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Java Websphere Portal Developer Resume

Union, NJ


Highly qualified with more than 17 years of experience in developing of various applications for such business areas as accounting, financial analysis, banking, insurance, mortgage, securities, GIS, state projects using Java/J2EE, C/C++ for Oracle, DB2, MySQL, MSSQL and Sybase databases for different platforms - AIX, Solaris, MS Windows, Linux. Now I am looking to make a significant contribution within similar business areas.


Programming languages: Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, SQL, PL/SQL, PhP

Python: Java/J2EE - 13 years of experience

Technologies: core Java(12 years), J2EE (10 years), EJB(5 years), JDBC (10 years), JSP/Servlets(8 years), JMS(5 years), RMI(4 years), Web Services(8 years)- Soap(5y),Restful(5y), JAXB(1 year), JAXP(3 years), SWT(2), Swing(3), JUnit(4), Struts(3), Struts2(1) JSF(3), Spring Framework(7 years), Hibernate(5)/Toplink(1)/iBatis(6 months)/JPA(2 years), Ant, Maven

Platforms: IBM WebSphere(4), Weblogic Server/Portal(5), Oracle 10gAS(2), JBoss(3), Apache/Tomcat(8 years), open source libraries (Axis, POI, iText, and so on)

IDE: Eclipse, WebSphere Application Developer, RAD, JDeveloper, Sun Studio Creator, Sun Enterprise Studio, NetBeans, IntelliJ

Databases: Oracle, MSSQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Cassandra - programming, Java backend, ETL, conversion processes, Data Warehousing.

Tools: TOAD, SQL*Navigator, PL/SQL developer, SQL developer, Oracle Forms/Reports, MSSQL 6.5...2012 , 2014, T-SQL - 5 years of experience (MCDBA for MSSQL 2000), DB2 - 5 years MySQL- 4 years, Sybase - 2 years, PostgreSQL/Netezza - 1 year, Cassandra - 1 year, MongoDB - 6 months.

Database Modeling: ERWIN, Open Modelsphere.

Web technologies: JavaScript/CSS/DHML(7 years), HTML, XML/XSLT(6 years), Ajax (4 years), Dojo (2 year), GWT/GXT(3 years), scriptuculous(6 month), jQuery(2 years), AngularJS(3 years), Angular 2(1 year), node.js(1 year), Bootstrap(1 year), ReactJS+Flux+Redux(6 months).

Reporting/BO: Crystal Reports 7,8.5/10/XI (6 years), other Business Objects tools including Xselsius (1 year), Jasper (1 year)Actuate (BIRT) (1 year), Cognos (1 year), SAS, Informatica (1 year).

Modeling: UML, Rational Rose, MS VisioContent-management systems - Filenet P8 (1 year), Documentum (1 year), Autonomy/Interwoven(6 months).

GIS applications: ESRI ArcGIS(2 years), Smallworld (1 year).

Numerical libraries/tools: Matlab (2 years), Mathematica, AMPL, Numerical Algorithm Group (NAG).

CVS: ClearCase/ClearQuest(3 years), StarTeam(2 years), Harvest(1 year), MS SourceSafe(more than 5 years), Subversion(4 years)

Scripting: PHP (3 year), Python(1 year), Perl(1 year), ksh (2 years), bash

Platforms: AIX (3 years), Solaris (4 years), Windows (many years), Linux (6 years), Mainframes.


Confidential, Union, NJ

Java WebSphere Portal Developer


  • Migration of portal applications from Websphere Portal 7 to Websphere Portal 9.
  • Designing and developing improvements/migrating web portlets, based on IBM Websphere Portal Server v9 & IBM Websphere Application Server v9.0, using IBM Software Delivery Platform (IBM Rational Application Developer for Websphere Software 9.5).
  • Creating custom themes/skins by migrating from standard Websphere Portal themes using XmlAccess, other tools,.
  • Rewriting/migrating portlets using Spring Portlets, migration dojo javascript library to jquery, developing script portlets( Angular), with Spring Rest API on server side.
  • Developing new portlets according to business requirements, unit testing, deployment with IBM platform tools.

