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​lead Engineer Resume



  • Lead engineer with experience in core product development as well as customer facing role in designing and implementing solution Confidential client site. Successfully architected and implemented Revenue Assurance and Auditing solutions for telecom client and took it to client acceptance level. Versatile developer who learns new systems quickly and uses that knowledge to synthesize new solutions within a code base. While working on customer solutions suggested additional features expanding scope of project resulting in extra revenue from customer.
  • Expert in agile and waterfall project management methodologies. Implemented new features using microservices in CI/CD environment. Excellent communicator, leverage technical and management acumen to communicate effectively with clients and their respective teams. Thinks out of the box and comes up with new ideas to solve problems.
  • 10 Years of experience in product development using C, C++, Java and web technologies.
  • Strong believer in applying software best practices including unit testing, code reviews and readable code.
  • Experience in closely understanding client’s requirements and solving them in timely manner within tight deadlines.
  • Being a quick learner able to learn legacy code quickly and enhanced its libraries to meet new challenges.
  • Responsible for design, develop and implementation of new functionalities related with Balance Manager billing and Mediation solution.
  • Strong understanding of Oracle DB, PL/SQL and query performance improvement with enterprise applications handling 7 Billion records per day.
  • Experience in planning & executing the migration of legacy infrastructure to cloud based deployments.
  • Agile experience in transforming requirements into user stories which in turn broken into tasks for tracking and estimation.
  • Involved in CI/CD Integration and building pipeline using git, Jenkins, Docker for Microservices deployments.
  • Created executive summary dashboard using spring MVC framework.
  • Ability to work in highly critical environments managing customer expectations while handling revenue impacted production issues.
  • Proven record of successfully leading all phases of diverse technology projects.
  • Excellent debugging skills debugged core files using DBX, GDB and pstack.


  • C, C++, Java, Spring MVC, Spring Boot
  • Python, Perl, bash, ksh, XML.
  • Unix/Linux, Windows, WinCE
  • DBX, GCC, GDB, eclipse
  • Oracle 11g, JDBC, PL/SQL
  • CVS, Git, Perforce.
  • Water fall model, Agile Scrum
  • CPPUnit, Junit, Jenkins
  • Dockers, Kubernetes, Maven


Lead Engineer

Confidential, Texas


  • Designed and developed algorithm to identify missing Billing CDR’s in Core Java.
  • Implemented module to generate missing CDR range report only hourly/daily basis.
  • Developed routine to perform data cleansing and formatting.
  • Written functionality to persist partial processed data in binary files and summary in DB tables.
  • Used DAO/DTO design pattern and JDBC to interact with oracle tables.
  • Deployed solution in production and completed customer signoff.
  • Redesigned modules for performance based on behavior seen with actual data.
  • Worked with network team to resolve issues identified by this application on network side.
  • Analyzed missing CDR reports to identify network nodes having issues.
  • Developed web based reporting dashboard based on java spring framework to present RTIS auditing tool results.
  • Used Hibernate for application configuration loading.
  • Created tabbed view for Missing CDR and SY Audit reporting.
  • Used DAO to access audited data from oracle tables and presenting it on web GUI.
  • Developed feature to highlight high mismatch hourly/days based on configurable thresholds.
  • Analyzed data patterns and modified reporting to make more sense for end user.
  • Added operational dashboard tab to show status of each individual process for operational monitoring.
  • Performed requirement analysis and design.
  • Defined data requirements and mode of transfer from different interfaces.
  • Used SLQ Loader for data ingestion from SY interface and DB links to pull data from mediation interface.
  • Implemented logic to identify session level usage mismatch between Sy and Mediation interface.
  • Created summary process to summarize audited sessions to be presented on dashboard.
  • Post deployment system stabilization and issue analysis
  • Identified processing bottlenecks and fixed them to improve performance of application.
  • Analyzed audit results and identified several issues in SY processing flow involving multiple teams.
  • Identified patterns in mismatch to help interface teams identify issues on their side.
  • Based on data analysis provided specific examples to pinpoint issues.
  • Defined mismatch analysis process and brought down mismatches from initial 30% to <2%.

Systems Analyst

Confidential, Texas


  • Handled Post product upgrade issues
  • Managed the production Usage Processing backlogs, identified several bugs while investigating root cause of backlog.
  • Identified product problems and provided quick workarounds to keep things moving and avoiding revenue loss.
  • Handled oracle DB performance problems leading to SAN storage issue.
  • Worked in sustainment team for Confidential &T mediation solutions
  • Handled Work request related to product issues, and solved complex business logic issues.
  • Coordinated with offshore team for 24x7 support on critical issues.
  • Investigated issues in PL/SQL code and fixed them
  • Managed customer concerns while working on critical production issues

Programmer Analyst

Confidential, KY


  • Done analysis of existing logging dll to solve long pending issues with it.
  • Studied the architecture of installer and identified role of logging dll.
  • Done code reverse engineering to understand the functionality.
  • Analyzed long pending bugs in installer and fixed it.
  • Performed requirement analysis and release planning in agile scrum.
  • Discussed Product Requirement Document in release planning meetings along with product management.
  • Transformed requirements into user stories and estimated them using poker planning.
  • Broke user stories into tasks and estimated them while doing sprint planning.
  • Added feature to support dynamic language module loading in application.
  • Performed cleanup tasks to enable graceful shutdown of client application added unit test case using CPPUnit.
  • Added performance measuring support in C++ code and created performance matrix to compare performance.
  • Performed test automation for wired headset connect by simulating the behavior through software event.
  • Worked closely with QA and automation team members while doing design and development of the headset connect simulation.
  • Added Perl module exposing headset connect API in test automation framework.

Tech Lead



  • Implemented purse handler interface with C++ and Java.
  • Implemented Connection Pool for DB connections in Java to support multiple concurrent requests to Sybase DB.
  • Wrote Java API to fire SQL query and stored procedure on Sybase Server.
  • Used XML DOM parser for parsing the parameters passed to java code as an XML string.
  • Identified memory leaks in existing JProxy component, and helped team to remove it.
  • Debugged core dumps using gdb, dbx and pstack to solve Multithreading issues.
  • Worked with support team to diagnose and debug complex customer facing defects. Resolved core dump issue arising due to improper shutdown of CORBA component.
  • Managed an intermediate release of product by performing CVS porting for the bug fixes.
  • Trained new hires on how to use CVS for code management.
  • Tested the release with acceptance test framework, coordinated with component owner to fix bugs found in acceptance test.
  • Developed role - based access control (RBAC) feature across product.
  • Performed impact analysis and identified components to be modified.
  • Enhanced GUI to restrict feature access depending on role of user.
  • Modified C based character user interface (CUI) to restrict features.
  • Wrote C/C++ programs for preprocessing of calling list.
  • Worked on Agent daemon developed using C, Data Structures & Sockets.
  • Analyzed core files generated Confidential customer sites using GDB.
  • Implemented OLAP operations on in memory cubes.
  • Wrote functionality for generating the children’s & parents of a member in a given hierarchy in single dimensional indexing using STL map.
  • Wrote C++ code for Non-Incremental Update, this update is not propagated to all the level combinations. It is used for simulation of scenarios.
  • Implemented concurrency framework to wrap platform specific thread routines.
  • Enhanced proprietary data mining engine called WordMiner, to meet current requirement.
  • Reverse engineered code to understand design and added WordMiner API for Inserting n records Confidential a time.
  • Improved performance of incremental indexing by modifying proprietary file format.
  • Rewrite code for integration of web updates to products and reduced updated time from 30 minutes to few seconds.

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