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Full Stack Developer Resume

Manassas, Virginia


  • AWS Certified Java Professional with 7+ years of extensive experience in Java and J2EE technologies, Object Oriented Technologies, UML, Software Development Life Cycle process - Translation of requirements into functional and technical specifications, Designing, Developing, Testing Implementation & Post Production support using development methodologies like Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, TDD.
  • Proficient in designing and developing the front end, component-based and object-oriented systems for building multi-tier architecture with hands-on development expertise in front end GUI layer.
  • Experience in J2EE Design Patterns like Composite View, Value Object, DAO, MVC, Singleton, Session Facade Pattern, Front Controller, Abstract Factory and Factory Pattern for reusing most efficient and effective strategies for new development.
  • Expertise in working with the Core Java Concepts like AWT, Swings, Applets, Serialization, Multithreading, Exception Handling, Collections, Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) concepts like polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance…etc.
  • Experienced in using flavors of JavaScript like Angular JS, Ext JS, Node JS, React JS and also backbone JS.
  • Proficient in application development using spring modules Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring-Core, Spring-AOP, Spring-DAO.
  • Expertise in various open source frameworks like Struts, spring and Web development technologies like AJAX and Object Relational Mapping Technology like Hibernate.
  • Strong Working experience in Design, Development, and implementation of several J2EE frameworks like (Model View Controller) Struts … spring, Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring JDBC, Spring Batch, iBatis and Hibernate.
  • Proficient in XML and its parsing technologies like XSL/XSLT, SAX, DOM, X path, SOAP, WSDL, DTD, XSD, XMI, SOA, JAXB, JAXP, Apache Axis.
  • Experience in Hibernate and in using Hibernate Connection Pooling, HQL, Collections, Hibernate Caching, Hibernate Transactions, and Optimistic.
  • Expertise in Microservices to communicate through HTTP protocol for implementing SOA approach.
  • Strong working experience in Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SimpleDB, Dynamo DB, RDS, RedShift, ELB, SQS, IAM, Cloud Watch, EBS, Cloud Front, VPC, Elastic Beanstalk, Security Groups, EC2 Container Service (ECS), CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy, Auto Scaling, Security Groups, RedShift), using the Elastic Search APIs (Document, Search, Indices, Cluster, etc.)
  • Expertise in developing in a continuous integration environment using Jenkins, or TeamCity CI frameworks.
  • Experience in building applications using ANT, Maven and Gradle.
  • Experience in working with IDE’S like Eclipse, RAD, Spring Tool Suite (STS), and Intellij.
  • Experienced with deploying applications on to production servers, configuring various parameters of servers like Apache Tomcat, JBOSS, BEA Web logic, IBM Web Sphere.
  • Experience in working with Relational Databases like Oracle, MySQL, DB2, MS SQL Server using SQL, PL/SQL and NoSQL databases such as Redis, MongoDB & Cassandra.
  • Expertise in implement various version control software such as GIT, GIT LAB, SVN, CVS, Big Bucket for maintaining code repositories.
  • Experience in implementing Bug Tracking tools like JIRA, Bugzilla and Firebug.
  • Expertise in performing unit testing using JUnit Framework and developed logging and standard mechanism based on Apache Log4J.


Operating system: Windows, Linux, UNIX OS

Languages: Core Java, J2EE, Python, Shell Scripts, R, Machine Learning

Methodologies: Agile, waterfall, TDD

Java/J2EE Technologies: JDBC, JSP, Servlets, JSF, JSTL, JMS, EJB (CMP, BMP, Message-Driven Beans), Struts, Spring, Swing, Hibernate, Java Beans, JDBC, XML, XSD, XSL, DOM, JNDI, JPA, Multi-Threading, RMI, JavaScript, AJAX Networking, Exception Handling

Cloud Technologies: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Google Cloud Platform, RackSpace, OpenShift, Docker

AWS Cloud Services: EC2, S3, EBS, VPC, ELB, AMI, RDS (Aurora), Redshift, IAM, Glacier, SNS, SWF, SES, ELASTIC BEANSTALK (EBS), Route 53, Auto scaling, LAMBDA, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, OPS Work, Security Groups

Frameworks: Spring, Hibernate, Angular JS, JSF, Struts

Application/Web servers: IBM WebSphere, BEA Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, JBOSS

