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Sr.java Full Stack Developer Resume

Whippany, NJ


  • Over 8 years of strong software experience in design, development and deployment of web - based and Client-Server business applications using OOP, Java/J2EE technologies in various domains.
  • Proficient in applying design patterns like MVC, Singleton, Session Facade, Service Locator, Adapter, Visitor, Observer, Decorator, Front Controller, Data Access Object(DAO).
  • Experience in developing client-side, server-side/middle-tier components applying Java/J2EE design patterns and using frameworks: Spring, AOP, Webservices, EJB, JMS, JNDI, MQ Services, Hibernate, iBatis, JDBC, JPA, Log4j, GWT, JSP, POJO’s, JSTL, AJAX, JSON, Multithreading, JavaScript, XML, UML and Junit.
  • Proficient in implementation of different types if frameworks like Spring, JSF, AJAX frameworks (RichFaces, MyFaces) and has also used ORM frameworks like Hibernate andEclipseLink.
  • Expertise in XML technologies such as XSL, XSLT, XML schemas, XPath, XForms, XSL-FO parsers like SAX, DOM
  • Expertise in developing SOA, REST and J2EE Web Services based on SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, JAX-WS, JAXB.
  • Produced and consumed a different types number of web services including SOAP & RESTful using SOAP UI, Java Web Services (JAXB), Axis2, Apache CXF and along with Spring.
  • Strong experience in number of Spring Framework modules such as Spring MVC, IOC, AOP, JDBC, JTA, IO, Spring Boot,Spring REST, Spring Eureka, Spring Ribbon, Spring Netflix, Spring Zuul.
  • Used Spring Core Annotations for Dependency Injection Spring DI and Spring MVC for REST API s and Spring Boot for micro-services and used Spring DI to inject beans into User Interface and AOP for Logging.
  • Developed reusable and interoperable Web service modules based on SOA architecture using SOAP, RESTFUL.
  • Good knowledge in OAuth 2.0 Protocol, Http Basic AUTH, multiple file transfer protocols (SFX, SFTP, FIX).
  • Experience in UI framework Angular 2/4, JQuery, JavaScript, React JS, Node JS, AJAX, JSON, HTML, DHTML, CSS.
  • Hands on experience in writing light weight Node.js express server, and technologies like Ajax, JSON to make to make connections between server and databases like MongoDB and MySQL.
  • Experience in using Elasticsearch and Kibana for analyzing the data held in Elasticsearch cluster.
  • Excellent experience with major relational databases - Oracle 9i/10g/11g/12c, SQL Server 2008/2012, DB2, My SQL.
  • Strong experience with MongoDB development (reports, schema design, map reduce functions) and migrations from SQL relational databases to NoSQL databases like MongoDB, Cassandra and CouchDB.
  • Expertise with Spring Cloud, Spring PCF and AWS Cloud platform and its features which includes EC2, VPC, EBS, SQS, RDS, Dynamo DB, Cloud Watch, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Cloud Trail, Cloud Formation, AWS Config, Autoscaling, Cloud Front, CDN, AWS Elasticache, Redis, IAM, S3, S3-IA, Glacier, Snowball, R53.
  • Worked on messaging service (JMS) MQ's such as JMS, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQand Apache Kafka.
  • Experience in Splunk DB connect identities, Database Connections, Database IO’s lookups, access controls.
  • Hands on experience using container based tool like Docker, Kubernetes and Devops tools Ansible and Puppet.
  • Implemented Swagger configuration and API documentation for the understanding of Rest based Web services.
  • Experience in using the CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Hudson, SonarQubeand CircleCI.
  • Experience in software configuration management using SVN, Bitbucket, GitHub and GitLab
  • Expertise in testing using the tools like JMeter, Selenium.
  • Experience in configuring and deploying the applications on Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic and JBoss Servers.
  • Expertise in Software Build tools like Maven, Gradle, Ant and Repository Managing tools like Artifactory,Nexus.
  • Experience inTest Driven Development, Waterfall model and Agile methodologies like SCRUM.
  • Extensive development experience on different IDE like Eclipse, My Eclipse, Net Beans. Rational Application Developer (RAD), IntelliJ, Spring Tool Suite (STS).


