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Sr. Android Developer Resume

Warren, MI


  • 7+ years of IT experience in software development. Over 4 Years of experience in Android UX application development using Android SDK. And 2 years of experience in java development
  • Skilled in developing APIs for middle ware Framework modules for mobile platforms using C and C++.
  • Experienced of working on Android platform and customizing it as per requirements.
  • Undertaken full life cycle of Android Application Development which includes testing on device and simulator as well.
  • Exceptional knowledge in Test driven development. It’s easy to testing our code step by step while using TDD
  • Very good understanding of Android Back - end, UI guidelines and layouts.
  • Experience in Architecture Design, development and Implementation, Troubleshooting and Debugging, Testing of Software Applications
  • Expertise in developing apps using SQLite, Java, XML Google Maps API and GPS location Data
  • Excellent knowledge and working experience in Android SDK, Android Studio, Eclipse IDE, Application Stack and Android Architecture.
  • Very good understanding of Android back-end and UI guidelines. Good experience in UI/UX Technologies.
  • Experience in building Android apps, which consume REST web services, using JSON and XML parsing
  • Experience in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with Android devices
  • Extensively worked on memory leaks, push notifications, content providers, multiple screen support, data offline usage, accounts and sync on Android.
  • Good experience in using Phone Gap, Cordova, Ionic Framework.
  • Experience in Android Debugging tools such as Monitor, DDMS, ADB, Trace, Log cat and Eclipse ADT tools.
  • Working experience in RDBMS, SQL server and Oracle and Multithreading and async task Implementation.
  • Working experience in large amounts of complex data on the application development side.
  • Excellent knowledge of networking, caching of local data and multitasking on Android.
  • Expertise in developing apps using SQLite, Java, XML, Google Maps API and GPS Location Data.
  • Working experience in architecture design skills proved by complex applications designed from scratch.
  • Excellent knowledge and working experience in Android SDK, Android NDK, Java SDK Eclipse IDE, Application Stack and Android Architecture Focused on synchronous and asynchronous concurrency models, background processing with AsyncTasks and Services, IPC, AIDL, Storage and retrieval of structured data, fragments and broadcast receivers
  • Exceptional knowledge in Object Oriented programming
  • And I also developing the apps using Java JNI and C++ Native services
  • Working experience in prototyping and Interface design
  • Working experience in wireframes and mockups we are using these functionalities to show navigation and main buttons and columns, we can placing the different elements.
  • Active experience in developing Android Applications using Core Java and Android APIs (Animation and Graphics, Data Storage, Multimedia, Connectivity, Location and Sensors).
  • Experience in web service protocols such as JSON, HTTP, Phone gap and XML.
  • Excellent knowledge in using debugging tools like Log cat and ADB, fast boot and Hcidump
  • Working knowledge of graphic design and handling various kinds of media using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.
  • Extensively worked on every stage of application development right from collecting requirements, providing guidelines for design, creating application architecture, implementation that includes various stages in development, QA, code signing and releasing to Market.
  • Knowledge of Android UI Design best practices, including: Resolution independent applications, Designing and implementing effective navigation, UI components in practical layout to maximize ease of use and organize data efficiently, Themes and styles to match application atmosphere
  • Working experience in Android/Material design principles
  • Expertise in using Design patterns and object oriented methodologies to design software for mobile phones.
  • A valued team member with strong written communication, verbal communication skills, problem solving skills, customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Responsible, efficient, cooperative and eager to learn new technology.


OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac OSX, Android, Ubuntu

Languages: JAVA, C, C++, JavaScript, JSON, JQuery

Markup Language: HTML/CSS, HTML5, XML

Development Tools: Eclipse Galileo-Kepler, Net Beans 5.x, MS Visual Studio, Android Studio, Phone Gap, Photoshop, Sublime Text, Test driven development, Git, Jira

Databases: SQLite, MySQL, Oracle

Frameworks: Java Development Kit (JDK), JQuery, Android SDK, Android NDK Java SDK, Java-JNI,C++ Native services, UI/UX, Android API’s

Web Servers: Tomcat 6.0 & Apache HTTP Server, WAMP, REST, SAON, RPC

Enterprise Technologies: Windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA/7, Microsoft Office Suite, Linux, Scanners, Desktop and Network Printers, Log Mein Central, GPMC, RDP, Internet Information Services, VMware, Ci0trix XenServer, Virtual box, Incode, Google Email.