Databases: Oracle, SQL server, MySQL, DB2, SQL, PL/SQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Dynamo DB, PostgreSQL

Web Technologies: HTML/HTML 5, JavaScript 1.8, XML, CSS 3, CSS 4, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Angular 2.0, Angular 4.0, BackBone.JS, React JS, Node JS, Ext JS, JSP

Build/Version Control/CI Tools: GIT, SVN, GitHub, Jenkins, Hudson, Bamboo, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Grunt, Gulp, Bower

Testing and Logging Frameworks: JUnit, JMeter, Log4J, Test NG, power mock, Selenium, Karma, Jasmine, SoapUI


IDE: Eclipse, RAD, Spring Tool Suite (STS), and Intellij

MQ: Rabbit MQ, Kafka



Confidential, Manassas(Virginia)

Full stack developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) of the application like Requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and Code development.
  • Used agile methodology and effectively took part in Scrum gatherings to deliver quality deliverables within time (extensively used Scrum for project Management).
  • Implemented design patterns such as Session Facade, Adaptor, Bean Factory and Singleton.
  • Defined and constructed layers, server-side objects and client-side interfaces based on J2EE design patterns.
  • Used Java 8 Streams, Functional Interface, Predicates to make the application perform faster.
  • Implemented Angular Router to enable navigation from one view to the next as agent performs application tasks.
  • Utilized Features and Spring Framework to make Asynchronous calls to the application.
  • Used Spring Boot framework for building cloud Microservices and to develop Spring based application radically faster with very less configuration.
  • Used Microservices architecture, with Spring Boot-based services interacting through a combination of REST and Apache Kafka message brokers.
  • Tested Rest APIs in Spring-Controller at backend for JSON data using Postman.
  • Developed the Application using Spring Features like Spring MVC, ORM, Spring Boot and Spring Security forapplication accessandauthorization, Spring Integration, Spring AOP for crosscutting concerns.
  • Used Hibernate as an Object-Relational Mapping ORM tool to store the persistent data and for communicating with Oracle database.
  • Developed applications using Model-View-Controller architecture, Spring and Hibernate frameworks.
  • Well exposed to Hibernate and spring and thorough knowledge on Hibernate configuration file.
  • Used Hibernate for accessing database and mapping the entities by using annotations.
  • Performed configuration, deployment and support of cloud services including Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Implemented AWS solutions using E2C, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto-scaling groups.
  • Used Amazon IAM to grant fine access of AWS resources to users. Also managed roles and permissions of users to AWS account through IAM while doing it I created detailed AWS Security Groups which behaved as virtual firewalls that controlled the traffic allowed to reach one or more AWS EC2 instances.
  • Setup the Continuous Integration (CI) process and Continuous Deployment (CD) jobs in Jenkins brew master instance, which reduces the time for the deployment of microservices.
  • Used Angular 4/Angular 2 Framework for the development of Single Page Applications (SPA), Web application using Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component-based architecture provided by angular 4/Angular2.
  • Worked on modern, mobile ready responsive front-end development with CSS3 media queries, AJAX, Bootstrap, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS and jQuery.
  • Built Web pages that are more user-interactive using HTML5, CSS preprocessors like LESS, JavaScript, React JS, React-Redux and Redux- Saga.
  • Implemented React JS client-side form validation to validate the user inputs before passing to back-end.
  • Used Maven as build and dependency management tool for creating EAR, WAR and JAR files.
  • Deployed the application in WebLogic Application Server and Configured JMS for reliable and asynchronous exchange of important information.
  • Maintained, structured and surveyed documents within NoSQL, MongoDB database; ensuring data integrity, correcting anomalies, and increasing the overall maintainability of the database.
  • Composed and executed MongoDB scripts to insert and updateNoSQL database; automating report changes and reporting.
  • Used Eclipse as IDE, GITHUB as a version control tool and Log4J as logging tool.
  • Successfully executed all the test cases and fixed any bugs/issues identified during the test cycles with J-Unit and Ng Test.

Environment: Java8, J2EE, Agile, Typescript, REST API, CSS3, Angular JS, React JS, Node JS, React-Redux, Microservices, Apache Kafka, Spring-Controller, JSON, Spring MVC, ORM, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Integration, Spring AOP, Hibernate, Amazon Web Services (AWS), EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, ELB, IAM, Jenkins, Maven, Web Logic, JMS, No SQL, MongoDB, Eclipse, GITHUB, Log4J, JUnit.

