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Sr. Web Ui Developer Resume

New York, NY


  • Over 9 years of strong experience in designing and developing User Interface (UI) applications as a Frontend Developer.
  • Extensive experience in designing professional UI web applications using front-end technologies like HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, JavaScript, XML, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, Angular.js/2, Node.js, React.js.
  • Expertise in client scripting language and server-side scripting languages like JavaScript, jQuery and Angular.js.
  • Experience in applying the latest development approaches including MVC, event-driven applications using AJAX, Object Oriented JavaScript, XML and Responsive Web Design.
  • Extensive experience on implementing the AJAX features using JavaScript and JQuery.
  • Extensive experience in various UI widgets using JavaScript libraries (JQuery)
  • Experience in developing Web-centric applications using XML, Angular.js1.4, React.js 0.13, Node.js, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS3.
  • Experience of working on CSS Pre-processors like LESS and SASS.
  • Very good experience in Document Object Model (DOM).
  • Experience in working with Angular 2.0 with extensive knowledge on the latest ECMA6 features and Best Practices
  • Good knowledge on creating services with Angular 2 @injectable property, as to make the service available for dependency injection when creating components.
  • Expertise in building strong websites confirming Web 2.0 standards using JQuery, HTML5, DHTML & CSS3 to develop valid code and table-free sties.
  • Professional in creating Templates, Mockups and Prototypes, Web Interfaces, Layouts and Flow of Future Pages.
  • Expert in HTML5/CSS3 development and have experience in node.js, angular.js, Ext.js, Responsive design.
  • Strong knowledge in cross browser compatibility issues and W3C standards. Good Knowledge in integrating back-end applications with AJAX driven web 2.0 front-end using JavaScript framework.
  • Experienced in implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with XML based Web Services (SOAP/UDDI/WSDL) using Top Down Approach and Bottom up Approach.
  • Good Exposure in writing SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures/functions etc for relational databases like Oracle 10g/9i/8i, DB2, SQL Server 2000, MySQL, and Sybase etc.
  • Hands on experience in tools such as SQL Developer and MySQL Work bench, extracted data from Ms.-SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and Oracle.
  • Prepared and ran SQL queries.
  • Used complex SQL Queries to perform back-end data base testing.
  • Connected to database to Query the database using SQL for data verification and validation.


    • Web Technologies HTML, HTML 5, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), CSS3, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, JQuery, AngularJS, JSON, Bootstrap, AJAX and JSP.
    • JavaScript Libraries JQuery, JQuery UI, JQuery Mobile, Angular.js/2, Backbone.js, React.js, Node.js.
    • Scripting Languages Java, JavaScript.
    • IDE’s, HTML Editor Notepad++, MS Visual Studio 2012, Eclipse IDE, Net Beans IDE, Adobe Dreamweaver.
    • Application servers WebSphere, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat
    • Database ORACLE 10g/11g, MS SQL server 2008.
    • Operating Systems Windows 98, 2000, XP, Windows7, Mac OS, Linux.
    • Version Controls SVN, VSS, CVS, GIT and Harvest.


