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Mule Soft Developer Resume

Victoria, TX


  • Overall 6 years of experience in design development and support and Experience in Mule ESB from Design to implementation and transformation for legacy system upgrades and maintenance.
  • Extensively worked on Mulearchitecture including MuleESB, Any point studio, API kit, API Gateway, Flow and various Connectors.
  • Good knowledge on MuleESB and building Mule Soft Flows and strong back end development with front end designs.
  • Worked on both Enterprise and Community edition of MULE ESB. Had an experience developing Rest APIs using Any point Platform.
  • Configured different Mule connectors like HTTP, Database, Net suite, and Salesforce.
  • Used GIT as version controlling tool and Maven for building and deployed Application to Mule on Cloud.
  • Experienced in database systems like Oracle and MYSQL Server to manage tables and created views, indexes, sequences, stored procedures.
  • Extensive experience in designing, developing and managing APIs using Mule API gateway/portal.
  • Experience in the areas of Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Object - Oriented Design (OOD) using UML and SDLC of distributed applications.
  • Developed Mule flows to integrate Data from various sources into Database from Active MQ, Rabbit MQ, topics, and queues some transformations were also done at the Integration Layer.
  • Extensively used Mule Components that include Data weave, JAXB, SMTP Transport, FTP/SFTP Transport, JDBC Connector, and VM.
  • Experienced in database systems like Oracle and MYSQL Server to manage tables and created views, indexes, sequences, stored procedures.
  • Worked in XML related technologies that includes XML, XSD, DTD, XSLT, XML Schemas, and XPath.
  • Experience in Mule Soft Expression Language (MEL) to access payload data, properties and variable of Mule Message Flow.
  • Mule ESB experience in implementing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) using Mule Server 3.x.
  • Experience in providing analyzing and testing support after getting issues in the project code.
  • Identify, analyze and develop interfaces and integration flows using Mule ESB Any point platform including Mule Runtime, Connectors, Design Center and API management.
  • Expertise on SaaS (Mule Soft), a platform for building and deploying integrations within the cloud and between the cloud and the enterprise.
  • Configuring the Mule process for fetching the data from the topic and makes web service calls to the middle tier
  • Experience in migration of existing Maven Projects to Gradle.
  • Implemented and consumed SOAP web services and tested using SOAP UI for MuleESB flows.


Mule Soft Integration Platform: Any point studio (3.8 and up), Mule Runtime, Mule ESB Flows, Data Weave, Connectors, Message Processors, Data Mapper, Deploy to Cloud, Deploy to MMC, Components, Scope, filters, Maven, Jenkins, MEL

Mule Soft's Any point Platform: Any point platform, Design Center, Flow Designer, API Runtime Manager, Exchange

Programming skills: C, C++, Java Programming, XML, HTML, SQL, PL-SQL, Python (Jupyter Notebook), Numphy, panda, Matplotlib, Microsoft excel functions.

Dimensional Data Modelling: Data cleaning, Data Modelling, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema, Fact and Dimensional Table, ETL Specification, Data Marts, OLAP, Pivot Tables, and Data Transformation.

Databases: My SQL, Postgre SQL, Oracle 11g, Mango DB.

Research Analysis: Autonomous Vehicle safety prediction analysis using Data Mining methodology (in WEKA) such as decision tree, Rules Induction(PART) and public survey on autonomous vehicle safety using Tableau Visualization tool.


Confidential - Victoria, TX

Mule Soft Developer


  • Experience in developing flows using Mule Any point studio.
  • Experience in designing, developing, mocking, and managing APIs using Mule soft’s Any point platform.
  • Built integration solutions in Mule soft using Mule soft API Led connectivity approach.
  • Designed and developed Mule ESB projects using various connectors like SAP, Salesforce, File, Database, and Transformer for integrating various applications.
  • Experience in working on flows, sub-flows, connectors, flow controls, filters, REST/SOAPweb services, API Design and Development using RAML, M Units/J Units, Data Transformation using Weave & Mapper and Exception Handling Strategies.
  • Understanding of Web services (SOAP & REST), XML and JSON formats, HTTP protocol, and underlying internetworking concepts.
  • Experience in Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery i.e. CI/CD pipeline using automation tool Jenkins.
  • Experience in designing, and consuming RESTFUL and SOAP APIs.
  • Hands on experience on using flow designer to design applications and API with RAML.
  • Hands on experience in Mule Expression Language (MEL) to access payload data, properties and variables of Mule Message Flow. Hands on experience on Cloud hub and API Management.
  • Developed and tested connectivity between Mule soft and external CRM and ERP applications such as SAP, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics.
  • Developed and analyzed interfaces between SAP and Salesforce

Environment: Mule ESB, SOAP, REST, WSDL, UDDI, Axis, CXF, Http, XML, XSL, DTD, XSD, XSLT, XPath, X Query, JAXP, CSS, HTML, JQuery, Servlets, JSP, Angular JS, Right face, JSON, Any point studio, Azure, Oracle SOA,CSS.

Confidential - Englewood, NJ

Mule Soft Developer.


