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J2ee/java Developer Resume


  • Troubleshoots, maintains, programs, patches, and upgrades, numerous software, hardware, workstations, and server systems.
  • Works emergency issues and modifications directly with engineers.
  • Performs effectively to meet schedules and milestones.
  • Supports product enhancement by submitting design changes.
  • Experienced in administration of UNIX, Linux, Windows, Peregrine, and other systems.
  • Authorized full access to troubleshoot confidential military or commercial systems. Throughout entire military career, held ‘SECRET’ classification.
  • Performs UNIX scripting, source code control, C/C++ conversions, J2EE/JAVA implementations, ServiceCenter development.
  • Enjoys professional development on many technologies outside of work hours.
  • Exposure to the Interbase, Pointbase, Oracle, SQL 2K, IBM, Derby and MySQL databases.
  • Travels domestically and internationally to acquire various training.
  • Maintains legacy systems and proactively procures modern replacements.
  • Independently researches and implements efficiency initiatives.
  • Designed software and methodology enabling manual ERP source control system.
  • Implemented CVS to modernize source control system.
  • Implemented numerous systems on various platforms. Examples: Delphi IDE, GCC, JDeveloper, JBuilder, Kylix, Sun’s JAVA SDK, SunOne, Forte, VisualCafet, Netbeans, Java Creator Studio.
  • Integrated Delphi IDE into WinNT and Win2000 Citrix Metaframe Environments. Implemented and utilized CVS, Bugzilla, OpenSSH, SSH, PcAnywhere, VNC, TightVNC, and UltraVNC for remote desktop control.
  • Implemented and taught IBM Websphere RAD courses. Created course for C++.
  • Provides technical support for over 10 programmers, DBAs, and business analysts.
  • Provides technical support for numerous department wide applications in healthcare, customer outreach management, computer labs, faculty CIS course applications, and testing centers.
  • Integrated RedHat Linux 7x - 9x and Fedora Core 1+ into Windows and Novell networks using Samba.
  • Served on numerous major institution technology steering groups.
  • Performs as an Administrative Systems representative to other departments for client to server computing concerns.
  • Actively consulted on technology options from management.
  • Independently and effectively accomplishes majority of work with little to no supervision.


  • Expert Knowledge: Served eight continuous years active duty in the Confidential as an Avionics and Circuit Card repair technician.Performed deep troubleshooting on electronics and software systems via source code, assembly language, machine language, test equipment, and complex avionic test stations.
  • General Knowledge: modem technology, various graphic, audio, and office programs.
  • Programming languages: F15 Atlas, F15 Atlas assembler, BASIC, Pre-ANSI C, ANSI C, C++, JAVA, J2EE, HTML, and various other languages and shells.
  • Internet (General or Detailed Knowledge): http, ftp, telnet, irc, nntp, smtp, snmp, bridges, routers, switches, smb, NSF, listservers, newsgroups, TCP/IP technology.
  • TCP/IP services implemented: http, ftp, irc, nntp, pop3, smtp, telnet, and designed own custom multitasking bulletin board system based on TCP/IP telnet technology.


J2EE/Java Developer



  • J2EE/Java EE/ Java SWING Instructor for Confidential.
  • Solid Client/Server and related networking knowledge.
  • Strong ability to self-teach, design, research, and implement solutions.
  • Implemented a Peregrine ServiceCenter Portal.
  • 9 years experience in Integration and Systems Administration,
  • Maintains, upgrades, and implements numerous systems.
  • 19 years experience in debugging in numerous software systems.
  • Trained and experienced ServiceCenter 4x & 5x Implementer, Developer, Administrator, and Upgrader.
  • Proven trustworthy with military technology and commercial Desktop and ERP systems.

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