  • Confidential, New York, NY

    Sr. Web UI Developer


    • Worked as Frontend UI Developer by creating Dynamic, Responsive web pages, browser compatible pages using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Typescript, jQuery and Angular 2.
    • Developed Single Page Applications (SPA) using Angular 2 Typescript module, components, views, router and Angular 2 APIs like (Ng Module, Forms Module, Http Module, Browser Module, Text Mask Module)
    • Used Angular 2's HTTP Client to Interact with Servers/backend and modularized the Application with Ng-Module.
    • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using modular based architecture provided by Angular 2.
    • Used Angular 4 Reactive forms to implement complex forms and performed the validations using Form Builder.
    • Excellent knowledge in the development of User Experience web and mobile based applications.
    • Hands-on experience using one-way/two-way data-binding, filters, UI-routers and creating custom directives in Angular 2.
    • Optimized the performance of application using Angular 4 Lazy Loading and Ahead of Time Compilation
    • Developed all client-side logical implementation part of applications with Angular.JS controllers under specific modules, manipulating nodes in DOM tree.
    • Implemented Angular Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as agent performs application tasks.
    • Developed custom-form validation using built-in angular form properties such as $valid, $invalid, $pristine and $dirty.
    • Application Architected and developed using Angular.JS, MVC framework.
    • Created Angular.JS custom directive which is restricted to being used as an attribute.
    • Experience in working with the advanced JavaScript such as ECMAScript 6 (ES6).
    • Developed and designed new cross-browser accessible interfaces using JQuery and JavaScript.
    • Redesigned existing projects in customized JavaScript MVC Architecture.
    • Made enhancements to existing CSS and DIV tags, made upgrades using Twitter Bootstrap model.
    • Developed code to call the web service/APIs to fetch the data and populate on the UI using JQUERY/AJAX.
    • Used jQuery to make the HTML5, DHTML and CSS3 to interact with the JavaScript functions.
    • Involved in use of Angular 2.0 technologies to include, LESS and additional technologies to ensure current migration from Angular.JS 1.6 to Angular 2.0.
    • Developed presentation layer using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, AJAX etc.
    • Used React.JS in a Play framework to render responsive pages.
    • Experience in developing SPA based on unidirectional flow application using React- Redux and Node.JS.
    • Used Webpack and NPM to manage dependency graph.
    • Used Node.JS NPM module Grunt and Gulp to run tasks and build properly the project (compile, minify, concat etc.)
    • Used firebug, IE developer toolbar and chrome canary tool for debugging JavaScript and fixing issues.
    • Involved in configuring the GIT repository and maintain the version control using GIT
    • Worked on project following Scrum Agile methodology that includes iterative application development, weekly Sprints, daily stand up meetings and customer reporting backlogs.

    Environment: Angular 2, Angular.JS, JavaScript, ES6/ES5, Typescript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, GIT, Grunt, Gulp, NPM, Firebug, Scrum

    Web UI Developer

    Confidential, Houston, TX


    • Developed a Single Page Application (SPA) for internal client using technologies like React.JS, Rx.JS, D3.JS, HTML5/4, CSS3/2 to provide Expected, guaranteed, and Estimated Delivery.
    • Worked on responsive design and developed a single ISOMORPHIC responsive website that could be served to desktop, Tablets using React.JS.
    • Worked in using React.JS components, Forms, Events, Keys, Router, Animations and Redux concept.
    • Implemented client-side Interface using React.JS.
    • Used React.JS to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
    • Developed Object Oriented JavaScript code and responsible for client-side validations using jQuery functions.
    • Implemented the Drag and Drop functionality using React -Dragable.
    • Responsible for JavaScript / AJAX UI upgrades and improvements.
    • Expertise in extensive JavaScript and jQuery programming to give AJAX functionality for the website.
    • Responsible for developing a front-end application using React.JS and FLUX architecture for internal team's productivity use.
    • Experience in Coding, styling, testing of reusable JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5 widgets / libraries for complex UI controls.
    • Involved in building stable React components and stand-alone functions to be added to any future pages.
    • Developed React.JS forms to manipulate text within HTML5 views.
    • Worked on React.JS Virtual Dom and React views, rendering-using components, which contain additional components, called custom HTML tags.
    • Extensively used SASS (Syntactically awesome style sheets) while styling with CSS3.
    • Developed cross browser and multi browser compatible web pages using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
    • Performed Unit testing on React.JS applications using tools like Karma, Jasmine and worked with Gulp tool for build automation.
    • Experienced in implementing CRUD database operation on such as MongoDB.
    • Debugging and troubleshooting existing code by using Firebug, Fiddler, and Chrome Developer Tools.
    • Involved in Agile/SCRUM based approach to UI Development.
    • Been an active team player, helped in fixing bugs and also carried out troubleshooting.

