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Sr.java Full Stack Developer Resume

Malvern, PA


  • Around 8 years of strong IT experience, extensively in areas of enterprise & web application development involving system architecture, design, development and maintenance of multi - tier enterprise level applications under Health, Financial Services and Retail domains using Java/J2EE Technologies
  • Extensive experience in Amazon Web Services like EC2, Simple DB, RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, SQS, SNS, AWS Identity and access management, AWS Cloud Watch, Elastic Beanstalk and Cloud Front, Redshift.
  • Experience involving configuring S3 versioning and lifecycle policies to and backup files and archive files in glacier.
  • Hands on experience in AWS infrastructure on various resources IAM, EBS, Security Group and Auto Scaling in Cloud Formation JSON templates and some internet technologies including TCP/IP and HTTP.
  • Created Amazon VPC to create public-facing subnet for web servers with internet access, backend databases & application servers in a private-facing subnet with no Internet access.
  • Having good knowledge in NOSQL data bases like Dynamo DB, Cassandra. Setting up and administering DNS system in AWS cloud using Route53.
  • Experienced in working with big data technologies like Spark Core, Spark Hql, Spark -Streaming, Kafka.
  • Experience with EJB ( Enterprise Java Beans) component based architecture
  • Experience in apache Hadoop for storage part in HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System).
  • Extensive experience in design and development of J2EE applications using Core Java, Java Collections, Data Structures, Multithreading, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, EJB, AJAX, JMS Custom Tag Libraries, JSTL, XML and Web Services.
  • Expertise in using various open source frameworks like Struts and ORM Technologies like Hibernate and My Baits.
  • Experience in Spring Framework such as Spring IOC, Spring DAO, Spring ORM, Spring Resources, SpringJDBC, Spring wicket, Micro-Services.
  • Expertise in developing GUI using Web-Development technologies like HTML, DHTML, DOJO, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Angular JS, Node JS, Bootstrap, Spring boot, JSF and jQuery.
  • Experience on SOA and Web Services like SOAP (JAX-WS) &REST (JAX-RS) using different frameworks like Apache Axis2, Spring-WS, Apache CXF and Jersey.
  • Extensive experience of using IDE tools Eclipse 3.2, Netbeans7.1.2, IntelliJ IDEA … for JAVA/J2EEApplication development.
  • Experience in working on web servers like Apache and application servers like Web logic, Tomcat, Websphere to deploy code.
  • Expertise in working on Node.js Fundamentals including Modules, Callbacks, Events, Streams and Error Handling by making use of its Core Features like Event-Driven, Single Threaded model and Non-Blocking I/ O model.
  • Experience in Software Life Cycle Development (SDLC) process which incorporates Requirement Gathering, Analysis, Developing, Testing and implementing life cycle utilizing approaches like Agile, Scrum and Test-Driven Development.
  • Experience in creating build scripts using Ant, Maven and Gradle tools. Extensive experience in implementation of the version control software SVN, CVS, Git.
  • Experienced in developing services with API strategy /RESTFUL services
  • Extensive experience in using databases such as IBM DB2, Oracle 11g/10g, SQL Server, PL/SQL and MySQL.
  • Proficient on different data sources ranging from flat files SQL Server, Apache spark, Oracle 11g/ PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers and other objects and apache Kafka.
  • Expertise in using and implementing design patterns such as Model-View-Control (MVC), Data Access Object (DAO), Service Locator Factory, Singleton & Business Delegate.
  • Performed unit testing using JUnit and Mockito aiding test-driven Development in some scenarios and also used Selenium for automation testing.
  • Worked with RabbitMQ is used for Messaging for decoupling applications by separating sending and receiving data.
  • Used Log4J to capture the logs that include critical business-related information.
  • Built Continuous Integration environment Jenkins and Continuous delivery environment. Worked with Docker container snapshots, attaching to a running container, managing containers, directory structures.
  • Good knowledge on chef cookbooks using the several components like attributes files, recipes, resources and templates.
  • Involved with the team of automation on Ansible playbooks, roles include statements, vars, modules, checkmode (dry run). Used Selenium for automation testing..
  • Experienced in development and troubleshooting Web based and enterprise based applications on Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms. Experience with Splunk.
  • Used JReport to generate graphical reports after analysis and used them to get the expected output


