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Sr. Java Developer Resume

Woonsocket, RI


  • Around 9 years of extensive experience in Software Development Life Cycle, Web Application Design, Development, Maintenance, Programming, Testing, End - User Support of java-based web application.
  • Hands on experience in Struts, Spring, JSF, Hibernate, SAX, JAXB, DOM, ANT, JMS, and LOG4j, Spring IOC, Junit, and Web Services.
  • Strong experience in design and development of multi-tier application utilizing Java, Servlets, Struts, JSP, JSF, XML, SOAP JNDI, JDBC, Web Services, AngularJs and Spring Framework.
  • Experienced in RESTful services and distributed Web Services using Spring MVC, Jersey, JAXB, JSON, SOAP, AXIS, JAX-WS, and WSDL.
  • Good experience in implementing several object-oriented design patterns such as Singleton, Prototype, Model-View-Controller (MVC), Front Controller, Data Access Object, and Composite Entity.
  • Good experience in ILOG JRULES/IBM ODM BRMS, Authoring BOM, BOM to XOM mapping, Rule Flows, BAL rules, Decision tables, Decision Trees, and technical rules.
  • Expertise with spring, Hibernate ORM, Struts application frameworks.
  • Good at implementing the database designing, SQL, stored procedures using RDBMS like DB2, Oracle and MS SQL Server.
  • Good knowledge in spring framework-Spring IOC, Spring MVC, spring AOP and Spring Web flow
  • Experience in SDLC, Object oriented analysis/design and development, Model experience in WebSphere Portal design and View Controller, JAVA 8, J2EE (Servlets, JSPs, JDBC, EJB, JMS, Java Beans).
  • Followed scrum concepts of Agile Methodology and Waterfall to deliver high quality Software applications.
  • Strong experience with frontend technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Scripting languages like JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Angular JS.
  • Good Knowledge in NoSQL databases HBase, Mongo DB, Cassandra and relational data modeling, object-relational integration (ORM), physical design/tuning.
  • Implemented score control tools like CVS, VSS, SVN, GIT, Clear Case, Clear Quest, and ANT tools to manage source code and daily builds.
  • Expertise on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in intranet and internet applications using Web/application Servers like Tomcat, Web Sphere, Jboss and Web Logic Application Server.
  • Extensive experience in Web application development using - HTML, DHTML, CSS, JHTML, Swing, JavaScript, AngularJs, Backbone Js, Applets, AWT, RMI, XML, XSD, XSTL, UML.
  • Good understanding in implementing web application using AngularJS framework.
  • Built a complete CMS in AngularJS as Front end and java (using REST) as backend for creating web and mobile based applications.
  • Used the basic principles of MVC to in corporate the AngularJS to build client side application and Node.js for building server side API's.
  • Developed front end web applications by using web technologies such as AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap.
  • Implemented Micro-services platform build upon cloud foundry.
  • Experience as GUI developer using JSP, Ajax and J Query.
  • Good experience in using ANT and Maven build scripts for the project build and deployment process.
  • Experience in developing automated unit testing using Jmeter and Unit test cases using Junit, EasyMock, Mockito and PowerMock Frameworks.
  • Exposure building Java applications using tools like ANT, MAVEN and Gradle.
  • Experience in version control tools like SVN, Github and CVS.
  • Good Knowledge on working of various components of Splunk and installing, organizing and managing Splunk Clusters.
  • Extensively used Java 8 Streams, Lambdas and Filters to process Order data.
  • Proficient in Core Java concepts like Multi-threading, Collections and Exception Handling concepts.
  • Strong experience in developing and automating Selenium testing with Web Driver, Selenium IDE,Java, Jenkins, Junit.
  • Experienced in Behavior driven development (BDD) and Test-driven development (TDD) approach using SCRUM framework under Agile Methodology.
  • A resourceful team player with good inter-personal skills, effective problem solving and decision-making skills, looking for a satisfying career in a fair working environment with opportunities for growth.


Java/J2EETechnologies: Java 8, JDBC, J unit, JSP, Servlet, JavaScript, Ajax, EJB, SOAP and REST based Web Services, Spring Boot, JPA, JDBC, JMS and JSTL

Frameworks/Libraries: AngularJs, Hibernate, JSF, ReactJs, Spring, Struts, Soap, Log4J, RESTful, Mule ESB

Databases: Oracle RDBMS 11G, Graph DB, DB2, MySQL, PLSQL, NO SQL, SQL Server 2008

Application Server: Tomcat, BEA Web Logic, IBM Web Sphere, Web socket, Jboss

Environment: Centos, RHEL(bash), Linux, AIX, Windows Server, Sun Solaris

Designing skills: OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis & Design), AOP(Aspect Oriented Programming), GoF (Gang of Four),Scala Test and JEE Design Patterns

SDLC Methodology: Agile Methodology, Waterfall model, Extreme Programming

Tools: Eclipse, Ant, CVS, SVN, Clear Case, RSA, Soap UI, PMD, JIRA, Drools, ANT, MAVEN, Elastic path, Toad, SqlPlus, UML, JAX-RS, JAX-WS, WSDL, WSO2, Selenium, AXIS-2, Jersey, JMS(Active MQ, IBM MQ), POJOs, RAD.