Other Tools/Software: Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Alice, 3Ds Max, Firebug


Confidential, Warren, MI

Sr. Android Developer


  • Create UX designs incorporating the client requirements and it are important to understand the compatibility of the application on different operating systems on which designs have to be implemented.
  • Responsible for developing theAndroidUI layouts (Linear Layout, Relative Layout)
  • Developed application targeting nougat and Oreo versions.
  • Participated in several spaces like Designing, Bug-fixing and maintenance of the Application
  • Responsible for developing theAndroidUI layouts (Linear Layout, Relative Layout)
  • Worked on services to provide notifications on deals, prescriptions by using beacons.
  • Responsible for developing the user login screens and design the photo module for editing and printing the photo by integrating snapfish.
  • Responsible for developing and redesigning the user login screens and design the Context menus based on the AndroidMenu Navigation, Tabbed Navigation control and Action Bar Control.
  • Enabled the application to use the fingerprint login for available devices.
  • Extensive usedFragments during the course of application development.
  • Worked on developing the feature to edit and crop the photos.
  • Worked on redesigning the barcode scanner to add items in store.
  • Created Custom Views, such as List Items, Date/Time Pickers, Complex Radio and Image Buttons, as well as custom List View Adapters.
  • Tested the app across different versions ofAndroidand differentandroidphones to assure quality and Performance.
  • Developed rich UI for the application using List View, Scroll View, View Pager, and Tab view.
  • Utilized AsyncTask, Thread, Handler, Services to provide smooth UI experience
  • Build the code to make sure not getting any errors and then need to deploy the application on the hardware.
  • Test the application on the hardware to make sure it was working as per the requirements or not
  • Need to update the software if there are any issues raised by the client.
  • Work on root cause and providing the fix for the User Interface issues.
  • Work on latest technologies like Visual studio, Android studio, Eclipse and for the automation C, JavaScript are used using different vehicle tools.
  • For the functionality issues, work on the fix on the back end in java.
  • Responsible for the delivering the software update to the customer for the high priority issues raised on the previous software
  • Attend the scrum meetings for User Interface and User Experience Design teams for design and frontend issues.
  • Work together with voice recognition and updater and HVAC applications teams to make sure I got all the requirements for the User interface of the above applications.
  • Mostly we prefer Test Driven Development for the software development process in Voice Recognition and HVAC (climate) applications.
  • After developed the applications (Voice recognition, Updater, HVAC) we used to test our applications working fine or not. Using Test driven development, we also write the test cases and scripts so that it will run automatically.
  • It will reduce the time duration so that we can deliver our products before the deadline.
  • When implementing new feature need to work with other module people. This will help us to polish our programming skills and delivering the better products.
  • Responsible for discussing the feature implementation with all the department people to make sure we got the right requirements.
  • Participates in design meetings for better understanding how they are creating and generates the new screen PSD’S (Photoshop document files) for our applications (Voice recognition, HVAC, Updater).
  • Tested the apps across different versions of Android and different Android phones to assure quality and performance.
  • Will attend some meetings with spec owners (Write the document file for the features and behavior in respective applications) and also for improving our domain knowledge.
  • Ensure & Implement Unit testing coverage for Test Driven Development.
  • Performing Continuous Integration (CI) withJenkins.
  • Integrated location based services using Google Maps API to display locations of the nearest
  • Worked in Agile Environment- Participated in daily standup meetings
  • Played a role in writing application logic using Eclipse Kepler, Android SDK and SMP mobile SDK 2.3. SP06
  • Enabled the application to use the Camera feature to scan a document and upload the check using SQLite
  • Used Android SDK and Eclipse IDE for development
  • Work closely with SIT and DEV Team for automation test Scenarios
  • Provide test cases for all the code written and make the code bug free by testing multiple business case scenarios covering all possible features.
  • Automate testing process with build and deployment with continuous deployment.
  • Support Engineering team to help validate solutions scale and performance
  • Training SIT team to understand and execute all Automated Suites;
  • Need to test the developed application on the hardware to understand the feature working properly in real time.
  • Similarly test plans will be executed on the hardware to make sure software was working fine in real time as well.
  • Need to report the status of fixed issues and new implemented features to my team lead in scrum meetings.
  • Assigned task status will be communicated to my team members as well in order to avoid the duplication of work.
  • Responsible for the problems raises at the production time depends on the problem need to discuss with my team lead and team members and if changes are needed in the design or functionality.
  • Need to go to the production plant for root causing and fixing the issues.