Databases: DB2, AS400

Platforms: Windows, UNIX, AS400. Scrum, Agile.

Confidential, North Brunswick, NJ

FullStack Java Application Architect/Developer


  • Development of Java/Angular web application for Self-Service Portal
  • Designed and developed improvements for automation portal, using AngularJS for front-end, Spring Rest for backend restful calls, other Spring Framework subsystems(ORM JPA, Spring Boot, Spring Security), JUnit testing, deployment with Jenkins.
  • Modifying existing and creating new web pages, using AngularJS (ui-tree, ng-Table, ui-grid, angucomplete alt and other AngularJS / Bootstrap components), ReactJS+Flux+Redux, jQuery, other JavaScript libraries, developing Restful services using Spring Rest, working with databases Oracle, Oracle Coherence, MongoDb, PostgreSQL.
  • Design and improvements Html reports.
  • Developed improvements for subsystems of portal integrated with applications Solace, IBM Symphony, Git and some others, working with scripts (libraries of scripts) for installation, configuration of these products.
  • Design and developing separate Web applications (SPA) related to capital market using C#, Asp,Net, Angular 2, MS Visual Studio.
  • Design and developing Web sites/applications using PHP, Drupal8 with AngularJSTools: AngularJS, Bootstrap, Angular 2, ReactJS, JavaScript, Java 1.8, Eclipse, Oracle SQL Developer, bash, ksh scripts. Visual Studio 2013, NodeJS.

Databases: Oracle, Oracle Coherence, MS SQL Server, MongoDB.

Platforms: Windows, Linux.

Confidential, New York City, NY

Java/AngularJS Developer


  • Design and Development of Java Web portal for automation of installation services
  • Design and developing java web/restful applications using Jersey API/Grizzly/Play framework 2.3/2.4, for interacting with AngularJS/Bootstrap based web client for “Middleware As service application” - MWaaS Web Portal, which automates installation of Web/App servers of different types of (Apache Tomcat 7/8, HTTP Apache, JBoss, Weblogic and WebSphere application servers).
  • Creating and testing of processing asynchronous Restful calls using multithreading features of Java 7/8 (ForkJoinPool, CompletableFuture, Streams and so on).
  • Provided configuration of Pools of Virtual Machines, managing instances, user authentication, developing bash and ksh shell scripts for BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite/Puppet, Java programs using Spring Framework (Core, MVC, Batch), Java 8, JPA/Hibernate for MSSQL 2008 database.
  • Designed and developed AngularJS web pages on Tomcat8 and Node.js with Express.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Highcharts, socket.io and other JavaScript libraries.
  • Developing Java API for ETL transformations: using Informatica, developed self-made ETL Java programs.
  • Creating bash/ksh scripts for unit and Integration testing, using JUnit, Node.js, Karma, Jasmine testing tools, Jenkins, curl, Selenium.

Tools: BladeLogic/Puppet, TOAD for SQL Server, Eclipse, Spring Framework, JPA, Subversion, Linux, Scala, Java 1.8, Gemfire.

Databases: MSSQL Server 2008.

Platforms: Windows/Linux.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Java/Sybase Developer


  • Development/support of Java core application for securities lending
  • Solving issues/defects, correcting java program’s errors, creating/changing queries/stored procedures in T-SQL for Sybase ASE 15, developing kshell and Perl scripts, creating compliance reports, interacting with other external (Calypso, Loanet, Sunguard) and internal trading systems, preparing UAT testing/production releases, production support using Java 1.7(multithreading, concurrencyUtil package, ForkJoinPool), Perl, bash/ksh scripts, Spring, Sybase ASE database.

Tools: Sybase ASE, Aqua Data Studio, Eclipse, Subversion.

Databases: Sybase ASE 15.

Platforms: UNIX, Windows.