Operating Systems: UNIX, Linux 4.x/5.x/6.x/7.x, Windows (98, 2000, XP, Vista)

Web Technologies: Java Script, XML, HTML5, CSS 3.0, AJAX, DOJO, JQuery, DHtmlXGrid, GWT, JSON, FLEX Builder 3.0, cXML, XSLT, XHTML, Angular.JS, Bootstrap.

J2EE Technologies: Java 8, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, JUNIT, JAXB, JMS, JNDI, JSTL, Tiles, SUN One LDAP, Apache Camel, ANT/Maven,Scala

Web Service Technologies: AXIS2, SOAP, WSDL, WADL, REST (JAX-RS). EJB

Frameworks: MVC 1/2.0, Struts 1.x, 2.0, Spring, Hibernate 3.0, JPA.

Scripting Languages: JavaScript, JQuery.

Web/Application Servers: Apache Tomcat 7.0, WebLogic 10.3, Jboss4, WebSphere 8,Glassfish.

Databases: Oracle10g, MYSQL, MSSQL, RDS, MongoDB

IDE Tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, J Builder, Velocity Studio, JReport

Methodology: Water Fall, Agile, SCRUM, JBPM

Cloud Console Services: IAM, VPC, Snowball, SES, SNS, SWF, AWS SDK'S, Pinpoint, Elasticcache, Ops Works, code commit, code pipeline, config, Server migration, Amazon EMR, Redshift, storage Gateway, API Gateway, workflow.

Other Tools: TOAD, Log4J, MS Office, Fish eye, JIRA, SQL Developer.


Confidential, Malvern, PA

Sr.Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in developing components on Reporting Dashboard with Spring MVC, Spring boot, Spring Framework and Hibernate.
  • Worked as part ofMicro-servicesteam to develop and deliver Maven projects to deploy on Tomcat.
  • Restful endpoints are created for UI and other services to consume.
  • API contracts are documented and rendered using Swagger for QA and BA teams to view.
  • Used Apache Camel for generating routes for Merchant PortalMicro-serviceswhere merchant employees can login and admins can manage employees.
  • Better Understanding the existing application, Business processes and Security Module. Designed Security module to support implemented custom.
  • Developed session EJB and message driven bean (MDB) to process JMS XML messages.
  • Involved in developing JUNIT Test Cases to validate the type of data in the XML Files. Used Log4J for logging and tracing the messages.
  • Used EJB through Session Bean and Entity Bean and Message Driven Bean
  • Hands on experience on REST based web services using JAX-RS library. Customized Restful Web Service using Spring Restful API, sending JSON format data packets between front-end and middle-tier controller.
  • Used Maven tool to build and packaged, deploy an application project and integrated with Jenkins.
  • Implemented modules using Core Java APIs, Java collection, Java 8(Streams), multi-threading, and object-oriented designs.
  • Developed Core Service as maven jar that can be included by otherMicro-servicesas their maven dependency.
  • Core service uses the main database and the otherMicro-servicesuse their individual databases to access and store data.
  • Created Server instances on AWS. Tomcat, Swagger and hawtio are installed and used for deployingMicro-services.
  • Performed configuration, deployment and support of cloud services including Amazon Web Services.
  • Experience on practical implementation of cloud-specific AWS technologies including IAM, MFA, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Services (S3), Route 53, Cloud Formation, Elastic Bean Stalk, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), RDS and Cloud Watch.
  • Involved in maintaining the user accounts (IAM), RDS, Route 53 services in AWS Cloud.
  • Created Snapshots and Amazon Machine Images (AMI's) of EC2 Instance for snapshots and creating clone instances.
  • Experience in using JSP and Servlets to create web interfaces and integrating apache tools likeKafka.
  • Extensive knowledge and use ofAngular.js directives to bring additional functionality to HTML.
  • Developed API for usingAWS Lambda to manage the serverless architecture and run the code inAWS.
  • Experience with querying on data present inCassandracluster using CQL (CassandraQuery Language).
  • Implemented reprocessing of failure messages inKafkausing offset id. Employees are authenticated using Active directory and end user passwords are stored in Open LDAP.
  • Used Jenkins for building, creating snapshots and deploying on servers.
  • Deployed a non blocking task server that accepts jobs over UDP and provides inter-process communication innodejs
  • Used JIRA for project management. Epics, tasks and subtasks are created to track the progress.
  • Created Spring MVC components like Dispatch Servlets, configure Request mapping annotation controllers, view resolver components.
  • Experience on setting up and configuring AWS's EMR Clusters and used Amazon IAM to grant fine-grained access to AWS resources to users.
  • Used JReport to perform data analysis and generate visual reports which helped in decision making.
  • Involved in creating tables and worked on My SQL and PL/SQL to write Stored Procedures functions and packages for complex Inserts and updates in the database. And used Stored Procedures in the application.
  • Involved in Stored Procedures, User Defined functions, Views and implemented the Error Handling in the Stored Procedures and SQL objects and Modified already existing stored procedures, triggers, views, indexes depending on the requirement.
  • Develop new and existing modules inScalawhile working with developers
  • Involved in the creation of interface to manage user menu and Bulk update of Attributes using AngularJS, Express JS and JQuery.