Confidential, Texas(Austin)

Full stack developer


  • Involved in all the phases of SDLC including Requirements Collection, Design & Analysis of the Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of the Application.
  • Followed Agile Methodology in analyze, define, and document the application, which will support functional and business requirements. Coordinate these efforts with Functional Architects.
  • Used J2EE Design patterns like Singleton, Service Locator, Session Façade, DAO, DTO and Business Delegate during development.
  • Used Hibernate as persistence framework mapping the ORM objects to table using Hibernate annotations.
  • Used React JS for creating components and to render views and to update the DOM dynamically.
  • Used Bootstrap and React JS to create Controllers to handle events triggered by clients and send request to server.
  • Developed REST API's using Spring MVC and Spring boot, hosted all microservices on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).
  • Developed REST web services using Spring, Hibernate, JAX-RS, and JAXB.
  • Designed and developed Microservices to divide application into business components using Spring Boot.
  • Implemented various features of spring framework such as Dependency Injection, IOC, Annotations, and Spring integration with Hibernate.
  • Used Spring framework for dependency injection and integrated with Mybatis.
  • Developed Microservice to provide RESTful API utilizing Spring Boot with Spring MVC.
  • Developed Application to access JSON from Restful web service from consumer side using JavaScript and Angular JS.
  • Implemented build stage-to build the Microservice and push theDockerContainer image to the privateDockerregistry.
  • Created AWS cloud formation templates to create custom-sized VPC, subnets, EC2 instances, ELB, security groups.
  • Managed other AWS Services like S3, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, RDS, Kinesis, Redshift Cluster, Route53, SNS, SQS, and Cloud Trail.
  • Created Python Script to stop all the instances with a specific tag in AWS Instance using Lambda functions and made into CloudWatch scheduler to schedule it every night.
  • Built and managed a large deployment of Red Hat Linux instances systems with Ansible, Terraform Automation and provision virtual servers using vagrant and kitchen in Oracle VM virtual box, provisioned servers in Amazon EC2.
  • Developed the UI using HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node JS and Bootstrap for interactive cross browser functionality and complex user interface.
  • Created single page application with loading multiple views using route services and adding more user experiences to make it more dynamic by using Angular JS framework.
  • Automated application builds and deployments using Hudson/Jenkins.
  • Created the CI/CD pipeline for different environments like J2EE, Spring Boot and React JS using Jenkins.
  • Developed Ant scripts and developed builds using Apache ANT.
  • Deployed the application on Apache Tomcat Application Server, and used Eclipse IDE for designing, coding.
  • Created complex SQL queries and used MyBatis to access the database.
  • UsedMongoDBas data storage and utilized aspects like replica sets, sharing and clever document design to make service extensible scale and feature wise.
  • Used GIT for version control and tracking of the code changes and check-in on a day-to-day basis.
  • Interacted with application testers to review system defects and provided comprehensive fixes. Used JIRA for issue tracking.
  • Used JUnit framework for unit testing of application and Log4j to capture the log that includes runtime exceptions.

Environment: Java, J2EE, HTML5, CSS3, JSP, JavaScript, Angular JS, Node JS, React JS, Hibernate, Bootstrap, REST API's, Spring boot, Microservices, Spring Annotations, MyBatis, JSON, Docker, AWS VPC, subnets, EC2, ELB, S3, Cloud Front, Cloud Watch, RDS, Kinesis, Redshift, AWS Lambda, Terraform, Jenkins, ANT, Eclipse, MongoDB, GIT, JUnit, Log4j.