Confidential, Pine Brook, NJ

Core Java/C++/C# Developer


  • Development of universal scaner driver server components in Java/C++/C#
  • Created Java components for Universal driver for company's devices using Eclipse, Maven, Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2013, Com API, console/dll C# programs, tools COM/OLE Viewer, midl.exe, Dll, Java/COM API (JNI, JNA, J-integra, ArcObjects from ArcGIS Esri, Jacob, j-interop,JNAerator) to connect Java client (scaner driver) with CMS like Autonomy - Interwoven, Documentum, other legacy applications using Microsoft COM/DCOM model and open source library Jacob(Java COM Bridge).
  • Developing C# applications for Autonomy/Interwoven WorkSite application using MS Visual Studio 2013 and converting them to core Java applications.
  • Working with .idl files and directly with Windows registry, creating native libraries, components for Node.js/java connections to legacy systems.
  • Developing plugins, UI components for server and emulator based on Flex/JavaScript, AngularJS, SWT.
  • Developing C#/Java calls for Java plug-in for laserfiche content-management system/ Confidential interface.

Platforms: Windows.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Java/JEE Sr Developer


  • Development of Java/J2ee Web application
  • Created Java batch program for providing information (xml)/creating reports(pdf) using Tomcat, Spring Tool SuiteSpring Batch, Spring Security, Hibernate/JPA, iText, Oracle BI Publisher and programs (Java Advanced Imaging API) to convert .tiff files into Pdf, using Java7, Oracle 12c. Maven. Drools, Drools workbench.
  • Developed Web Portal using Spring Tool Suite, Spring Batch, Spring Security, jQuery, Html5, Css3, responsive web design, AngularJs/Bootstrap, Oracle 12c, search libraries Endeca, Solr/Lucene.
  • Developed PHP modules for Web application in LAMP environment.

Databases: Oracle 12c, MongoDB.

Platforms: Linux.

Confidential, Trenton, NJ

Java/JEE Sr Developer/Team Lead


  • Development of Java/J2ee Web application for New Jersey State client(MVC)
  • Solving issues/defects, correcting java program’s errors, preparing Web application for UAT testing/production release, production support using Java 1.6/Jee, JSF/RichFaces, EJB3, Spring MVC, Spring WebFlow, Hibernate/JPA, IBM WebSphere server, using different tools for Java code control(PMD, Fortify, Sonar), JUnit for testing.
  • POC (Proof of Concept) research on using of CA Datacom jdbc driver to retrieve mainframes data in Java modules.

Tools: RAD, IBM Clearcase, Clearquest, IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Websphere ILOG JRules, tools for Java code control(PMD, Fortify, Sonar).

Databases: Oracle11g, CA Datacom.

Platforms: UNIX, Windows, Mainframe. Scrum, Agile.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Sr.Web developer/analyst


  • Development of Java/J2EE Web applications for database automation portal
  • Developing Java Web applications for uploading/maintaining information for Oracle databases automation portal, using Java 1.6/J2ee, concurrencyUtil package, restful web services (Jersey API), SOAP web services, JPA/Hibernate with encryption of data in database, cryptographic packages - Java Crypto API, Oracle based encryption, OWASP/ jasypt API. Creating Web applications using JSP, Spring MVC, jQuery, GWT on Tomcat/Apache server, PHP/Perl web applications.

Databases: Oracle11g.

Platforms: Linux SUSE, Windows.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Application developer


  • Development of Java/J2EE Web applications for operational risk web portal
  • Developing Java Web applications for performing loads and administration of uploading subsystem of bank risk management data warehouse and Weblogic portal, using Java/J2ee, JSP/JSF technology, jQuery, Hibernate, Weblogic, Oracle.
  • Migration of the applications (web and batch) from Weblogic 9/Oracle 10g to Weblogic/Oracle 11g including necessary changes to Java 1.6/PL/SQL modules, using Java multithreading, Autosys batch jobs, bash/ksh scripts.
  • Also taking part in developing version of portal for Python/Quartz, Django, NoSQL (Cassandra), Endeca, Solr/Lucene.
  • Developing reports - replacing Actuate(BIRT), Jasper reports with Cognos and developing custom Cognos10 reports with Cognos SDK(Java API).
  • Supporting ETL transformations in data warehouse using Informatica and core Java API modules.
  • Migration and remediation of Java web application developed using WebSphere application server, iBatis, Mule, EJBs to be used with Weblogic server/portal.