    Environment: React.JS, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, JSON, Ajax, jQuery, Node.JS, D3.JS, MongoDB, Karma, Jasmine, CRUD, Redux, agile, Scrum, React-Router, flux, bootstrap, SQL, Gulp, Firebug, Fiddler

    Confidential, Colts Neck, NJ

    UI developer


    • Developed the front-end components using AngularJS framework to leverage the Model View Control (MVC) architecture.
    • Involved in the development life cycle with the Agile methodology.
    • Used spring framework that handles application logic and makes calls to business objects and services mainly SOAP Web services.
    • Rebuilt user interface with UI Bootstrap and custom CSS styling with the other front-end developers in the team.
    • Designed REST APIs that allow sophisticated, effective and low-cost application integration.
    • Written so many applications from the scratch using editors like dream viewer, web storm and eclipse.
    • Used Spring Security for OAuth authentication, by configuring Spring Security into SpringMVC CV application.
    • Used ReactJS to make a reusable component to update a section of home page with regular intervals.
    • Hands on experience in conducting Web Application Security scan, Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking using commercial and non-commercial applications and methodologies such as OWASP Top 10 and HP Web Inspect.
    • Used CSS optimization to develop web pages with responsiveness.
    • Initiated market research studies and analyzed findings to understand customer and market opportunities
    • Sourced and executed pre-production development by closely working with • Worked with Quality Assurance Manager and factories to monitor and enforce set.
    • Worked on Media Queries as a complement to the Grid System of UI Bootstrap to facilitate the implementation of the responsiveness.
    • Implemented navigation bar as a custom directive of AngularJs Framework so that it can be reused on different templates.
    • Bound the data to the different views after fetching the JSON formatted data from back-end web services by consuming AJAX calls.
    • Developed the login and registration module and used the jQuery Validation Plugin for the form validation.
    • Worked on multiple cross browser compatibility issues to support browsers according to the business requirements, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and IE.
    • Used debugging toolkit FireBug, Chrome Dev Tools, IE Tester, etc. to track and fix bugs.
    • Provided connection to social websites with feedback features by using JavaScript.
    • Utilized version control tool GIT to work on the same code-base in the repository with the other team members.
    • Involved in the test-driven development and wrote unit tests effectively
    • Communicated with multiple parties/teams to resolve technical requirements based upon business requirements.
    • Involved in the maintenance and updates of several project documents, including project plan, best practices sheet, and various reports.
    • Gathered and analyzed the requirements and converted them into User Requirement Specifications and Functional Requirement Specifications for the designers and developers to understand them as per their perspective.
    • Developing Web pages by using HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript and working knowledge of CSS grid system.
    • Worked in all the modules of the application which involved front-end presentation logic developed using JavaScript.
    • Designed and implemented the User Interface using JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, JSON and MySQL.
    • Used JQuery plug ins auto complete, validation, drag and drop, Data table and more exceptionally.


    Software Developer

    Responsibilities: -

    • Designed, configured and maintained the website for company's internal and external communications based on organization's strategies and goals
    • Designed and implemented the User Interface using OO JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, HTML, CSS, and AJAX as Web Developer
    • Played a programmer role in UI design and development of the front-end and backend architecture.
    • Managed the day ¬to ¬day activities of projects through the complete design process.
    • Executed design comps into XHTML, complying with site coding standards and industry best practices.
    • Created custom jQuery plug-in for custom functionality of the site.
    • Responsible for making PDF format of the screens and screen flows for the client to review with ease.
    • Wrote CSS compatible for popular browsers.
    • Developed HTML interfaces with an understanding of UI design principles and object¬ oriented program development.
    • Implemented AJAX based UI for some module with various Architecture.
    • Used HTML, XHTML, CSS2, JavaScript, and XML to create web sites.
    • Good knowledge in JSON.
    • Worked on Web 2.0 development exposure of jQuery Layout and Navigation, Event Handling, Popup Dialogs, Menus and Skinning.
    • Designed and Developed Dynamic Web content using HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, DOM, DHTML, and AJAX with an emphasis on cross browser compatibility with strictly Table Less layouts and adhering to W3C Standards.
    • Developed a page with Jquery parallax scrolling effect.
    • Exchanged data using Ajax. Because of the simplicity of XML, the application formed the new procedure of exchanging data between server and browser.

    Environment: JavaScript, jQuery, Json, Ajax, CSS, XHTML, DHTML, HTML, PHP, MYSQL, bootstrap, wordpress.

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