Environment: Java 1.8, Angular JS, Kafka, Cassandra, Bootstrap,, Spring 4.0, Spring boot, Web Services (RESTFUL & SOAP), Oracle 11g, DB2, Hibernate 4.2, SQL, Apache CXF, MVC, Jersey, JSON, JAXB, Unix, Linux, Log4j, STS, Mockito, Apache Tomcat, Node js,Maven 3.0, Jenkins, GitHub, JIRA, EC2, S3, VPC, SQS, SNS, SWF,EMR, Cloud watch, AWS Lambda.

Confidential, SantaClara, CA

Java Developer


  • Experience on modifying the existing Backend code for different level of enhancements.
  • Involved in J2EE patterns MVC, Dependency Injection (DI), Inversion of Control (IOC), Data Access Object(DAO), Business Delegate, Service Locator and Singleton for the enterprise application.
  • Developed test cases and performed unit testing using JUNIT Test case.
  • Developed different JavaBeans and helper classes to support Server-Side programs.
  • Experienced in the architecture, design and development of high traffic application built in Java/J2EE using MVC architecture integrating spring, Hibernate and Struts frameworks in SOA.
  • Used spring as an application framework to build the Services layer and implemented its core modules such as Spring Core Container, Inversion of Control, Data Access and MVC and Used XML/java /annotation spring boot configurations.
  • Implemented ORM (Object Relational Mapping) framework with Hibernate for mapping Java classes and database tables.
  • Used EJB through Stateless and Stateful beans
  • Designing and implementing scalable, Restful and micro services-based mobile back-end. The back-end is being written in Java using Spring Boot for simplicity and scalability.
  • Experienced in coding Web Services with JAX-WS (SOAP) and JAX-RS (Restful). Used Apache Tomcat as application servers to handle the deployments of different applications.
  • Hands on experience on GitHub as Version control for code repository and Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Experienced with security groups, network ACLs, Internet Gateways, and Elastic IP's to ensure a safe area for organization in AWS public and private cloud.
  • Hands on experience on elastic load-balancers (ELB) for different applications to provide high performance of applications.
  • Worked as part ofMicro-servicesteam to develop and deliver Maven projects to deploy on Tomcat.
  • Used Selenium for automation testing and find the errors in business logic and system exceptions.
  • Experience on Route53 to manage DNS zones and assign public DNS names to elastic load balancers IP's.
  • Used JReport for the business analysis of the data and developed logic based on the graphical reports.
  • Hands on experience on creating auto-scaling groups based on memory and CPU usage to handle excessive or under use workload without needing manual interference.
  • Extensively involved in Java application support to enable robustness of the application
  • Performed Migration test and use cases for applications to AWS cloud with public and private IP ranges to accelerate development productivity by decreasing test-run times.
  • Experience on Amazon IAM service enabled to grant permissions and resources to users. Managed roles and permissions of users with the help of AWS IAM and also involved in developing the Web services using AXIS2 framework.
  • Worked closely with Testing team for issue fixing and coordinating test set up for testing
  • Created detailed design document, use cases, sequence and class UML diagrams using Rational Rose.