Java/J2EE Technologies: JSTL,JDBC,JMS,JNDI,RMI,EJB,GWT,Multithreading,JavaNetworkingLambda Expressions, Kafka.

Programming Languages: Java JDK1.6/1.7/1.8, C++, C, Scala, Python.

Application/Web Servers: Oracle/BEA Weblogic8.1/9.x/10.0/10.3.x, IBM, JBoss, Tomcat 7.x/8.0.x/8.5. x.

Frameworks: Struts 2.x/1.x, Spring 3.x/ 4.x, Hibernate 3.x, Spring Boot

IDEs: Eclipse 3.x, IntelliJ, Net Beans, MySQL Workbench, TOAD.

Web technologies: Angular 2, JSP, JavaScript, React JS, Node.JS, Express.JS, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, XML, XSLT, HTML5, DHTML, CSS3, XHTML

Web Services: JAX-WS, JAX-RS, SOAP, WSDL, REST, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Netflix OSS.

XML Tools: JAXB, Apache Axis

Big Data Technologies: Apache Spark, Splunk, Apache Strom

Messaging Services: Apache Kafka, JMS, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ.

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, TDD, SDLC, WaterFall.

Modeling Tools: UML, Visio.

Testingtools: JUnit, JMeter, Selenium, Karma.

Database Servers: Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g, DB2, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, SplunkDB.

CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, CircleCI, SonarQube, Hudson.

Version Control: SVN, GitHub, GitLab, Nexus.

Build Tools: ANT, Maven, Gradle.

Platforms: Windows 2008R2/2012, UNIX, Solaris, CentOS, RHEL.


