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Bpm/brms/rules Technology Sme Lead Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Senior BPM/BRMS/JBoss Technology Lead and Full Stack JEE Enterprise Architect with 15+ years’ experience designing, developing and delivering multi - tiered applications across diverse industry verticals.
  • Successful background working with stakeholders to develop frameworks that align strategy, processes, and IT assets with business goals
  • SME in BPM/BRMS/JBoss/Java Enterprise Application Development and Integration: BPM/jBPM, BRMS/Drools, J2EE, JEE, JBoss, Spring
  • Project Management, Team training, development and staff mentoring
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP) applications using commercial Apama and open source Esper, BRMS, Drools Fusion frameworks
  • 100% hands-on architecture, programming and delivery on all projects
  • Architecture/design/development/deployment of scalable Enterprise SOA REST web services using Spring 3 REST MVC
  • Open source technology research, assessment and integration into enterprise applications
  • Object oriented design, analysis and programming (OOD/OOA/OOP) using best practice Enterprise Application Integration and GoF Core Design Patterns
  • Algorithmic High Frequency Low Latency trading systems architecture and development



JDK 1.1-1.8












JEE / Web Services

Red Hat EAP 6

JBoss AS 7

Tomcat 7,8

WebSphere 8.5









Spring 3, 4








BPM / BAM / Workflow / CEP

Red Hat BPM Suite 6 • Red Hat BRMS 6 jBPM 6.x • Drools • Fusion

RTView 5.9x

CA Workload Automation AE 4.51, 11.x




Hibernate 3.x-4.x

Oracle 10g, 11g

PotgreSQL 9.x

MySQL 4.x, 5.x

Sybase 12.x

SQL Server 2008 R2





Big Data / NoSQL / Cloud

Hadoop •HDFS • HBASE • Hive • Impala• Pig • YARN • MapReduce •Sqoop •Cloudera • Zookeeper • Hue • Nagios

Amazon S3 AWS



Oracle Coherence





Perl including DBI, CPAN


JavaScript • jQuery



All Unix Shells (*sh)


XML Technology









Messaging / Networking




Fuse ESB


Oracle AQ



RAD Frameworks

Eclipse 3,4 • RCP •



JBoss Dev Studio 6-10

Spring Source Tool Suite

Operating Systems / VM

Linux: RHEL, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS

Unix: Solaris, Mac OS X 10.x, AIX

Docker, Parallels, VMWare

Windows: 7-10, XP


Maven 3

Ant, Make

Git, GitHub











Confidential, Atlanta, GA

BPM/BRMS/Rules Technology SME Lead


  • BPM/BRMS SME Lead for the advanced AI-based HR Recruitment Affinix automation platform.
  • Re-engineer initially launched product from a custom implementation using a Java thread pooling and PostgreSQL to maintain state and synchronization to one using BPM/BRMS for orchestration using workflows, state maintenance, centralized error handling and logging, and enable near real-time reporting.
  • Created BPM business model to accurately reflect the processing flows from the various HR system vendors and in the process migrating from a polling model to event-driven model.
  • Restructured to use standardized packaging and deployment: Spring Boot/Spring REST/Spring Data application deployed into BPM/BRMS JBoss EAP with configured JTA/JPA.
  • Implementation uses standard BPM/EAI patterns:
  • REST API to trigger workflows and serve as Mulesoft integration point
  • JSON payloads marshalled to normalized domain objects which are inserted as facts to drive rules that determine workflow selection
  • Customizing workflows using Spring configuration, tooling and normalized domain object passed as process and task variables
  • Construct and refactor APIs REST and JMS to vendors
  • Create a heartbeat monitor to display workflow progress using Spring Scheduler task
  • Revise deployment strategy to use best practice process: maven / git / GitHub / Nexus / Jenkins

Confidential, New York, NY

SME Lead


  • BRMS/Drools SME Lead for an advanced pricing engine used to calculate pricing, discounts and customized delivery terms.
  • The new system replaces an in-house limited legacy Oracle 11 Form based system that uses SQL rules implementation
  • Worked with BAs and business users to streamline, focus, and finalize the BRD
  • Designed and prototyped a 3 tier BRMS/JEE based system that included the following features:
  • Dynamic rule generator using advanced BRMS rule API to enable automated rule generation based on fixed order domain objects. Allows users to create unlimited number of pricing models in DSL and have the system automatically generate and persist DRL.
  • Designed/implemented BPM workflows to drive the UI pricing and discount management processes: create/modify/delete/activate/deactivate
  • Designed/implemented datamodel and persistence model
  • REST API between UI and middle tier API using JSON as message interchange format and integrated Swagger documentation.
  • Designed/implemented nightly batch process to execute BRMS rules on order stream using standard EAI patterns
  • Architected and designed scalability and DR plan
  • Built a data migration tool implemented in a REST endpoint to allow the import of specific legacy data
  • Prototype delivered as a Spring Boot/REST/Data application deployed into BPM/BRMS JBoss EAP.
  • Delivered architecture and prototype presentation to C-level executives for 2018 budget planning
  • Created phased production implementation plan and roadmap including server configuration, pricing, and release management.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