Environment: Java 1.6, Spring 3.0, RESTful Web Services, Hibernate 4.0, Java, J2EE, JSP, AJAX, HTML, Java Script, spring, Maven, Amazon web Services, Angular,spring boot, Activemq, Hibernate, Eclipse, XML, XSD, JDK 1.5, JMS, Tomcat 5.0, Unix, Maven and SVN, AWS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Route 53, VPC, cloud watch, cloud trail, code deploy, Auto scaling, IAM, EC2, Dynamo DB.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in phases of Software Development Life Cycle, interface design, configuration of framework, QA and documentation, maintenance.
  • Good experience in building multi-threaded Java server side applications and frameworks.
  • Used Spring IOC (Inversion of Control) to remove the object Dependencies across the application.
  • Implemented Singleton, MVC, Data Transfer Objects and Data Access Objects design patterns.
  • Extensive use of JDBC to communicate to the Database for storing and retrieval of information
  • Experience on Log4j to print the logging, debugging, warning, info on the server console.
  • Involved in SVN version controls to check in/out files, etc. also responsible for branching, merging the branch to main using Tortoise SVN tool.
  • Worked as part ofMicro-servicesteam to develop and deliver Maven projects to deploy on Tomcat.
  • Used data modelling for creating a data model by applying formal data modelling techniques.
  • Developed back-end logic with Core Java using technologies including Collection Framework, Multi-Threading, Exception Handling, Generics and Annotation.
  • Used Android studio to make this application compatible with android devices as we used responsive web design.
  • Used Android programming to provide mobile version of this application.
  • Worked with Android Espresso for unit testing and instrumentation testing.
  • Experience in application servers like Tomcat locally and Web logic to host it on the Linux server.
  • Used Maven to build, run and create JARs and WAR files among other uses.
  • Enhanced user interfaces to enable input of additional personal information for the purpose of plan generation using CSS, HTML, HTML5, DOJO, JavaScript, AJAX, and Angular JS.
  • Experience in design and develop XML processing components for dynamic menus on the applications.
  • Hands on experience in usage of Hibernate, object/relational-mapping (ORM) solution technique, to map data representation from MVC model and Oracle Relational Data Model with a SQL-based schema.
  • Implemented customized authentication in Spring Security to verify user-role and secure the user pages, such as login, admin/user operations, trading, portfolio, etc.
  • Customized Restful Web Service using Spring Restful API, sending JSON format data packets between front-end and middle-tier controller.
  • Designed JSP pages for Initial applications, Submissions and Maintenance Involved in implementing Message Driven Beans using for JMS systems.
  • Implemented modules using Core Java APIs,Java Concurrency,Java collection,Java 8(Streams), multi-threading and object-oriented designs.
  • DevelopedJava API to interact with the Amazon SQS for sending bulk emails.
  • Performed code review and unit tested the application using JUnit framework and used Selenium for automation testing.
  • Extensive experience with Agile Team Development and Test Driven Development using JIRA.

Environment: Java, JDK 1.8, Core Java, Web Sphere Application Server, JSON, XML, Clear case, JIRA, RESTFUL web services, Spring MVC, Spring IOC, JAX-RS, Collections, Maven, JDBC, DB2, Log4j, JUnit, JMock.


