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Hybris Solution Architect Resume

Chicago, IL


  • 19 yrs. of core IT experience J2EE, JAVA, EJB, JSP, SERVLETS, JMS, JNDI, JDBC, XML, Soap, Hybris Ecommerce Suite, Accelerator, Cockpits, CIS, OMS, Hybris extensions, PIM, WCMS, Data Hub Integration with SAP, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Spring, REST, Web services, Hibernate, ORM, SQL, NoSQL Cassandra 2.x, Big Data, Cloud, Tomcat 6.x, 7.x, MDA, SOA, RMI, IIOP, OMG CORBA, IDL, SVN, Eclipse, WSAD, WAS, JUNIT, Jprobe2.8, 3.0, SAP XI, NetWeaver, CYGWIN and Introscope.
  • Currently working as a Sr. Technical Architect and managing a team of 20 plus developers, including onsite, offshore, POD, Scrum Masters and 3 agile teams.
  • Worked as a Hybris Architect for Ecommerce solution in Confidential (retail products, Core stores to Customers) and Confidential in Confidential domain.
  • Worked as an Application Architect to offer Confidential & Confidential networking Products AVPN, MIS, and BVOIP to enterprise customers and Confidential & Confidential partners.
  • Build completely new platform using web services and data GRID (Cassandra as Database) to support High level transactions volume with milliseconds response time.
  • SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for entire Middleware Service Integration group covering 15 plus applications and a team of 100 plus application developers.
  • Technical Architect to provide solutions for medium to large size programs and complex integration projects.
  • Member of Solution providing team for middleware services. This team provides solution to integrate various Products of Confidential & Confidential with Cingular.
  • Provided the Impact assessment for Integrating the Confidential & Confidential Middleware services with Bell South, and Cingular middleware services
  • Provide solution approach for complex integration projects that follows Enterprise Integration Architecture (EIA) and mainly Service oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Strong knowledge of various Message Brokers/ ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) Architecture. Hands on experience of Sonic MQ, TIBCO EMS and IBM MQ and on different message adapters.
  • Strong knowledge of various Application servers and development tools. Hands on experience on WebSphere Application Server, Web logic, and JBOSS.
  • Participation in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle including analysis, design, coding and testing with different life cycle models like Agile, water fall, CMM, XP and Rational Unified Process.
  • Effective communication with client, cross - functional teams to achieve project priorities/timelines.


Languages: C, Java, UML, PL/SQL, XML, Python, CQL, SQL

App Servers: Various Applications Servers like WebSphere, Web Logic, and JBOSS.

Web Servers: Apache Tomcat 6.x, 7.x, Java Web Server, JSWDK, IIS.

Enterprise Tech: REST, Web Services, SOAP, XML, Spring 3.x, Hibernate, J2EE, EJB, JNDI, JDBC, Java Servlets & JSP, JMS, JDK, IDL, CORBA, MQSeries, SAP NetWeaver, TIB/Rendezvous 6.x TIBCO Business Works, TIBCO BE 2.x