Web Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, AngularJs, Backbone Js, DOM, XML, XPATH


Confidential, Woonsocket, RI

Sr. Java developer


  • Experienced in Agile Methodology, participated in Sprints and daily Scrums to deliver software tasks on-time and with excellent quality on basis with onsite and offshore teams.
  • Used HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS and NodeJS for content layout and presentation layer (UI) designing. Used JavaScript, jQuery for client-side validations and AJAX for reports display.
  • Extensively used AWS (Amazon Web Services) for integration with Enterprise and web applications.
  • Implemented project structure based on spring MVC pattern using Spring boot. Used different type of Spring controllers depending on the business requirement.
  • Implementation of Spring security and LDAP integration.
  • Development of Spring Bootful application with micro services.
  • Implemented Micro services architecture to make application smaller and independent.
  • Worked with micro services related frameworks Ribbon and Eureka for client-side load balancer and network discovery.
  • Implementation of Ehcache as a second level cache in the DAO layer for Hibernate.
  • Development of DAO layer using Hibernate Template, JDBC Template and Mongo Operations.
  • Used Hibernate Template and Core Hibernate 3.0 in data access layer to access and update information in the database.
  • Implemented REST web services using Jersey with the enabled OAUTH.
  • Developed RESTful Web Services to retrieve data from client side using Micro Services architecture.
  • Integration with Spring security in web application.
  • Development of web modules and middleware components using AWS and Spring integration.
  • Implementation of security layer on top internal web applications using JAAS as a POC.
  • Composed and executed MongoDB scripts to insert and update NoSQL database; automating data changes and reporting.
  • Used JP-QL language as part of the JavaPersistence API (JPA) specification to perform transactions with MongoDB.
  • Used Docker to containerize the Services and APIs to run on AWS EC2 instances
  • Created Spring Boot applications testing suite using Spring Junit plugin and Mockito framework.
  • Developed end to end application on spring boot framework (RestApi Application/Spring JPA using Crud repository).
  • Used Spring Rest Template to use the exposed REST web services.
  • Implementation of HTTP Basic Authentication to restrict access by looking up users in plain text password and group files using Apache Mod Auth.
  • Created Auto deploy jobs using Jenkins and Maven. Developed Spring DAO templates to all type of CRUD operations
  • Installed JBoss servers, configured domains for deploying applications.
  • Configured and deployed application on JBOSS 7.x server.
  • Developed all the Junit test cases for all the different layer implementations
  • Developed JUnit test cases for Unit Testing and functional testing for various modules and prepared Code.
  • Experience in implementing implement Elastic Path to provide the eCommerce functionalities.
  • Used Log4j Logger and Debugger to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions

Environment: Java 8, Java1.7, Java1.8, Agile, HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JavaScript, Jquery, Angularjs, Nodejs, JSE,JavaBeans, Hibernate, JPA, AWS, Microservices, Spring boot, Spring Core, Spring AOP, Restful, XML, Mongo db, WebLogic, JUnit, jQuery, JSON, Elastic Path, Log4j, Jenkins, Unix, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, Apache HTTPD 2.4 Web Server, Postman, JBoss EAP.