Databases: Oracle10g/11g.

Platforms: UNIX, Linux, Windows.

Confidential, NYC, NY

Java/Oracle developer


  • Development of Core Java/J2EE applications for global data reference hub
  • Developed Java 1.6 modules to connect Cisco Enterprise Policy Management System (CEPM) for the purpose of handling entitlements for Web services security using Java reflection package.
  • Created Web Services (SOAP/WSDL) for providing information and applying CEPM entitlements.
  • Enhancing and extending of Core Java based multithreading ETL tool for distributed loading XML data into Oracle11g database using JPA/Eclipselink (Weblogic), JAXB.
  • Development of Java/Web applications using RichFaces, Hibernate, ILOG Jrules/Drools, Weblogic, Oracle 11g.
  • Configuring and running batch jobs using BMC Control-M server/job distribution system, developing shell scripts for these tasks.
  • Developed SQL scripts to produce extracts/reports for providing information directly from Oracle database.

Databases: Oracle10g/11g

Platforms: Linux, Windows. Agile methodology

Confidential, Brooklyn, NY

Java/J2EE integration developer


  • Development of Java/Web applications using Struts, jQuery, JMS, IBM MQ, Message-driven beans, JBoss ESB for stock transfer and registrar services on JBoss SOA platform...
  • Configuring MQ-bridges between mainframe and Web server using IBM MQ and converting data using Java, JMS, creating Message-Driven Beans.
  • Integrating JBoss with IBM MQ, other messaging systems (ftp, e-mail) using JBoss ESB on JBoss SOA platform, jBPM, developing configuration/integration bash/ksh scripts.
  • Developing Java Web application using JMS, MDB, JSP, Struts/jQuery/extJs, Castor, FreeMarker for converting non validated records from different database tables into XML records in DB2 database, providing universal JSP pages for searching, viewing and repairing these data, creating business reports, using xml/xsd/xslt configuration files, JAXB.
  • Developing interface modules for connection between Java Web application (jsp, servlets, javascript) and legacy applications on Natural/Adabas (Software AG webMethods Entirex).
  • Conversion of data from Lotus Notes (Domino) applications into Web-based Java application on Oracle database using open source Domingo API, creating jsp pages using jQuery table components, rich text editor, extJs grids.
  • Upgrading Java Web application based on Spring/Struts/Tiles/iBatis on IBM Websphere platform into Java Web application on newest JBoss AS SOA platform.
  • Integrating Captiva OCR system with existing application registering customers, using batch(Spring Quarz) or message-driven components (IBM MQ), DB2 stored procedures.
  • Developing Java-based document management system providing saving/retrieving in/from repositories (Db2 database based) all types of inbound information using Struts, JBoss, business rules, BIRT.
  • Integrating different Java Web applications using Mule ESB technology.

Databases: DB2, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Sybase

Platforms: Windows, Linux.

Confidential, New York, NY

Java/GWT developer


  • Development of GWT Web auditing application for securities management
  • Migrated BRIO applications for securities reporting and analytics to J2EE Web applications using GWT/ExtGXT, Spring MVC, Hibernate, JavaScript, AJAX/JSON, HTML/DHTML, XML Cognos8, Oracle Weblogic Server, Unix (bash /ksh) scripts, BIRT, Jenkins.
  • Developed Auditing Web applications about applying rules on stock market, provided depth guidelines, stored information about TSO, and researching on other aspects of stock market behavior/analysis using GWT/ ExtGXT, Hibernate for Oracle or Netezza databases.

Databases: Oracle 10g/11g, PostgreSQL / Netezza

Platforms: Windows, Solaris Agile methodology

Confidential, New York, NY

Java/J2ee developer


  • Development of Java web applications based on open source frameworks
  • Developed J2EE Web application for banking applications using Spring framework, Hibernate, Struts2, Tiles, JavaScript, AJAX/JSON (script.aculo.us, dojo, jQuery), Freemarker, JSP, HTML/DHTML, XML, Ant, Websphere, MS SQL 2005, MarkLogic.
  • Developed extended existing intranet/internet Web application for tracking business events which is using Struts2/Hibernate/Ajax, FreeMarker on MSSQL Server.

