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Sr. Middleware Soa (message Broker) Developer Resume



  • 6+Years of Experience in development and support of SOA based services and solutions utilizing in IBM Data Power, Integration Bus (IIB) / WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere Transformation Extender and MQ Series.
  • Sound Experience in developing message sets, message definitions and message models to define or model CSV, delimited, fixed length, COBOL copy book message formats.
  • Strong experience in performing message transformations using ESQL, XSLT, Java and WTX mapping.
  • Good experience with implementing Global Caching and node and terminal monitoring using record and replay functionality.
  • Experience using promoted flow property and also working with synchronous and asynchronous message flows.
  • Experience in performing troubleshooting and error handling in IIB and Data Power.
  • Good experience in Configuring Web service Proxy (WSP), Multi - Protocol Gateway (MPGW) and XML Firewall using Data Power XI52.
  • Good experience in using Data Power extension functions in XSLT and troubleshoot by enabling probe.
  • Experience working with XMLNSC, DFDL, MRM and Data Objects message domain. Developed message flows that use MQ, File, routing, transformation and construction category nodes.
  • Experience developing Types trees, functional maps in WTX to perform transformation of EDI, XML and fixed length messages.
  • Worked on configuring forward and reverse SSL, Crypto tools and Encryption & Decryption of messages in Data Power.
  • Experience in developing processing policy rules, deployment policies for code migration and dynamic routing strategies in Data Power
  • Extensive experience with XML, SOAP, XSD and WSDL. Developed Rest and SOAP based Web services to provide or consume service.
  • Experience with IIB Integration with SAP and WSRR.
  • Experience in creating Sandbox environments for IIB 9, Data Power and MQ Series 8.
  • Know-how of Requirements gathering, analysis and writing Technical Design Documents
  • Good experience in analyzing issues and providing solutions to them by implementing best practices.
  • Experience working with Waterfall and Agile Methodologies.
  • Experience working on multiple onshore and off shore projects with tight deadlines. And mentoring junior team members.
  • Experience in providing production, administration and maintenance support for MQ, IIB and Data Power.


SOA/EAI Tools: IBM IIB 9,10 Message Broker 8, 7, Data Power XI52, XI50, API Management, WTX, WSRR, MQ Series 8, 7.5

OS: Linux, Unix, Windows

Language: Java, ESQL, XSLT, Shell scripting

Others: ITCAM, Patrol, Tivoli, SAP, SPLUNK, CVS, Clear Case, SVN

Message Formats: EDI, X-12, XML, COBOL Copybook, JSON, SOAP, TDS, CSV

Database: IBM DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL



Sr. Middleware SOA (Message Broker) developer

Environment: IIB 9, WSRR, MQ series 8,7.5, Java, ESQL, XML, SAP, SPLUNK, DB2, EDI, Oracle, Linux, Windows


  • Developed WSDLs, XSDs and XSLTs
  • Involved in Requirement gathering, Analysis documentation, design, development and testing of project interface.
  • Develop Message flows and configured services to provide REST and SOAP based webservices in message broker.
  • Experience in creating queue managers, queues, channels, listeners, subscriptions, topics and implementing remote connectivity and clustering in MQ.
  • Created message sets, message definitions, message models, XSLT and types trees to perform message transformation.
  • Involved in configuring of deployment policies for code migrations between various applications domains in IIB and data power.
  • Involved Data centers migrations. Test all interfaces and get test sign off.
  • Developed message flows using java compute node to perform XML message transformation and configured JDBC service in MQ explorer to connect to the database.
  • Responsible for the message broker code reviews, peer reviews and deployment approvals.

Confidential, WI

Sr. Middleware SOA developer

Environment: IIB 10, 9, DataPower XI52, WTX, WSRR, MQ series 8,7.5,Java, ESQL, XML, SAP, SPLUNK, DB2, EDI, Oracle, Linux, Windows


  • Developed WSDLs, XSDs and XSLTs
  • Developed Rest and SOAP webservices in IIB/message Broker and DataPower
  • Developed IIB Services for mainframe integration using MQ. Used DFDL to perform message transformation of COBOL Copybook messages to XML
  • Worked with Swagger API for REST web services in IIB10
  • Configured Node level monitoring and Record and replay capabilities in IIB
  • Implemented WS Security, Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) and Forward and Reverse SSL in Data power
  • Configured processing policies, deployment policies for code migration and off device and on device logging in DataPower
  • Configured MPGW, WSP and XML firewall services in DataPower
  • Design Exception handling and Reusable sub-flows to handle errors in IIB
  • Mentored off source resources in MQ, Message Broker, IIB and DataPower configuration, Administration and development
  • Performed IIB Integration with databases and SAP adapters
  • Developed File based serviced to process large files
  • Developed ANT Scripts for Packaging bars and automated deployments using Jenkins
  • Installed MQ and IIB on windows and Linux Environments. Created rules in ODM
  • Involved in administration and troubleshooting DataPower Services
  • Developed message flows using compute (ESQL), Java compute node (Java) and mapping nodes to perform message transformations by defining message sets and definitions
  • Involved in Disaster Recovery planning. Set up clustering environment and brokers
  • Installed and integrated WSRR in DataPower and IIB