SME Lead


  • Act as BRMS/Drools rules SME and guide architecture of rules implementation
  • Review /revise initial implementation including architecture, decision tables, and guide the transition to fact based rule factory
  • Project manager and mentor for a team of 4 junior developers including user story creation, assignment, and tracking
  • Review/assess/revised/enhance testing strategy and implement automated testing to achieve broader test coverage
  • Review and standardize logging strategy across all microservices
  • Act as liaison to QA and BA groups and resolve and manage defect resolution
  • Acted as architecture lead for migration from Open Shift/Docker deployment to bare metal Tomcat on RHEL VM
  • Optimize build and release deployment strategy and update Jenkins jobs
  • Design/implement reservation BPM workflow to orchestrate reservation process
  • Provide overall JEE architectural guidance, set coding standards, and publish design artifacts on Confluence
  • Enhance/modify rules groovy REST endpoint controller

Confidential, Miami, FL

BPM Technology SME Lead


  • Architect/design/implement master BPM workflow architecture to handle all guest and service requests
  • Evolve initial POC Spring Boot implementation into production-ready application including BPMN2, work item handlers, Spring REST Controllers and clients, Kafka consumers and producers, and deploy as independent microservice running inside a Docker
  • Conceive/Design/build embedded BRMS rules and implement rule listeners and handlers
  • Work with tech leads define REST and Kafka interfaces between enterprise microservices, documented via Swagger & Confluence
  • Advise/guide senior leadership on BPM/BRMS best practices, standards, and procedures
  • BDD/TDD/JUnit test design and implementation
  • Co-lead for daily Agile/Scrum calls
  • Establish coding conventions/standards and mentor and direct offshore team of junior developers
  • Perform performance and scalability analysis

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Big Data Software Engineer


  • Support/maintain/extend data pipelines that ingest data from heterogeneous sources for downstream processing
  • Modification and tuning of Hive scripts, queries, and schemas
  • Diagnose/modify/monitor MapReduce jobs and performance
  • Convert legacy pipelines executed via cron to Spring Batch
  • Build Perl utilities to scrape logs, derive metrics, ETL, data mining, and to create performance reports using various APIs: Teradata, HDFS, AWS, DBI
  • Modify pipelines and processes to handle cluster software upgrades: Cloudera, Hive, Beeline, Impala
  • Add increased reporting functionality to Hadoop REST endpoints

Vice President

Confidential, New York, New York


  • Architect, Lead Developer and Project Manager for several BPM/BRMS 6 web applications that enable the execution of BPM processes and BRMS rules to process messages from external clients via JMS and REST APIs and employing a range of EAI patterns including content-based routing, publish/subscribe; dynamic routing; event-driven consumer. This architecture is being adopted as the global standard for BPM/BRMS cloud applications within Citi. Examples:
  • Seamless: Handles the automated processing of employee invoices for off-hour meals. JMS Messages containing invoices are packaged as XML payload and sent over TIBCO to the BPM/BRMS webapp. The webapp marshals the payloads to POJOs that are then injected into stateful BRMS sessions passed for processing by BPM processes and rules. Results are published in JMS messages. A dashboard UI exposes the BPM processes and rules to business users to give them control over the business logic and processing flow. BAM dashboards provide metrics and reporting. The webapp makes heavy use of the Spring framework - CDI, MVC, JMS, Web, Core - for optimum configurability, portability, and reliability.
  • IEP: Tracks the state of Confidential corporate business initiatives from inception through approval and execution. A secure REST webservice provides BPM PaaS via a select set of endpoints to process JSON messages representing initiative events. The messages are marshalled to POJOs that are injected as facts into stateful BRMS sessions for processing by rules and processes, and then sending a JSON result back to remote REST endpoints. The webservice makes heavy use of the Spring framework - CDI, REST, MVC, JMS, Web, Core - for optimum configurability, portability, and reliability.
  • Act as BPM/BRMS/Java/JEE/Open Source SME & Lead Developer
  • Project manage global team
  • System Architecture, Development, and Deployment
  • Open Source tool research and integration
  • Define and set development and coding standards
  • Long range planning
  • Build Perl utilities for maintenance of configuration files (Maven, Hibernate, Spring, JBoss, XML) and server maintenance
  • JBoss BPM/BRMS configuration and deployment