Databases: MS SQL 2005

Platforms: Windows

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Systems designer/developer


  • Development of Java/Oracle applications based on Oracle Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Developed Oracle SOA 10g/11g application for remote car control systems using Oracle SOA Suite 10g/11g, Oracle Weblogic Server 11g, BPEL, Oracle Business Rules, JDeveloper/Eclipse, EJB3/JPA/Toplink. Java Web Services, JSF/ADF, ArcGIS
  • Migrated existing SOA Web applications from Oracle SOA 10g to Oracle SOA 11g and corresponding versions of Oracle.

Tools: JDeveloper Suite, Oracle SOA Suite platform, Oracle Weblogic Server 10g/11g, Eclipse

Databases: Oracle 10g/11g Platforms: Windows, Solaris Agile methodology

Confidential, Auburn Hills, MI

J2EE developer


  • Development of Java web applications for automobile industry marketing project
  • Developed J2EE Web application for automobile industry marketing using HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, JSP, Struts2, Spring, Hibernate, IBM Websphere Portal/ IDE (RAD), Eclipse, JBoss.
  • Conversion/migration of high-volume data (terabytes) from AS/400 application (Db2, Cobol/RPG) to Web (MySQL, Java/J2ee) application, using encryption/decryption tools (PGP, GNUpg) and special converters (ETL tool) developed for this purpose in core Java, Informatica.
  • Developed search pages for high-volume converted legacy data using JSP/Strts2/Hibernate.
  • Developed Java/J2ee application for using Excel spreadsheets as input and Word Document as Template for generating PDF letters to clients using OpenOffice API, iText, JExcel API open source libraries.

Tools: Websphere (RAD 7), Eclipse, JBoss, Spring, Hibernate, Struts2, Ant, open source libraries.

Databases: Db2, Oracle 10g, MySQL, Platforms: Windows, Linux.

Confidential, Lansing, MI

Java/Oracle developer


  • Developed J2EE Web application for Confidential welfare system using JSF, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, IBM Websphere IDE(RAD) and Websphere Application Server/Portal.
  • Developed JSP pages using Web services connected to Oracle 10g/11g databases, javascript, Dojo framework.
  • Developed Java Web services for Internet application in order to get data from Intranet application database.
  • Developed and troubleshot JSP/Servlets, EJB, for Web-application on Websphere server/portal.
  • Developed business rules based on decision tables.
  • Developed reports using Informatica API.
  • Developed Java back-end modules using proprietary frameworks for batch conversion processes.
  • Developed new Java Web applications using Spring framework, Struts, Hibernate, JBoss.
  • Data mining and working with production data on Oracle 10g/11g, developed SQL queries/procedures, providing data fixes.
  • Optimization/tuning Oracle queries, developing parallel processes in Oracle.

Tools: Websphere (RAD 6/7), PL/SQL Developer, ClearCase / ClearQuest, Open Source (Spring/Hibernate),ASP

Databases: Oracle 10g/11g Platforms: Windows, Linux (SUSE), UNIX (Solaris). Agile methodology

Confidential, Salt Lake City, UT

Senior Java/Oracle developer


  • Development of Java/PLSQL modules/web services for Global Asset Management project.
  • Developed web services for interacting with Oracle databases for Weblogic Portal and developed PL/SQL packages/procedures for using them in JDBC calls in new portlets.
  • Developed portlets/JSP pages using Weblogic Workbench, custom tag libraries, AjaxDeveloped packages for export/import Oracle data with conversion from old to new database model.
  • Conversion of Web application from Weblogic 9 to Weblogic 10., with adding new web applications, extending functionality of existing applications.
  • Tuned/ optimized PL/SQL stored procedures for batch import-export processes.
  • Developed web apps for Oracle/MySQL databases using JSF, Hibernate, Spring framework, Eclipse, BIRT reports, Sun Studio
  • Developed JSF pages/portals using Oracle ADF framework.
  • Troubleshooting web pages, Java modules, Restful web services, RIA using Ajax/Dojo/GWT.