Confidential, Whippany,NJ

Sr.Java Full Stack Developer


  • Actively involved in Analysis, Design, Development, System Testing and User Acceptance Testing and followed Agile methodology in the Scrum Cycle model.
  • Worked with Advanced Java 1.8 features like Lambda for adding functionality processing capability and Stream API to facilitate pipeline processing and method to eliminate elements based on the criteria.
  • Used Executor Service framework to implement multithreading in programming to improve overall performance.
  • Experience on working with CSS Background, CSS Layouts, CSS positioning, CSS border, CSS margin,Pseudo classes.
  • Worked with jQuery plugins like Banner, Slider, Accordion, Tabs, jQuery Dropdown, Image Gallery.
  • Used Angular 4 as framework to create a Single Page Application (SPA) which can bind data to specific views and synchronize data with server.
  • Enhanced Legacy Applications by building new components in Angular 4and TypeScript with REST wrapper around the existing Backend Java services and developed custom directives, factories and services in Angular 4.
  • Developed internal application using Angular 4 and Node.JS v6 connecting to Mongo DB on the backend.
  • Involved in consuming RESTful Services usingNode.JS v6 and Angular 4 Framework.
  • Node.JS v6 Developer responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users.
  • Expertise in Advanced JavaScript libraries and frameworks such as Angular4 and Node.JS v6 Object oriented programing inJS.
  • Secured the API's by implementing Oauth2 token-based autantication using Spring Security.
  • Worked on migrating the codebase from java 1.4 to 1.8 on different applications.
  • Developed reusable and interoperable Web service modules based on service-oriented architecture(SOA) by using SOAP and RESTful services.
  • Used Spring framework to achieve loose coupling between the layers thus moving towards SOA.
  • Developed application on Spring 4.x by using features like Spring Web flow using Spring MVC, Spring Beans.
  • Built web-based applications using Spring MVC Architecture suitable for Apache Axis framework.
  • Used Microservice architecture with Spring Boot-based services interacting through Apache Kafka.
  • Worked on creation of custom Docker container images, tagging, pushing images, integration of Spring boot.
  • Architected, designed and implemented a Web ServiceAPI dat enables multiple products to work together as a complete enterprise solution
  • Implemented Restful Services in Spring Boot Framework for consuming and producing JSON Data from End points.
  • Good experience on Spring Core, Spring AOP and SpringORM concepts and implementation.
  • Developed application using Spring MVCand AJAX on the presentation layer, the business layer is built using spring and the persistent layer uses Hibernate.
  • Created features including Single Sign On with existing client website and a REST API to expose image manipulation.
  • Configured Dispatcher-Servlet to add data source beans, message source beans, handle mapping of static resources.
  • Good experience in all the core Java concepts including multithreading, collections and exception handling.
  • Extensively worked on Hibernate Cache, Query, Criteria and Transactions in secondary project.
  • Developed HibernateORM mappings and annotations and established data integrity among Oracle DB tables.
  • Extensively used Hibernate concepts such as inheritance, lazy loading, dirty checking, locking, and transactions.
  • Worked on creation of custom Docker container images, tagging and pushing the images.
  • Deployed Docker contained Spring boot microservices in to AWS EC2 container service using AWS admin console and used lambda to run applications in AWS console.
  • Used Amazon Web Services like EC2, S3, Autoscaling, Cloud Watch and Elastic Bean Stalk for code deployment.
  • Implemented Spring Circuit breaker pattern, integratedHystrixdashboard to monitor Spring microservices.
  • Implement Flume, Spark and Spark Stream framework for real time data processing.
  • Experienced in Splunk development Splunk search language, Splunk Web Framework, simple xml, alerts configuration, report building, custom dashboard building and data modelling.
  • Wrote SQL queries, stored procedures and enhanced performance by running explain plans.
  • Experience in Normalization and performance tuning with Oracle DB.
  • Involved in coding the components in Play,Akka and Hadoop cluster task like commissioning &decommissioning Nodes without any effect to running jobs and data
  • Deployed web and enterprise applications on JBOSS application server and connected to different JBoss interfaces
  • Implemented Maven Script to create JAR, WAR, EAR & dependency JARS and deploy in WebLogic4.0.
  • Configuring and administering theDynatrace Application Performance Monitoring (APM) suite of tools to support overall performance management effons.
  • Used GITHUB and GITLAB for version control, experience in using git-bash.
  • Worked on performance testing of service using JMeter(Web: HTTP, HTTPS; Webservices: XML, Rest; Protocols).
  • Familiar with Cucumber, Selenium Web Driver, Selenium commands and X-path and developed grunt tasks to run the unit tests on Jenkins and Used JIRA to assign, track, report and audit the issues in the application.
  • Upgrade of existing application platforms to latest versions of Oracle WebLogic 12.1.3, SOA 12.1.3.
  • Experience in creating web test suites using Jasmine and Karma.
  • Performed UI and front-end testing using Selenium. Developed test case and performed unit testing using JUnit.

Environment: J2EE, Agile methodology,CSS, jQuery, Angular 4,Node.JS,SOA,Spring 4.x, Apache Kafka,HibernateServlet,Docker,AWS,Akka,Maven,GITHUB,Cucumber,Selenium, grunt,Jenkins,Jasmine, Karma,Junit,Jira,JmeterWebLogic.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Sr .Java Full Stack Developer


