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Software Engineer (solution Designer, Developer) Resume

Des Moines, IA


  • 13 years of IT experience in Java/JEE/Java Script, Web Technologies, Microservices on Cloud, API Enablement. Development and Testing using Angular JS, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Ajax, Springboot, Spring IOC, MVC, JMS, JDBC, JPA, Hibernate, OOPs, Design Patterns, Collections & Data Structure, Functional Programming, Parallel Processing, Multi - threading and Concurrency, AMQP Kafka, Akka IO, SCALA, Python.
  • Played a significant role as Sr. Java / JEE Engineer, Designer, Associate to Architects, Leader in requirements gathering and analysis, Preparation of Technical Architecture Specifications, Design, Unit Testing driven development, Continuous Integration and Deployment, System Testing and Production Support as well as problem solving, troubleshooting and debugging applications.
  • Designed independently managed (CI/CD through Jenkins, containerized using Docker, as pods in Kubernetes) Microservices based on domain components communicating through smart APIs (REST) and Kafka Message Brokers and queue registered and discovered over teh network.
  • Designed and Developed applications using Springboot, Spring IOC, Spring Cloud, Spring MVC, Spring ORM, Spring Security, AOP and TDD using Spring JUnit, Mockito, Spy other open source frameworks like Akka IO and Scala, MVC frameworks using JSF, Struts.
  • Secured Web and REST resources using OAuth and Springboot Security based Jason Web Tokens.
  • Developed interactive User Interface and Presentation Logic in Angular JS(1, 2 & 4), Bootstrap, TypeScript, jQuery Datatable, Templates, jqGrids, npm, JSON, HTML5, CSS, AJAX, JSP, JSTL, JSF, Struts and testing using Jasmine, Karma, Grunt.
  • Developed SOA Applications wif REST & SOAP Web Services in Spring REST, Retrofit 2, REST Easy, Jackson API, Gson, JAXB, JAX-WS, CXF, Apache Axis.
  • Experience in ORM frameworks like Hibernate JPA, iBatis/MyBatis, EJB and Spring ORM.
  • Experience of working wif document-based NoSQL like MongoDB for faster IO, Highly Scalable Non -RDBMS like Cassandra and RDBMS like Oracle, DB2 UDB, MySQL etc.
  • Experience of working wif CloudPassage HALO APIs, Amazon EC2, GE Predix IO, Pivotal Cloud foundry.
  • Used version-controlled cloud-based repositories like GitHub, Bit-Bucket and internal server based Mercurial, Subversion, Clear Case, Tortoise CVS and VSS.
  • Experience in development of IoT and Telematics driven applications for manufacturing and Digital Enterprises using Akka IO, Apache Storm, Kafka, Scala, Web sockets and MQTT Message Brokers.
  • Experienced in writingSimpleandComplex SQLs, Oracle Objects - -Tables, Materialized views, Indexes, Synonyms, User Defined Data Types.
  • Experienced wif structured development of Agile Scrum and Kanban, Test Driven Development and BDD, Waterfall and RUP methodologies.
  • Experienced in J2EE Design Patterns (Factory, Singleton, Front Controller, View Helper, MVC, DAO, DTO, Session Façade, Business delegate, Service Locator, Strategy, Bridge, Decorator, Prototype and Proxy) and J2EE best practices.
  • Experienced in development and deployment on Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, WebSphere, Weblogic 8.1.
  • Extensively Used MQ Series & JMS queues and topics to subscribe and publish messages using IBM MQ Series and Tibco EMS.
  • Highly knowledgeable in UML, Use Cases, Logical Views, Collaboration Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Activity and Sequence Diagrams
  • Expertise in Maven, ANT and Gradle build tools, configuring dependencies and used maven plug-in to build JAR, POM and WAR files and deployment.
  • Extensively used Logging Frameworks like Log4J, SL4J, Logback.
  • Extensively used IDEs like Spring Source, Eclipse, RAD, IntelliJ, NetBeans for development and debugging.
  • Experience on huge databases loading data into staging tables, validating and move to final tables. Used editors SQL Developer, DB Visualizer, Datastax Cassandra viewer, Robo Mongo.
  • Extensive experience in Product and Custom Application Development industry verticals like Capital Finance Risk, Banking Cards and Payments, AML, Credit Originations/Summarizations and Collections, Investments/Capital Markets, Life Insurance, Enterprise Pricing Systems, CRM, IOT and Precession Agriculture.
  • Experience Architecture Documentation, Non-Functional Requirements, Test Scenarios and Quality Automation Testing.
  • Has good communication (verbal and written), analytical & problem solving skills, a committed team player as well as an independent worker