Tools: SQL Developer, Weblogic Workbench 10, Sun Studio, JSF (ADF etc),, Ant/Maven, GWT, Harvest

Databases: Oracle 10g, MySQL Platforms: Windows, Unix/Linux(SUSE). Agile methodology

Confidential, Norfolk, VA

Senior Java/Oracle developer


  • Development of Java/J2EE modules for Credit Cards banking system:
  • Developed J2EE middle-tier applications for credit card applications using IBM Websphere Application Server/Portal, RAD 6 and Oracle database.
  • Developed Java and PL/SQL modules for batch booking process in Credit Cards Services.
  • Developed the architecture of programming solutions with usage of design patterns and business models
  • Developed PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions, loading data using SQL*Loader, creating Unix ksh scripts for the batch processes. Tuning and optimizing of PL/SQL queries.
  • Developed Java classes for treatment of batches and interaction with other parts of Credit Cards System.
  • Optimization of performance of PL/SQL and Java parts of the processes and their interaction.
  • Was team lead on some subprojects, involving discussions with client, business analysts, developing high-level and low-level design documents, managing development and testing phases, production releases;
  • Developed the client classes for Web Services, developed MDB for asynchronous processes (IBM MQ).
  • Developed DAO/JDBC classes for working with databases.
  • Performed unit, regression, system integration testing, load stress analysis using bash/ksh scripts, JUnit, TestDirector, and other tools.
  • Prepared Java modules/database releases for use in production system.
  • Developed desktop applications using Swing/JDBC, light-weight web applications for testing team (Intranet) using Spring Framework, JSF/Struts, Tomcat, Spring, Hibernate/Toplink using Eclipse/Netbeans/Sun Studio/Appserver.
  • Optimization of Java/XML transformations for reporting application (using open source library JiBX).
  • Developed Ksh/Python/PERL scripts for creating/treating Unix logs/reports.

Tools: Websphere Application Server, IBM IDE (RAD), RUP process, Rational Rose, Oracle, Struts, Spring Framework, open source libraries JiBX, Castor. ksh/Perl, StarTeam, MS Visio, Fortify.

Database: Oracle 9i/10g. Platforms: Windows, AIX, Solaris. Six sigma methodology

Confidential, Denver, CO

Java/Oracle developer


  • Development of Web (Intranet) Java/J2EE applications for Global Asset management system of electrical assets, using Business Objects(Xcelsius, BO API), GIS (GE SmallWorld and others) and optimization packages (NAG, AMPL) for optimization of portfolio, and showing results graphically on maps (GIS) and/or in series of interactive reports (Xcelsius, RIA) based on financial and other information exported from financial databases (SAP, Oracle eBS):
  • Developed JSF (Sun, Adf etc), Servlets, custom UI components and tag libraries, with help of Business Objects XI API for Web-based applications with interactive reporting, using Sun Studio Creator, open-source libraries, Tomcat;
  • Created Java Web Services for using in Business Objects XI/ Web Intelligence documents, Xcelsius interactive reports, on base of Sun Studio Enterprise, JWSDP, Axis API, ebXML;
  • Created Xcelsius representations for Tomcat/OAS/Sun AppServer/One;
  • Developed Java modules for interaction with different GIS applications (GE Smallworld, ESRI ArcGIS & Google Maps);
  • Developed Java modules for Portfolio Optimization, interacting with Matlab, Mathematica, Ampl tools and using JNI interfaces for interacting with numerical optimization library NAG (C language),;
  • Developed Java modules and Oracle stored procedures for ETL process exporting information from financial modules - SAP/R3, Oracle Apps 11i; working with Oracle Spatial;

Tools: Weblogic Workbench, JDeveloper, Tomcat, Java Sun Studio Creator, BO XI, JSF, Ajax,, open source APIi (JSwiff, JFreeChart), ColdFusion 7, JPublisher, PL/SQL developer, TOAD, SQL*Navigator, OAS and Sun One application server, ASP/MS Studio.

Database: Oracle 10g. Platforms: Windows, Solaris.

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