  • Involved in development, design and implementation front end part of the widget based application using HTML5, CSS3, LASS, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap.
  • Responsible to Style, look and feel of the web page with SASS dat extends CSS3 with dynamic behavior.
  • Worked with Streams, lambda’s and functional interfaces using Java (1.8).
  • Developed various screens for the front end using React JS and used various predefined components from NPM (Node Package Manager) and Redux libraries.
  • Experience in writing client-side code using React JS and used NPM&gulp directories to generate the server environments used browserfiy, flux to manage with targeted URL's (Uni-Directional data flows).
  • Implemented OAUTH2.0 autantication protocol and provided OAuth2.0 token implementation guidelines for enterprise web API security model.
  • Created aMapReduceprogram in Java to do the partial/full inverted index task
  • Used MRUnit to do the unit testing in Eclipse and created a MapReduceprogram to parse the school class records and count the invalid
  • Implemented the Project structure based on Spring MVC pattern using Spring Boot and persisted data to MongoDB.
  • Developed Micro Services based API using Spring Boot and Spring Data.
  • Implemented storing the High-volume transaction data in NoSQL Databases using Spring Data.
  • Developed common reusable component libraries (CRUD Scaffolding) to be reused in different projects throughout the company's IT team using Spring Data, JPA.
  • Micro services has been built using Spring boot, Netflix OSS, Spring Cloud and deploying to AWS Cloud.
  • Understand and document customer website code and create scalable, modular microservices to replace the existing website using Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.
  • Involved in creating the Hibernate POJO Objects and mapped using Hibernate Annotations.
  • Integrated Spring with Hibernate using configurations and implemented DAO layer to save entities into data base.
  • Used Swagger, to implementing the Restful API and Swagger gives the rich UI to test API.
  • Implemented AWS solutions using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto-scaling groups and used AWSSDK to connect with Amazon SQS for bulk email processing.
  • Worked on Microservices and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud services like S3, EBS, RDS, VPC, and IAM.
  • Used Microservicesto communicate using synchronous protocols HTTP and REST for implementing SOA approach.
  • Exposed the Web Services to the client applications by sharing the WSDL’s
  • Managing Messaging Topics using Apache Kafka messaging broker.
  • Worked on Camel-based integration middle-ware solution for Provisioning Services by design and Implementation of business logic and data processing routes using Apache Camel.
  • Developed Autantication and Authorization to the Spring Boot web services using Spring Security.
  • Worked Android Development in theAndroidStudioprogramming environment.
  • Categorized salient level rule to every business rules base on the business needs. Use DROOLS as rules engine.
  • Design and build a large-scale global Docker Container-as-a-Service.
  • Design and build Docker tools and integrations like Docker images and Docker Plugins.
  • Worked on Docker container implementation for the Enterprise build system.
  • Configured the Spark cluster as well as integrating it with the existing Hadoop cluster
  • Designed and implemented scalable infrastructure and platform for large amounts of data ingestion, aggregation, integration and analytics in Hadoop, including Spark, Hive, Pig and Hbase.
  • Researched specific architectural alternatives forOSS/Provisioning consolidation.
  • Worked with NoSQL database Mongo DB and worked with it to perform many different operations.
  • Experience in using MongoDB data models document, key-value & wide column, or graph model.
  • Used Webpack for bundling our application which takes JavaScript application and bundling with its dependencies.
  • Used JMS for the asynchronous exchange of critical data and events among J2EE components.
  • Deployed the application on Apache Tomcat application Server.
  • Used SVN for version control. Log4J was used to log both User Interface and Domain Level Messages.
  • Developed an XSLT extension library dat allows to query SQL fromXSL.
  • Performed unit testing for java using Junit,Jasmine,Bambooframework for JavaScript testing
  • Implemented Ant and Mavenbuild tools to build jar and war files and deployed war files to target servers.
  • Analyzed business, functional and systems requirements and performed project/product management in a fully Agile Scrum development environment with TDD, continuous integration and Pair programming.

Environment: HTML5, CSS3, LASS, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap., React JS, NPM, Redux, gulp, OAUTH 2.0, Spring Boot, Netflix OSS, Spring Cloud, Hibernate, AWS, Microservices, Web Services, WSDL,Apache Kafka, Apache Camel,SpringSecurity,DROOLS, Docker, Webpack, JMS, Apache Tomcat, Agile Scrum.