Architect/Senior Consultant

Confidential, New York, New York


  • Architect and implement the delivery of Red Hat BPM Suite / BRMS PaaS
  • Build POCs to demonstrate streamlining of FX back office and the automation of procurement process using BRMS over TIBCO ESB
  • Develop the long-term framework for global delivery of BPM, BRMS, and BAM integrated with and enhancing the existing Citi infrastructure
  • Re-architect and re-engineer the Credit OMNI Engine legacy mainframe application to an ESB-based system using content-based routing implemented with Red Hat SOA-P, ESB, BRMS, and Hibernate
  • Design/build/test/deploy JBoss SOA-P ESB services, action classes and components to implement the workflow pipeline
  • Implement and provide training on SDLC methodology and tools: Agile Scrum; CI using Jenkins and Maven; JIRA; Git and GitLab; Artifactory; JBDS; Test frameworks: JUnit, Arquillian, SoapUI, Cucumber
  • Gather requirements and specifications and produce architecture, design and roadmap artifact documents
  • Design new database domain model and persistence architecture using Hibernate, EJBs, and DAOs
  • Implement ESB SOAP web services interfaces to external credit union web services to retrieve real-time credit reports
  • Install and configure Arquillian, SOAPUI, and Cucumber test frameworks and build test suites
  • Review and make recommendations for scalability and production deployment of a jBPM document workflow and management system
  • Streamline workflows in BPMN2 diagrams and identify and resolve potential bottlenecks in service and human tasks
  • Built JDG demo to illustrate NoSQL capabilities including Hibernate and Lucene querying on large datasets
  • Build Drools Fusion POC in to demonstrate event processing that addresses various use cases including:
  • Triggers on fact attribute changes
  • Detection of rate change on facts in rule base
  • Persisting events to data grid (JDG)
  • Routing events to JMS
  • Design and build a Spring-configurable JCR client as a standalone Java application that retrieves configuration metadata from a Modeshape repository and provide an interface to the repository for BRMS rules components. The client is executed in a Spring batch workflow as part of a tool used by developers to create rule sets and logic for a health insurance eligibility application.
  • Migrate a set of USDA Java web services from Websphere to JBoss 5 while maintaining Websphere compatibility
  • Analyze, restructure, and debug the Maven build scripts used to deploy applications to all SDLC environments via Jenkins
  • Resolve complex dependency issues using an assortment of maven analysis plugins
  • Validate/update web SOA REST test harnesses and JNDI endpoints
  • Implement automated JBoss deployment (code + configuration) from SVN repository via customized maven goals and Jenkins jobs

Confidential, San Antonio, Texas

Java/CEP Consultant


  • Architected/designed/implemented the POC as a standalone Java application running the Esper framework as an Eclipse project bundled and deployed using Maven whose features included:
  • Esper event aggregator component
  • Dynamic query compilation and activation
  • SQLServer connector to provide a stream event source
  • Swing GUI to configure the temporal event rules, manage Esper threads, and run the POC
  • A single Spring REST endpoint created as a limited API to the CEP POC
  • Routing provisioning events through the POC doubled throughput and halved latency over the existing database polling mechanism
  • Dynamic temporal queries introduced flexibility not available in the existing system which used hard-coded SQL queries
  • Ticket duplication was reduced by 30% through event aggregation
  • Presented a proposal was to the enterprise architecture group to make CEP part of the Confidential core technology stack
  • Perl scripts to analyze trouble ticket metrics and create reports to guide the CEP implementation


Java Consultant


  • Design/develop enhancements to a number of Spring MVC IOC components beans, EJBs, DAOs
  • Implemented a Spring REST service to control server reporting and logging which significantly reduced HADOOP/HDFS disk utilization.

SL Corp Architect/Consultant

Confidential, California


  • Architect/design/develop internal custom data source and adapter interfaces to CA Workload Automation AE AutoSys for RTView 5.9x.
  • The adapter provides job status updates in near-real time, job command-and-control interface from a standard RTView dashboard, and command-and-control for the core CA AutoSys event server and event processor processes.
  • Design/develop/implement:
  • RTView dashboards using the RTView developer IDE
  • Customized Java components and Swing widgets using the RTView Java API
  • Customized Perl scripts to handle complex text parsing and OS interactions
  • Full documentation artifacts providing the template for configuring and extending the interface and UML class diagrams
  • Led the definition and creation of final BRDs for data delivery and create project management and architecture artifacts
  • Design/develop/execute data mining tools using Perl DBI, Java JDBC, C, C++, T-SQL against large Sybase databases (>500GB, >12 years)
  • Design/develop /execute customized ETL tools using Perl, Java, XML, DTD, and XSLT to transform data into customized reports
  • Manage a small team of technologists to coordinate and schedule decommissioning of legacy global credit applications
  • Architect/design/develop 3-tier, data-driven BPM/APM/Infrastructure monitoring RTView application deployed to the desktop and used by the Credit IT Production Support to proactively detect problems and prevent mission critical system outages.
  • Design/build/test/deploy RTView rich client dashboards with integrated custom Java Swing components
  • Design/build/test/deploy POJOS, Perl modules and Shell scripts and integrate them into the RTView middle tier dataserver
  • Re-engineer legacy database and datamodel:
  • Migrate from Sybase 12 ASE to MS SQL server using Hibernate ORM as the transfer tool by generating the Java domain objects from the Sybase schema and then importing the them into SQL Server and generating the schema
  • Normalize, optimize and customize the new schema
  • Build/tune stored procedure API
  • Configure the SQL server permissions and authorization model
  • Build interface adapter for RTView to manage CA AutoSys job streams command-and-control, JIL management, near real-time job status updates via RTView dashboards and supporting Java components and shell scripts
  • Employ TDD methodology including JUnit tests and custom test suites for Perl components

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