Java/J2EE Developer


  • Involved in the creation of UI specification documents by interacting with business users and design documentation and data modelling for the entire project.
  • Frontend validations are performed using JavaScript, server side validations are performed in Struts.
  • Used Struts Tag Libraries, JSPs, HTML, JavaScript, DOJO and CSS to develop the frontend UI, certain shopping cart features are developed using Angular.js.
  • Involved in the architecture, design and development of high traffic application built in Java/J2EE using MVC architecture integrating spring, Hibernate and Struts frameworks in SOA.
  • Used struts validation framework to perform Server side validations.
  • Involved in the creation of data model and data dictionary during the application design phase.
  • Implemented ORM with HIBERNATE to make the Persistence class objects interact with numerous SQL Server tables spanned across various schemas as per MODOC standards.
  • Defined multiple Data sources on the server side to be used in applications with JNDI.
  • Entire Application was developed in Eclipse. GWT plug-in is used for browser testing and compatibility of AJAX and JQuery components along with JUnit. Agile Methodology is used to develop the application, involved in daily SCRUM meetings to discuss the status and progress of individual Sprints and was mainly interacting with the business users for data migration and testing the application.
  • Experience on Test/Prod environment for continuous build and deployments in Jenkins.
  • Involved in Local deployment and testing was performed in JBoss while final Testing, Stage and Production versions are deployed on the WebSphere Server.
  • Performed various business services are exposed as Restful Web Services to the external clients during the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation.
  • Experience on Apache Ant as build tool to automate the build process for the entire application.
  • Experience on SVN repositories for version controlling, and Log4J is used for Logging Errors, Exceptions.
  • Involved in integrating applications with other application using IBM WebSphere.
  • Good knowledge on automated data loading using SSIS package to fetch, load and parse data from various external sources such spreadsheets and flat files from DB2 in to SQL Server Database.
  • Involved in development, performance testing & defects fixing, also followed an Issue Tracker to log the issues and fixes applied daily to streamline the application development.
  • Used GIT controls to track and maintain the different version of the project.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Struts 1.x, Spring boot, Hibernate 3.0, MS SQL Server 2008, SOA, cXML, JSP, Eclipse, GWT, JUnit, WebSphere 6.0, JBoss 4.x, DB2, GIT, IBM web sphere, SVN, Log4j, Jenkins, JQuery, Glassfish, AJAX, DOJO, Backbone JS, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, GIT, Scrum, Apache Ant.


Java Developer


  • Involved in preparation of functional definition documents and Involved in the discussions with business users, testing team to finalize the technical design documents.
  • Created business logic and application in Struts Framework using JSP, and Servlets.
  • Worked on implementation of MVC pattern by using its Custom Tag Library, UI Components, Server-side Helper Classes, Valuators, Event Handlers and Navigation Handlers.
  • Involved in developing JSP pages for the web tier and validating the client data using JavaScript.
  • Developed web application using Spring MVC framework.
  • Used Spring DAO concept in order to interact with database (DB2) using JDBC template.
  • Proficient in Core Java concepts like Collections, Multithreading, Data Structures, Serialization, and JavaBeans.
  • Developed XML documents and generated XSL files for Payment Transaction and Reserve Transaction systems.
  • Wrote unit test cases for different modules and resolved the test findings.
  • Implemented SOAP using Web services to communicate with other systems.
  • Developed JDBC code for backend processing.
  • Used Subversion for version control and log4j for logging errors.
  • Involved in writing test cases for testing functional specification and for unit testing
  • Wrote Oracle PL/SQL Stored procedures, triggers.
  • Helped production support team to solve trouble reports.
  • Interacted with testing team to fix defects.

Environment: Java, J2EE, Struts, JSP, JDBC, Servlets, JavaScript, JUnit, Hibernate, WebLogic, Log4j, Maven, CVS, PL/SQL, Oracle, Windows, Linux, Net Beans, Apache Tomcat, SVN, DB2, MVC.

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