Confidential, Columbus, IN

Sr. Java/J2EE Developer


  • Checked the Macroeconomic condition and issuance action in the value capital markets.
  • Developed the front-end web pages by using HTML, CSS and JavaScript frameworks like Ext.JS.
  • Developed cross-browser/platform withExt.JS 5.x/6.x, jQuery, AJAX and DHTML/CSS to desired design specs for single page layout using code standards.
  • Developed, maintained and supported front-end applications based onExt.JS 4/5/6
  • Created UI from scratch usingExt.JS 5.x/6.x for new projects
  • Developed architecture for scalable SPA and created new reusableExt.JS components
  • Designed and implemented application using Ext.JS, JavaScript, Spring IOC, Spring MVC for DB frameworks.
  • Implemented jQuery libraries in a single JavaScript file containing all the common DOM, event, effects, and Ajax functions for a Content Delivery Network.
  • Designed patterns implemented such as Singleton, Front Controller, Factory pattern, Data Access Object.
  • Developed single page application with Ext Js 4.2 framework, Performed Client side validation using JavaScript.
  • Implemented form validations across the site using jQuery and JavaScript.
  • Created Mock-up designs and developed various functionalities with JavaScriptand jQuery response across numerous services.
  • Developed responsive web product features using React JS, SASS, on GoLang with REST.
  • Implemented Web Services (WSDLs) using JAX-WS and also implemented REST services by Golang with microservices architecture.
  • Created internal diagnostic tools using Golang and AngularJS in order to assist with customer issues. Golang and Java were used as a backend REST service while AngularJS was used for the user interface.
  • Implemented JPA persistence layer using Hibernate and JTA for transaction management.
  • Implemented business layer to Database interaction using Hibernate ORM.
  • Developed Restful web services using JAX-RS in JERSEY to expose the data to Spring module.
  • Used Spring IOC, AOP modules to integrate with the application.
  • Made use of Jackson as a JSON processor to establish communication between Spring MVC and AngularJS.
  • Wrote Rest services to feed data to an application with AngularJS framework.
  • Used Rabbit MQ for transport of data in Queue in between components of the application.
  • Used Gulp as the JavaScript task runner for the application.
  • Highly contributed in the process of producing the application as cross-platform by targetingAndroid,IOS.
  • Used Karma and Jasmine for JavaScript unit testing and performed functional testing using Selenium Web driver.
  • Performed Unit testing of the java modules using JUnit.
  • Used Maven for generating system builds and Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Involved in J2EE Design Patterns such as Data Transfer Object (DTO), DAO, Value Object and Template.
  • Used JUnit, Mocktioand Power Mocks framework for unit testing of application.
  • Designed and developed the application using AGILE-SCRUM methodology.
  • Using JIRA to manage the issues/project work flow.
  • Involved in continuous integration by generating builds across multiple platforms by using Jenkins.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, Angular JS, Spring IOC, Spring AOP, Spring MVC, Spring Security, Web services using JAX-RS in Jersey, JMS, Rabbit MQ, SQL, Karma and Jasmine, JUnit, Selenium, Maven, Jenkins, JIRA, Gulp, IntelliJ, AGILE-SCRUM, Docker, Mocktio.

Confidential, St. Louis, Missouri

Java Full Stack Developer


  • Developed the responsive UI web pages using XHTML, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Java Script, JSF, Prime Faces, and AJAX.
  • Created web pages with CSS Box model, animations & transitions, web fonts and content & counters.
  • Defined and developed the application's presentation layer using HTML, CSS, and jQuery Scripting.
  • Expertise in developing Web pages using jQuery plug-ins for Drag-Drop, AutoComplete, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.
  • Integrate the dynamic pages with JQuery to make pages dynamic.
  • Developed SOAP and REST web services using hibernate, JAX-WS, JAX-RS and JAXB.
  • Systems infrastructure and architecture design, setup and administration on IBM WebSphere.
  • Experienced with web & application servers such as IBM Web sphere, and JBOSS.
  • Developed JSP pages as views in the application built in MVC Pattern.
  • Used Spring Batch to develop batch processing to handle bulk requests from the clients.
  • Used JSF Transaction Management, Spring Batch Transactions and Hibernate cache concepts.
  • Developed components of web services JAX-WS end to end, using different JAX-WS standards with clear understanding on WSDL (type, message, port Type, bindings, and service).
  • Expert in commercial Property and Casualty and Personal Lines Insurance experience with national carriers.
  • Insurance experience includes Personal Property Casualty and Commercial Product knowledge, Reinsurance for Commercial Property Casualty.
  • Used Eclipse for writing code for JSP, Action Classes and spring beans.
  • Developed back-end PL/SQL packages, UNIX shell scripts for data migration and batch processing.
  • Created and customized UNIX shell scripts for automating regular maintenance and batch jobs.
  • Created Web Service using SOAP, to allow application and services to connect to them over the Internet.
  • Used Spring Core for dependency injection/Inversion of control (IOC) and implemented using Spring Annotations
  • Taken care of complete Java multi-threading part in back end components.
  • Involved in coding, building java applications using Core java, Multithreading, JSP, and servlet
  • Implemented SOAP Web Services using JAX-WS, for providing end points to upstream clients.
  • Solid Understanding of RDBMS concepts and experience in working with Oracle.
  • Used Hibernate for Object Relational Mapping of the database structure created in Oracle.
  • Substantially experienced in the development methodology involved with the scrum method and the sprint cycles.

