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Sr. Java Developer Resume

Fort Worth, TX


  • 8 years of experience in Web Application Development, Client - Server based Enterprise Applications, and also has experience in large scale SDLC (Software Development and Life Cycle) including Requirements Analysis, Project Planning, System and Database Design, Object Oriented Analysis and Technical Design, Development, Implementation, Performance Tuning and Testing, and Documentation in Java/J2EE applications.
  • Worked with Waterfall and Scrum based Agile Methodology.
  • Expertise in implementing Design Patterns like Singleton, Front Controller, MVC(Model View Controller),Session Facade, Service locator, DAO(Data Access Object ), Factory and Abstract Factory, Strategy etc..
  • Experience in Multithreading, Executor Framework and Collection API.
  • Experience in developing web applications with various open source frameworks: Spring Framework,Struts Framework, Struts Validation and Tiles Frameworks, JSF.
  • Extensively worked on Spring JDBC, Spring Hibernate ORM and JPA
  • Expertise inSpring framework,includingSpring IoC/Core, Spring DAO support, Spring ORM, Spring AOP, Spring Security, Spring MVC, and Spring Integration
  • Experience with Spring AOP using Advice, Aspects and AOP Processor
  • Experience in SOAP (XML) and RESTFUL WebServices consuming and producing in XML, JSON data formats.
  • Used persistence frameworks, Hibernate, JPA to map POJOs to a relational database.
  • Experience in development and deployment of JAVA/J2EE web applications on Tomcat Web Server.
  • Also know Oracle Web Logic Application server and JBoss Application Server.
  • Experience in database design and implementation using different RDBMS like Oracle, MySQL.
  • Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript Libraries, AJAX, JSTL specification, Angular, Custom Tag Libraries, XML (SAX, DOM), JAXB and Resource Properties.
  • Experienced in using frameworks such as ANT, Log4J, JUNIT, JMeter and Maven.
  • Experience in build/deploy projects using Ant scripts, Maven and integrated with CI tools using Jenkins.
  • Proficient in integration of existing applications and using services provided in distributed applications through SOAP (JAX-WS), REST(JAX-RS) Web Services.
  • Experienced with Java Multithreaded programming to develop multithreaded modules and applications.
  • Strong knowledge of Java Messaging Service (JMS) and IBM MQ Series.
  • Experience in Microservices and Spring Boot application development.
  • Good at implementing client-server business applications using Microservices.
  • Used Jenkins with Maven to run the automated deployment process in AWS environment
  • Worked on AWS S3, EC2, SQS, SNS, IAM, AutoScaling services.
  • Extensive experience with Java compliant IDE’s like Eclipse, IntelliJ.
  • Hands on experience with version control systems like GIT, CVS (Concurrent Version Systems), and SVN(Apache Subversion) for providing common platform for all the developers.


Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, SQL, PLSQL.

Client & Server Scripting: JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, JSP, JSTL.

Version Control: Tortoise SVN, CVS, GIT.

Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

Database Tools: Toad for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

ORM Frameworks: Hibernate, iBatis.

J2EE MVC Frameworks: Struts, JSF, Spring, (Dependency Injection, Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring Context, Spring AOP, Spring DAO, Spring IOC, Spring JDBC, Spring with Hibernate, Spring Boot, Spring Batch).

IDEs: Eclipse, Intellij

Web service Specifications: SOAP JAX-WS, JAX-RS(Restful).

Middleware Technologies: JNDI, JDBC.

Design Patterns: Session Façade, Business Delegate, Front Controller, Service Locator, Singleton, Observer, DTO, DAO, MVC, Iterator, Factory, Abstract Factory.

UML Tools: MS Visio, Rational Enterprise.

JavaScript Frameworks: JQuery, Angular.

Build Tools: Ant, Maven, Gradle.

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Test Driven, Waterfall.

Messaging Technologies: JMS, SQS.

Transaction Control: JTA, Hibernate Transactions.