Environment: Android studio, HTML, CSS, Window10, Scrum, XML, Sublime Text, Linux Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Vehicle Spy, GM Vehicle Simulator, DPS tool, XML, REST (JSON) APIs, Volley, JIRA, SVN, Services and Receivers, HTML, CSS, SQLite, GPS service, Log cat, Android SDK.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Android Developer


  • Development mobile web application for Android
  • Developed applications using a combination of Java with Android SDK and Android NDK
  • Publishing the application in production for all platforms (Android).
  • Develop & design mobile banking client for J2ME & Android Models.
  • Developed and Integrated the applications using Enterprise Development and testing the applications with different frameworks.
  • Developed and testing the programs using Prototyping tool and also we are built the applications
  • Developing new products, building multi-lingual websites, Android applications, and maintaining older code. Assisting and training new developers and interns.
  • Configured Struts, Hibernate framework with Spring MVC.
  • Experience with parallel processing performance monitoring and tuning Oracle Advanced Queuing.
  • Involved in the deployment of Web-Service End-Points using Apache CXF
  • Creation of REST Web Services for the management of data using Apache CXF (JAX-RS)
  • Development of AJAX toolkit based applications using JSON.
  • Consumed Web Services (WSDL, SOAP) from third party for authorizing payments to/from customers.
  • Established a lightweight Scrum project management process and helped team meet sprint goals.
  • Handled necessary Business logic in Servlets
  • Writing and Optimizing MySQL Queries and connect queries to PHP.
  • Coded scripts to clean normalize, reformat data for loading into the ERP system using VB Script and Ruby scripts
  • Developed and implemented many Phone Gap and Titanium applications along with Java and Objective-C plug-ins for Android platforms.
  • Implemented Presentation layer using JSP, Servlets, HTML
  • UI was developed in HTML5, CSS3 and Groovy Server Pages (GSP).
  • Design and development of Web Pages using PHP, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, Ajax.
  • Developing web application with Backbone.js and PHP Code Igniter framework.
  • Responsible for developing theAndroidUI layouts (Linear Layout, Relative Layout)
  • Worked on services to provide in-park notifications and news about upcoming special events.
  • Responsible for developing the user login screens and design the purchase tickets page for the
  • Guest based on the AndroidMenu Navigation, Tabbed Navigation control and Action Bar Control
  • Enabled the application to use the Camera feature to add credit cards and to upload the Photos.
  • UsedAndroidStudio for development.
  • Tested the app across different versions ofAndroidand differentandroidphones to assure quality and Performance
  • Developed rich UI for the application using List View, Scroll View, View Pager, and Navigation Drawer.
  • Collaborated with web services team to execute the back-end support
  • Worked closely with the testing team
  • Worked on unit testing and version control tools like GIT and automation tools like Jenkins.
  • Work closely with the web application development team to ensure proper integration between Mobile and Web application.
  • Worked on debugging the application using Log cat, DDMS

Environment: AndroidSDK 4.3, Android Studio,AndroidAPI's, Java 8, XML, JSON, HTML, CSS, SQLite, GPS service, Log cat, Notification, Shared Preferences, Fragments, Android, Phone gap, Jqtouch, Sencha Touch, Prototype, HTML, CSS, Dojo Mobile, Node Js, Backbone.Js, Flash, Flex, Silver light, Action Script, Windows phone7, Rest, JSON, Web Services, Scrum, Jsp, Servlets, Php.


Java with Android Developer


  • Designing UI screen for Insurance Quote to get User information with JSP.
  • Writing custom tag handlers for Insurance Quote page to calculate the age of the person using the date of birth information entered.
  • Developing Action Classes, Service Classes for Resident Insurance Premium payment module.
  • Developed reusable web components, JSP, Servlets and Java Beans that use the MVC pattern to access EJB (Entity Beans) for the modules of user registration.
  • Writing PL/SQL Queries to get schedule of policy payment and defaults.
  • Worked on system design and analysis, made use cases for design and class diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Involved in screen designs, SRS (Software Requirement Specification) and documentation of screens. Handled the testing of our parts through SQA tool for bug rectifications.
  • Analysis & design of GUI framework classes using Java, Swing, XML, XSL.
  • Developing Session beans for Insurance Quotes.
  • Writing JSP files for Online Quote for Resident Insurance.
  • Used multiple Fragments in an activity and intercommunicate between the Fragments.
  • Optimized the List view using View holder design pattern.
  • Worked on UI implementation for the several other R&D mobile projects of the company.
  • Fixing the bugs identified in test phase.
  • Used Java script and JQuery to handle client-side validations.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Web Services, XML, Oracle, JUnit, Eclipse, UML, Web sphere, Struts, java script, Jquery, HTML.


Java J2EE Developer


  • Designed and developed a site to allow appraisers to register for monthly subscriptions.
  • Created a custom self-service ad platform that allowed members to dynamically create and target ads by DMA as well as featured listings on the search page.
  • Accepted one-time and recurring payments through both Confidential as well as a merchant account.
  • Writing JUnit Test cases for Unit testing in Pension Manager Module.
  • Documenting CR impact analysis and prepared implementation documents.
  • Developed UI components for email and link sharing of documents and files for a Content Management System using Backbone.js and JQuery.
  • Designed and implemented a generic parser framework using SAX/DOM parser to parse XML messages of vendor account from Legacy system.
  • Worked on GUI internationalization using JSP and Core Java

Environment: Java, J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Agile, Scrum, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript.

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