Confidential, Lakewood,CO

Java developer/UI developer


  • Developed REST Web services using Spring based MVC with annotation driven configuration.
  • Participate in Grooming sessions to determine the story points and the technical strategy for the iterations.
  • Installation and configuration of Mongo DB.
  • Worked on Swagger API and auto-generated documentation for all REST calls.
  • Experienced in storing the analyzed results into the Cassandra cluster.
  • Active participant in Platform Contract Review Board & Technical Review Board to address key issues in the functionalities to be delivered for go-live.
  • Used Pivotal Cloud Foundry for the service binding details are injected from the deployed cloud platform itself.
  • Developed and utilized J2EE services and JMS components for message communication in WebSphere application server.
  • Deploying application on Amazon Web Services AWS in EC2 environment.
  • Applied Spring Boot for setting up Spring framework easily.
  • Created database in MS Access to store and maintain department & project information.
  • Responsible for closure of assigned bugs and moving them to designated release environments.
  • Designed and developed POC batch client to execute mass conversion rest calls to track the performance and reliability of the migration code.
  • Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on compute, data, or security requirements.
  • Developed the Microservices as Spring Boot application compatible with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Design and development of balancing module using Spring Integration framework and Spring Batch.
  • Perform Code Reviews to ensure technical specs are implemented properly adhering to the various standards in place.
  • Used Jenkins for CI/CD Continuous Implementation and Continuous Delivery.
  • Developed a message driven bean using JMS to manage back-end transactions and approval for user.
  • Imported data from various resources to the Cassandra cluster using Java APIs.
  • Implemented Spring Batch to generate tasks based on business logic.
  • Successfully integrated back data systems and migrated legacy data center to Amazon AWS.
  • Used a Microservice architecture with Spring Boot based services interacting through a combination of REST to build, test and deploy identity Microservices.
  • Implemented RESTful web services by using JAX-RS, created and read the JSON objects by using JACKSON libraries.
  • Involved in development of REST Web Services using Spring MVC to extract client related data from databases and implementing the Microservices to base on RESTful API utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC.
  • In charge of the deployment of the service deliverables to the designated environments till the final QA sign off.

Environment: Java, Java8, Tomcat 8.0, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, UDS, ibatis, Mybatis, SQL, SpringToolSuite, Log4j, TOAD, SQL Developer, Spring MVC, Spring core, Spring AOP, Spring Boot, Spring DAO, Spring Batch, Spring Security, Swagger, Mongo DB, IBM WebSphere, CI/CD, JMS, Cassandra, AWS, OAuth2, XML, REST, SOAP, WSDL, XSD, IBM RAD, Git, JAX-RS, Maven, Ant, Microservices, RESTful, Sonar, Linux, JUnit, Mockito, Agile, Jenkins, IBM UDeploy, Splunk, SOAP UI, Git Bash.

Confidential, Chicago,IL

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Developed Web services to allow communication between the applications using Rest and SOAP Web services.
  • Designed and development of many PL/SQL batches using JAVA with Connectivity to Oracle for data maintenance and handling.
  • Designed, Developed and analyzed the front-end and back-end using JSP, Servlets and Spring 3.0.
  • Integrated spring (Dependency Injection) among different layers of an application.
  • Worked with Agile Methodology.
  • Applications using JavaFx are written in native Java code.
  • Illustrator the enable advanced graphics to be integrated directly into JavaFx applications.
  • Wrote the shell scripts to monitor the health check of Hadoop daemon services and respond accordingly to any warning or failure conditions.
  • Managing and scheduling Jobs on a Hadoop cluster.
  • Implemented scripting with Ajax, JSF, and XML to dynamically refresh the page contents.
  • Generate UI mockups from paper and pencil concepts to high fidelity prototypes that convey the interaction model using HTML5, CSS, ReactJs and AngularJs, Python.
  • Implemented Business Logic Using POJO’s and used Web sphere 7.0 to deploy the applications.
  • Implemented various java design patterns like Front Controller, Singleton, façade, Data Access objects, Factory pattern, etc.
  • Implemented various complex PL/SQL queries.
  • Analyzed the SQL scripts and designed the solution to implement using Scala.
  • Created sequences for inserting xml blobs in the main table using WSO2.
  • Used Solr data import handler for indexing data in different formats like XML, TXT, CSV etc. in Solr
  • Developed various JUnit test cases for Unit Testing.
  • Worked with Testers in resolving various defects in the application and was an integral part of the team.
  • Worked with NoSQL databases like Cassandra and Mongo DB.
  • Implemented Controllers, models and used ng-repeat to render JSON response to DOM.
  • Implemented Hibernate for data persistence.
  • Implemented Java persistence API (JPA) through Hibernate 3.0.
  • Used Eclipse as IDE for development of the application.
  • Indexed data in elastic search using the river plugin. Queried data using the elastic search API's
  • Prepare Java/J2EE development structure for Maven.
  • Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several design pattern such as MVN, Business Delegate, Data Access Object, and Singleton.
  • Worked with Tomcat as the web server.
  • Created workflows for creating multiple renditions of images.
  • Extensive experience in Hibernate ORM mapping utilities and used query, criteria services.
  • Assisted Oracle DB development team in developing stored procedures and designing the database.
  • Used Splunk to monitor logs.
  • Created CI/CD for deploying in Jenkins.
  • Used Jenkins to integrate with other tools.
  • Unit tested controller layer using Spring MVC mock classes and JMock framework.
  • Performed functional testing using SOAP UI and created mock services for testing on developer sandbox.
  • Used Rational Rose as part of development OD Rules.
  • Created Cloud Formation templates and deployed AWS resources using it.
  • Interacted with Business Analysts to come up with better implementation designs for the application.
  • Coded changes to remaining Java web applications as identified by the proof of concept stage of the project.