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, PERL, Shell Script

Messaging Framework: JMS, Sonic MQ, TIBCO EMS, IBM MQ

RDBMS: Oracle, MS-SQL server 6.5, IBM DB2 8.0/7.0, Sybase

NONSQL: Cassandra 2.0.9

IDE: Eclipse, WSAD 5.0, Visual Age 3.5, XDE, Jbuilder, KAWA

Tools: Introscope 5.0, ORBIX 2000, Rational Rose2000, Jprobe 3.0, OLT

OS: Windows, UNIX, Linux


Confidential, Chicago, IL

Hybris Solution Architect


  • Currently managing a team of 20 plus people including offshore and onsite. Team consists of Onsite, Offshore developer, product owner delegates and Scrum masters.
  • Build New APIs for Apple Care Order, Inquire and Cancel Device Protection plan to support Apple care for core stores.
  • Business consultant and solution architect helping clients define ecommerce Strategy & Business road-map.
  • Help building hybris capability in organization core stores.
  • Working with core group of architects to improve the processes for technical collaboration of ideas, technology best practices, and RFP responses.
  • Worked in e-commerce design and implementation in hybris, OMS, WCMS, Address Validation, BOPIS (Buy online and pick up in store), Pre-Order, Promotion and Search Engines.
  • Created custom hybris store facades and extensions using modulegen and extgen.
  • Setting up the development environment by installing hybris multichannel suite, configuring build framework and initializing sample data.
  • Worked on to add customize rating index property to the existing solr indexes and displayed as a facet with possible values.
  • Worked on building the new products and platform for both consumer and enterprise clients.
  • Worked in designing the overall system architecture including hybris Catalog, Initial Data setup including prod data to QC and performance environments.
  • Design hybris custom web services and exposed them through RESTful Web services API. Onboarding clients to the platform by exposing these REST APIs.
  • Configured hybris using hybris Administration Console (HAC), hybris Management Console (HMC), Product, CMS and Multi-Channel Cockpit.
  • Build the Cassandra Data model using Application workflow, Conceptual, logical and arriving Confidential the physical data model.
  • Build the Cassandra cluster with 30 nodes across 4 data Centers.
  • Work with the clients to fine tune the read path for Cassandra(performance tuning)
  • Created Cassandra tables on a per query basis.
  • Help build innovative and reusable solution and ecommerce platform using hybris.
  • Project scope & estimation.
  • Coaching project & people on eCommerce and hybris multi-channel suite.
  • Worked as an application architect for Software defined networks to offer Confidential & Confidential AVPN, MIS, VOIP, Services to enterprise customers. On demand configuration changes and automatic provisioning of services on SDN framework.
  • Worked as a Solution Architect to offer Big Box Retailers like Apple, BestBuy, Amazon, Walmart and Costco to expose Confidential & Confidential APIs in Confidential domain via SOAP and REST Web services.
  • Worked as a Scum master on agile projects.
  • Worked as a single Point of contact for entire Middleware Service Organization where I worked as a SME for Integration APIS and worked with various client channel OMS (customer Service Rep) AMSS/eCare(Web group) and clarify for Integration, Ordering and Billing Systems. In this role I created necessary and alternative solutions, resources, Issue resolution, client meetings, and presentations. Help the testing teams to resolve big rocks so that releases can meet their timeline and products can be deployed.
  • In the Solution Architect Lead role for entire middleware services I provide the recommended and alternative solutions for the clients involving the MWS BIS services. Some of the critical projects I have provided the Solution are Real Time Service Order Completion for DSL, Integrated Due Date Board, DSL Due Date Synchronization, LIFO/FIFO, NCSC Segmentation and Collateral Transformation projects.
  • In the development lead role wrote the interface agreement, high level and detail design document for WOW and LS1.0 project. Interaction with team during development and testing phase. Writing of plug and play components like mapper, validator and connectors that can be plugged into and can be reused with minor modifications. Generation of VicunaProxies (Proprietary messaging Framework) for C and C++ clients. Generation of SOAFI Proxy (JMS/XML framework) for JMS/XML clients
  • In the Senior Analyst role I was involved into wring the EJB’s and mapping the java objects per the business rules into the SMBIS components. Involved in writing the unit test cases for the low level design code. Writing various interface using patterns like proxy, facades and DAO’s. Writing interfaces with EDW/CCRTS. Tagging and branching and merging of code into the centralized CVS repository. Configuration of Introscope (J2EE Monitoring tool from Wily) writing alerts, actions, metrics grouping and calculators. Used Jprobe 3.0 Profiler with Memory Debugger to find Memory Leak and Java Tuning.

Environment: Sonic MQ, IBM MQSeries, Eclipse 2.0, JDK 1.3, Cygwin, WinCVS, EJB 1.1, Corba 2.4, Orbix 2000, Win Runner, JDBC, mySAP NetWeaver, JMS, JDBC, Spring, ORM, Cassandra, SAP XI, SAP CRM5.0, WebSphere Application server 5.0, WSAD 5, Oracle 10, 9i,/8.0, DB2 Sybase, Mercury test director, IBM Legacy Database IMS Region, UML, Introscope5.0 Rational Rose 2000, OOD, UNIX on AIX, Windows NT

Confidential, Winston Salem, NC/San Jose, CA

Technical Architect/Consultant


  • Involved in study & analysis of the old self Service Now System documenting why the client needs to move to the new system. Involved in designing of the new system with object-oriented methodology EJB design tier using analysis objects Interface, Control and Entity objects.
  • Prototyping & designing based on J2EE specifications and J2EE design patterns DAO, Session Facade.
  • Writing of class, object diagrams structural and use cases, sequence and interaction diagrams for behavioral modeling using Rational Rose.
  • Installation of IBM web Sphere 4.0 version, testing and deployment of components on the server.
  • Involved in writing the business logic using stored procedures, PL/SQL packages approx. 48 packages, presentation tier in JSP, DAO’s using the JDBC 2.0 API.
  • Implementation of the version control software CVS and responsible for software release.
  • Writing of XML documents to store the client specific information and pass them to JSP using tags and TLD.
  • Partitioning, Indexes on tables, creation of views and writing of optimized SQL queries using rule based approach, tuning of database.
  • Writing of the stateless session, Entity beans and JSP for the business and presentation logic.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures, PL/SQL packages and used JDBC 2.0 API to access them. JDBC 2.0 Optional package using data stores for Connections to achieve connection pooling.

Environment: JAVA, J2EE, JSP, EJB, JDBC, Design Patterns, XML, DOM, XSL, Sybase Jaguar CTS, Rational Rose 2000, IBM Web Sphere 3.5/4.0, VA agefor Java 3.5, WinRunner, Sun Solaris, SSL, IIS web server, Oracle 8.1.7, PL/SQL, SQL, Toad


Software Engineer


  • Developed and unit testing Forms using master detail relationship in Inventory Management and Point of Sale. Stored the defects in test director. Developed the Matrix Report for the clients Using Pro* C.
  • Used oracle graphs in the forms to show the data in the graphical forms. Involved in writing quarries in SQL and stored procedures, database triggers to update the purchase order, inventory related tables
  • Environment: Oracle 7.x, PL/SQL, SQL, Oracle Forms.

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