  • The AGILE development process has been followed, experienced with stand-up, Retrospective, Demo, Planning and Code Review meetings.
  • Developed the integration flows using a Mule Soft ESB framework.
  • Deployed to the private cloud by using Red Hat J Boss Fuse.
  • Created RESTful APIs using MULE-ESB for cleaning up data in the database as part of the maintenance process.
  • Developed integrations using connectors such as Salesforce, Database, HTTP, FTP, and File AJAX Connectors.
  • Involved in creating HTTP inbound & outbound flows and orchestration using XPath using MULE ESB.
  • Experience in Any point API platform on designing and implementing Mule APIs.
  • Extensively used Mule Components that include Data weave, JAXB, File Transport, SMTP Transport, FTP/SFTP Transport, and JDBC Connector and VM.
  • Developed the services interface to access the core services and provisioning services using Mule ESB 3.7.0
  • Configured different Mule Connectors like HTTP, Database, NetSuite and Salesforce.
  • Designed and developed enterprise services using RAML and REST-based APIs.
  • Used GIT as version controlling tool and maven for Building and deployed Application to Mule On cloud.
  • Used Maven for build framework and Jenkins for the continuous build system.
  • Performed integration with other sub-systems through JMS, XML, and XSL using MuleESB.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation using Jenkins along with UNIX Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Used Git for version control and IntelliJIDEA IDE for development of the application.

Environment: Mule ESB, Any point studio, Jenkins, JAXB, JDBC, Active MQ, RAML, Cloud hub, XML, AJAX, Web Logic, SALESFORCE, Application server, Data Weave, JAXB, File Transport, SMTP Transport, JDBC Connector, Web service-Git Hub, Rabbit MQ, Mule APIs.

Confidential - Alpharetta, GA

Mule Soft Developer


  • Followed the guidelines of Agile methodologies of SDLC for project management.
  • Experienced in mule connectors like HTTP, Database, SMTP, FTP, JMS, File, and Knowledge on Workday
  • Developed Mule Flows to integrate data from various sources into Database
  • Experienced in Mule Expression Language ( MEL ). Used Data Weave extensively to do data transformations.
  • Used MULE Batch Processing to process records from Database.
  • Implemented choice, global, custom exception handling mechanisms based on the business requirement in MuleESB
  • Worked with Mule Any point API Platform on designing the RAML for implementing REST API's
  • Consumed RESTful and SOAP web services in Mule and invoked them using Postman and Soap UI.
  • Used HTTP connector to make calls to REST apis in MULE flows.
  • Experience in integrating Workday and Database.
  • Experience in Encrypting and Decrypting payloads using PGPEncryption and PGPDecryption (Using Public key, Private key).
  • Experience in messaging service using JMS for services like Active MQ.
  • Knowledge in building custom connectors in Mule.
  • Tested Mule flows using Mule M Unit.
  • Knowledge in SOA (service-oriented architecture).
  • Used Maven for building, Git Hub, Jenkins for Continuous Integration and Continuous Development.

Environment: Java/J2EE, JMS Apache, JDBC, Maven, Jenkins, M Unit, Web Services- WSDL, SOAP, Mule ESB 3.8, XML, OAuth, JSON, SVN, SOAP UI, REST Client.

Confidential - Redwood City, CA

Java Mule Soft Developer


  • Experience in working both functionally and technically and driven the project along with Technical leads and Architects.
  • Experience in Mule administration, Mule Soft Any Point API platform, Mule Configuration, Mule Soft MMC.
  • Involved in developing POJO's, Data Access Object which handles all database operations.
  • Experience in implementing Mapping tool framework to connect with the database for inserting, updating, deleting and retrieving values effectively.
  • Experience in developing RAML based RESTwebservicesAPI's using MuleESB.
  • Migrated existing services to CXF and Consumed SOAP web services both internal and external using Web Service consumer.
  • Experience in handling exceptions using MuleESB.
  • Implemented a large part of the UI dynamic functionalities using CSS, Ajax, JSON, XML, Bootstrap, and HTTP static resource handler to handle static content in Mule flow.
  • Developed Mule flows to integrate data from various sources into Database, from Active MQ topics and queues, some transformations were also done at the integration layer.
  • Involved in sending messages like payload to track different statuses using JMS.
  • Involved in unit testing, integration testing, SOAP UI testing, system testing of the application.
  • Involved in test-driven development using the JUnit.
  • Experience in designing continuous integration builds using ANT and Maven scripts.
  • Involved in fixing Quality assurance, User acceptance testing, Production issues.
  • Performance Tuning is done by making code changes to remove unnecessary calls.
  • Worked closely with testers and explained the functionality so that they can test accordingly.

Environment: Java 1.4, Servlets, JSP, JMS, Hibernate, Spring 1.4, Struts, tag Libraries, JDBC, PL/SQL, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle 9i (SQL), UNIX, JSPs, AJAX, Eclipse 3.0, Windows XP/2000, Tomcat Server, LINUX, CVS.


Java Developer


  • Involved in the complete Software Development Life Cycle including Requirement Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, and Maintenance.
  • Deliver new and complex high-quality solutions to clients in response to varying business requirements
  • Designing the front end using JSP, j Query, CSS, and Html as per the requirements that are provided.
  • Extensively used j Query selectors, events, Traversal and j Query AJAX with JSON Objects.
  • Developed Responsive web application for the backend system using Angular JS with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Used Spring AOP to enable the log interfaces and cross-cutting concerns.
  • Developed payment flow using AJAX partial page refresh, validation, and dynamic drop-down list.
  • Participation in meeting with the team, senior management, and client stakeholders.

Environment: JSP, j Query, CSS, HTML5, j Query, AJAX, Angular JS, Spring AOP.

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