Environment: JAVA 1.5, J2EE, Servlets, JSF, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.0, Apache Axis2, Mule Soft, Cloud hub, REST and SOAP Web Services, Micro Services, HTML, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), AngularJs, Tomcat, JavaScript, Query JDBC, Agile Methodology, Hadoop, AWS, Mongo DB, Scala, PL/SQL, XML, JSON, UML, XSD, UNIX, SVN, Oracle 10g, Web Sphere Application Server 7.0, Python.

Confidential, San Antonio,TX

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Worked on the spring framework like Spring IOC and Spring DAO.
  • Implemented application level persistence using Hibernate and spring.
  • Developed various components using Struts (MVC), JSP, and HTML.
  • Involved in the development of Back-End logics or data access logic using Oracle DB and JDBC.
  • Involved in writing JSPs, JavaScript and servlets to generate dynamic web pages and web content.
  • Used Web Logic for design, development and deployment of applications.
  • Developed API using Hibernate to interact with the Oracle database.
  • Developed stored procedures, triggers and functions with PL/SQL for Oracle database.
  • Uses the DAO pattern for data access layer and JMS API for the messaging requirement.
  • Used JavaScript and Query for validating the input given to user interface.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing JUnit framework.
  • Design and Development of many PL/SQL batches using JAVA with connectivity to Oracle for data maintenance and handling.
  • Involved in building a high efficiency Dynamic single and multiple Web Application Using AngularJs, Node.js, HTML, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery and CSS3.
  • Implemented various design patterns in the project such as Business Delegate, Data Transfer Object, Data Access Object, Service Locator and Singleton.
  • Implement Elastic path E-Commerce store with exiting WMS and Accounting using Struts, Spring, Hibernate
  • Designing and creating business rules using IBM ILOG RILES Engine.
  • Utilized Agile Methodology (SDLC) to managed projects.
  • Used Maven to build and to generate code analysis reports.
  • Used RESTful web services using Jersey to get product price from WMS application.
  • Involving in building the modules in Linux environment with Ant Script.

Environment: Java (JDK 1.4), Spring, Hibernate, JNDI, JSP, Servlets, JSF, JMS, AJAX, HTML, XML, Apache Tomcat application server, Web logic Application server, JBoss, REST Web Services, Elastic Path, Apache Axis, Unix Shell Scripting, Log4j, JUnit, Maven, UML, Eclipse, NoSQL, DB2.


Java developer


  • Involved in preparing High Level/Low Level Design documents.
  • The Application is designed using Struts MVC Architecture.
  • Implemented Service tire and data accessing using spring.
  • Developed various Test classes for a Unit - Testing the code using JUNIT.
  • Wrote Base Test classes for individual modules for reducing redundancy and complete isolation for unit testing.
  • Implemented Mock Objects using Easy Mock for reducing dependency and complete isolation for unit testing.
  • Backend Stored Procedures development with PL/SQL.
  • Used Clover for validating the tests efficiency (effective code-coverage) and also to find possible areas for code bugs.
  • Implemented Integration Testing for the application.
  • Developed the application using Struts Framework that Leverages classical Model View Layer(MVC) architecture.
  • Integrated Web Services in ESB Layer.
  • Used Multithreading in programming to improve overall performance.
  • Used Splunk for log file aggregation and monitoring.
  • Developed DAO objects to mocks persistence implementation to test Business Logic.
  • Used CVS as versioning system.
  • Involved in bug fixing for other modules.

Environment: Core Java, JAVA, Struts, JUNIT, JBOSS, JavaScript, Query, Web logic Application server, Eclipse, XML, XSL, XSLT.


Java developer


  • Worked as software developer for ECIL on developing a supply chain management system.
  • The application involved tracking invoices, raw materials and finished products.
  • Gathered user requirements and specifications.
  • Developed and programmed the required classes in Java to support the User account module.
  • Used HTML, JSP and JavaScript for designing the front-end user interface.
  • Implemented error checking/validation on the Java Server Pages using JavaScript.
  • Developed Servlets to handle the requests, perform server-side validation and generate result for user.
  • Added tasks for Income Tax Payment website using Core Java
  • Used JDBC interface to connect database
  • Performed User Acceptance Test.
  • Developed and tested the web application on Web Logic application server.
Environment: JDK 1.4, Servlets 2.3, JSP 1.2, JavaScript, HTML, JDBC 2.1, SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, UNIX and BEA Web Logic Application Server.

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