Environment: JSF, JQuery, CSS, HTML, JSP, Oracle, JSON,JBOSS, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, Spring Batch, JAX-WS, SOAP web services, REST, JPA, Shell Scripting, JBoss, DROOLS, IBM WebSphere.

Confidential, New Orleans, Louisiana

Java Developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • The application is designed using J2EE design patterns and technologies based on MVC architecture.
  • Agile methodology is used for development of the application.
  • Used J2EE design patterns like Value Object Pattern, Session Façade, Singleton, Factory and DAO.
  • Created Stored Procedures & Functions. Used JDBC to process database calls for Db2 Server database.
  • Involved in writing PL/SQLStored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Views for SQL database.
  • Developed the application using Struts Framework dat leverages the classical Model-View-Controller (MVC).
  • Implemented persistence layer with iBATISORM.
  • Designed SOA implementations by Using Web Services - WSDL, UDDI and SOAP for getting credit card information from third party vendors.
  • Developed Use case diagrams, Object diagrams, Class diagrams, and Sequence diagrams using UML.
  • Developed presentation tier as HTML, JSPs using Struts Framework.
  • Implemented SOAP Web Services using JAX-WS, for providing end points to upstream clients.
  • Used Eclipse for developing JSPs, Servlets, Struts and with IBM WEB SPHERE server in the development phase.
  • Used Spring Security framework to setup autantication and authorization for the application using single sign on.
  • Implemented Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services using SOAP with JAX-WS.
  • Used SOAP for transmission of large blocks of XML data over HTTP.
  • Wrote Unit test cases using JUnit & Mockito framework.
  • Used ANT for automated build and deployment on IBM WebSphere.
  • Handled Java Multi-threading part in back-end component, one thread will be running for each user, which serves dat user.

Environment: Db2, PL/SQL, Spring IOC, Struts, iBatis, JSP, JSTL, Spring Security, SOA, Struts,SOAP, JAX-WS, IBM MQ, JMS, JUnit,, IBM Websphere,Mockito, ANT, J2EE.


Java developer


  • Involved in various phases of Software Development Life cycle (SDLC) of the application like requirement gathering, Design, Analysis and code development using Agile/ Scrum methodology.
  • Developed Object diagrams, Class Diagrams and Sequence diagrams using UML.
  • Traded data with web server using AJAX without reloading the web page.
  • Created EJB applications and deployed in Web Logic Server.
  • Worked with multi-threading concepts in java.
  • Developed the different components of the application such as JSP, Servlets, and EJB.
  • Developed Java based applications using Servlets, JSP and Advanced Java Concepts.
  • Used JDBC to manipulate the data on the System database Server.
  • Developed Custom XML Parser for parsing large XML files and update the data to database using SAX based Parser.
  • Handled exceptions dat arise during the execution of a program using Exception handling.
  • Implemented persistence layer using JPA dat uses the POJOs (which do not has the business processes) to represent the persistence database tuples.
  • Used JMS to communicate between the components and configured on the server.
  • Used DOM for parsing the XML, XSLT Document.
  • Used Eclipse for developing JSPs, Servlets, Struts and with IBM WEB SPHERE server in the development phase.
  • JMS is used for exchanging the information.
  • Involved in designing and implementing web service server using IBM WebSphere.
  • Build ANT scripts and deployed the application on WebSphere Application Server.
  • Monitored the error logs using Log4j and fixed the problems.

Environment: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, J2EE JDBC, Servlets, JSP, JPA, EJB, Struts, XML, AJAX, DOM, JTA, JMS, PL/SQL, ANT, MVC, Web services, IBM WebSphere, Oracle, log4j, JNDI, Eclipse.

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