Tools: JUNIT, TestNG, Mockito, JIRA, Bugzilla

Loggers: Log4J, SLF4J.


Confidential, Fort Worth, TX

Sr. Java Developer


  • Involved in SDLC Requirements gathering, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of application using Agile Model.
  • Actively Involved in designing the outline of project, understanding of business necessities and interacted with other team members to understand the requirements for the project.
  • Used Java concepts like Collections, Generics, Exception handling, Concurrency to develop business logic
  • Implemented J2EE standards, MVC architecture using Spring(MVC)Framework and combined with ORM(Hibernate) framework.
  • Developed application modules using Spring MVC, Spring Annotations, Spring Beans, Dependency Injection, with database interface using Hibernate.
  • Involved in the design and development of Batch Jobs using Spring Batch Architecture. Used Multithreading to enable multiple operations to be performed simultaneously.
  • Experience in Spring Security and Spring MVC frameworks, and Hibernate ORM framework.
  • UsedSpring Inversion of Control, to make application easy to test and integrate.
  • Used Angular, JQuery, JSP, HTML and CSS for UI and JavaScript, JQuery for client-side validations.
  • UtilizedSpringAnnotationsforDependency Injection, Controller, Restful WebServices and ORM.
  • Implemented web services for communicating using REST.
  • Implement Swagger API for the rest documentation
  • Provided connections usingSpringwith Hibernateto the database and developedSQLqueries to manipulate the data.
  • UsedSpringDAOconcept to interact with Oracle database using Hibernate Template.
  • Developed and consumed asynchronous messaging using AWS SQS for FTP between multiple applications as per the business life cycle.
  • Used JUNIT for Unit testing, Log4J for logging and debugging purposes.
  • Deployed app on AWS EC2 Instances through CI tool on Tomcat container.
  • Designed and developed the framework to consume the web services hosted in Amazon EC2 instances
  • Interacted with testing team to fix defects.
  • Involved in bug fixes, enhancements and code refactoring.
  • Installing, Configuration and administering Jenkins with continuous.
  • For Project Pipelines/workflows system used Jenkins as CI Tool.
  • Implemented GIT configuration management tool for code versioning and release.
  • Used Eclipse for development as IDE and involved in Quality Control Activities such as defect tracking, fixing usingJIRA.

Environment: JAVA/J2EE, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Rest, Swagger API, AWS, SQS, EC2, JSP, HTML, CSS, Micro Service, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, Tomcat container, Oracle, Jenkins, Log4j, Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, Jira.


Full Stack developer


  • Responsible for requirement gathering analysis and documentation.
  • Responsible for coding the business logic using Spring MVC.
  • Used Spring AOP for cross cutting concerns like logging, security and transaction management.
  • Designed the data layer using a combination of SOAP, Restful web services and occasionally Hibernate ORM.
  • Worked on User interface system using Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON.
  • Performed deployment of applications on IBM WebSphere Application Server.
  • Involved in implementing validations, exception handling.
  • Implemented web services for communicating using REST.
  • Implement Swagger API for the rest documentation
  • Worked with XML, XSLT for building up & transforming the xml files.
  • Used IBM MQ and IBM Broker is used for transferring the data across multiple applications.
  • Used log4j for logging the debug and info logs.
  • Used Maven tool for building and packaging the application.
  • Used DB2 as backend database and developed business logic using Corejavaand Spring MVC for processing the front-end request and to fetch the data from database
  • Debugged, tested and documented code fixes for production issues working with both on shore and offshore resources.
  • Implemented GIT configuration management tool for code versioning and release.
  • Involved in assisting the operations support team in deploying code to the production servers.

Environment: JAVA/J2EE, JSP, Spring, Hibernate, Servlets, DB2 Server, JavaScript, Angular, Maven, Log4j, J Unit, Spring AOP, REST, Swagger API, SOAP, WebSphere, HTML, CSS, GIT, Bugzilla.

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