Full Stack Developer


  • Participate in the requirements gathering process; drive to well defined and understood requirements that can be implemented and tested.
  • Worked in Agile/Scrum methodology for the enhancements and involved in story breakup and task prioritization.
  • Developed Use case diagrams, Object diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagrams using UML.
  • Maintained CSS and HTML, JavaScript, JSON, JSF, Angular JS, Bootstrap for designing Web Pages.
  • Designed and Developed Presentation Tier using Spring MVC and JSP integrating Custom Tags, JSTL, JSP Expression Language and AJAX.
  • Developed Spring Framework based RESTFUL Web Services for handling and persisting of requests and Spring MVC for returning response to presentation tier.
  • Extensively used Java Collections framework for backend services and to display view on frontend.
  • Spring framework is used to implement Inversion of Control (IOC) and Model View Controller (MVC).
  • Spring framework and DAO classes using JPA framework for persistence management and involved in integrating the frameworks for the project.
  • Developed application service components and configured beans using Spring IOC.
  • Used Ajax and JavaScript for the client side validation.
  • Worked extensively on Web Services (SOAP & REST), XML, JSF, JMS and Spring Controller.
  • Actively involved in designing and implementing Business Delegate, Data Access Object.
  • Designed and worked with team to implement ELK (Elastic search, Log stash and Kibana) Stack on AWS.
  • Created S3 buckets and managed policies for S3 buckets and utilized S3 Buckets and Glacier for storage, backup and archived in AWS and worked on setting up and maintenance of Auto-Scaling AWS stacks.
  • Developed CloudFormation script to automate the EC2 instances with JSON templates.
  • Used Hibernate as the ORM tool develop the persistence layer.
  • Handled the back-end operations using SQL, Stored procedures, triggers and developed the persistence structure using ORM based Hibernate.
  • Setting up the build and deployment automation for Java base project by using JENKINS and Maven.
  • Integrate automated build with Deployment Pipeline to pick up the Build from Jenkins repository and deployed in target environments.
  • Extensive worked on MAVEN as build tool for the building of deployable artifacts like jar, war & ear from source code.
  • Implemented the function to send and receive AMQP messages on RabbitMQ synchronously & asynchronously and send JMS message on the edge device.
  • Created tables, triggers, stored procedures, SQL queries, joins, integrity constraints and views for multiple databases, IBM DB2.
  • Designed the database and code using SQL, PL/SQL, Triggers and Views by IBM DB2.
  • Performed deployment of applications on Tomcat Server and Glassfish.
  • Used IntelliJ as IDE tool to develop the application and JIRA for bug and issue tracking.
  • Used CVS as software version control and log4j as logging tool and JUnit as testing tool.

Environment: Java, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, JSF, Angular JS, Bootstrap, Spring MVC, RESTFUL Web Services, Spring IOC, JSF, JMS, Spring Controller, AWS ELK, S3, Glacier, EC2, JSON, Hibernate, Jenkins, Maven, RabbitMQ, IBM DB2, Glassfish, Tomcat, IntelliJ, IRA, CVS, JUnit.


Full Stack Developer


  • Analyzing System Requirements and preparing System Design document, Mockup documents.
  • Full life cycle experience including requirements gathering, business analysis, high level design, detailed design, data design, coding, testing, and creation of functional documentation.
  • Implemented Core Java coding and development using Multithreading and various design Patterns.
  • Worked on Angular 2.0 by consuming RESTful web services and used Angular 2.0 forms like template driven forms and modern driven (reactive) forms to perform form validations both on server and client side.
  • Developed reusable and interoperable Web service modules based on SOA architecture using SOAP and migrating to RESTFUL.
  • Involved in producing and consuming annotations of SOAP web services using JAX-WS.
  • Developed STRUTS forms and actions for validations of user request data and application functionality.
  • Developed the view-controller components using Servlets/JSPs, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and DHTML.
  • Developed JSP’S with STRUTS custom tags and implemented JavaScript validation for data.
  • Developed programs for accessing the database using JDBC thin driver to execute queries, Prepared Statements, Stored Procedures and to manipulate the data in the database.
  • Involved in developing business tier using stateless session bean.
  • Used JavaScript for the web page validation and Struts Valuator for server side validation.
  • Implemented Java Persistence API (JPA) through Hibernate Created connections to database using Hibernate Session Factory, using Hibernate APIs to retrieve and store data to the database with Hibernate transaction control.
  • Used Oracle DB to store customer and application related data and as part of it developed SQL and PL/SQL programming for interaction with RDBMS.
  • Involved in Setting up Linux servers with WebSphere and GIT repository.
  • Used Jira to publish daily defect reports to the management and ANT as a build tool.
  • Used Junit for test cases andLog4j to print info, warning and error data on to the logs.

Environment: Java, Angular 2.0, Restful services, SOAP, Struts, JavaScript, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, Oracle, WebSphere, GIT, Jira, Junit.

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