Languages: Java 8, Java Scripts, Type Script, HTML5, JSTL, SQL, SCALA & Python(basics)

Architecture: Microservices, SOA, Web 2.0, Cloud Computing, IOT, Information Security, ID & Access Mgmt., Mainframes

Technology: Java EE, REST, OAuth, SOAP, Asynchronous Messaging, Ajax/Java Script, RDBMS, No SQLs, Akka IO, Kafka, Unit, Automation and Performance Testing.

Frameworks: Angular JS, Node JS, Springboot, Spring Cloud, Spring IOC, MVC, REST, Security, ORM, Datasource, Integration), Retrofit 2, Rest Easy, jQuery, T3, Velocity, JSF 2, Hibernate/JPA, EJB, MyBatis, Struts 1.1, Mockito, TestNG, Jasmine, Karma. Jackson, JAXB, Jax-WS, CXF, BPEL

Databases: Oracle 11i/10g, Mongo DB, Casandra, Sybase, DB2 UDB, My SQL

OS: Windows, CentOs, Ubuntu, RH Linux, HP UX, Unix

Web / Application Servers/Legacy: WebLogic (10.3), Apache Tomcat 7.0, WebSphere (WAS 8.0), JBoss 4, Jetty, MVS XA

Tools: /Version Controls: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, RAD, Git Hub, Maven, Jenkins, Docker, Tableau 9.0, Visio, Rabbit MQ, WebSphere MQ, Rapid Sql, TOAD, Rational Suite, Mercurial, Perforce, SVN, VSS, CVS, PVCS and MFE.

Domain / Functional Area: API Management, Banking (Case Management, Risk and Limit Management, AML/Fraud, Credit Solutions, Cards and Payments), Capital Markets, Insurance, IOT, Precision Agriculture, Enterprise Pricing.



Software Engineer (Solution Designer, Developer)


  • Design and developed microservices using Springboot on an Event Driven Architecture.
  • Secure API resources using OAuth2 and Springboot Security.
  • Develop cloud deployable seeds using Docker, AJSC, Kubernetes.
  • Create Services, Controllers, DTOs, Message Patterns using Spring IOC.
  • Consume smart endpoints based APIs and Produce/Subscribe message for interservice data and message flow.
  • Create ASync Message Producer and Consumer using DMaaP Message Router using (Kafka broker).
  • Create unit test scripts using Spring Junit, Mockito, and Spy.
  • Create Integration Test Environment in AWS for Automation.

Confidential, Des Moines, IA

Application System Engineer (Web Development)


  • Develop Web Applications using Angular JS, Bootstrap, HTML, JQuery, Springboot, Spring MVC, jQuery, Hibernate JPA, Oracle DB.
  • Create new GEM UI and fields, apply functional and presentation logic using ng templates, directives and services.
  • Modification of Compass UI, add new fields to teh UI, apply functional and presentation defect fix to teh existing UI using Java Script, HTML, JSP.
  • Creation/Modification of UI Data Table Attributes, Http Actions, Presentation logic, Event Processors, UI Validation and Error/Warning Notification jQuery, T3 Java Script.
  • Create/Update existing controllers by adding custom validation, add response parameters, create/update service calls, and wire new services using Spring IOC, REST.
  • Create/Update services logic, parameters, Entity to DTO mapping, Transaction Management, service validation, repository calls using Spring Auto wiring services.
  • Add/Update DB query (Custom, HQL and Entity Relational), Entity columns using Hibernate JPA, Web Service calls.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Solution Engineer/Developer


