involved in developing JSP, AJAX for client data presentation and, data validation on the client side with in the forms.
  • Developed Struts MVC compliant components for the web tier.
  • Involved in Developing of Application based on J2EE using Hibernate and spring framework.
  • Developed Microservices with Spring boot and Spring Batch along with the test cases.
  • Proficient in TDD (Test Driven Development) by writing test cases using Jasmine, J-Unit Framework
  • Responsible for building the service from ground up using Jersey & React.
  • Involved in the development of the UI using JSP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS.
  • Used CSS3 for describing the presentation of Web pages, including colors, layout, and fonts. Validations for the Client Side were done using JavaScript.
  • Implemented the UI using Angular.JS 1.x/2.x and other third-party JavaScript libraries, implemented the cross-browser capabilities, DOM manipulation for performance improve.
  • Created TypeScript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component based architecture provided by Angular 2.
  • Responsible for spring configuration, Restful (Jersey) Configurations and web.xml.
  • Used spring's test framework to create integration tests for various spring boot and spring batch applications.
  • Used Java script and AJAX to query the Elastic search indices, format and display the JSON results in a web page using HTML and CSS.
  • Used the Dozer mapping for mapping collection objects with the HQL results.
  • Aided in the design of MySQL data models for migration from MySQL to Cassandra.
  • Developed the Restful endpoints, service & data access layers for end to end communication.
  • Worked on NoSQL database MongoDB for document-oriented data to store.
  • Developed the Spring AOP Programming to configure logging for the application
  • Used Hibernate and JPA ORM frameworks for database connectivity.
  • Involved in requirements gathering and design of application workflows.
  • Used maven and Jenkins building, continuous integration and testing purposes.
  • Implemented logger for debugging and testing purposes using Log4j.
  • Extensively used Linux, UNIX system administration tools to create servers and deploy and run applications in development stage.
  • Worked on AWS tools EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancer, Cloud Watch, and other tools deployed and maintained the applications in it.

Environment: Core Java (JDK 1.8), React.js, Node.js, HTML5/CSS3, JMS, Jersey RESTful framework, Spring MVC, Spring Boot, myasis, Hibernate, Log4J, JUnit, Mockito, Maven, Angular 2, Gradle, MongoDB Jenkins, MySQL, Eclipse IDE, CRUD and XML.

Confidential - Minnesota, MN

Full Stack Developer


  • Outstandingly involved in iterations of SDLC design, implementation, debugging and testing of functionalities of J2EE components java Beans, Java, XML, Collections Framework, JSP, Spring and Hibernate.
  • Design and Implementation of job definitions for the Active BatchCross Platform Job Scheduling and Management System.
  • Used Ajax for doing asynchronous calls to the spring controller classes.
  • Parsed JSON data and displayed it in the frontend screens using JQuery.
  • Implemented PL/SQLqueries and usedOracle stored procedures, and built-in functions to retrieve and update data from the databases.
  • Developed and consumed the Restful-Web services using Jersey libraries.
  • Used python, Ruby OOP’s concepts to create the patches for automation and to solve the performance issues.
  • Applied the advantages of Spring Core container for develop the applications loosely coupled and used Spring MVC for creating the independency in presentation layers from the business layers. Other technologies also were like Spring boot, Spring IOC and Spring AOP.
  • Experience in Microservices Architecture with Docker.
  • Implemented DAO layer using different hibernate techniques like strategies, Inheritance, annotations and criteria interfaces.
  • Developed UI using different layout patterns HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, And Angular JS.
  • Experience in writing client-side coding used for “V” in MVC using React.JS.
  • Implemented Ajax and JQuery based navigation system visually identical to previous table-based system to improve ease of maintenance and organic search engine placement.
  • Design and develop new web 2.0 features to improve UX and modernize the current web platform
  • Worked with JSON for data exchange between client and server.
  • Developed the MVC Patterns using Spring 3.0.
  • Docker is used for creating images that are deployed on AWS as Microservices.
  • Wrote client-Side code using React JS and used npm & gulp directories to generate the server environments and to monitor the application.
  • Migrating existing application into REST based Microservices to provide all the CRUD capabilities using Spring Boot.
  • Developed the pages that are complaint to W3C and ADA standards.
  • Worked on SASS for inheritance and color, page layout, and all designing concepts and converted to CSS file.
  • Defined and developed the application's presentation layer using JSP’s along with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Implemented the service using Node.js for performance, development, maintenance and deployment reasons.
  • Used JIRA for bug tracking and issue tracking.
  • Involved in creating test cases using JUnit for Java classes and Abstract spring dependency Injection test for spring beans.
  • Used maven and Jenkins building, continuous integration and testing purposes.
  • Implemented logger for debugging and testing purposes using Log4j.
  • Worked on AWS tools Cloud Watch, and other tools deployed and maintained the applications in it.
  • Used SVN as version controlling tool as it provides flexibility and faster solutions.

Environment: Java1.7/1.8,JSP,Struts2.0,Servlets2.3,HTML5,JavaScript,JQuery,Spring3.0,Node.js,React.JS,Bootstrap,Jersey,MySQL,Maven2.0/3.0,SpringBatch,Git,Eclipse2.x/3.x,Microservices,Webservices,AWS,JIRA,AngularJs, Jenkins,CSS3,Log4j and JUnit, Mongo DB, Linux.

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