Confidential, OH

Sr. IIB (Message Broker) and Data Power Developer

Environment: IBM IIB 9,10 Message Broker 8, Data Power XI52/XI50, WTX, XSLT, ESQL, Java, XML, SAP, EDI, SOAP UI, OAuth, DB2, Windows, Linux and Mainframes


  • Designed and developed Web services, File Based and MQ Based message flows in IIB/Message Broker using MQ, File, Transformation, HTTP, Web services, Routing and Construction category nodes.
  • Developed message flows and configured services to provide REST and SOAP based web services in IIB/Message Broker and Data Power
  • Created Message Sets, Message Definitions, Message models, XSLT and type trees to perform message transformation
  • Configured Services using MPGW and Setup HTTP, HTTPS FTP, SFTP, MQ and IMS Front side and back end handlers
  • Developed services in IIB (Message Broker) for SAP integration using SAP Adapter nodes for inbound and outbound calls
  • Involved in configuring of Deployment policies for Code migrations between various application domains in Data power
  • Developed Type trees and Functional Maps. Worked with EDI message transformation to XML and extensively used numbertotext, texttonumber, extract, searchup, lookup, fromdatetime, todatetime functions in WTX
  • Created Exception handling framework in IIB (Message Broker). Used throw statement to handle business exceptions and catch exceptions by connecting to failure and catch terminals
  • Developed various Request, Response and Error Rules using actions in Data Power
  • Involved in Requirement gathering, Analysis, documentation, Design, Development and testing of Project Interface
  • Involved in the setup of IIB 10, WSRR, and Data Power Firmware 7 Sandbox environments
  • Implemented Global Caching, Shared Variables, Configurable services in IIB / Message Broker
  • Trained New comers in the team and mentored Junior team members
  • Involved in configuring forward and reverse SSL, AAA with LDAP and HTTP authentication header and Log targets
  • Involved in creating user stories in Agile environment with 2-week sprints
  • Worked as offshore team coordinator on multiple projects with tight deadlines

Confidential, San Jose

Mid-Level SOA (Message Broker, WTX and Datapower) Developer

Environment: IIB 9, IBM Message Broker 8, 7 Datapower XI50/ XI52, WTX, Java, XML, SOAP UI, XML SPY, Curl, SPLUNK, XSLT, Log4j, ESQL, DB2, Oracle, Unix, Linux, Windows and Mainframes


  • Participated in JAD sessions and worked with stake holders to gather requirements for the Interface and prepare mapping specifications
  • Experience in creating queue managers, queues, channels, listeners, subscriptions, topics and implementing remote connectivity and clustering in MQ
  • Involved in Unit Testing and System testing of the data power and Message Broker services by using SOAP-UI, Curl, RFH Utility tools
  • Developed Message flows using HTTP and SOAP nodes for Consuming and providing REST and SOAP Web services
  • Developed Message flows using Java Compute node to perform XML message transformation and configured JDBC service in MQ Explorer to connect to the Database
  • Involved in the debugging, troubleshooting various issues by using logs, probes and object status in Data Power and using Traces(User, System and file) and Visual Debugging in Message Broker
  • Developed Message flows to use ESQL to query Databases using SQL for both ODBC and JDBC connectivity and called Stored Procedures from IIB
  • Configured Crypto Tools to generate Self-signed certificates, Forward and reverse SSL proxy profile and log targets
  • Developed XSLTs using DP extension functions and enabled probe to troubleshoot style sheets
  • Implemented Record and Replay functionality and Global caching in IIB
  • Configured Datapower for Load balancing and also Performed on device and off device logging
  • Designed Business Exception handling sub- flows in IIB and sent email notifications
  • Configured Multi-Protocol Gateway(MPGW) and set up Front Side Handlers and Back-End Connectivity for HTTP, HTTPS and MQ
  • Created Complex type trees and Developed WTX Maps using various Adapters
  • Adhered to organization standards and Developed best practices and Performance guidelines

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