  • Develop an automated data validations microservices using Spring Boot APIs.
  • Develop APIs to connect to Cassandra Nodes on AWS cluster.
  • Design logic and algorithm to read and compare data using parallel streams on Java Collections.
  • Integrate wif UI microservices to display data on an Angular UI.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring Boot, REST, Angular JS, Apache Cassandra using DataStax, DB2 Legacy, Oracle 11g RDBMS, Jenkins, One Stash/Git, Maven, Rally, EC2 on AWS.

Confidential, Chicago IL

Development and Support Analyst/ Onsite Lead (Agile).


  • Developed REST Resources, Endpoints, Http Methods, Errors, Autantication and Authorizations.
  • Designed microservices to communicate it wif existing Product Database using REST.
  • Development Spring Rest Template wif Http Message Converters.
  • Test and Automate service call and verify wif data sources using Junit Cucumber.
  • Work wif UI team for integration of services wif Angular JS.
  • Support and monitor data processed every EOD by ETL and Oracle Procs.
  • Oversee teh Architecture, DevOps, Deployment, Availability, Scalability and DR.
  • Gathered requirements from business owners and performed detail impact analysis and tan created design documents for teh user stories.
  • Conducting scrum meetings wif offshore team, advising solutions and approach for teh team of 7+
  • Meetings wif client project manager, product owner and business owners.
  • As part of agile, created backlogs, attending Scrum of Scrum status meetings and has 2 sprints in a release and preparation of status reports.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring Boot, REST, Security, Data), Hibernate JPA, Angular JS, Sql/PLSql, WebLogic 10, Oracle 11g RDBMS, Tera Data, Jenkins, SVN, Maven, Rally, Predix IO


Enterprise Architect Associate/Strategic Projects Analyst(Agile).


  • Design and Develop REST APIs to fetch Data from teh data lake.
  • Creation/Verification of Big Data used for Analytics using Hadoop.
  • POC on AWS for strategic projects to emulate automated provisioning of infrastructure.
  • Present teh Architecture and design to application architects.

Environment: Java 1.8, Angular JS, Spring (REST, Boot, Data), Hibernate/JPA, JBoss, Hadoop, Pivotal Cloud, AWS EC2, Tableau, Python, Visio, Power Point.


IOT Senior Developer/Architect (Agile/Kanban).


  • Design, Development of IOT Core and IOT Messaging Microservices using REST APIs and AMQP.
  • Build using Jenkin and Deploy and run services on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Writing Junit/TestNg for Unit Testing in compliance wif TDD.
  • Work on POCs for solution engineering and guiding offshore development.
  • Present teh Architecture and design to customer architects.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring 4.0(MVC, IOC), JSON, REST Services, Rabbit MQ, AWS EC2, Cloud Foundry.

Confidential, Urbandale, IA

IT Analyst


  • Designing REST APIs using RAML for different versions for John Deere 3rd Party Apps.
  • Developed, Published, Consumed and Secured REST services for portal, and 3rd party apps using Spring REST, MVC, and OAuth 1.0.
  • Developed Data Mapping and update using Hibernate JPA, Mongo DB for teh backend persistence.
  • Development of telematics data services using Akka IO, SCALA and Web socket running on Netty. Server.
  • Integrated My John Deere Portal using JQuery Templates and JQuery wif REST services for Dealer Demonstration and Training
  • Involved in End-to-End testing of teh entire Integration process using Cucumber.

Environment: Java 1.8, Spring 4.0 MVC, JAXB, Json, REST API, Akana, MQTT, Mongo DB, DB2, Oracle, Hibernate JPA, Ajax, JQuery, Akka IO, SCALA

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